Pumpkin Reports

That Catatonian website removed all of the old episodes and added four new ones to take their place. There are still around 40 episodes left, but I'm not sure if this show has the legs for people to wait the months it'll take for them all to be rotated in.

If you missed the thread last week, the show is about a group of kids who try to stop a plant-alien from taking over the world. The alien is disguised as the girl in the image I posted.



Other urls found in this thread:


Unfortunately, the fourth video was immediately flagged by an Israeli network and blocked in 248 countries. Somebody else will have to nab it if they want it to be added to the mega.


This has all of the episodes we found so far. Some in English. Some not. It also has art, both production made and fan made.


It's a Catalonian website. Pardon the typo.

Is this the video you need to rip? Plays fine around here
720p mega.nz/#!Ih0CWLwQ!e0OUX4uZvro1EUn3T6vG9J6E0p2jD-msMukYYEDULh0

I should have elaborated further, but I appreciate your effort. It would need to be pulled from the .cat website, which requires a Spanish IP.


Hi Jack, great to see you already managed to get the episodes. I saw yesterday and the day before that that the catalan website removed the episodes and I've waiting for it to add new ones.
What do you mean the last one was flagged? You couldn't grab it or you couldn't upload it?

I'm gonna try

That memory one was listed as the final episode on the site. Barring a season two, which I imagine is unlikely at this point, the show won't have a definitive ending.

It was flagged when I uploaded it. It could only be viewed in Israel. So I deleted it from the channel.

Then upload it to Mega.

And yes, I just watched Forget Yourself and it was a good episode, but it was like any other episode. So I guess we won't have an ending, just like Invader Zim.

By the way, the episodes in the catalan site weren't geo-blocked this time?

I ripped it: mega.nz/#!Is8HhDTY!0xUI88Foy8Nvuo-3Lj08nnLJDXz78boDfxQ5YDVw158

Well, thank you.

Let me know when episode 17 shows up.

If it shows up. They're uploading them in order, but they seem to be skipping some here-and-there. Based on the ones we had last week, and then this week, they skipped over "A Day In The Life Of Teresa", which is one I really wanted to watch. I suspect the next batch of episodes will loop around to episode one.

That might take a while. If around two weeks we have 4 to 6 episodes and we are in the final ones, it could take from two to three months to get that one. That is, if we get them in order, last time we got skipped episodes (36, 38, 40, 42, 44 and 46).

I very much doubt this thread will last as long as the first one. The appeal of it being new has faded, and there's no more search since we've already searched. The few new episodes that were uploaded were already found.

Still, I like this show. Hope it at least lasts until tonight.

Is there no way to get the non English ones in English?

>the fourth video was immediately flagged by an Israeli network and blocked in 248 countries

was the show insinuating that cauliflower was never entitled to the broccoli's patch

The only source for English episodes we have is an official Catalan website that uploads episodes completely at random. Sometimes they upload episodes two days in a row, other times it's a few weeks between them. Thankfully, they upload 3-4 at a time.

I tried to decode the Kemii language to see if there are any hidden messages in those texts. I used the kemii that appear in the title card of every episode (I don't have a J yet). Unfortunately, I tried to compare it with some texts in-show and they don't match. I got one that matched, but when I tried to read it I got nothing readable and some words are repeated, so they probably wrote those at random.

Not yet, we have to wait until that website rotates the episodes and hope to upload the ones we are missing. We will probably get them all someday, but it will take some time.

There's no reason for the text to be gibberish when they already have a language made. If I had to guess, they translate the title cards for different language versions, but don't bother to change the in-episode text. It's probably written in Malaysian Kemii or something.


Nice. Glad the new episodes are having an impact. I just wish they did more with her in that episode. She sort of vanished for a bit once they started focusing on the bees.

Can't help but wonder if the episode would have been better if it were backwards. If her losing her memory made her forget her cover, and she started freaking out about being on a strange planet. Conventional wisdom would indicate that she would remember her true self over her fake self.

Nice. I like that style.

Alright. And one more question. I'm really interested in this but I want to know something before jumping in.

Is this like Kid vs Kat where the alien is some unkillable unstoppable super smart asshole who wins 90% of the time and makes the human's life hell? Constantly shitting on the dynamic because it's skewed way too much in his favour and he's also a huge dick? Because fuck that.

Or is it like Invader Zim where the win loss ratio is better but it's also super depressing? Because while Invader Zim was often the good executed Billy and Mandy type depressing, it would often go over into the super forced Rick and Morty type depressing for seemingly no reason. And I cant be bothered with that either.

Of the episodes we've had, I don't think Teresa has won once. Unless you count the times where she was forced to work with the humans to stop a bigger problem.

Her losing streak isn't as depressing since she's really more of a scout than anything. Her experiments are designed to make it easier for the invasion to happen, but she's not expected to conquer Earth all by herself. At the end of every episode, she requests in an increasingly frustrated manner that they just go ahead and invade, but they don't. So she keeps studying humans and trying to use their weaknesses against them.

