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Awwww yiss.

The hype is real

Best girl coming through

She's to die for.


> oh boy our shitty waifu thread

fuck off

Is there something wrong, user?

I want to fuck all the dead girls on Cred Forums

b-but necrophilia is wrong


Looking forward to the spooky season to officially start!

I wanna fuck em all

Not if the corpse is still warm.

I havent seen the episode with the hot scene vampire yet. Which one is it?

Trying to fill this thumb drive with all the Halloween/Horror shit I can fit in. Need some Cred Forums shit.


Anything that I should add to this?


You seriously couldn't wait until then to post about it? C'mon man.

>not posting it



literally who

Freaky man baby

>dragula and living dead girl nowhere on this list

What the fuck, user.

crap i gotta finish my drawings so that i can be ready for the october ones

better quality

kinda loses its impact when you fags keep making goth/spook threads every week!!!

I can totally add Dragula, but I'll have to give the other one a gander.

Don't fret, these threads don't last that long.

You could go with Paranorman and Coraline.
Also Fears of the Dark


You've got to go older, good user. The 30s- 60s are abundant with spooky material.




Mummies count here, right?

>not a single Nick Cave song

What the fuck


Oooh, who's she?

wrong one

Do you impatient fucks even have drawing ideas in mind for when October finally arrives?

But it feels so right. The living dead is the most discriminated group. Everyone tries to kill them. Maybe they just need love.

By the way... do you happen to know what the fine is here in Cyrodiil for necrophilia? Just asking

Cousine Batoria

Writing a comic that I hope to start on Halloween.

Who is this jizz whizz?


Interesting. What's it about?

I don't know where it would go but somewhere you should have Hotel California on there.

Hurrah to spoopy comics! I hope to continue mine late into October myself.

On that note, I'm liking the girl's face on the lower right, user. And the gun-totting skeleton is fuckin' awesome.

I suppose this is the right thread to share these too. These were some random ghost girl designs I made several weeks ago for one of the OC threads.

waiting for something like Oct to post spooky ladies

i mean, i could just draw them whenever, it just wouldn't be Oct.

but then again, Oktoberfest and October together...

spooky ladies in drindls?

>Francesca Steiner was a monster created to be a ballet dancer in a wandering dance troupe, but she wasn't very good at it. One day, seemingly out of nowhere, Francesca's creator decided to banish her to Deadland; A magical prison where feared, or otherwise useless immortals are forced to roam the wasteland until the dust storms sand their bones to the core. After two rough years of working at a tavern, an opportunity presented itself; A legend about a “Potion of Mortality” which would turn the drinker into a proper human again. With nothing to lose, Francesca starts out on her journey to rejoin human society and leave Deadland behind.

Do you have a tumblr?

So close.

Yet so far.

honestly if you're not scared they'll grab you by the neck when you're walking downstairs in pitch darkness then they aren't waifu material

Why don't these twins get more love?

Any MEGAS for School for Vampires


That's a mime.

The links to the high quality rips are at the bottom.

It's creepy susie

She's built like all the creepy susie fanart jesus christ

>he says as this thread continues to get traffic

There are better choices.

It would go into the 'Ghost' category.

I this...a joke? i like them both but no ghostly white skin makes this one not as great imo


The face and body are leauges better than the other one.

Living Dead Girl is a much better October song than Dragula

In YOUR opinion.

She's really cute but I really want to know the name of the song playing.

Would you rather a husbando thread?

Lol I actually own the poster she's hanging up.

the expression is better. Body's about the same.

Interpol- Evil
Dusty Springfield- Spooky

Also, I'd like to recommend the Great God Pan for your spooky readings. The book places heavy emphasis on evil existing as a cycle.

>body about the same

The girl in the video had hips and ass for days.

Every time i feel bad about myself i remember that there are people out their that would spend money on this

I hope herny has a heart attack and dies on October 1st.

What's the key?

Recommend some god damn witch related or comics to me

Cred Forums doesn't care about hips and ass that aren't drawn.

Zombillenium has a Witch, she doesn't have a pointy hat but she does have a goblin nose.

There is nothing wrong with necrophilia.

Imagine: to intrude your phallus into a cadaver, then fucking the corpse during its putrefaction, as maggots and all, coat your dick serving as a condom.

Death is beautiful too.

that's not true, animated is better but animated like is fine
Anything that makes you think of Wakfu girls is basically a great day

I feel like this is a very obscure character so it's cool to see some decent cosplay.

Well aren't you just too cool for school.

>in just five days I get to post about my spooky waifu again


Fingers crossed for some new art for my vampire waifu.

Can we compile a list of spooky characters that should go in these threads?
It would suck if everyone is just drawing the same 4 characters for the entire month.


