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New episode today

let us talk about jackie or starfan13


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>tfw Jackie will never be your daughter

Reposting from last thread:

Finally saw the episodes! Unspoiled! Whch you guys made very hard to do.

Sleepover was a lot of fun simply because seeing the girls in the spotlight, StarFan13 going all out in Star obsession was a highlight for sure, Janna's favorite color moment was pure gold.

I felt Jackie could gotten a bit more but compared to what she normally gets I guess this was a lot?

Oh also, Who would imagined!? Marar is gonna happen! I mean wow, main guy and main girl being paired!? thats never happened before! I swear this is all so obvious since the start of the season that I wonder why they even keep "teasing" it when its the most predictable (and dull) result ever.

Oh and Jarco and Manna are doomed. Manna confirmed to just being misleading and Jarco is so in the way to destruction.

Now onto Gift of the card, I didnt expected at all to see Janna and Miss Heinous on it! it seems the later is facing some bad times, she may be shifting to a comedy villain while Ludo is the serious one, that is so not what I expected back in the season 1 finale.

Overall very fun episode with great Star and Marco moments, buff lizard dude was great.

One thing I found jarring is why a OUR FRIENDSHIP IS AWESOME episode aired right after one that just rubbed "HEY GUYS MARAR IS GONNA HAPPEN! JEALOUSY HUGS AND KISSES!" all over our face, way to backtrack!

>Jarco is so in the way to destruction

u wot m8

What did she mean by this?

Star13 wants to go elbow deep in Star

>she's reconsidering her feelings towards him after that courageous moment of genuine self expression
>mfw writers will pretend none of this ever happened

I know the they're are pretty consistent about continuity but I'm still worried this will happen for the glory of starco

I've been #letmarcoscore since the beginning and it suddenly feels like we're reaching the finish line

>barely over a minute into the episode and marco is already making me cringe

Keep going.

it's kind of a tough one to sit through but you'll feel better once you do

Its going against the almighty Marar and a theme of "the old crushes are not set in stone" is already set.

This season is not subtle, it wants Marar to happen and it will crush all obstacles in the way! better be ready for it ahead of time.

nah starco was not even that confirmed, like the deal of the episode is that people never are sure about what they want in special teenagers.

100% sure we have a future episode about a date with marco and jackie.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Starco's dead familino.

Janna confirmed to fight against feminist myths like the patriarchy. I support this.

Thats a bubble I would love to be bursted!

But Marar is gonna happen, its so predictable. and dull.

That's why you don't look for romance in comedy series. Seriously, fuck comedy. I hope this era in animation ends soon, and we go back to action stuff

the dead giveaway was she only said bye to marco when they were both standing there



Can we talk about how Marco does ballet?

like a true princess

You mean Cute and Perfect, right ?

Yeah they have such a cute and perfect friendship.


I guess I'm a #StarcoMissile now

And so would be their romance
Predicting that Jackie will have a romance with Marco before he hooks up with Star.
I'm probably wrong, but it would be interesting to see

I prefer Starco but i won't mind the harem option


Can I get the links for the episodes of the season?

Marco approved
Though he seems to not like it in the pic

to watch us suffer


well is kim possible again.

Extremely cute and perfect

It's just jitters, Once he gets going he will be good


More like a warrior who understands that DANCE is the highest form of battle

for the show to get cancelled for low ratings before any ship or major plot arc is resolved

> "Marco!"



>a female on female crush that's not fully lesbian pandering crap on a modern cartoon

Even during gift of the card, Star was really emotional about marco getting his gift (before knowing about the expire stuff)

so any word on what the next episodes are or are we back to the dreaded hiatus

Hope Mercury is back on board for animation for season 3

those episodes were disgustingly great.


>One thing I found jarring is why a OUR FRIENDSHIP IS AWESOME episode aired right after one that just rubbed "HEY GUYS MARAR IS GONNA HAPPEN! JEALOUSY HUGS AND KISSES!" all over our face, way to backtrack!

I think that was exactly the point of the episode: Star still has to understand what she really feels, 'cause so far she's probably torn between "hormone driven" crushes, like that on Oskar, and "Ok, Marco is my best friend. Like, literally best. Like I want to pass as much time as possible with him and he means everything to me. Is... is this just friendship?"

Meta-speaking it's a way to justify the show not having to immediatly focus on feelings and crushes only, but it also make sense in-universe

TomCo and more Buff Frog.


> Johnathan Keates

RIP Manna. I guess I should just off myself then. Where can I purchase cyanide pills?

>Not keeping yourself alive for all the glorious Manna teasing
Your loss, my friend.


>the dumb vest he was wearing blew off of him when he was confessing

it's the little things.


I really liked that part of the episode a lot, and thought that for a small bit of direction, it was pretty excellent

Loved the symbolism.

if the rumours about marco's shower scene are true, that means we will get a lot of janna on the next episodes






between this episode and IDF I'm beginning to think Janna's a necrophiliac


We got unexpected janna in Gift of the Card

>Miss Heinous acted just like Lucille from Arrested Development
>that ending in Sleepover

both episodes were actually amazing

wait your turn :^)

Still more confirmed than Jarco :^)

One person confirmed to have a crush while the other is in the middle is more canon then a one-sided crush.

What is your favorite ______John Keats poem?______


Feelings always changing

>Mega limit with 500 MB
well, i found the episode here if you plan to watch it

You have a fair point.
Star will probably be back to liking Oskar by the next episode.

They call him The D(iaz) for a reason

Star still likes Oskar, she just likes Marco too

Because his pocket's rolling with dough?

>finished watching the sleepover

what a ride

>Star confirmed crush on Marco
>Marco getting closer to Jackie
>Janna teasing Marco two episodes in a row
>Star and Janna hanging out two episodes in a row
>Starfan crush on Star
>Tom and Marco hanging out next week
What a glorious, wondrous time for all us shippers, praise be unto Nefcy, and may her romantic light shine upon us all!


It's a great time to be alive


You can't make something great again when it's already at the best it's ever at been right now

Lizard-Dude went out faster than I thought he would.

Starco's confirmed, but I liked that harem tease.

Good couple episodes.

What rumors?

>we have a streak of 3 good episodes
what happened then at the beginning? were the writers experimenting with the scripting or what? because is notorious the quality of the scripting in these episodes

Very true

Good to see the ships full speed ahead but I need to know who the final boss this season is

Nice Cronenberg ref.

They were using more light hearted episodes, albeit sometimes TOO light, to further develop Marco and Star relationship AND make Ludo a bigger bad, before getting to the real deal.

the rumour says that after a caps of marco leaving the shower, he found Janna on his bathroom, beacuse reasons (maybe hanging out with star)

Btw what did he mean by pic related

>they killed off the jewel eye lizard laughably quick
he replaced based Brittney in the opening title.............. why?

He might return

he´s gonna zzzzzzzzlep

Two things I greatly enjoyed: basically everybody BUT Marco could've been lying at the outcome of that final question, and that Star's whole speech near the end can equally apply to the hints and possibilities the first implies. That they might not really matter, because people change they minds or find themselves confused or that just because something is the case doesn't mean it's a major thing because of the previous two things listed. It was a fun commentary on the episode itself.

That she did it while likely trying to cover herself just adds another amusing layer to it.


His hand is still intact so he can regenerate from it. He's not out yet

Hey, let's not run too much. The scene is this one, showed at San Diego ComiCon. A director said "Another clip from an upcoming episode shows us Marco’s morning grooming routine in the bathroom. The idea of Marco actually counting the number of swipes of deodorant he puts under his arm was actually the routine a crew member did as a kid”
and some users who were at the panel, both on Cred Forums and Tumblr, said that Janna gets in the bathroom with Star and smacks Marco on his back, scaring him, saying that she likes the cologne he's using.

>the patriarchy
Welp, it was good while it lasted.

You weren't welcomed anyhow.

/sug/ just because your show is suffering from social justice themes being hamfisted every episode doesn't mean you need to start taking a couple of jokes the same for a better show

>I just hate contributing to gender stereotypes
t. Janna the SJW

see ya in a week

Don't post ever again

>it's a Cred Forums gets triggered by tongue-in-cheek jokes episode



my face when Big Boss Lizard got iced on his very first appearance

>Toffee shows up in the 15th or so episode
>Just a normal, 11 minute episode
>Gets killed off immediately
>Rest of the season is romantic tension between Star and Marco

As soon as I saw that lizard guy in the credits, I thought he was one of Toffee's buddies here to begin Phase two of the Grand Design


I bet Star will be jealous about Jackie. Probably Marco'll be to busy with Jackie to hang out with Star.

For some time we'll have Marco x Jackie, but as Marco said, he could just put her on pedestal. So we must wait and see how long they'll be together (90% this ship happen).

From previous board some user notice that:
>You do realize that Star and Marco's friendship is slowly corroding, right?

I have seen this motive before friendship is turning into love. But Marar isn't fully confirmed also. We must wait and see.

I also hope we get monster arm soon.