More like Invader Zim. Teresa's plans almost always work but are foiled in the end. Teresa is not an asshole, but rather an almost emotionless alien whose main objetive is to inform her leaders about human life so they can invade the Earth. Is not a depressing show, but rather a cute and funny one. Just don't think much about it.

Well that makes me a lot more interested. Also like the visual of the character firing her reports into the sky as the conclusion of every episode. Also like seeing well done cartoons not from America/Japan/Canada/France

The best episodes are usually the ones that force a lot of interaction between Teresa and the main characters, but they aren't nearly as plentiful as they should be. Mutant Squirrel and Robot Arm are probably the series' high points, from what we've seen so far.


Penny has decent taste in techno loops.

I'm not big on the character designs outside the main two but the backgrounds look amazing.

I still find it odd that this was made in my country. Our local cgi cartoons are boring and safe as fuck.

This loli looks like shes into femdom.

But they have that shitty download limit thing now

She has tentacles.

You know what pisses me off about this shot? It shows that they can show that room without getting the giant pumpkin in-frame. They had no excuse for it in the origin episode.

That does seem like the ones that would be the best


What the fuck's going on with the Malaysian theme?


Max ees da best

I don't know if these have been posted yet, but it's a couple of clean background images of Teresa's lab and the mothership.


Ok but does anyone know how to not get that download limit thing?

Interesting to see Teresa act like a little sister a little in Forget Yourself

I just watched Unhappy Halloween and I really liked. Specially I liked to know more about the kemii. Apparently the kemii are all pumpkin-shaped except for certain ones, like Teresa and Goliath, whom the kemii call "The Commander".
The lower-range kemii seems to not have the ability to use tentacles, but they can fly.

She called the pumpkins Kamuun. I'm a bit confused what the exact relationship between them and the Kemii are. Are they the same species, but different castes? Does homeworld have multiple pumpkin-themed species in alliance with each other? Did the Kemii genetically engineer them like all of the other plant monsters in the show?


Part of me wants to assume Kamunn are the same species but just a different race.

The YouTube episodes I posted don't even have 20 views. Guess there wasn't much demand for them. I'll keep looking for the episodes and making these threads when applicable, though.

Please do. This show is severely underrated.

>this show got a Hebrew dub
>Invader ZIM didn't
kikes BTFO themselves

Why would she free the nerd? She doesn't care for these people. She just had to free one of them because she was stuck in a cage with them.


I will watch them later but I couldnt at the time. Though, this thread just as 19 posters. Keep fighting the good fight though. I'm interested.

There was a nuclear bomb in his cell.

It's an obscure-ass cartoon that's only aired in a few random European and Asian countries. It's a miracle we found out it exists in the first place. Of course there's not going to be much demand.

At the end of the day, it's still important that it's available to those who do. This show's pretty fun, but runs an extremely high risk of evaporating off the face of the Earth in a year or two. Once we get every episode, we can toss it up on MySpleen where it'll stay in circulation. They're pretty big on archiving obscure shit.

The seem like a lower class, but I'm thinking maybe a race that they also took over and found could blend in well on earth

I don't watch them in YouTube, I copy the link and download it. I believe more people do this, so the people who has watched it is a little higher than the views it shows to you.

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Sorry and thanks for reading.

user, signing off. Please kill me soon.

Why not try for an online job? Like at Upwork or something.

Also, watch an episode, its chill and could cheer you up

I hope one of bastards is compiling all the full episodes into a mega, this series is low budget as shit but it doesn't deserve to die out just yet.

I'm going to check Upwork just to know what it is. I've literally never heard of it.

And I already watched all the english episodes, but there are a few hebrew ones I haven't watched. I'll watch one now. I know one of those episodes is the one that has Teresa dancing as in but I don't know which one. Well, I'll have some fun find it out which one is it.

The only people that really seem interested (or even know of it) these days are us, as in the people in this thread right now. Give it time, maybe a kisscartoon mirror upload, and it could see a surge in popularity. This ain't no Viacom network show so it ain't gonna be pushing even the thousands in an instant.

see Did you even read the thread?

Yeah, managing to grab all 52 episodes would probably let it qualify for hosting on streaming sites. It'll just take a while with this spontaneous schedule.

>Emotionless girl briefly develops valley girl-ish tendencies
I'm having flashbacks to Evangelion: ReDeath

If they say they're going to call by a certain time or day and then don't, just give them a call. Sometimes people get so wrapped up in work that they just forget to do some things.

I don't think that's the case. They had some other applicants and they only had 3 vacants. So if they didn't call is because they just chose other people. I'm still going to call them tomorrow to know why.

