Anyone actually wear this type of apparel/knew someone who did?

Anyone actually wear this type of apparel/knew someone who did?

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Damn, the "hard" kids in middle school would rock stuff like that all the time.

isn't that a thousand dollars ?

Never go full cholo user

I'm pretty sure that's artwork of Taz with Spongebob's head plastered on



Hey I gotta get back to you, I'm about to get into something.



I want one of those shirts to wear. Something about them are just so funny.

I...I have this. Sorry.

Never knew anybody who did.
But I'd salute anybody who'd wear a bootleg Bart shirt in public.

I used to know a guy, lets call him C, who used to wear all that kind of crap, he had what I call the "drug dealer uniform", the snapback cap, the sneakers, the way too big shirts with gangsta cartoon characters and videogame characters and cereal mascots on them with a white tee underneath, always color coordinated of course. He wore a lot of purple. He was instantly identifiable as a drug dealer.

As it happens, C was a respectable mid level drug dealer who moved a lot of product and could basically find anything you wanted in a reasonable time frame, worked as a fence for stolen merchandise, and also loved to fuck hookers all the time.

Despite C's questionable taste in fashion and hobbies, he was a trustworthy, honest and genuine guy who never tried to start problems with anyone. Hell, I was on the very periphery of his social circle and he still went out of his way to help me out of a few tough situations a few times. I haven't seen him in a few years, but I'm sure he's still doing exactly what he wants to do, almost certainly still wearing his bright purple "Cap'n Crunk" shirt.

Pic related, he had a Mario shirt that was similar to this except his was dark green with red mushrooms in the background, and Mario's chain was gold.

Shit he's so badly drawn.

The good old days of junior high school.

Seriously all the way up to freshman year every dude had at least 1 of these shirts

this is actually pretty cool

Never knew anyone who wore them but I would always see them for sale in the swap meet at the boarder town of San Ysidro. Saw a couple of cholo looking guys buying some of them.

I went to boys & girls club 1990 - 1995.
I remember seeing black bart a few times in the early 90's.

It was a thing during the hyphy movement in the Bay Area to wear cartoon backpacks

I don't have any black friends so no I don't.

Niggers do

>Homer strangles his adopted black son
>Marge cheated on Homer and Homer now abuses his black son

This shit writes itself


Back in the day, I had some Fat Albert and Bugs Bunny jeans, for sure.

Shit was tight.

I finally know what my back patch for my battle jacket is going to be. Yeah I'm that guy in the pit with patches that make you tilt your head in confusion.

Fuck off, Damion.

>Fat Albert
Not sure if that counts since Fat Albert already takes place in the hood.

My name is Nathan

I went to a mostly Mexican/Black high school so yeah.

Fuck I think I still have some of those in my closet from trips to Denios with cousins.

Writing that one down in my list of gay names.

I'm bi with a preference to womens, do you have subcategories?

I guess I don't understand it. Do any Black anons know what Black Bart Simpson is talking about?

None of that stuff ever went away. People still make bootleg merchandise combining cartoon characters and "urban" youth trends. It's like a culture all on its own. My co-worker's wife dropped by with their kid one day, little dude had Bugs Bunny dabbing across his chest. Black fur instead of grey, naturally, complete with fake plastic rhinestones. I once read there are clothing companies which sell them legitimately, though I can't find that article now. And you have print on demand websites these days, so even people without a heat press machine or a stencil can try their hand at making surreal, impenetrably personal slogans and shit. Kinda loses that bizarre charm when you force it, though, in my opinion.

Of course Nathan would like weiners

I already confirmed I'm bisexual, you're not trying very hard, at least read the relevant replies before you attempt to troll.

Really feels like this was made by a white person

I wore this unironically for several years.
If it makes you feel any better I didn't notice what was actually on it until a while ago when someone pointed it out that it was Popeye playing poker.
The image was pretty faded and dark at that point.

What did you think it was before it got pointed out?

I had a shirt with Stewie Griffin done to look like Tony Montana, the only way I knew it wasn't official was that Stewie's proportions were off. I got that shirt in 6th grade and have never worn it outside the house.

Are we to assume it no longer fits you, or were you just a very large 6th grader?

There's also a yellow version.