>Marco finally scores after 10 years of getting nowhere

Ponyhead is the hero gotham city deserves

He was an hilarious comically serious character though.

Ponyhead was pretty based in both Goblin Dogs and Sleepover. They slowly turn a meme character into an actually enjoyable character.

I call it the Ludo Syndrome™

Why are we calling starco marar now? Did i mssed a memo?

starfan13 flying

It was in a Q and A session with Nefcy where it went something like

"What are your thoughts on Starco?"
"You mean Marar?"

So stalker Janna is 100% canon now. we totally called it, though

Yeah, it was awesome


she was just memeing

or did you guys forget starco was actually used in the show

Don't remind me

The only thing that legit pissed me off during the two episodes, otherwise the episodes were flawless.

Seriously, the lizard folk need some love, both Toffee and Rasticore are fucking amazing characters in both design and personality. The chainsaw gag and when that lightning lady zapped him felt out of place. They should have handled him like Toffee.

Unless Rasticore is to Toffee what Buff-frog was to Ludo, that serious henchman that had some comedy stuff tied to him.

Download link for recent episodes?

Drive link is on the OP

It seems that both Toffee and Rasticore use the same methods to hunt Star/Marco. The question is, is Toffee a bounty hunter as well, but with a more sneaky infiltration approach as opposed to Rasticore who goes brute force?

But what we didn't call was it being platonic stalking without any romantic interest fueling it.

I guess this makes Janna a bully now.

I cringed the entire episode. It took me like 40 minutes to finish the first half.

Sorry, I think I should be more specific. Download links to episodes after Starsitting/On the /job, please.

Someone had to mention it...

That felt so utterly out of place, I couldn't quite wrap my head around it. A lot of things in that episode did really, certainly still enjoyable but damn if it didn't seem off at times.!LcFDUBSL!3stvdlbIEPhOM6F95BTy0A!qVtXyAKQ!ecEPyGM867oGMRDEBIa_VA!hwwFlITR!RXW7pzmU36eVgWK0W5gpBA!sxxFgSyC!XAtJ4-HoDz3EBQ6JQBJlxQ!EkJjmbSK!HFRXqoTP7nMX5RSG33BQyQ!Qtg20SpI!RC52OuWLZERPw5H3GI5XnQ!gsIWSZRI!MiYBXYWxftIX6mh4hI6sXg!Esx0yRbT!XCbPOZzXWnvDfOYjQ9O3RQ

Someone posted this list last thread


The fact that you call it Marar pisses me off for some reason more so because it sounds like somebody's name


So... How much more Princess Marco is there going to be in the future?

They also joked about him being picky with colors, and not wanting a turtleneck sweater 'cause the neck is going to stretch out. Marco being "girlish" is a running gag.
But that's it, a gag (and, personally, a funny one at that) . And yet now there are going to be even more "trans Marco" theories around, despite him spending the first segment trying to get into Jackie' s pants. Such is life.

Where is Marco's wandering hands at?

He probably started out in ballet before he took up in interest in Karate, and then the skill sets for both kind of just blended together.

I like the idea of Marco realizing they're trans after the Princess Marco debacle for porn reasons, but it's incredibly far off from the show's cannon. Do people really think Marco is trans?

Starco sounds like an advanced terminal stage of autism.
I amend we call it Marmar from now on.

who's ready for starcest

I think he's just has a more heightened sense of fashion than what you would expect from a guy.

Just one more thing on a growing list of things that Marco acts neurotic about.

I still choose to believe a lot of them were left over ideas from season 1, given how early season 2 was green lit.

Here's what's going to happen: Marco is going to land a date with Jackie. Simultanously, Star gets into some kind of danger. Either Star resolves the danger herself because she doesn't want to burden Marco and just wants him to be happy, or Marco ditches Jackie to help Star because Star is much more important to him than a date with Jackie is.

Possibly both.

strange no mention about janna pijamas.
i was sure that would be a joke about her messing with marco stuff

I do miss more serious or seemingly threatening villains, seeing Rasticore being at the tail end of that chainsaw joke twice in a row for a stretch of time was pretty jarring.

Had he arrived earlier and been trying to interfere with Marco and Star I think he would have been more interesting and effective. It could have given Star something to do, perhaps having her notice the guy and then trying to deal with him discretely so as to give Marco the freedom to choose, only for it to have little effect when the gift card itself manifests.

How do ponyheads reproduce?

>not bringing Jackie with him on an adventure to save his friendfu and giving Jackie the most exciting, awesomest time of her life she will remember well into her 80s before her mind starts to rot


I'm just so used to it by now that it's tough to swallow anything else, also Marmar sounds like a cute nickname for Marco

Eh, considering what he wears I don't think that's the case. He just seems rather feminine, or in touch with his more emotional side, which kind of makes sense given how overly emotional and loving his parents are.

I don't mind it in all honesty, having a male character who is quite in touch with his emotions is rather refreshing. I just found the idea of him wearing ballet shoes considerably odd in comparison to him just being vocal about more feminine products, like he was in St. Olgas.

i think also in a eventual episode about marco and janna, marco lose shit and start to demand an explanation.

i mean serious would become lame if janna is there just to mess with marco and nothing happen

can I get a transcription of his speech?
I want to read it please

>we know the end result so why keep teasing it

Because it's still a relationship that respects its boundaries and buildup

Marco as a whole is a great character, being the man of reason, fabulous and more importantly competent.

I gotta tell you guys,

When we got that first promo image of Sleepover and you guys kept namedropping the Hellraiser series because of that cube, I was skeptical.

Not because it was outside of the realm of possibility, but because past episodes like Wand to Wand and Starstruck had made me cautious with my expectations for the second season especially with so few instalments left down the line. Such a reference/gimmick felt like too much to hope for.

But wouldn't you know it, Sleepover really was what you guys thought it would be. I was satisfied when they got tickle-tasered on the first round, but then it just kept ramping up from there.

Not bad at all. And Star's speech at the end was surprisingly profound. Really makes me wish the ratings are good enough for them to get a 4th season.

Pre judgement
>My crush, is on Jackie. Jackie Lynn Thomas.

Post judgement
>I told you, I have a crush on Jackie! At least I think I do? But what does that really mean? I've put her on this sort of pedestal, so do I like the image of her, or for who she really is? I mean, I like her enough to know that she deserves someone who wants to get to know her. Which is definitely me.

Pretty much this

I had my hopes stockpiled like crazy and it turns out they crashed and burned. Not even because they were high but because delivery even looking back at it now was still so low.

Wouldn't you know it though, these last two episodes were fantastic and I didn't get hype for them much at all. I guess the moral here is to not expect.

Finished watching the new episodes.
Sleep over was general fun, lots of fun antics and little things that were pretty fun to watch. Seems like Marco made some actual progress, it'll be intresting to see how Jackie acts with him now that she knows Marco has a thing for her. Plus it's cool that Marco realized he put Jackie on a pedestal.
Only sad thing that it seems that Jackie's not really an Air-head.
R.I.P HaremBro's Air-head Jackie :(.
The Second ep. is lacking to me comapred to the first, but it was still a fun watch. Rosticore looked cool but fell victim to the Killer-gags and got BTFO. But Janna being in the ep too made up for it.
We got THREE episodes with Janna in a row, freaking sweet man! Looks like Janna really did become a serious character.
Just awesome, hope she shows up more now.

I've seen that the perfect number of seasons for a show is 3, before and you get WoY which died before it's time, more and you get AT which went to shit as the writers struggle to find it's identity.
If the show is carefully planned to extend itself correctly it will be fine.

Pretty surprised how quick it was for Marco to accept is crush on Jackie but also the twist at the end was really nice and love how it just feeds the shipping
And the second episode,this obsession with Princess Marco is reaching /aco/ levels

> But what does that really mean? I've put her on this sort of pedestal, so do I like the image of her, or for who she really is? I mean, I like her enough to know that she deserves someone who wants to get to know her. Which is definitely me.

i find amazing how this show the balls to stop with stupid crush tv troops and go full ahead with the plot, they could go easy and make some shanigan to interrupt marco to talk, but NOPE he talk, he confess and even make a self critic.

this is killing the status quo, looks stupid but many cartoons dont have the balls to do this.

>I have a crush on Jackie
>wtf he doesn't even talk to me

Well it looks like the episodes from here on out are those informed with feedback from season 1's episodes, given the next episode will be heavily featuring Tom and not having the episode revolve around him and Star, instead having him get to know Tom. I'm really hoping the show continues the tradition on a fresh take on classic formats by having the two genuinely get on.

Either way, we're likely to get more of Janna, Jackie and Tom from now on, which is exactly what we needed. Throw in some Oskar and some villains and we're sailing high.

>But what does that really mean? I've put her on this sort of pedestal, so do I like the image of her, or for who she really is?
That hit way too close to home for me.