That memory episode was one of the best ones yet. Shame her new personality and budding friendship weren't the whole focus. It always feels like they're trying to cram too many plot threads into episodes. An 11-minute cartoon doesn't need a B plot.

Just a site where you can do random jobs based on your skills. Ranging from data entry to design to pretty much everything.

I've only seen on of the episodes but I'm liking it so far. Is Teresa implied to be an adult in a kid's body because I got that vybe

She is an alien of unknown age disguised as a child to infiltrate into a human family.

I guess age works different for an alien in the first place

I think she's made off-hand references to being thousands of years old a few times.

Yes, in Crazy in Love she told Goliath to stop chasing that squirrel because he was 1000 times its age.

Well, those four episodes on the site were already removed. Makes little sense, but they added in a bunch of other ones. Many of them, we've already seen, but there are a few new English ones.



>Unless it's a kiwi fruit with a learning disability
I almost feel bad for laughing

Something else I've noticed - the videos all have ads, and some of them actually play without a proxy. Maybe they've noticed the increase in traffic? This is the soap opera one and it fully works.


I liked that one.

I love how both sides seem equally competent. She needs a new partner and hops to it, and they hear and try to stop it. And they can intercept calls and all that.


These are going to the Mega too right?

These shows always look better in the 2D concept art. Not that PR looks bad, but this is so fucking great

So are there any other forced teamwork episodes than the mutated squirrel and the robot arm episodes?

Hope it works out for ya.

There are others. At least one. But it's not available anywhere.

She did refer to wanting to be a Queen, even though the book said King and Goliath wanted to be King. So I think that claim from the last thread that she was actually a male alien can be debunked.

What is its name, if you know?

Well I mean, Squirrel age isnt really human age. How long do squirrels generally live?

The Spy Who Hated Me

Team Alien and the Kemii both want to stop a local construction project, but Teresa can’t bring herself to help her enemies. So she creates the shadowy Agent X, to leak valuable “inside information” to gullible Pixel.

That's weird, but it's great! No 720p though?
If you can, try to get the first three ones if those are better than the ones we have.

Hope that gets shown so it can be put on mega soon.

Nobody cares.

>that art style and animation

It's a Malaysian cartoon and it's still better than anything you have ever made. Go fuck yourself, buddy.

You just wanna fuck the girl. That's the only reason any of you give a shit about the show.

What's troubling you, user? Wanna talk about it?

Don't judge a book by its cover. The show is good despite how it looks.
This escene right here is fucking hilarious.

I'm loving this thread because it's one of the few with no waifufagging

I could download it and it looks fine, not 720p though. I'll try to download more and upload them to the mega archive.

Are the youtube ones going on Mega? Because My Youtube downloader seems to be kaput and I never use those other websites

I still can't fathom why they added those four episodes and then changed them so suddenly.

Yes, I will upload everything new posted here. That is to say:
- Saving Goliath
- Kemii Rodor
- River of Esmeralda
- Lights, Camera, Invasion (currently downloading)
I'll try to download more episodes later. Also, I couldn't download The League of Unpopular Scientists in english, but I'll try to upload it in catalan.

To download from youtube you can use keepvid.com and to download from the catalan site I'm using flashgot (I need to be able to see the video).

I just use Flash Video Downloader which works with 90% of websites.

Try to grab that episode anyway. This website is such a goddamn diceroll that nobody knows how long it'll stay up.

Notice that this rotation reset back to episode 1-3, and none of them have region locks. It's possible that the sudden rotation was because they noticed a bizarre influx of foreign IPs and decided to throw us a bone by switching episodes faster so that the new audience would be able to start from the beginning of the series.

Went to the first episode. Eyes Closed Friday.

Seems a bit surprising that they'd skip the intros and start right in the middle of the conflict. After seeing 3 so far, now it almost feels like they're too good at stopping her desu. Though in the Halloween one, they were technically completely overpowered, and just got lucky.

Still liked it. It shifts between human stupidity making them almost lose and human goodness making them win. Also the theme song is so fucking stupid but I love it

Here's splooge

>Also the theme song is so fucking stupid but I love it
Honestly, I really like it too. It's got a lot of energy and "It's their duty to cancel the Pumpkin Reports" has a lot of punch to it given how awkward the rest of the lyrics are.

Although it's obvious that the Spanish version is the original.

I mean its so cheesy, the singing is often so odd and it has the "interject with talking" thing I hate, but the beat is great and it's goofy enough for me to not mind at all.

Lights, Camera, Invasion has been successfully downloaded and will be uploaded to the archive probably tomorrow morning. Now I'm downloading Crazy in Love, Indecision wasn't available.

They were planted by "The Ancient Ones" on Earth countless years ago. Maybe these "Ancient ones leave these creatures behind so the future invasions can have an attack from within whatever civilization they're conquering.

>the clock that Teresa broke in the chicken episode is still broken
I got a laugh out of that.

