Walkthrough for game when?

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Here's the last update:


Here's today's:

I'll let you have the satisfaction. You made me look.

>tfw you know it's fake because you checked 10 minutes ago

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>You know it's fake
>Everyone in the thread is saying it's fake
>No caps of alleged update to prove it's not fake
>check anyway

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>checked the site less than 20 minutes ago
>still checked it
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>instantly knew OP was full of it
>read all the posts that cement that theory
>scrolled back up and checked it

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that was my thread actually

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why does it take so long to draw a single frame picture in mspaint?

He said the time-consuming part is the writing, which may or may not still be true now that the art is being farmed out to a furry drama queen

>Access to this folder has been removed


Not to shit on him, but is he bad at art/just hates it now?

He's not making particularly complicated images, even for mspaint, and the writing I doubt takes that long. He could have it through in 2 weeks. I could do what he does, make it look better, and have it out in that amount of time with leisure. My only assumption I can see truly being true is he's just tired of it, or way too swamped in actual work (whatever he does).

Footage or it didn't happen.

What year is it?

Actual Kazerad here. I admit, this made me check.

>He said the time-consuming part is the writing, which may or may not still be true now that the art is being farmed out to a furry drama queen

Cider's been fast! This time the problems are largely from hitting MY upper art limit. It'll make sense when I have the full thing out, and I assure you I am never doing something this complex again.

While I do the tedious thing completely outside my capabilities, Cider's just been working on another sidestory.

You over estimate yourself and underestimate how many iterations his writing goes through until it's "perfected".
Hd doesn't enjoy drawing as much anymore since he realize he prefers being the general creative head of projects and writing for them iirc, but since you asked, his drawing process is actually relatively fast and simple, I've seen him draw things on stream.
He's currently waiting on other people to provide assets for the flash game he's coding(in part) which is what the next update will be.



Do you think you'll be back to at least monthly updates after this one or will this be your last update for another year?

literally this

very fast apple drink drawing at very hihg speed

That picture was from Cider! Pixel-lizards are most definitely within my art capabilities.

He was screensharing. He had the window positioned just right to make it look like the reference he was using for the playing cards ( was about to shank someone.

Probably a lot faster, given the next bits will be 1.) easier to write, and 2.) easier to draw.

special hell

Are the people whose work you're waiting on just being lazy asses, or does their stuff really take this long to make?
I want someone other than you to blame for the hiatus's continued existence.

>You over estimate yourself

Trust me, I'm not. I know my skills as an artist, I can't speak for my writing however as I do not write anything fiction wise, just boring papers etc. Either way it's irrelevant, I don't want to compare.

>how many iterations his writing goes through

Unfortunately I can't comment. I should really read through prequel before talking but I've only read from the flash games point (so I could win the nice pin, thanks kaz!) so I won't talk bad about the writing.

>flash game he's coding

That makes a lot more sense then. Complexity is always a challenge on time when coding/working on a game, especially working in a group. Doubt they're holding any scrum sessions, pretty reasonable to suppose it's going to go slow.

How's this one compare to the previous game, if you're willing to say?

So what is Kaz hiding in there that he all of a sudden doesn't want us to see...

what did he mean by this