A villain that suddenly became highly relevant to what we're passing right now won't ever reappear

>A villain that suddenly became highly relevant to what we're passing right now won't ever reappear.
>It she does, she will be the one in the right

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To attractive, she'd trigger half the staff.

*If she does.

Just post this on a feminist tweet and say nothing, you'll be amazed at the response.

This is copypasta bait at this point, right?

Shy did they get rid of ms. Bellum?

An old anti-feminist strawman is about as relevant as the average modern anti-feminist hate speech, which is to say it bears no meaningful resemblance to anything that it's used to attack, but hateful people will agree with it anyway because the truth is offensive.


OP wants people to perceive him as smarter than he actually is.


Too sexy and something about how it sends the wrong message to girls or something, even though Ms.Bellum was one of the smartest female characters in the show and practically ran the town

humans are supposed to be smart right?. right?

The part that hurts is that this would actually be the genuine reaction

Not only is your post nonsense, it's not even something you thought up yourself.

Make a fat black transgender first. Then she can also blame the girls for supporting racism and transphobia and not just the patriarchy.

Doesn't everyone? Except the crafty bastards who want people not to suspect just how clever they are.

I just realized that they can't even remake this episode in the new show because they threw out Sara Bellum

Honestly, that straw Feminist episode was good for one reason; It really just mocks extremism but it just happens to use Feminism because technically, the PPGs aren't truly human, so they don't really have a true race or anything like that, and they are far from disabled. But they are female, which is the angle that works well for them since look at all of the women in their lives.

If the girls were made to resemble black little PPGs then they meet some extreme BLM inspired villian, then the episode would be the same.

The episode was written by Faust to explain how feminism's equality means women should be held to the same legal and moral standards as men, not given some bullshit immunity from their actions
It shits on the bad feminists, which is why it got so many complaints

This made me realize a lot of characters from the older ppg will never appear in the reboot

And thus they remain pure.