I really liked Goliath trying to take control of the invasion when Teresa was preoccupied with the telenovas. It's hard to tell whether or not he gives a shit about the invasion most of the time.

Is there anyone from Spain here that could help us grab the unavailable episodes?

We need these:

>Teresa BS-ing their translations
>It all just turned out to be Squirrels scratches in the end
Got a few good laughs out of me

Do you have the soap opera episode on Youtube?

Can't seem to find it in this thread but people are talking about it.

>How dare you prove your worth! Now I have to put up with you!
Pretty good episode, though the parents should really have some concern after seeing Goliath punch a wrecking ball.

This one worked for me.

A friend of mine drew this
she's a grill

I was thinking the same thing. Oddly chill with their son punching a wrecking ball and flipping off a construction vehicle


To be fair, these are the same parents who were perfectly willing to believe that they had ordered some orphans and just forgot about it.

pretty good.

Doing this by proxy is too slow for me to download them myself, but here are the direct URLs for the files for anyone who can download them.

This one loads fine for me without the proxy, but here's this one anyway.



I'll rip what I can and dump it here: mega.nz/#F!gwNnFCTB!RES9hIyvGfYBUIaDFII7HQ

This is from a MIPJUNIOR magazine that came out today. They're still trying to sell the show, but I admit, it feels like going to E3 with a video game that came out last year. I guess they don't have anything new to show, but sadly, nothing here implies a second season.

"They want to conquer the world... and nobody cares."
How self-aware.

>They want to conquer the world... and nobody cares!!

The most unintentionally appropriate tagline ever.

I made a Violet image

Surprising. She's been largely ignored so far.

It looks nice

So there's zero hope?

This is actually adorable. They're right in that all the talk so far seems to be on the 3 siblings and nobody else

Good morning pumpkin bros!

Great. Thanks. I'm downloading them and soon they'll be in the archive.
By the way, the league of unpopular scientists is the episode where Teresa dances and I wanted to know the context.

It loos nice. Somebody had to give her some love. Teresa has too much.

Good to know. The webm that I made before was taken from one of the YouTube clips. Weird how their movement was slowed down in it. Can't help but think her dance was cuter when it was slower because it seemed more robotic.

I feel like drawing someone too. I like everyone but Pixel.

I can't blame you there, since Pixel's a piece of shit. It'd be like making fanart of Snarf, or sexy pinups of The Phantom Pain Huey Emmerich.


Even Pixel's dad is pretty cool, he's just the obligatory goof but not as entertaining.

Really cute.

I like Pixel. Plus, he has good taste in women.

Nothing will happen if I make a Mega account and download with those right? There's no downside?

Why would there be?
I don't remember what is like to not have a Mega account, but doesn't it allow you to download it anyway?

Yeah but I got the bandwith thing Ive seen people talk about now. I was wondering if it would check what people download to stop piracy or some shit. Wouldnt want to jeopardize this because unlike the say, FoP Season 10 or Harvey Beaks Mega, I cant just go to Kisscartoon or whatever to watch this if the Mega goes down.

The bandwith issue will remain even if you have a Mega account. You would need a paid Mega account to bypass that. And no, nothing will happen if you download it all now and this cartoon is not popular enough to jeopardize its distribution through a Mega. Also, if anything happens to the Mega, we can always upload it again. I don't think I'm the only one with everything found here.

Eyes Closed Friday is now in the archive. I have nowhere to go today, so I'll probably upload what I had missing. I still don't have a better version of Fear Itself. Also, we have 19 english episodes. It's great how much we've obtained of a lost series.

Poor Detention...


It isn't technically lost, since it's still airing on television in some countries. Just at very high risk of becoming so.

>It's their duty to cancel the Pumpkin Reports
They have literally never done this though

>paid Mega Account
oh, those god damn fucks. Guess I'm boned

Code Lyoko looking motherfucker.

No, see. Their duty is to cancel the reports by putting a stop to the invasion altogether. It's their long-term goal.

They sort of do. They don't stop the actual reports themselves, but they continuously thwart Teresa's research so that she never has anything effective to report. What better way to stop the invasion than to have Teresa constantly reporting
>Dear commander
>Nothing fucking works.
>Sincerely, Loom

Curiously, in the pilot Teresa was "RAN-XT-99" and Goliath was "LOOM-AN-208". I have no idea why their names got switched like that in the final series.

I suppose that makes sense

That too. I'd say that if they think it's taking too long they'd just send more people, but the show seems to be painting them as people who could actually lose if they just try to attack all Leeroy Jenkins like.

They constantly want to do things without people seeing and wouldnt invade with the possibility of one person seeing them touch down

It's actually interesting to see this because it realistically is between Theresa and the kids as to whether this succeeds or not

I watched the pilot again and they didn't say their names. Where did you see that?

Which reminds me, damn that Pilot was off. If I saw that first I definitely would have watched. The voices were so off and the music was obnoxious.

