Questionable Cred Forumsntent General #863

"Faye loves her big bulking robutt" edition

wont be long now

Jeph can't keep bubbles proportions right

I fucking hate Faye

I wish I could burn down the internet with Jeph inside

Jeph has done nothing but broadcast his shit on the interwebs. It is the deranged morons who seek these broadcasts that keep them coming. And no, we are not excluded just because we do it "ironically".


magical vanishing coat


It's not just Bubbles. He can't keep anyone's thigh proportions right.

Nearly every female character has gone from small thighs to gargantuan swaying concrete pillars. You look at them and it's like they've gained 70 pounds between strips.

It's fucking weird, yet we read on.

>Did she, now?


oh my god, who cares? honestly you're right that it sucks, but why make such a big fuss over it? Why don't you do something you like instead of something you hate?

She's unzipping it for 2 panels, it's implied she took it off. Don't be retarded.

We are excluded, cause only one of us goes to his shitty website and grabs the image so as to not up his page view counter thereby showing dumb-dumbs in advertising that "hey, I have a popular site with XXX unique views, GIVE ME ADVERTISING BLOOD MONIES!!!!"

I sincerely hope you kill yourself.

You give him free advertising. You really think 100% of people who see you fucking manbabies cry about somebody who actually makes money without a boss will be swayed by your opinion to never check out questionable content? There will be people who go to the site out of spite just because they know your overly sensitive ass will get swollen from it.
You're NOT excluded. Haha. Ha...ha.

Oh, hi me four months ago!
Just save yourself time and sanity and stop trying to understand Jeph's biggest supporters.

It's "Did you, now"
It's fine

I seriously hope Bubbles tears the head off bossbot and hands it or whatever bit houses her hard drive to the cops for transfer to AI jail.

that's where this is going. he's going to play up that Not-Garnet and Faye will overthrow PinkBot because she's abusive an manipulative to the robots when all we've seen is that she's passive aggressive and bitchy at worst. but in Jeff's America that's the biggest crime of all aside from being cis (which thank god at least spell check doesnt recognize that as a real word)

This comic kind of feels like "if CAD was good."


NONONONO, you got it all wrong.

Not-Garnet is an expy of Black People. Not-Purple Pearl is an Expy of The White Man. Jeph is well known supporter of BLM.

So in a way, this is Jeph's dumb way of being involved in BLM without alienating his tumblr fanbase.

yeah hes a fucking retard

>if I told her if anyone was gettin screwed over

Is that what the cop wanted? I was really unclear on it. I thought she was just going to come back when she needed specific info from Faye but didn't actually want anything yet and just made a weird introduction.

I still can't help but imagine she threw it right on the floor because it's suddenly nowhere to be seen hanging in the background or anything, her hands are empty, and they don't seem to have moved much. Faye does strike me as the type that would just rudely toss her coat on the ground in her workplace in the middle of the floor so it's not too odd.

Uhm, cage fighting isn't the best metaphor for BLM, i think you're grasping at the wrong straw.


Jeph here! Glad you guys like the comic!
I've decided to hand creative control of Brun to Something Positive's R.K.Milholland because she's gotten so popular I don't want to dissapoint my fan base!
Rest assured Randy says he has BIG plans for Brun. he won't tell me what, he just kinda stares off and does this weird laugh. Must be a Texan thing.

why would anyone even want to pretend to be this fool?

Here's your (you)

Gotta keep bringing in the sweet sweet SJW money.

you know it pham


new more lewd robots

aww they're in love

Would you look at that, no thighs in today's strip.

Well you know what thy say

8 legs

fourteen testicles?

Close enough

Is Jaques drawing Bubbles' face differently?

... it's cute.

I think I got pregnant just imagining it

blm fuck da po po's

You're implying he's normally consistent. He is not.

Hell, Clinton had a completely different face when he debuted.


If you understand this, you are as sad as I am