Quest Buy
Cheer Up Star
Sleep Spells
Blood Moon Ball
Fortune Cookies
Freeze Day
St. Olga's Reform School
Interdimensional Field Trip
Storm the Castle
Ludo in the Wild
On the Job
Sleep Over
Gift of the Card

School Spirit
Monster Arm
Girls' Day Out

The Other Exchange Student
Diaz Family Vacation
Royal Pain
My New Wand

Star Comes to Earth
Brittney's Party
Lobster Claws
The Banagic Wand
Marco Grows a Beard
Mr. Candle Cares
Camping Trip
By the Book

Red Belt
Star on Wheels
Wand to Wand
Goblin Dogs
Star vs. Echo Creek

Party With a Pony

Actually now that I think about it I'm moving Starstruck to NO

There, now my rating's complete

I'm hype
now that jackie knows he likes her there's really nothing stopping marco from putting the moves on her for real

not to mention the very starco route that could happen

rip mannafriends lest we forget

Move camping trip to Great tier and you have it made

>I like her enough to know that she deserves someone who wants to get to know her. Which is definitely me.
This is the part that wins it for me. He acknowledges that she's worthy of respect, and then says so is he. No talk of her being "out of his league." He gives himself a fair shake.

I can't remember the last time a male protag in a cartoon stepped up like this concerning a romantic interest.

I've gotta draw some fatty Ingrid. Maybe pinning Star under her ass.

Pretty good choices overall user, there's a few I'd change around though. Royal Pain and Party with a Pony are definitely in Low Tier, whilst Goblin Dogs deserves at least Mid Tier if not Good.

>Goblin Dogs
>low tier

you best be joking nigga

I think he definitely scored plus point with Jackie for that part, he didn't just come out and say he liked her and left it at that, he highlighted that he hadn't done enough to get to know her and he should in fact do so.

Here's hoping he gets to know her as Marco Diaz and not whatever he thinks will win her over.

Does a waifu really boost an episode's ranking that much?

The peyote trip was good, man.

>Oskar Greason
So when are we gonna get an edit like this?
>Well it looks like the episodes from here on out are those informed with feedback from season 1's episodes
Yea really, so glad of it too.
Like you mentioned, I can't wait to see what they'll do next with the characters.

Kelly please you were only cute for the last two minutes of that episode you didn't save it

or maybe janna actually does have a crush on marco and can't bring herself to admit it

the possibilities are endless

Cripes I forgot Game of Flags

That goes into Great Tier

I liked this episode a lot, mostly because it reminds me of the time I put up a hidden camera in my cousin's room and watched her and her friends have sleepovers and such. I haven't seen her in yeaaars! Actually haven't seen most of my family ever since they disowned me. C'est la vie I guess.

No she definitely doesn't. The cube could detect whether multiple people were lying or not and wouldn't result in a truth if all the people didn't admit to it.

Manna is a sunk ship. Which is funny because it's the second most popular one here.

>Everyone believes "Sleepover" is a climax Episode of S2
>It has Jackie
>It has Janna
>It has Starfan13

The question answers itself

Think you mean God Tier, that was an outstanding episode in every regard.

Maybe Janna has two crushes.

>Good choice.
>Holy shit StarFan13 you fucking suck-up, can you literally suck Star's dick any harder with all that kiss-ass brownie in your mouth? Jesus Christ!
So yea, StarFan13 was pretty cute. But I must bring up one thing!
Now I know some of you will be quick to ship Star-Selfcest after the whole crush thing, but I think your forgetting the creepy aspect of this.
Does StarFan13 REALLY like-like Star? Or is it the "I love you so much I wanna wear your peeled off skin like a Star costume" kinda like?
Think about it, there's a chance for some good horror stories here.
>the possibilities are endless
True man, anybody could have lied during that. Maybe PonyHead doesn't actually have a crush on herself?
Maybe StarFan13 doesn't actually have a crush on Star?

The cube was only looking for a true response and it's possible to have multiple crushes. Janna could have correctly stated having a crush on some poet whilst also having a brush on whoever else she wanted, the point was she answered the question. Same deal for Star, she clearly has a crush on Oskar but we now know that she also has one on Marco.


Starco was already confirmed for end game, they couldn't even let us pretend that there was other potential outcomes. At least Jackie might have mixed feelings, but not Janna? That just seems odd to me. It kinda takes all the fun out of the teasing, it would pretty much mean she just likes fucking with him to be a dick.

>Everyone believes "Sleepover" is a climax Episode of S2

It was grand but there's no way we're even close to reaching the top of this rollercoaster


That's no exactly how it worked, though. It's heavily implied that the one who lied about her crush was Star. Sure, her tlak could be applied to every person in the room, but from a meta point of view she's clearly the one torn between two crushes. At least the only one torn enough for the Cube to sense it.
Anyway, Janna is part of the secondary cast now and that's an awesome thing, but Manna is still an illusion. She's a stalker for fun, though. That's canon.

We always said that Starfan's obsessions would probably reach levels where she actually wants to replace Star and take her life for herself.

At least that was the excuse for shipping her with Marco.

why do you say that

the show had more blatant flirting from Janna and she could have easily been lying during the third question too

>but not Janna?

Yeah, I agree on you with that one, it doesn't add up. Consider the following in the Sleepover episode:

>Ponyhead, Starfan, Jackie, Janna, Star, Marco

Ponyhead likes herself and it checks out. Starfan likes Star, no surprise there. Jackie liking some random dude, checks out. Star liking Oskar seems right. Marco liking Jackie is true.

Now, Janna told that she likes some poet. Which is highly fishy. When Marco told how he really felt, the box complimented him and exclaimed that he WASN'T the one lying.

Considering how the episode ended, that leaves Janna and Star.

Now consider this: just one episode later, Janna is still stalking Marco. We know that she's friends with Star. If this is how she regularly acts, trying to get people's goat, why doesn't she collect stuff from Star? She was wearing Marco's PJs for crying out loud. Both Jackie and Star were genuine with their crush, and they changed or are in the process of changing their mind after the speech.

Janna lied about the color, she lied about the brownies, and she lied about the poet. She was the only one that lied about everything.

She has a crush on Marco.

>Does StarFan13 REALLY like-like Star?

Yeah, she wants the V.

Until we get songs that take up a quarter/half of an episode celebrating lesbianism or anti-patriarchy, we should be good.

It just lacked a little something for me. I don't know what, I guess the payoff was just a little more calm than I was hoping for.

Teasing and "oooh I wonder who's going to be the lucky girl" literally never was the focus of this show, it's not a harem anime. Star and Marco literally are the focus of the show, the interesting part is seeing them grow, as individuals and as friends, and likely, in the future, as lovers. EVERYTHING happening in the show, even Jarco, is in some way instrumental to it

Keep dreaming. Star got outed from the cube with that reasoning, and we know strongly as a matter of fact that just last episode with Girls Day Out she still has feelings for Oskar.

Also like I said in a prior post, cube wouldn't say "truth" until everyone admitted their lies should they have had any.

>She was wearing Marco's PJs for crying out loud
Holy shit, I didn't even notice

This part was tricky and Janna new how to overcome this truth game.

At first she said everyone knew who her crush was and keep staring at Marco, which is a truth, and the she said the poet guy which is also a truth.

Remember , girls tend to have a lot of crushes at the same time, so the cube accepted the poet truth as a valid one.

>She has a crush on Marco.
Not necessarily - it seems as much like a weird obsession as anything actually romantic. Then again, the box seemed okay with Starfan claiming to love Star, so who knows what kind of standards that box had.

>At first she said everyone knew who her crush was and keep staring at Marco, which is a truth

Or it could've been teasing?

It can go your way, but the fact it can easily go right to the other makes it pretty bad as an assumption

>It's heavily implied that the one who lied about her crush was Star.
I suppose I can see the implication when Star confronts how you can have mixed feelings for something, but again we don't know if half truths are deemed a lie. The cube also seemed pretty nondescript about who actually lied, besides Marco for obvious reasons. And the lie itself isn't brought up, Star just confronts the whole concept of black and white truths.

That's fair, I could see that given how Moon pulled the nuke out to settle the dispute. For me it got plus points for showing development both in Star herself and between Star and her mother, with that Marco gag in the background to seal the deal.

Guys the cube goes "Truth" when Star yells Marco's name, and it was still set on the crush question. It's not hard to tell that Star was the one lying.
Maybe Janna Pony Head and Starfan as well have conflicted feelings, sure, but it was Star the one who triggered the punishment.

why do you guys keep acting like manna is dead

the episode had some of the most blatant flirting from her yet, and she could have easily been lying too

>weird obsession

She offered love bites to Marco in the Field Trip episode in season 1. Funny enough, the writers "deny" her crush on Marco, then proceed to make her look like she's into Marco.

>Those aren't real fangs, unless you want them to be
>We all know who I have a crush on
>She looks at Marco with a smile

If the writer's goal is to mess with us, then mission accomplished

even if it weren't dead, it's completely one sided which makes it just as dead in comparison to the other two main ships

But that's the thing, it never resulted in a truth on the last question, it just got destroyed

Stop with your lies you anti-Manna shill

You're funny

>it just got destroyed

Which is why it still managed to just barely function enough at the end

Manna was always one-sided; I think that was the big draw. People wanted to see Janna wear Marco down.