Well seeing Nefertina(Mummies Alive!) and Gretchen(Zombillenium) would be cool, but it's just gonna be whatever the artists want. Though I might storytime some Zombillenium in October.

Writefag here. Haven't been keeping up much with what I'm working on because of life shit. Gonna try and update it as much as I can.


It doesn't mean much if these threads are here almost every day of the year.

>No one posts cute girl cosplaying my waifus on Cred Forums and when they do it's met with unrgatefulness.
>Try to get a cute cosplay girl thread started on /cgl/ but ripped appart by jealous land whales.
>Try on /s/ but all they post is gross bimbos.

>ripped appart by jealous land whales.

Never change you vindictive seagulls.

Goth girls...yeah?


fuck off nigger

>All this lack of qt monster girls

it would be a shame for a halloween thread to not get some sort of fresh art content


Return of the Living Dead 2

They should be included. That's how I linked them.

why would we?

Because it's supposed to be special. The continuous threads have cheapened the experience.

Good job, writefag. Can't wait to see where it goes.

>third person
I can't fap to this.

Because these threads started out only being a one month a year kind of deal where all the drawfags and writefags get together and make some fresh content for Halloween themed waifus.
But then you impatient waifufags came along and kept making them pretty much every single day/week begging content creators to keep pumping out more. Do you not see how this kind of ruins it...? Its like having a birthday every single day. You'll make the little content creators we have bored of the whole thing, so whe Oct finally arrives they won't feel like doing squat

I'm finishing the first act which will be followed by "mini-acts" for the protagonist to have with each ghoul.

This. Mark my words, you idiots will be reaping the consequences of your impatience and insistence. No new content for you; you've driven ever artist off.

Has anyone heard from that one user a while back who said that he was going to approach the makers of The Baskervilles and work on releasing the episodes online?

The lewd applications of ghostly shapeshifting are something that shouldn't be overlooked.

Well I guess she's more flat/rectangle shaped than the other girl which makes it more accurate. But no white face paint makes it low effort

Just ignore him. Alterhacker fags are cancer. It's weird that she only has 6k instagram followers with how she's apammed on multiple boards damn near daily.

Should have taken a moonbath!

That's not how it works. There's always a everending supply of artists wanting to make it big so they'll draw whatever the fuck we want, when we want it.
Good riddance to all the lazy piece of shit artfaggots that are leaving, just know that there is someone else that will replace you.

Riiiight. Keep telling yourself that.

I thought she was instafamous or aomething like that anzu chick. I have no idea how the hype started for crispy/alterhacker on Cred Forums or how it hasn't made her way more popular shitstagram

Congrats dumbass, you played yourself.

This, we need something to appease our fantasies, writefag.

Get some more classics in there. I recommend Nosferatu, Bride of Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, The Wolfman, The Blog, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead, Halloween, Monster Squad, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Carnival of Souls. These are just off the top of my head.

>The Blog

How terrifying.

Also, give Hellraiser a gander.

Fright Night--and fuck the remakes to oblivion.

Adding Frankenhooker to these suggestions.

Fuck off.

Every breath you take.

Slasher category?


Can haz goblin be in hollow weenie time?

Found the faggot that's been making all the threads.

I love this.... I mean I love original slim and trim Phantasma, but I love this.

Can you make more (including the other girls?)

Is it the first offense?

>a good shadbase drawing
wait what

Here's my essential Halloween/Horror movie collection, 1 per "type" to make it more broad

Fright Night (1985) or Coppola's Dracula, can't decide

American Werewolf in London

>Mad Scientist
Hammer's The Curse of Frankenstein

The Exorcist

>Animal Attacks

>Slasher/Serial Killer
Silence of the Lambs


Return of the Living Dead

Bubba Ho-tep

>Crossover (think Monster Mash)
Van Helsing


>So Bad it's Good (but still bad)

I don't see why not.

Let's assume 'no'.

You tell me the source of that goblin girl right this fucking second son.

Egg's cell ant

Troll Tales

Well now.

Much obliged.
This actually looks like a neat show.


The old man down the road - John Fogerty

i'm off to watch the debate, so have this instead

was working on this when you asked

God Tier:

Demon Girls

Good Tier:

Ghost Girls
Vampire Girls
Witch Girls
Goth Girls

Meh Tier:

Werewolf Girls

Shit Tier:

Frankenstein Girls
Zombie Girls

is posting taking a long time for anyone else?

>Goth Girls

Why even?

Also, gill girls.



>No Ruby Gloom yet

>TFW dead fandom literally

wow almost 10 years old, I cant believe it, even 9/11 feels more recent!

I think the Ghost list should have "I Love the Night" by BOC.

Are we gonna marathon some movies on the big night?

>Dat foot
Good on you, Shaddy.


