Was this the best cartoon crossover?

Was this the best cartoon crossover?

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>Who's that?


I want to say the Grim Adventures/KND
But it was kind of bland..

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Hands down

Oh come on, nobody gives a shit about your 2000's shows watched by 1999 to 2001-born people!


I wanna listen that song again.....

Not a crossover per se, but I think this is the best combination of two different properties.

what the hell is tgis from

duck dodgers

Epsiode "Samurai Quack" of Duck Dodgers. A full episode dedicated enterely to Samurai Jack, with the same damn artstyle.

why would they dedicate an episode to samurai jack, one of the worst cartoons of all time

>samurai jack
>one of the worst cartoons of all time

You don't even deserve a (You)



Duck Dodgers, you illiterate boob

it's true though
Though I guess it makes sense. An overrated show (Duck Dodgers) makes a homage to another overrated show (Samurai Hack). How fitting.

>billy calls the Ed boys with no money
>gets redirected to the KND because they're a charity case
>proceeds to launch a whole fucking crossover with them

What's it like being the lone genius who sees the truth amidst the sea of morons you find yourself in? It seems like it must be a hard, lonely life.

Aren't you a special snowflake.

He was also trying to contact the Powerpuff Girls

What's it like to have taste this shitty?

So what shows do you like, bub?

Wow you must have SUCH superior and refined tastes.

Looney Tunesfags are cancer as always.

No. @86549397

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It's up there, but Jimmy and Timmy have 3 hours of crossover content. And two of those hours are good.

Say Uncle is legitimately fantastic


Dunno...did one of Scooby's female relatives try to force Johnny to make puppies with her? If not, then no, it wasn't.

wait wait wait, where did this come from? They released the track on CD? Where?

Pic related exists. And it was fantastic. The sequel was even better.

johnny and velma are good couple
old cn was best

i like Steven Universe, because it's everything Samurai jack wants to be without sucking dick
But of course you Looney Tunesfags are going to swarm on me because "muh Sjw Universe" like the faggots you are

Not sure if it falls under cross-over or parody but of all the 'let's cast our characters in Star Wars roles' specials, this is easily my favourite.



You are just the worse kind of person. Now if you would kindly shut your faggoty mouth with your shit taste.

>Talking about grim adventure crossover

People forget how utterly lame the franchise had become before Turner bought it. This episode pulled it all into the present, gave it a bit of a postmodern spin and, through Johnny, highlighted how outdated the premise was while being simultaneously affectionate.
If it wasn't for this episode bringing the gang back into the public's consciousness in a positive way we'd never have got Zombie Island, and that would've been a terrible loss.

I want a figure of this guy still

>Looney Tunesfags
That isn't even a thing jesus christ.


Also Adam Lion can be seen among the skeletons in the delightful reaper.

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Agreed. Say Uncle was hilarious.

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