If one-sided means something is dead then Starco is dead as a doornail considering the box explicitly said Marco wasn't lying and he didn't say he had a crush on Star at all :^)

thank you very much!

I agree maybe its not as complex as everyone is making it out to be I mean yeah maybe it goes deeper and theirs plenty of theories for each character being the liar but maybe its just supposed to seem that way at first I thought marco subconsciously lied but after that speech it was reviled that he wasn't lying and at the end when Star yells Marco the box just happens to say truth and says you like and then makes a mmm sound as its crushed.

>It's not hard to tell that Star was the one lying.
Yeah, it's "obvious", and that's what the crew probably wants you to think. I'm not saying Manna is canon, I'm just saying that the writers are known to foreshadow and playing tricks, so I'm leaving the possibility of Janna having a crush on him.

It's not like the theory has zero evidence, just think about Janna as a whole and how she acts towards Marco.

>It looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck
>Nope, it's a horse

I don't know, it just doesn't add up

>one sided

Here's the thing though. We more or less know that Starco will happen sooner or later since Disney and all, but I have a feeling that Marco really likes Star just as a friend. Not to mention the way he declines her offer for burritos in the end of Sleepover and how he mentioned the word friendship when he hugged Star in Gift of the Card.

It's gonna be fun to see if they have more fights like in Storm the Castle. A serious Marco vs. Star episode would be pretty cool.

It only said that Star was telling the truth, not that everyone was

It was 100 percent intentional that they left it open ended that other people could have been lying during the final question

Just watched the new eps! Pretty fun, lots of development and healthy doses of Janna. I was hoping we'd see if she still had her tattoo. Good to see movement for Marco and Jackie though.

I really want to draw some art about the eps but my tablet is out of juice! I guess I'll have to take requests tomorrow.

For now here's the linework for my comfy semi-lewd Star and Marco pic! It's taking forever to finish, I got distracted by the wall of waifus and the Young Moon/River comic!

Loving the concept of someone is a really easy trap to fall into, it was great to see it resolved in such a real and honest way. Our boy wrangles his spaghetti and shows promise!

>Star has a crush on Oskar but doesn't know fully she has a crush on Marco
>She eventually comes to the realization
>There's an episode where she has to make a choice and it ends in poly. Just out of nowhere. This is how season 2 ends and Daron does it without finesse at all just to make a social justice message and be special
>Marco suddenly learns to be bi for Oskar because Star wanted it
>Post yfw

>Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently.
why is this allowed

If nothing else it will be a damn shame if we don't get a genuine conflict between Marco and Star, given aspects of their past adventures, Storm the Castle and Monster Arm in particular. I've known close friendships to have explosive drama that leads to temporary or permanent splits, seeing them go through that temporarily would be genuinely interesting, particularly if there's some weight to it, such as Toffee or Monster Arm returning in some manner.

You're assuming that it only says "Truth" when everyone has told the truth based off literally one example

First question: Only Janna lied, so once she told the truth it was over
Second question: Everyone confessed at once and then it said "truth"

You're just assuming that once it goes into "SOMEONE LIED" mode, it only says "Truth" once everyone has told the truth, based off of one example

One example undercut by the fact that the cube DID go back into truth mode despite the fact that people were still lying to congratulate Marco for being so honest

The cube could have easily been saying "Truth" just to Star's confession while other people could have still been lying

I'm amazed anyone can be this delusional.

The cube doesn't mark truth until it gets everybody's answers correctly, that was established in the episode with the second question.

You can't just suddenly suppress information that was established and then give some weirdly rewired because it supports your ship. The cube was destroyed but that had absolutely nilch to do with Janna's thoughts on Marco.

It'd be fun if she had a thing for him but it's time to let it go, dude.

> No see unless you infer rules from my autistic interpretation of the cube's behavior based off of one example and a teasing throwaway line at the end of the episode YOU'RE DELUSIONAL


>I'm amazed anyone can be this delusional.

I'm amazed on how anyone can be this delusional to not notice Janna's obvious flirtatious behavior towards Marco, in multiple episode even.

Hey Ironghast, I hope your ready cause I'm sure you'll be getting all sorts of crazy requests after these new episodes.
I know I already have a couple ideas in mind.
Also your link isn't working it seems.
>There's an episode where she has to make a choice and it ends in poly. Just out of nowhere. This is how season 2 ends and Daron does it without finesse at all just to make a social justice message and be special
>Marco suddenly learns to be bi for Oskar because Star wanted it
I know I'm the Harem Fag, but seriously, fuck any outcome like that! It would be one of the worst.

>One example undercut by the fact that the cube DID go back into truth mode despite the fact that people were still lying to congratulate Marco for being so honest

I agree with what you said, but this specific scene was just a bait and switch gag, I'm almost sure of it. Doesn't make the rest of the post untrue, clearly

>I've known close friendships to have explosive drama that leads to temporary or permanent splits

I have a feeling that's how they end season 2. Star and Marco will argue about something like in Storm the Castle, but this time the Monster Arm might take over.

Well it does specifically say "Star Butterfly you have a crush on MMM" as its being crushed so.

Janna might like messing him just because he's an easy target.

Well it sure as hell speaks a lot louder than flirting that could just as well be teasing? That seems to go well with Janna's mischeivous behavior.

I mean if it ends up being true that Janna has a thing for Marco then hooray but this episode's still pretty good confirmation for the time being that's just not the case.

I feel you

>Starco cancer
WELP. Fun while it lasted.

>Guys the cube goes "Truth" when Star yells Marco's name, and it was still set on the crush question. It's not hard to tell that Star was the one lying.
The interesting thing is that Star's answer makes for a really weird lie. Regardless of whether or not she has a crush on Marco, she definitely acted like she had a crush on Oskar as recently as StarOnWheels. But the box claimed she was lying. So, what the the hell happened?

Yeah I know it was bait and switch but I figure if we're using ship-teasing lines and the fact that it didn't say "truth" until everyone had confessed during the second question as ROCK-SOLID evidence for how the box behaves 100 percent of the time I might as well use that as counter-evidence

Shit, I don't think that exclamation point is supposed to be there, it should just be

> one statement that could or could not have been a lie speaks so much louder than blatant flirting and stalking

Hmmmmmmmmm no not necessarily

When she's near Oskar she's a bunch of hormones and drools 'cause she finds him sexy. When he's not physically near she's way more interested in Marco, in spending time with him. That's how I see it, and it sounds consistent both with Star's talk and with her... easiness to crush (there's also che singer from the poster)

It likely perceived her mixed up feelings about Oskar and Marco and considered it a lie when she just said Oskar. That'd explain her speaking so strongly about the effect of mixed up feelings and having conflict between heart and mind.

Though, considering how vague Jackie was when describing her crush, both Star and Marco could have possibly been just as vague and gone for something like "A cute girl/boy from school."

> Marco tells Star "I hate you"
> Star's crush confirmed one-sided

Star is headed for heartbreak

Nice, very good looking stuff. Reminds me of a story but I can't recall the name.
Anyways, thanks Iron.

I think the main point of disagreement here is the validity of how the second question proved what does and doesn't work.

What exactly about it are you just not finding definitive? The episode seemed to establish its rules and machinations pretty properly.

>Starco teased for the 1000 time
>Manna gets brutally murdered in the gruesomest way
Now this picture suddenly makes sense

Could you be thinking of Princess Charms?
I think that's the one I'm thinking of.

t. triggered Mannafag

You can like more than one person, dipshit.

Starco is not being teased, son. It's getting built. Tease would have been Star blushing at the question while looking at Marco instead of giving an insightful answer. They wanted it to be not too obvious for the characters, not for the viewers.

The only real Starco tease so far might be the journal.

I just think that just because, during the second question, it didn't say "Truth" until everyone had told the truth, doesn't necessarily mean that's how it behaves 100 percent of the time, and frankly I think it's a little ridiculous to insist that it does

The idea is that PUNISHMENT for everyone continues until everyone has told the truth but at that point in the episode that was kind of moot

>When she's near Oskar she's a bunch of hormones and drools 'cause she finds him sexy. When he's not physically near she's way more interested in Marco, in spending time with him.
Yeah, that's how it looks to me too. However, the former would easily qualify as as crush, yet the box called that a lie.

>It likely perceived her mixed up feelings about Oskar and Marco and considered it a lie when she just said Oskar.
Maybe. That's pretty strict, though, considering what else it accepted.

>You can like more than one person, dipshit.
I think you misread my post.

This is almost the least well I've seen a group of people handle their ship being sunk if not for Hall of Anal Devastation and Zutara

Don't fight guys, it's just cartoon ships

This is what true ship discussion looks like.

If she had a crush on both Oskar and Marco, wouldn't the box have accepted Oskar as an answer then?

Either the box thinks she doesn't really have a crush on Oskar, or someone else was lying

>it didn't say "Truth" until everyone had told the truth, doesn't necessarily mean that's how it behaves 100 percent of the time, and frankly I think it's a little ridiculous to insist that it does

What are you basing this on? The truth bit I mean, not the punishment.