Who else is gonna spam the fuck out of the October threads? I'm sick of seeing these retarded waifufags on Cred Forums.
I'm not gonna stop until this threads get banned from Cred Forums forever. Keep it in /trash/ where it belongs.

Vampire girl is so fucking cute, why is ghost so much more popular?


Wouldn't you get banned?

>I'm sick of seeing these retarded waifufags on Cred Forums.


Fuck off

Very likely, but hopefully others will join in a cause worth fighting for. We need to get rid of waifufaggism from Cred Forums forever, this shit kills every single fandom it touches.
These threads were fine when it just started with fun pictures being delivered, but now it's literally just pin-up and borderline porn requests.

Oh hey, you're back.

/cow/a/ bunga dood!


Fuck off.

That's kind of what pisses me off about Shadman the most, he is capable of good art yet he constantly churns out shit that even a high school junior would find way too edgy.

>no one knows what it's like to be the bad man

>to be the shadman

>behind dead eyes

Why the fuck should he listen to you, edginess is literally his branding. Why would he give up that reputation just to blend into the rest of the thousands of regular porn artists.

Calm down Shaddy


>waiting patiently for October first
>some sperg has to jump the gun

>bumping the thread

Victoria from the French cartoon Scary Larry.


I've been working on a pastebin for a long while.

So your like barneyfag but against waifus

the ghost has a funloving personality

The German cartoon about vampires has no subs or dubs or something?

It has some subs, but not all episodes. The first three seasons are on Netflix with dubs, but no fourth season.

Re-Animator(and Bride of Re-animator).

Might just be him.

Underrated masterbated

little drop of poison by tom waits for sure
the zombie and seven nation army by c w stoneking is top choice as well
also not inherently halloween related but stuff like mysterious mose or minnie the moocher work wonders too

>borderline porn requests

You say that like it's a bad thing


How do you dick a ghost

Goths have no walls.

very enthusiastically.

>five days until pointless image dumping threads begin

woohoo I guess

Can you post this summer, think i'd like to watch
some of this for halloween.

Sound pretty much like Halloween itself isn't it?

Fuck you, the first remake was great.

can't wait for this ghost's potential Halloween episode

If were dropping writefag stuff, I might as well post mine. There's stuff for Gruftine, Nofre, Winnie, and a character from those quests on /tg/ if you follow that

this, I want it to feel like a big celebration

pointless image dumps, and a lot of oc stuff, hopefully.

I know I'll be writing

>Finally watch Ghoul School

I understand now

>However, it had that annoying little motherfucker Scrabby
nearly stopped watching

It's technically shit but it's so comfy and nostalgic that I like it anyways

we need more THICC Ghouls around these parts

I understand now how it became waifu fuel, though


The movie is very cozy and charming up until after the big party with the girls' fathers and when the unnecessary villain kicks her unnecessary conflict into gear. The second half of the film is your average shitty early Scooby-Doo fare, which is a real shame.

Sibella is best girl, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

What cartoon is she from?

Obscure British cartoon called The Baskervilles

People often forget that this guy called Toonspew tried or is trying to get some sort of reboot for GS. He's the reason why all this stuff kicked off.

are there any particular monster grills that don't get a whole lotta love? i want something to start working on till october gets here.

(pic related is just something i'm working on.)

Fangora for starters. Some of the girls from School for Vampires like the Egyptian one and that love interest for the nerd ( they do have some pictures but Grufty reins supreme over them)

>this thread


Good list. My horror/comedy go to is 'The Frighteners.'


>Sibella looking up lewds of her brother.

I shouldn't be interested... but I am.

Elsa probably gets the least love of any of the Ghoul School girls(not counting the three introduced at the very end of that movie), so do something with her if you could

Damn y'all we've had these threads since July. Chill out.

Looks cute.
>no subs
well fuck.

Something something praise HernyI love you bb


mind if I get some help compiling a list of spook related Cred Forums stuff? Here's what I got so far.

Over the Garden Wall

Ed Edd n’ Eddy’ Boo Haw Haw

Billy and Mandy assorted halloween specials/episodes

Scooby Doo on Zombie Island

Scooby Doo and the Witch’s Ghost

Monster House

Batman Vs. Dracula

Nightmare before Christmas

Corpse Bride / Frankenweenie


Kim Possible halloween special

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Scary Godmother series

Spongebob Halloween specials


Beetlejuice cartoon?

It's shocking how relatively few Halloween cartoons there are, when you really try to gather them up.

I wasn't even talking about whether the edginess of the drawing, it's literally the first thing I've seen of his that isn't anatomically disastrous. he can make the subject matter whatever he wants desu.

Monster House is a comfy movie. I'm glad I have it.

Mickey's house of vaillains is a good one.

