What's your favorite episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series?

What's your favorite episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series?

The one where Spock gets a magnet on his dick

Harvey fucking Mudd returns.

The one where that space lion kills all the sloth Jews.

star trek is Cred Forums

these get nothing about the animated series its just furry or the tv show

I remember the one where Spock gets a giant clone, but not this one.

Star Wars dork detected

The one where they chill with Satan

Mudd's Passion, More Troubles, More Tribbles, and The Practical Joker, for their descents into absolute absurdity.

Wrong on every count. Aliens are not furry, especially the purrrfect Lt. N'ress.

I agree with the first two, but would substitute Yesteryear for the last.

But I enjoyed most of the episodes, because Star Trek.

I don't think there were any particularly bad episodes. Yesteryear is a great one for its exploration of Spock's character and for having the Guardian of Forever.

I'm just glad Filmation didn't go the route of having a bunch of kids tagging along. TAS genuinely feels like a fourth season of TOS the way it is, but it would have been unbearable that way.

kids and Star Trek just don't mix well

Or a cartoony, goofy comedy-relief pet. Aside from Bandit (and Dynomutt) I pretty much hate 'em.*
*Leaving off Blip and Avenger cos they were fucking useful.

Star Trek TNG Spin-off:
Everybody hates Wesley

did filmation have much say in it? at that point in time I would've thought Gene would be holding it with an Iron Fist

The one where they go to wizard court in Salem?


Never watched a single episode.....but I want to fug M'ress.

Yes, the one where Spock starts practicing witchcraft and Kirk defends the devil in wizard court

Is this the Creepy Sex Thing general?

>Creepy Sex Thing


I think it's hardly creepy

>that episode where Uhura took command

The one where Spock summons the devil

>that episode where a giant guy clones a giant Spock and they just leave him on the planet at the end of the episode so there's a second, giant Spock out there somewhere that they never mention again



Blue boobs or green boobs?

>tfw Kirk never actually banged any green chicks

I kept warning people that Vulcans are just space elves.

Kirk may not have really gotten it in, but the man always jumped to macking as the solution to everything
>Episode where the ship gets taken over by immortals with the power to turn people into rock candy
>crew figures out that the immortals haven't experienced emotions in so long that forcing them to do so would cause them to lose control
>Spock engages in a battle of wits with the leader
>Kirk starts hitting on the Leaders female second in command
>Scotty gets wasted with one of the lackies
>McCoy just starts drugging them

>it's a Kirk blows up a computer intelligence by turning it against itself episode

One of the reasons Filmation got it was because it was the only studio that didn't pitch cute alien kids or animals that could be mass-marketed.

(Also, the episodes cost about $564.32 each plus a book of S&H green stamps to make.)

>that time he kissed a qt android girl

The last one because it was finally over and I could continue my quest watching every Star Trek episode but actually enjoy them.

TAS is a total delight though


There are star trek comics too you know

Why are you posting pregnancy inflation images?

>You will never nibble the antenna of an Andorian cutie.

Why was Wesley written and treated like shit? Obviously nobody had a problem with Wheaton irl or he would have quit.

I have a problem with Wheaton in real life

He was Rodenberry's pet character apparently.

I imagine the writers saw him as the mascot of the problems Rodenberry's involvement caused.

He got to grow up on the Enterprise, and I didn't.

>you will never break an Andorian's antenna with your ass





Easy there, cowboy, let's not get crazy.

I liked the episode where they got trapped in a starship graveyard and had to work with the Klingons to escape, and the one where they and some other aliens had to retrieve a symbol or peace for some cat alien. And the one where Quetzalcouatl showed up.

Roddenberry's middle name was 'Wesley'.

you only started this thread to talk about the furry

Because it was. All the episodes were just actual episodes that they didn't have the resources to film traditionally.

TAS basically IS the original series. Just with cat ladies and tri-arm weirdos written in.


Jake Sisko and Nog exist ya know.

Who was the fight choreographer? Assy McGee?