>Could you be thinking of Princess Charms?
>I think that's the one I'm thinking of.
That could be it. But there is another story I think, that has a shower scene isn't really lewd and is just cute.

>That's pretty strict, though, considering what else it accepted.
Well therein lies the inconsistency with the box's judgement which is causing such dissent in the thread. In addition, that's why I perceived it to only take what it considers the whole truth by being free of internal conflict. Given that Star should have been able to get away with just saying Oskar as she does clearly have a crush on him.

Or you can like someone more.

Because it's just one example of the boxes behavior? I mean the thing obviously has a personality of its own, it's not like waiting for everyone to tell the truth before saying truth is something programmed into it

I mean it would make sense if it was established that it doesn't like to say 'Truth' because it doesn't want people to know who's lying or not, but it clearly doesn't care about that because it explicitly says Marco wasn't the one lying on the third question

Just seems silly to me to insist based off the obviously for-fun ship teasing line at the end of the episode that everyone else MUST have been telling the truth when while watching it I thought it was pretty intentional how they left it up in the air how many people were lying during the final question

Considering that Star and Marco are based on the creator and her HUSBAND starco has never been a surprise to me

Well the question wasn't "who do you like the most" it was "who do you have a crush on"

I'm just mad about relationship bullshit when what I wanted was fighting shit. They ain't even fight that lizard nigga.

OK autismo. I guess it's the only kind of dynamic you can understand when you have multiple relationships, not none.

>I mean the thing obviously has a personality of its own

Running by this logic only hurts that line of reasoning even further though. It clearly hated any form of lie even though Star clearly still has a thing for Oskar way moreso at this moment than Marco.

Re-watching the episode:

You know I think I remember another story like that but I cant remember the writers name to even start searching maybe it was Amarillo. Ill look around I kind of want to read that again.

I was disappointed by that too

There's your definitive proof

Now can everyone shut up and go back to actually discussing the episode instead of being in denial

Janco is dead and buried

I have a fic request. Star gets breast cancer. Imagine the drama of a vulnerable Star coming to terms with her mortality.

If you use my idea, you must put my name at the start and the end.

How does it hurt the line of reasoning even further...?

My reasoning is that multiple people could have been lying during the third question and that it saying "truth" at the very end didn't mean that only Star had lied

How does it having its own personality hurt that line of reasoning?

That play this episode.
>my sides

don't get triggered son, I'm just noting the form of the question, I'm sure you slay all the pussy you big sexy internet man you

Well I explained how since his personality consisted of hating lies irrationally, and that falls in line with not declaring "Truth" until everyone's fessed up more than it does just one person telling the truth and going "mm ok lol that works"

But! If you don't believe me, someone else was nice enough to get pretty damning evidence

It also says "Someone is lying" during the second question when multiple people lied

It's directly addressing Marco in that sentence, the one is directed at him and no one else from my understanding of how that phrasing can be applied.

She gets worse every episode

But I'm not saying he was going full "Okay someone told the truth I'm all done now" mode right then, he was just saying that what Star said was the truth, by that point he was already done with the punishments anyway

I have a hypothetical question.

>Janna is annoying Marco for whatever reason.
>Marco is getting pissed off.
>He punches Janna in the face.
>She runs away crying.
>All the other characters act like this is a totally reasonable thing to do. Star even laughs.
>The episode proceeds as normal.

How would you react Cred Forums?

>number of allowed playbacks has been exceeded


That logic would work if personality wasn't the deciding factor for this in the first place. It's not being disproportionately open ended for any better reason than to specifically hint at the idea Manna may still be a possibility.


Like I'm being filmed by the Fine Bros.

Not even sure what you're trying to say with this desu

Stand up in the kinoplex and start clapping

"Someone is lying" is true whenever more than zero people are lying.!0lZhnBrB!ptGFxvGn5JhhJGQqvknTvQ

What do you mean?
Is tough love wrong?

Can anyone re-upload, I can't watch it.

> Marco clearly uncomfortable with the situation
> Tries to escape
> Star fucking wand blasts him


Seriously, I love what a letdown he was. I thought they´d bring him back at the end of the episode, but the fact that they didn´t is fucking hilarious. Or maybe he´s of the same race as Toffee and can regenerate from that hand he left behind, who knows.

"You weren't the one who lied" is true whenever the person being specifically addressed is not a liar

I've never heard of this happening with Google Drive, how fucking weird.

>"You weren't the one who lied" is true whenever the person being specifically addressed is not a liar
That doesn't sound right. I'm gonna have to look this shit up now, it's been way too long since I've done any formal logic.

>Manna is death
>predictable and dull gets spotlight yet again
>even braindeath whore gets a chance
I am literally on suicide watch right now

Holy shit a good episode in season 2 WHOAAAAA

Star knows how to deal with him by now, gotta be tough in the face of perceived danger.

>I just found the idea of him wearing ballet shoes considerably odd in comparison to him just being vocal about more feminine products, like he was in St. Olgas.

But they're REALLY comfortable!

> people delving into the semantics of logic and grammar to determine whether it could be possible Janna lied

Jesus christ

I thought they deliberately left it open-ended fwiw

I mean the whole message at the end is that you can't say for certain how you feel in situations like that and that feelings are constantly changing anyway

she knew what the game was
she wanted to see if Marco had a crush on her
he didn't
now star is sad
I am fine with this

Suppose I can't be too critical, currently wearing a rather brash pair of slipper-boots as I always do when it gets chilly. But for someone so concerned with how people see him, rocking a pair of ballet shoes is an oddity.

Well there's a bit of a quantitative difference between wearing girly shoes and wearing a full-blown dress with makeup

The core logic for what you're saying is:

>There's no reason to assume the cube works consistently because it has a personality
>Personality being the key point backing this thought process

Other points you made were:

>It's also likely he just stops punishment instead of declaring truth after everyone has confessed
>"But I'm not saying he was going full "Okay someone told the truth I'm all done now" mode right then"
Yet both go in contradiction with the logic up until now. There's no good reason the punishment point can't coexist with personality if the truth declaration is inherently and equally offset by it. It can also go both ways for the point after.

You could just interpret the personality as "well no personality is bound to be too consistent" and that works but then it just makes everything a pointless uncertainty with no better conceivable result than to keep Manna a possibility, when it's much more smooth, consistent, and simple to assume otherwise.

Ehhhh, I don't know if there even was a message. I think Star just used that shit to get out of admitting her feelings

That said, she did so by technically arguing semantics, so saying that Janna has a crush on both that author and Marco but she only had to say one is a valid point

Man, the episode when that conflict comes to the forefront for Star is going to be a rough one. I don't like seeing Star sad, particularly if Marco can't help cheer her up.

Bring on the drama.

I guess it's just character development kicking in. After saving an entire school/jail of princesses dressed as one and still being hailed as a hero I´m guessing he´s less self conscious about looking feminine while kicking ass

Oh for sure, but he gets a pass with the latter given the context in which he wore them, attempting a jailbreak in a reform school or princesses.

But I've heard some people do wear some pretty odd stuff when they feel comfortable enough to.

>people still don't think the character that represents Daron Nefcy and the character that represents Daron Nefcy's husband will get together eventually

This is the new "Star was mad, ha ha"

No that's Marar

Not sure how it's more simple to declare "He said Star was telling the truth at the end so that means everyone must have been telling the truth because in the second question he didn't say the word truth until everyone had confessed" than it is to just assume that he was just saying Star was telling the truth at the end

Hell that whole line was just ship bait anyway since she obviously wasn't even answering the question at that point

Just after Star and Janna have a whole episode where Star is Mayor and Janna is her deputy.

Their entire relationship was built for this purpose, anons.

Because we're encompassing the cube's behavior, not just what happened at the end. And nothing contradictory comes out of the simple answer here.

Solid logic is generally better than a kind that can't reach a conclusion within its own boundaries to start with, user.

>It was all a set up from the get go
>Ponyhead and Star are in cahoots
>Star needed help from Ponyhead to learn if Marco has a crush on her, since she has a crush on him and doesn't want it to be awkward if it's just one sided
>Marco has a crush on Jackie
>Star is legit sad but doesn't want to show it, trying to cover it up with her quirky personality in the ending when she calls towards Marco
>Suddenly her "Thoughts on Marco" Journal secret makes perfect sense


Wait... since how long does Star secretly have a crush on Marco anyway?

>inb4 diary entry where she mentioned that she liked Marco since Day 1 but she wasn't sure about her feelings


I think the idea is that Star isn't really consciously aware of her feelings for Marco

I mean look at her in the beginning of the episode, she isn't worried at all about the game and she finds the idea of some things being secret downright weird, to me that kind of implies that if she has a crush on Marco she's definitely not completely aware of it herself

>Ehhhh, I don't know if there even was a message. I think Star just used that shit to get out of admitting her feelings
Star defiantly used it to get out of discussing her feelings (assuming she's fully aware of them), but she did also prove a point - The box was doing a really shit job of trying to evaluate people's preferences, because they're not binary and subject to changing.