It's not from the pilot, but an early pre-release blurb from when the series was first greenlight:
>Planet Kemii’s plan to swallow the Earth starts a long time ago when they throw several space probes to observe us. Now, they have decided to send two spy agents, the methodic RAN-XT-99 and the uncontrollable LOOM-AN-208, for a direct evaluation. Settled in the city of Cucurtown metamorphosed into humans under the covered identities of the adopted harmless kids Teresa and Goliath Green, now they have to collect, analyze and evaluate earthlings’ peculiarities and daily report them to make the imminent Kemii invasion possible and soon.

Hey, the catalan site went 404 on me just now, is anyone else with the same problem?

Maybe they realized Loom was more accurate for the female one and Ran more for the guy one.

The site is still up, but some of the videos are 404ing. I don't think they know how to react to people actually wanting to watch their videos.

The site as a whole is having trouble. A few minutes ago, the entire kid's section of the site was down.

Hmmm. Hope it ends up okay

Oh nice another thread.
I'm the guy who tried to commission Samson to do a picture of Teresa, he never replied, so rip the dream.



Still wonder how her disguise works. Her body seems fully functional and she got mad when Goliath tried to look up her nose in one episode. If it were just a mask or something, I'm not so sure she would have taken such offense.

It's probably not like a mask and more like she can transform into that for some reason.
So that's actually her hair, skin and such but its just not her true natural form

in the pilot (haven't watched much but I really enjoyed what I saw) Max tried to take out her disguise and, after failing,Teresa simply responded
"We have a zipper you know?" and then proceeds to terrorize him showing off how she and Goliath are really made, but there's a descretion shot and we the audience can't see it.

So no, I don't think that's her real boby but a costume of sorts.

Oh yeah, forgot about that.
I guess it's just tight fitting, and if you look up the nose hole you can see her actual nose

She's been around food a lot, but I can't recall if she actually ate anything in those scenes. The cooking episode did have her take one bite.

Where did she get those eyeballs?

We need to make a reference sheet of her so we can get drawfags on this


There's already official reference sheets for most of the characters.


Yeah, but things shift between pilots and main shows all the time. Like how Vicky had a younger brother in FoP. And in this the names are switched anyways

Laura got that booty tho.

I need the max one as well plz

It's boring when the only character to get art is the girl

Thx I like these sheets since you can also see the frame for the body I underneath the clothes

Or it's just inconsistent based on whatever would be funniest at the time.

Unfortunately, Max and Violet don't have sheets like that, at least not on that site. They still have pose and expression sheets like everybody else though.

Oh, that still looks pretty good. Even though the stuff like full 2D art and seeing the body shape is pretty great. Fascinating to see production stuff for a cartoon. Also realising that all 3D cartoons probably have 2D art like this


In one of the episodes we just got, Teresa calls Goliath a hologram-head or something like that.

This would look so much better if it was 2D animated.


I agree. The most noticeable is Max, whose flat head looks so much better in 2D than 3D.

Would probably have less dynamic scenes though

Fuck, that looks great. This outline-less art is god tier. I want to learn how to art like that

The dad in the van looks evil though

Looks like some kind of flash/vector art to me. I can't quite remember what it's called, but I recognize the traits. I'm most familiar with it through the work of one mad.scientist, a spectacularly NSFW artist who's been doing stuff like it for years.

Pic related it not necessarily the best example, but it shows off what he does and is also one of the few that I can safely post.

That's a shame, I wouldnt be able to do that

Or you could just do normal lineart and do color layers in photoshop/gimp, then delete the line art, for roughly the same effect.

Vectors get you the unnaturally crisp edges and shapes, though. I wouldn't know very much, though. My own experience is still pretty much just sketching and doodle.s

I colour by just using the pen tool on a layer below the lineart and it wouldnt be perfect

Or if I do that fill with color thing, there'd be spaces between the colours.

So tell me about LOOM?

>Earlier today, eyewitnesses reported seeing middle-aged Simon Sillicon driving in his van stalking a 12-year-old girl
>Simon, once respected for his exceptional advances in computer technology, was shunned by the scientific community years ago for his increasingly erratic behavior and questionable grip on reality
>"He's always watching me," says honor student Teresa Green, "I don't know why he has so much interest in a normal human girl like me."
>While attempting to locate Mr. Sillicon for questioning, police discovered that he had been regularly meeting with a group of children in a hidden underground bunker
>The bunker was found to contain a large amount of monitoring equipment and multiple video recordings of Teresa
>The children, all of whom seem to have developed a similar obsession with Teresa, have been taken in for counseling
>At this current time, Simon Sillicon is being held in police custody for further questioning


Extra laughs because even though this is a kids show, I can conceivably see her do this based on her character.


Amazing kek. Saved.

>All according to keiku

This was the plan all along. The whole show was leading up to this.

