Anyone up for a classic Harley thread? How does NuHarley falter in comparison?

Anyone up for a classic Harley thread? How does NuHarley falter in comparison?

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Old Harley was a sex bomb, new Harley is more like the sister you never had.

> new Harley is more like the sister you never had and never wished you had


>Not wanting a sister like Harley

A sister like BTAS/Pre-Flashpoint Harley? Sure, I'd love that

A sister like nuHarley? Fuck no

>Classic Harley thread
>Let's talk about nu-harley
Just call it a Harley thread, faggot.

i like all harley except the harley comics. ugly drawings, lame sidekicks, boring story line etc.. BTAS & Suicide squad harley are my favorites.

Manchild comics writers think slutty=sexier
You cant get sexier than OG Harely and she is fully clothed.

I wrote parts of a Harley story in my mind.

It's classic Harley, we follow her while mistah J is away (doing crimes abroad?) for the most part, so we see her "keeping the household warm" till he returns.

By that I mean, terrorizing gotham in various ways, running the gang, etc, etc.

At some point, she's going to deal with batgirl.

Here's what I thought for her to do. Turn her from batgirl to batbitch, by putting pet-play straps over her costume, having her on all fours, walking with elbows and knees. Possibly gag too. Take a cute pic of her with batbitch on a leash and send it to joker.
Then have the hyenas maul her.

How edgy is it?


if I did that, she'd put a buttplug-tail in her and have the hyenas rape her instead of maul her

Literally the only good stories with Harley in are Mad Love and Two of a Kind. Every other Harley story is boring as shit. Terrible character, terrible writing.

Why are her boobs shaped like squash?

because timm is a mediocre artist

I know right? Literally every Harley thread has to start out with "why old Harley is better than Nu52", as if it hasn't been discussed to fucking death already. Ultimately it comes down to whichever makes your dick stick the most.

But that's second.

She was better as Joker's sidekick, there I said it..

>She was better as Ivy's girlfriend, there I said it..


I agree and I hated it years ago. Funny how things change.

>How does NuHarley falter in comparison?

By not appealing to /ss/ fetishists.

Is this by Glassfish? Is it new?
Man, since I lost access to sadpanda Im barely surviving off SFM

They're the same thing. Just as "nuHarley" to put a shitty costume on.

It sure is. Here's the link.

Is that Ace?

Classic Harley looks like a Batman villain

NuHarley just looks like an edgy woman.

Is The Batman Harley considered classic?

She certainly looks the part, along with having a voice that sounds a bit like the original BTAS one. All in all, yeah.

How dreadfully pedestrian.
Your lack of range harms me.