Guys it's simple

Janna has a crush on Marco but is smart enough to not be outed by truth or dare.

Marco has a crush on Jackie, we don't know if he has one on Star.

Jackie is unsure now that she knows someone had a crush on her.

Star had a crush on Marco but something something Oskar.

Starfan13 is going to skin Star and wear her like a suit.

But that's not really solid logic tbqh famalam

That's just "Based off this one example of the cube's behavior I'm going to assume that it acts like this 100 percent of the time" which isn't logical at all

That's like if I ordered vanilla ice cream once and every time in the future I ordered ice cream you expected vanilla because it's only "logical"

So, Miss Heinous wants Star dead, despite knowing she's Mewnian and therefore, under the protection of a family of powerful butterfly sorceresses and another family of barbaric warriors. And yet, she wants Marco alive despite knowing that he´s from Earth and he´d be much easier to kill. What is she planning, Cred Forums?

Nothing contradicts it.

does she actually say she wants Star dead and Marco alive?

>Ill look around I kind of want to read that again.
Good luck user, I hope you find it for all our sakes.

She ships Tomco and send Tom to become freinds with Marco for this expredd purpose.
The whole show is actually a shipping war.

Revenge, probably.


>Destroy the blonde one. But bring me the dark haired one

That's not the exact line, but close enough


Truly Heinous is evil

So, what does she intend to do with Marco? Is this a simple "torture to death" revenge plan or does she have anything in mind in order to regain her power by using Marco?

As far as Heinous is concerned, Princess Marco was the one who led the rebellion that destroyed her school. It's a personal vendetta.

Killing Star might be simple family business.

It goes from "SOMEONE IS LYING" mode to calm blue truth mode to congratulate Marco on telling the truth so candidly, then switches back to SOMEONE IS LYING mode

That kind of contradicts the idea that once it's in death mode it never comes says someone has told the truth until everyone has confessed

Also the fact that one example of someone's behavior in one situation does not mean that this is the way they'll behave in all future situations

Perhaps, that's a nice way to look at it in all honesty.

Again, if she wants revenge, why not just bothering with Marco? Why would he send out instructions to also take down Star, knowing she´s a much bigger physical threat than Marco?

Hmm maybe it's the fact that she knows Star's from Mewni so she knows the extent of the Butterfly family influence but Marco is an unknown Princess so she doesn't know exactly what the consequences will be for killing him

If that were what I said then sure I'd concede, but it's not. What I said is that it declares truth once everyone in the room has come out fully with it.

I understand what you're saying about confirmatory logic being bad, and I don't disagree. The point is though there's no more real information to stack on top of all this. If you want to stack more than we already have based off that then you may as well drop the idea Janna even likes Marco. We've also already established personality is a non factor due to how much it renders this ambiguous to begin with. So unless you have something relevant and definitive then I'm not interested.

So, she´s willing to deal with the consequences of killing Star but she wants to be careful around Marco because she´s not fully aware of the extension of his nonexistent powers, physical or political. That suggests that despite losing her school, she still retains enough power or influence or both to deal with whatever the Royal Family would do to her if she did kill Star.
What's her fucking endgame, though?

She's a Tomco shipper.
It's obvious user.

>Tomco shippers are bitter ugly fujoshi

Make sense

>Lies are a plague. A virus... a weed! And to stop a weed, you must kill the root!
>A virus
>you must kill the root!

>I'm part of you now. You can treat the symptoms, but you will never cure the virus!

RIP Marco

did ponyhead set all this up deliberatly?

>It's game time Marco! and since you're so good at "playing the field" I got a game that would be perfect for you!

does ponyhead know Star likes Marco? did Star prevent Marco from leaving because she wants to know if he likes her too?

and did you see Star and Marco in the 2nd episode? she seems to really like him there more....WHAT IS HAPPENGING!TUWEGUIW

Again not really sure what you're even saying here

My whole point is the line at the end could easily just be the box saying that Star had told the truth while others had still lied, which seems pretty obvious

My reason for believing that Janna has a crush on Marco includes all her flirting and stalkerish behaviour

My reasons for believing Janna doesn't have a crush on Marco is one statement to the truth box that could have easily

1. Been a lie
2. Been a copout (she has a crush on both Keats and Marco)
3. Been inconsistent (Box treats answers as eternal and forever when Star's favorite color changes literally minutes later, and Jackie's feelings change minutes later, and she points that out)

Given all that it still seems pretty reasonable to think that Janna may have a crush on Marco

Yeah, Star was way more affectionate than usual, and that's saying a lot. Also, that line about finding their skeletons together was pretty cute.

Ponyhead may have some sniff of Star liking Marco in that way. I rather like the idea that she did as a way of showing the two are still very close friends, despite Marco's presence. However, it seemed like this was the first real instance where Star had to consider her feelings for Marco, so it's much more likely that Ponyhead picked up on Marco's obvious attraction to Jackie and was just trying to make him embarrass himself.

Seconding this but half of it has to be about starfan13 trying to give herself cancer

I don't think Star is consciously aware of her feelings for Marco.

However, I think that PonyHead might be able to tell that her bestie has those feelings for him, and so gets a little angry when she sees Marco flirting with other girls. That's why she sasses him for "Playing the field" when he's only trying to flirt with one girl. Would add a little depth to her character.

That's all fine and good but that only holds up in your perspective. We just had an entire conversation referring to why that's bogus so please refer back to a particular, finalized point I made calling it out or at least tell me what it is you didn't get about my last post because I'd rather not redo this.

>did ponyhead set all this up deliberatly?
Yes. She was trying to mess with Marco.

>does ponyhead know Star likes Marco?
Very likely not.

>My whole point is the line at the end could easily just be the box saying that Star had told the truth while others had still lied, which seems pretty obvious
It seems pretty clear to me that Star was the only one who lied (by the box's standards) to the last question. Your other two reasons hold though - the box was generally pretty bad at actually figuring out what people think.

So, a board game and a discount card apparently are more powerful than Star's wand. Good to know.

>Marco confessing
>Jackie kinda liking it
>Stars implied lingering feelings for Marco and jealousy
>Janna teasing Marco
>Jannas weird interest for anything related to Marco

I can't believe all those fanfictions are becomming true, I mean other generals always joke about how the creators must've been lurking the Cred Forums generals with all the predictions becomming true. In this case though, we are all talking about shipping fanfaction which tends to be the most delusional and furthest from the true content any fanbase could ever create.

Did we get the real deal lads? die we acquire the real meme magic?

> But that's bogus. I don't have to say why I'm just going to make a vague reference to a previous post

Nah at this point I think you're just really reaching famalam

Ostar is confirmed dead

I think It's likely Janna has a crush on Marco considering how unlikely it is that the box can be fooled but Janna not actually fooling it is

I've not watched the episode this thread is about yet, but I just now watched the one before it, and it was fucking great

Yeah, haven't you been on /x/?

I thank you HB but I think I found it, does this sound familiar?

"Shower" By Marcosoft Word

What is interesting is that Janna is the only one who actually tried lying on more than one question

For her to attempt to figure out a way to weasel out of the box's game on all three questions would be very consistent with her sneaky geepsy personality

Well if that's the best the both of us can do then I'm satiated.

to me oskar is just because the BAD BOYS phase, star want to be a rebel, so she grabs any boy how have some bad history.

if she have a crush on marco she can realise now because her 'bad pahse'' is blocking

>I can't believe all those fanfictions are becomming true,
Seriously? None of that shit is particularly surprising, and all of it has been at least hinted at before.

>we are all talking about shipping fanfaction which tends to be the most delusional and furthest from the true content any fanbase could ever create.
No. None of the relationships in the last episodes were even slightly unusual. They didn't confirm Tomanna or some shit.

>die we acquire the real meme magic
Please go away.

Link is dead, send help

someone screenshot this I'm calling it now

>Jackie and Marco get together
>Star and Oskar get together
>Jackie and Marco hit it off well
>Star realizes Oskar doesn't like her that much/realizes she likes Marco
>Star gets Jealous
>ends up back on Mewni at the end of season 2 because she can't stand to be around Marco because it breaks her heart.

get ready gents

A second and final Shoa!0lZhnBrB!ptGFxvGn5JhhJGQqvknTvQ

I got you senpai

Fear not user, another has posted a mega.Enjoy.

> Star gravitates towards Oskar because of his bad relationship with his mom
> As her own relationship with her mom improves, she begins gravitating towards the boy with a good relationship with his mom


A cookie point for the next user to create a goog Drive view that isn't blocked by this viewer limit shnazz.

I think there may be conflict in a future episode where Star realizes more of her feelings for Marco and suddenly gets a little uncomfortable with all of Janna's blatant teasing and flirting with him

when will we get Jealous Star episodes?

and long do you think Star has liked Marco? what kind of new interpretation does this put on all the previous episodes? like remember in season 1 all the times they did stuff together!?!?

is Star going to fight Jackie now?

look at her wings

Just CTRL+F search for "mega". The link's already been posted several times.