I can't argue with that.

I mean he's not terrible but probably the weakest character. Him or Goliath, who's wacky behavior sometimes gets distracting. I know its a kids show though so I can't be too hard on them

Goliath is actually an interesting character when he's not being used for silly humor (which, admittedly, isn't often). He can be very pragmatic when he needs to be.

What makes you say that? I do think it's interesting to gauge how much he cares about the invasion, rather than how much he just likes living on earth

alien bump




she needs to get these dirty clothes off now

I want to see the episode that was based on.

>Solar flares have blocked the Kemiis’ communication with the mothership, so Teresa and Goliath decide to go on vacation until things are back to normal. Convinced the aliens’ inactivity is a trick, Max and Team Alien go on high alert, which requires using their most powerful, most untested weapon.

I love this show's plots

I notice Indecision still isn't in the archives.

This makes me realise that this show is kind of sad. The main characters are constantly in battle and it probably takes up most of their time

We have seen them do other things. In one episode, Teresa went into Max's room and he was playing a video game with his friends. There's probably a lot of downtime where they're just doing their own things.

That one is heavy and my internet isn't the fastest. Now I'm uploading The Maltese Chicken and then I'll upload Indecision.

It probably is silly to think that Teresa has a new plan every day

In Progress Report she mentioned she has been 482 days on Earth.

Didn't she say Kemii days? Not sure how long that is compared to Earth's.

No, she said she was there for one Kemi Year, so I assume it's just longer that an Earth year.


I could see this happening if the show was more serious. Like some 2 part episode.

Doing something

Unsure what to put in the Max drawing though, since he doesn't have any signature weapons or anything

The closest "signature" thing he has is his guitar. Was featured prominently in the pilot and showed up in a number of episodes.

I was thinking that but that means drawing a guitar in photoshop using a mouse and I'm laaaaaaaazy

Nothing like mein kampf before bed.

I think Teresa may look like Palmon but with tentacles instead of legs and a pair of noodle arm-tentacles, specially because of the shape of her head and the eyes...

Should it be alarming that the little girl can project massive tentacles from her ass?

No, she's a plant alien

Even so, it's a pretty thick tentacle compared to her superiors.

Oh, alright. Having a giant writhing vine projecting from her ass is a lot better.

She's probably a dindunuffin pumpkin.

So does Goliath honestly.

We technically don't know where its coming from

They do refer to her as "uncontrollable"
She's probably unusually physically superior to most of her kind.


I want to fuck Teresa.

No room for any more inside.

It would make sense, since you'd have to be qualified to head off an invasion. She seems much more in contact/organized with her people compared to Zim or Kat

Maybe females are superior like sexual dimorphism or something.

If that was typical for a female they probably wouldn't bother to label her uncontrollable.

Maybe females are rare like irken females from Invader Zim.

Loom and Ran are literally the only two aliens that we actually know the gender of. As far as we know, the incompetent aliens that she reports to could also be female.

She's probably strong and her superiors only out-rank her, but they're weak fools.

We do know that the whole race won't invade without things being right for them. Hell, delivering a giant robot was too risky if it meant people saw them and their cover blown.

Is it possible her entire race consists of the like maybe couple of dozen or so we've actually seen (Assuming there's only 2 people per ship, and we've seen about 6 ships)

It'd make sense why they're so scared of invading despite clearly having better tech

I guess is possible Loom, along with her leaders, are only conquerers and they travel through the galaxy studying and then invading planets while their home planet is far away.

I mean, in the recap episode she mentions that complaining about them in the Pumpkin Report would lead to her working on some backwater moon or something, and she has to request things rather than demand it, so they still have authority. And its likely this isn't their first conquering. Though nothing implies they have many though.

I do think thier hesitation to just invade willy nilly means that I hey don't think their tech is enough to overpower earth. They're looking for a weak spot to slip in more undetected.

They did state that the Kemii want to enslave the human race and use them as gardeners. It might not just be to grow more pumpkin tech, it's actually possible that they need to repopulate their species and can't do it themselves for some reason, at least not efficiently. Maybe they don't have access to a planet that supports plantlife as readily as Earth, so it takes far more resources to grow anything elsewhere.

She also picked the town that she did because it had particularly good soil. It is important to her.

>This discussion on a literal Malaysian cartoon aimed at five year olds
Not even judging, I'm impressed, this thread is better than most on Cred Forums

I recall Jelly Jamm threads being pretty similar.

I think it's a Spanish cartoon that worked along a Malaysian studio.

Yeah, they talk about soil quality a lot.

The best shows to discuss are shows that dont have an overarching plot but plenty of background lore.

Also, too much of Cred Forums is waifus, company wars or shitposting so it's nice to have a chill thread where people actually want to talk about the show and characters

The description for Monster Grow implies Teresa gets doused with some high-grade fertilizer that causes her to grow bigger than a house. I wonder what other plant characteristics she has.