>how long do you think Star has liked Marco?
There likely wasn't a clear starting point.

>what kind of new interpretation does this put on all the previous episodes?
Probably not much.

I think BMB might be when she first began having romantic feelings towards him

So when does all the art and lewds of Marco being with Jackie while Star looks on in despair start getting made?

Soon, right?

> new interpretation

we have been interpreting every single small smile or gesture Star has made towards Marco as being a sign of her craving his dick so it's not exactly a "new" interpretation

after sleepover.....she wants him BAD now....

will Star's dynamic change now?

Thanks familia, and special thanks to you cuz you made me laugh

Cool I get an episode on my birthday

>Your head and your heart disagree. you think you know how you feel about something, but then it changes. *looks at Marco*



I mean I think it's pretty obvious that she's not completely aware of her feelings herself

I mean she didn't act nervous about the crush question at all and she thought the idea of hiding something from someone was weird


>Hey Marco, come play with us!
What did she mean by this?

> Star got Marco the gift card for the six-month friendaversary

So she's been there AT THE VERY LEAST six months. Probably much longer since the card is about to expire.

How long do you think she's been there by now anons?

i with the ones how dont want to see star jealous affect jackie/marco.

i prefer jarco be deal first with no star interference, marco alone discovering the true girl behind the ''fantasy'', also jackie discovering about marco, them eventually they end with no fight no ''''YOU ONLY THINK ON STAR''' crap.

THEM we have star make their move after that so she is not a asshole how ruin marco crush because jealous selfish

that she wanted him to come play truth or punishment with them?

I think it's safe to assume at least a year

I could see her being a bit more positive towards him, but she's already overwhelmingly positive most of the time so perhaps she'll be a bit more touchy feely?

> "Let's make some magic with it..."
> "They're real fangs if you want them to be..."
> Steals Marco's jammie jams
> "Come play with us, Marcooo.."

Damn girl needs a dicking

I feel that this show has always been struggling with what exactly it wants to be, we got a very basic setting of magical girl from a magic kingdom with a lot of characters, yet it feels like the creators don't really know where to go with anything, it wasn't that obvious in the first season but it is now in the second season.

And its not like it has its phases like adventure time or steven universe, this series goes a lot in different directions within one season, the only constant things are Marco and Star and thats about it.

There is like no flow as it switches between serious, non-sense comedy, moderate comedy, real world adventures, phantasy world adventures and then the constant switch between characters who are just there at times, more or less relevant depending on the episode. The constant points are kinda missing, its mostly the house and school, which are more like generic places where everything could happen.

eventhough AT and SU are really random, there is kinda a flow to the events, which means one thing leads to another, while with this show, something new happens every other episode which leads to nowhere or maybe somewhere but probably not.

She already hugs him every time she has an excuse and rubs her hands all over his chest

Can't get much more touchy-feely without changing the rating

Cartoons never pay attention to time. We might get temporal indication resulting in a timespan of 56 months, but it's still going to be a year only when an episode about Star's birthday comes.

But if we trust what the show says it's also been at the very least three months from Storm the Castle to Wand to Wand

Well then

user are you just now seriously forming awareness as to what being episodic is.

>I feel that this show has always been struggling with what exactly it wants to be
This is 100% a result of executive meddling.

The show was originally pitched as Star being a girl with (probably unstated) autism who only acts as though she's a magical girl. It was based on some of Daron's comics and her experiences as a kid.

The executives liked most of the pitch but didn't want a crazy sperg WITHOUT magic powers as the main character so they had Nefcy change it so instead of delusions or fantasies the powers are real and there's a slight adventure element to allow them to keep churning out episodes and have some semblance of a plot structure.

The "actiony" episodes do clash pretty heavily with the slice-of-life ones, but it seems to me that the focus of the writers and creators has been slice of life from the start.

That stuff's been around for ages: It could also go the other way.

> Janna likes pink AND fights the patriarchy

God I hope this one tongue in cheek joke doesn't become the gateway to Cred Forums and tumblr battling over this show

are you drunk?


I don't think Cred Forums cares.

Not this guy
But yeah he's right there's been a ton of it

Posting some

>It could also go the other way.
Aye, that's a possibility. Particularly if Marco starts to seek out Jackie more actively, there's bound to be a conflict in Star if/when that happens as she's always gunned for Marco being happy with Jackie.


>The show was originally pitched as Star being a girl with (probably unstated) autism
like Mona the vampire?


So it would've been chunnibyou but with a mexican instead?

> Box gets crushed before it can said Marco Diaz


Huh, guess they're in the LA area.

ships are nice but

You don't say.

> Marco notices Janna's booty for the first time

so Sleepover is a game changer right?

Yeah, I didn't get that either. There's no way that they can later turn it around and reveal that the box was going to say something other than "Marco" without it being a complete asspull, so why hide it? The cat's out of the bag, so there's no point being sneaky with it anymore.

yesss, yesss, goooood

now lewds

download link not working.
Can someone hook me up before I spoil myself on this thread?

its bizzaro funny how this comics can actually happen in the show

The whole "BLOOD RED?!" thing from Janna made me feel kind of bad for her, she seemed so excited to have something in common with Marco

pls be nicer to her karate kid :(

Probably Ludo with a competent army and threateing magic.

I actually don't think those exist

Yes, definitely. It's not like the characters are going to act differently in every episode, sure, but now the big guns are out.

so what happens to all the faggots and losers trying to get Marc or Star with someone else?

we continue to ship what we want dipshit

Well then get on it, user.


requesting jelly Star art

Then you sit back and enjoy the salf from the worst of them, laugh at the haistly written fixfics and enjoy the good and fun content that comes from it in the end.

I don't draw, you do it

Ponyhead implied she has killed a man (at least) and that it was easy to admit. So, is that a generally accepted behavior in Star's circle of friends?

Reality has never deterred a determined shipper.
Plus, the actually alarming ships weren't ruled out by this episode.

Jelly Janna is canceled, I cannot continue to write a fic about a ship that has been killed

well now you can make jelly Star

Glorious Starco master race wins again


Are we ruling out the possibility Janna had a crush on both Marco and whoever the poet was. So she didn't exactly lie.

will Star go to Angie Diaz or her dad for her advice on getting Marco to like her!??!


she has a crush on 2 boys

Janna confirmed poly pansexual transgirl

who fights the patriarchy

They´ll tell her to fuck Marco, get pregnant and break Marco and Jackie up

But still loves the color pink

fuck you, pema

"Don't we, MARCO?"
She tricked the box, she said both her crushes.

You're not the writer. Don't lie to us

does this show have a decent storyline or is like like earlier cartoons where its POTW?

>don't we? Marco


this is pretty amazing to think about.... the journal probably says that Star has feelings for Marco...and GLOSSARYCK HAS KNOWN THE WHOLE TIME AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Ok so, in the next episode, do you think Tom and Marco are gonna have one of those bro talks about crushes?

>Bro so, how are you and Star holding up?
>We've been cool, she's a great friend
>Yeah, OH but, there's this girl, Jackie, Oh my god she's amazing man, and I think she likes me back
>So you and Star are not like, dating?
>D-DATING?! STAR?! No man we're just friends
>Come on man...

something like that, I'm not a writefag

>mfw end of Sleepover

I don't know why many anons talk like if the romance was the main plot of the series.

Seriously, predictable? Dull? Who cares? The series is not about the shipping. That's why it doesn't need to have a convoluted plot for being a surprise. This isn't a soup opera were the intersting part is to guess who ends whit who but a story to see how the relations between the characters develop. And anyway, I don't know what's gonna happen til the end.

Everybody that states that romance is a mistake in any show is just paying too much attention to the wrong thing and being annoyed by the shippers just because they want it.....

>"Holy Mackle in the spackle!" Star said holding a pregnancy test
>"What's wrong Star?" Asked Marco who was walking into a wall like an NPC without an AI
>"I've got DA CANCERS" Star's face zooms in close as lightning bolts cover the screen.
>"OH NOSE!" Marco said, his face imploding into itself
>"The only cure is booby groping." Star said, her hair flowing in the wind. She stomped over to Marco who was for whatever reason aging and deaging with every step she took.
>"Marco, you must grab de boobies."
>"Duh, okay." Marco's hand turned into an eagle claw as he groped de boobies.
>"I am much better now Marco" Star said as she turned into a butterfly.
>"How embaressing" Marco stated as he began inexplicately began inflating.
>Ponyhead looked down at Marco and Star who were laughing and slapping each other with little energy.
>"Dang, you two can NOT handle your Mackle burgers."

The End.

>Implying Tom and Marco talking about girly things

They will talk about the consequences of the Blood Moon Ball, the implications of the soul binding between Star and Marco and the impending doomsday prophecy in St. Olga's




My sides!

yes I am jelly janna is 100% canceled forever

I never left

Hey FV make anything edgy recently?

We need to record every lewd words Janna says to Marco

we've had that since s1

that's every thing she has ever said to Marco

post more of this

I'm not making any promises and you will have to be patient but... maybe I am making some top secret project.

Maybe not. Who knows.

ha ha! oh... wow

There are California State flags at their school. Echo Creek is a fictional city, but LA has an Echo Street and an Echo Park.

Well alright if you are maybe making something I hope its as edgy and messed up as all your work good luck maybe.

STAR BUTTERFLY HAS A CRUSH ON mgrmmmrgmm...........

Talk about bad timing. I kind of dropped the edge business. If I knew people still liked it I would have sticked to it.

This user is dead on the mark

Ya'll gotta chill

Damn murlocs, stealing marco's true love

Oh really, I haven't been around since early december I assumed you were still the "edgelord" but if you're writing nice fics now I'll still enjoy reading them anyways you've always made... interesting content.

I did it

Edea Lee??

will Star try to break Jackie and Marco up to get him for herself and then he rejects her!?!??

no she aint petty like that

Star Vs > KP


Is there a pic of Star as Panty somewhere?

that'd be pretty fucked up and out of character desu but I can see some growing tension between them


Echo Park and the surrounding area are pretty dead on to Echo Creek. Makes me wonder what Riversidedale is like; is it like Riverside and the Inland Empire?

what's the deal with some of these backgrounds

>a female on female crush that's not fully lesbian pandering crap on a modern cartoon
Incredible, right?
I didn't realize, nice.
I really liked that joke.

>Marco knows Janna is full of shit now
>Decides to end it once and for all
>Proclaims that if she's going to steal all his stuff she may as well steal his first kiss
>Plants one on her

How would she react?


we have yet to see how angry Star can truly be. you saw how competitive she was in the Family reunion episode


I lived in Jurupa Valley back when it was still part of Riverside

if it's anything like that it can't be too interesting

So I'm guessing star is going to get jelly and blow Marcos chance with Jackie which leads to a fight and star confessing

Yeah, downtown Riverside is pretty nice looking, but you're right it's not much else going on. I'm in the SGV area.



> eyes widen
> blushes
> Finally leans in for the kiss
> Marco breaks away
>" pillow's a b-better kisser, Diaz"
>"THIS is how you kiss"
> Grabs Marco's head and pulls him in for a crazy passionate kiss
> Finally breaks off breathless
> "Y-you can never compete with Keats Marco"
> Truth box, faintly in the distance: "SOMEONE IS LYING"

>That last line

Pfffff, nice one

Pony Head harbinger of ships


>Bandwith limit exceeded
>Unable to play this video at this time. The number of allowed playbacks has been exceeded. Please try again later.
>Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time.

Look at jannas face, shurely she is bummed that marco didn't who am I kidding, the ship is death and soo are all my hopes and dreams.

Her hopes and dreams... crushed

Don't think o hard on it fampai, Janna was originally a throwaway. Too bad Chantelle Sabrina and Brittney got the shaft.

>Jackie only said bye to Marco
>dat tonality when she said it

the promised land draws near

and holy shit is Marco's development a bonus

alas, you were not prepared. But I was


does someone got the mega?! can't find it without getting spoilers

I'm a little confused by this episode....if Star likes Marco...what was up with her drooling over Oskar last time?

she is infatuated with him

maybe she has a crush on Oskar but maybe that love comes from the deep of her heart or idk man

I don't understand

Looking closely, Janna's waist. Actually pretty kosher.

Now JACKIE'S hands...

Star wasn't the only one who lied.

She's just tired from the dicking that she got from Marco after he went to sleep.


I wish I could be more enthusiastic about this episode. but considering Donald J. Trump is about to the be next POTUS i cant really care about Star or Starco anymore

post the mega!! i need it i want it!!

i dont want that, is too clich and ASS from her.!0lZhnBrB!ptGFxvGn5JhhJGQqvknTvQ

here is a drive link

wait...I feel like this movie was foreshadowing more than we wanted it to be...

>Janna's waist

I think those are Jackies legs wrapped around her waist

user, if i ever meet you in real life i will give you flowers, weed, beer and fries

But user! Trump will make anime real!

> Princess from another world cannot ever be together with a normal human


girls can have 2483259 cruhs.
again oskar is just because ''rebel mommy issues''
blocking any fell for marco.

The backgrounds in Star usually suck anus anyway to it's not that surprising.

Oskar appeals to the XD no responsibility randum Mewman Star.
With her wand shattering and a bunch of heavy shit going down, Karate action lawful good mexican is appealing more and more to the person Star is slowly becoming or wants to become.

Isabelle we can never be together...we're from...two different worlds...SOCIETY WILL NEVER ACCPET US

my god already 500, this is a new day for sveg, even with no greens or much arts,



we just got unrequited Starco I'm pretty sure threads will endlessly loop until next week

PLEASE when make next thread, already let a link to mega/google in the op so no one need ask.

ever notice how much oscar looks like marco. hell even their names contain 4 of the same letters

maybe she's just projecting

Do you want the mods to delete the thread? Because that's how you get mods to delete a thread. Unless it's SU.

no...I want Star to be happy. she must love Oskar...she even said she did...;_;

He also looks awfully animesque.

Dat's cute

>chubby star with freckles

they dont delete megas and google thread i think

Star becomes convinced that Marco and Oskar are the same person and that Marco has been trying to woo her this entire time, shenanigans ensue

would Starco still be wanted by people if Star wasn't a humanoid? like she was a quadruped or something


I will make the thread hold on

i'm glad that today is the birthday of my luckiest friend and i guess that his luck was shared to all his friends

today is truly a happy day !

We gonna keep the conversation going with another thread?


>Star finds a keytar tucked away in the attic with Marco's name written across the back
>It obviously hasn't been touched in years
>Star still considers it undeniable proof
>When Marco goes to his room that night, Star is waiting for him on his bed with his old keytar strapped around her neck
>It's the only thing she's wearing

how can an episode be so good and make me so angry at the same time

Here are different links for the new episode!0lZhnBrB!ptGFxvGn5JhhJGQqvknTvQ

i dunno...didn't like him being suck a muscular furry

Were you aboard the SS Manna?

Hey guys, notice how the Quest Buy employee suddenly procured that wallet?

Did he get it from the returns/defects pile? Maybe that explains how Janna was able to crack the ultimate privacy wallet.

Also makes the employees pretty chill- pulling out a defect in order to save the two kids? Pretty swell job for what are usually monotonous, depressed sloths.

Also, when the lie machine punished them lying about stars brownies, Marco was the only one that was turning into a reptile-ish sort of creature..........

He transformed into an elephant

Dam Mods man killing my buzz

he does it for free

>thread deleted
dont put a fucking edition or general stuff

When they say page ten, they really mean it.

Wait for page 10

He had scales tho.

0 (ZERO) monetary compensation

did anyone else see Marco's password?....


Marco really should have grabbed a magic sword from Quest Buy or something. Maybe even a suit of power armor.

looks like a benis


just don't link the thread

mods don't want a general so don't do general behavior like linking threads and pastbin OPs

There were 3 threads yesterday at once, no general

fucking retarted ass shit, especially when /sug/ is free to have a general

/sug/ is banned right now with no threads what are you talking about?

>especially when /sug/ is free to have a general
>on hiatus


i think it they would kiss before the finale and they would be like teenies being teenagers

>"so we just kiss ..right? is not like we gonna stop being besties? right ? right?"
>"of course not Star! i mean this kinda of things happens y'know? we gonna be besties forever"
>"yeah, besties forever!"
>"yeap, besties :c"

they gonna end up as a couple but after a lot of other stuff

>they gonna end up as a couple but after a lot of other stuff



>thread dead again
you dingus, wait until page 10 and no link AND links in the OP



again I don't think it's page 10

We have 3 threads at once yesterday
Don't link it and just make a thread, make three of them if you want, just avoid the traps of a general

I hope they get a good remuneration for such a good job

lets just get to page ten already

But if there are no links, you'll get faggots who don't know ctrl f and mega sitting up the thread

Just put links for the new episode

report them? I've seen them get deleted before

I did but the thread was deleted

Well just link them in the first post

Lmao I just noticed that she wear a banana to mimic the moon on Star's shirt

why does Starfan13 like Star so much?

Thread's on page 10 now let's have a new thread

>Lmao I just noticed that she wear a banana to mimic the moon on Star's shirt
Yea really, I love how goofy StarFan13 is and how far she'll go to imitate Star.

I hope ponyhead and Marco end up together. they are so cute

Because she is Daron's self insert and she always wanted to be a magical girl.

not happening, janitor was a manna shipper

goodnight everybody

>I hope ponyhead and Marco end up together. they are so cute
Imagine the rage within the thread if Ponyco became endgame.
But then again, imagine how crazy it would be if PonyHead became human and seduces Marco with her hot new body.

does Star actually have a chance at getting with Marco?

Reminder that /sug/ has had non-stop chained generals and side threads where they do nothing but waifu-fag for weeks now.

That's what Cred Forums mods love the most.

reminder that /sug/ is banned

Reminder that Spaghetti Janna is canon.

I'm surprised her jammies are so contemporary

I was expecting something more a long the lines of a wifebeater and boxers