>grow bigger than a house
dammit, and I was trying to not go all waifu on the show

which reminds me, that show has an elder god tier art style

The actor alien completely lost his shit when Simon burst through the door with a fake sword. As Teresa puts it, her people are cowards. Although a big part of that is probably because the only thing they know about humanity comes from Teresa's weekly "I'm getting my ass kicked down here. Please invade soon".

I would question how her disguise grew with her, but in this show, I'm pretty sure everybody will see how big she is and not think anything is weird about it. I doubt they would be clever enough to somehow come up with a way that nobody in town sees her.


There's an interesting balance going on between the characters' competencies and victories.

Almost every episode ends with Team Alien winning, and humiliating the Kemii. But at the end of the day, nobody will suspect the extraterrestrials, the protagonists will be seen as tinfoil-hat nutcases, and there's the looming I'm sorry threat of full-scale invasion (whose results would be unpredictable, but it's a definite possibility).

And on a similar note: while most humans are dumb as bricks, the protagonists and the Flash kid seem pretty quick to catch onto anything going on. They even have a token non-idiotic parent; that seems fresh for this type of setting, somehow.

The whole thing allows for a situation where both sides are capable of failure and it's sometimes hard to make out a clear underdog.

>I would question how her disguise grew with her
Probably her clothing is not fabric, but a special plant-based type of clothing. In other words, her clothing is part of her body and it grew with her to the size it needs to be.

There's also the fact that a few of the wins are due to Teresa messing up, but realistically, rather than Team Alien just being better all the time. It's a good dynamic and makes the battle beleivable.

You're right in that nobody seems to be at a clear advantage currently. And yeah, the kid's reputations are destroyed. I remember in River of Esmerellda where the girl mentions that everyone is going to hate them when they save the day

Which is why despite being a kids show, I actually enjoy this more than the two other alien scout imminent invasion shows mentioned in the thread


Is up now. Also, I'm deleting the non-english episodes when we get the english one. Hopefully, one day the folder won't have to be separated by language.

Thank you for doing the Lord's work, user.

I am glad that this thread is doing well, not just in posts, but in posters. The first thread hit 101 posters before it died. We're at 65. There will always be diminishing returns, but I'm glad it's just not a dozen people in a thread keeping it alive.

We'll probably hit that mark eventually. But still. I'm glad it's vibrant.

Even if we get to a spuzen posters, it will always be more people who were interested enough to watch a few episodes and talk about it

Maybe some people got interested last thread and now are just interested in getting the new episodes and then leave until more new episodes appear.

True. I'm here for new episodes but I also like the discussion


This is the same video they have in their YouTube account.

Is it? The one I found on YouTube was much shorter, but maybe that was a different one.

I just compared them. The Youtube one rotates for less time and shows in-show those characters while the Vimeo one just rotates the characters for more time, but they show the same models in the same order.


Shameless Bump-kin report

If this was on disney XD you faggots would be complaining about how shitty it is

Disney XD is a curse.

This is pretty much on the same tier as Ruby Gloom or something. It's just a chill kids show with a nice premise

There would still be people defending it. We know how it looks and nobody says it's great, but we found we like the plot, the humor, the MC and the rest of the cast.


This seems more like a early morning Nick show.
Disney XD is more about action.

Not him, but to me, because any worth wild animated show on that channel like, Randy Cunningham, Wonder Over Yonder, Motorcity only gets like 1-2 seasons, about zero advertisement/marketing and some terrible scheduling.

This is true. I'm a little worried of Milo's Murphy's Law, which is perfect so far

Yeah actually. Like the 2pm Nick shows

Actually, this isn't so far off from say, Alvin and the Chipmunks. But without the shoehorned songs and annoying voices.

And our main characters aren't fucking assholes like Alvin and every girl chipmunk

Hopefully they'll treat it nice since it's by the guys who did P&F

You know she's not actually a cute little girl, right? Y'all motherfuckers wanna fuck a pumpkin.

But P&F was treated terrible. We had one episode every one or two months.

We all want to be friends with a pumpkin

>Y'all motherfuckers wanna fuck a pumpkin.
Sounds good to me.

Damn, the drawings look much more lively then the 3d models.

>We like the humor

What humor?

For example:

Dude, the entire Telenovella episode was fucking great

>I cant possibly have multiple personalities...and neither can I

Well, finally watching Robot Arm, let's do this

>But P&F was treated terrible. We had one episode every one or two months.
Really? Must not remember that since I stopped paying attention to P&F at somepoint

Yeah, season 4 lasted three years with only 35 episodes.

>season 4 lasted three years with only 35 episodes
Holy shit really?

Yes, it was hard to be a P&F fan. At least most episodes were worth the wait, but Disney promoted them so bad almost nobody knew about the new episodes. Many times we had threads like "There was a new episode and we didn't have a thread for it" then that thread lasted like 10 days.

Oh, man, that's worse than Gravity Falls

I'd rather hug than fug

And it was pretty great. I agree that we need more maximum interaction episodes. It's the show at its best

Why the fuck would she talk up the humans so highly in her report in this episode?

Not all reports need to be "all humans are stupid". Her leaders didn't help and humans did, saying "even they were braver than you" is a way to pressure them into invading soon, but also maybe because she was kinda grateful.

That makes sense. Though with how big of a pair of cowards the squadron leasers seem to be, it would probably have the opposite effect

Sometimes I feel Teresa and Team Alien are the only ones that REALLY care about the battle, as the other humans don't know (besides that little kid) and the aliens seem to not mind not bothering to invade

Not that I mind, I actually like that interpretation

Maybe Teresa actually is one of the only aliens who cares about invading other planets, and the Kemii sent her off to "report" on the planet in order to get rid of her.

I wonder if others like Teresa exist among the rest of her species. Like it would be interesting to have a new invader just as intelligent as Teresa and is assigned to help due to how much a problem Team Alien can be and help Teresa accomplish her mission. Maybe have a feud with Goliath. Actually, I could write a fanfiction but I'm not that good at writing and the show is too obscure.

Well, there seems to be people who WANT to invade, but they're too cowardly enough to do it and it probably wouldnt matter to them if they failed.

The two other guys we see seem to enjoy just chilling out above Earth.

Like the Tallest did with Zim but why would they provide her tech that is fully functional? They could give her broken shit and leave her stranded on Earth to rot away. That would be interesting but it's just doesn't make sense.

>Teresa uses a rare Euterpium meteor to turn everyone in Cucurtown into carefree singing slave-gardeners, but her plot backfires when she and Goliath come under the meteor’s powerful singing-dancing influence themselves.

Do you think she still sounds unemotional while singing? I want to see this episode, and I normally hate musicals.

Teresa's voice actress sang in Zoids.


>After Pixel describes an alien abduction he “remembers” from two years ago, Teresa radios for an immediate pickup from Earth. The aliens whom Pixel says are returning this week are Teresa and Goliath’s mortal enemies the Flamulards, who make the Kemii look like tame rabbits.

That one could be interesting as well. Seeing Teresa scared and wanting to retreat.

Wow, that makes Pumpkin Reports' animation look like a goddamn work of art.

Yeah, the communicate too often for that to be the case

I like how they arent infallible

>retread of Lost City of Kemi Rodor
I hope not

I just saw these episodes and

I'm actually enjoying invader zim light

It's good. Invader Zim is better but as far as purely looking at the base premise, I think this was done better because the more equal dynamics between good and bad guys

>Open video expecting some grade B singing
>Just sort of Monotone but not entirely grating
The animation of the characters mouth moving didn't help either.

Wouldn't Teresa sing sort of monotone? I thought it was apt.

Yeah it would fit for Teresa, but on that character it was just sort of, I honestly don't know what to say.
Part of me also wants to say the VA has probably gotten slightly better at singing since then.

We don't have a context, maybe she is supposed to sound like that. Please.

Yes. It's intentionally off-key.

In the Telenova episode, we saw Goliath actively trying to get Teresa to signal the invasion, then do it himself once he got the recorder. He apparently wants to see the Earth invaded, too. He's just dumb.

Oh thank god

I think he didnt care, but knows Teresa wanted to do it and couldnt, so he tried to do it for her

>just dumb
He's hollow.

Would you say, Like a pumpkin?

Gourds are hollow, not pumpkins

Well Teresa called Goliath a hollow shell.

And there goes my joke

This, they almost have a uncanny valley look, which is ironic for something being so stylized. Also there's just something so off with the color that doesn't make anything standout, I don't know if it has something to do with the lighting.


It only comes across in some characters desu. Pixel looks off but his dad is fine. Teresa and Violet look alright but Max looks a little off. Both parents look fine but lady cop doesn't, etc

He has a brain, though. He pulls it out of his mouth in one episode.

That sounds so "cartoon"

Well, it was a nice thread. I thought it was going to die a couple days ago but some anons, myself included, just don't want to let it go. Anyway, this is my last bump and I hope to see you all again when more episodes appear.
user, signing off. Please invade soon.

Yeah, I'd have to say a lot of characters don't convert well from 2D to 3D.

Same. At this point the discussion was full and we were having regular new episodes, but at this point I feel like stopping until the next batch

cute tag at the end

Yep. Pretty much that

The only way we'll keep going is if we start waifuposting, and I have a feeling October 1st and onward will have all the waifuposting we could ever need.

Nice quads, and I'd hate if this thread was filled with waifuposting.

Saw this on the booru. Don't recall seeing it posted anywhere. Where's it from?

don't know but it looks terrifying

What booru?