The Alvin and the Chipmunk movies are okay. Frankenstein and Werewolf ones were alright as far as I remember

Scary Godmother I and II are so bad they're good territory

Song of the Sea is centered around Halloween time


I'll be sure to add those. Thanks. I almost forgot about Courage the Cowardly Dog too. Some flapjack episodes could maybe fit in there, that show had such a weird tone.

I still don't get why vampire movies don't use nosferatu designed vampires for horror movies anymore. Vampires can be fucking scary but now people see them as smart zombies/tweenbait.

the vampire designs in the witcher 3 dlc were fucking cool

That's not a Nosferatu designed vampire, Count Orlof was awkward looking and didn't have prominent canines he just had buck teeth and glowing eyes. That's like the fucking Thing or something. Though personally, I want vampires to go back to the Carmilla Karnstein phase.

The cartoon is (loosely) based off of the comic Little Gloomy that you can check out while we wait for subs on the cartoon.

>I still don't get why vampire movies don't use nosferatu designed vampires for horror movies anymore. Vampires can be fucking scary but now people see them as smart zombies/tweenbait.
Vampires are supposed to inspire sexual imagery, to be alluring in carnal form akin to how the powers of darkness/Satan are alluring. They've always been rapey, dating back prior to Bram Stoker (at least in the european interpretation of vampires, versus the funny hopping ones of China)

I quite like the interpretations though of how they can be sexy and beautifully enchanting while at the same time having a "true" monstrous form.
Van Helsing, Coppola's Dracula, and the Witcher series all did this, and are fangtastic in my opinion.

I have an idea for a greentext, if anyone's interested.

This show was great, too bad it'll never be anything other than Wuz Kangz here. The girl was a pretty hot biker punk too.

You have a Blue Oyster Cult song, but you didn't list (Don't Fear) The Reaper?

By all means, shoot


Have you read Anya's ghost? It gets storytimed here from time to time. It's like ParaNorman, but from the perspective of a thicc, russian, angsty teenaged girl. Pretty spooky and spawned at least two waifus. Pretty sure the lady who wrote it also worked on ParaNorman.

>Frankenstein Girls
>Shit tier
>Not seeming strangely sexy tier

Yeah Vera Brogsol did work at Laika when Paranorman was being made.

She also runs a blog with Emily Carroll (Face All Red) where they draw cool looking dresses.

>go on dates with vampire
>play basketball with frankenstiens monsters daughter
>fuck like rabbits mummy
>play vidya with ghost.
>purge wolf girl.

I wish more people shared this opinion

The Witching Hour is a Twilight Zone-esque horror anthology from DC Comics hosted by a trio of witches - two old hags and their hip, young sister who looks like a cross between Gwen Stacy, Satanna, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Each tells their own brand of stories, be it creepy creatures, possessed/haunted objects, or "modern" phenomena such as ESP, respectively.

Beyond Re-Animator's not bad either, though it is the weakest of the three in my opinion.

Megg, Mogg and Owl. It's funny and depressing and Megg is a cutie.

I drew this half a year ago, what do you think Cred Forums?

>Zombie Girls
>Shit tier
>Not Living tier

My fellow basket ball american.

I think it's pretty good!


>October 30th
>Whole town's in the holiday spirit
>Decorations line the streets
>Fall activities been going on for weeks
>Loved Halloween as a kid
>Even more as an adult
>For a choice reason
>7:30 in the evening
>Having a drink with a few friends
>Talking about Halloween plans
>Parties, drinking, picking up women in slutty costumes
>So no different from last year
>"You coming, user? Or are you gonna flake out like you do every year?"
>Roll my eyes.
"I've told you guys time and time again, I already have plans."
>"Yeah, he's gotta go talk to his imaginary bitch."
>They erupt in laughter.
>Funny how they laugh at the same fucking joke every year.
"You know, just because you guys have never seen her, that doesn't mean she's imaginary."
>Again, something I've told them every year, yet somehow they always forget.
>And that apparently makes it ten times funnier.
>A chorus of 'sure' and 'whatever you say, man' before we move on to something else.
>Couple hours later, they've all left
>Quarter to midnight
>Look outside
>Sky's clear aside from a few clouds
>Moon nearly full, will be by tomorrow
>Now's as good a time as any
>Throw on a jacket and head outside
>Forest a short walk away from town center
>Seen kids play out there all the time
>Rumors that the place is haunted
>Probably why the town is so into the holiday
>Not long until I'm deep into the trees
>Moonlight shines through the branches
>Cool breeze blows through, rustles leaves
>Surreal feeling of serenity
>Isolated, but not alone
>Turn around
>See a figure in the darkness
>Hunched over, standing above a broken twig
>Don't move
>It notices me
>Starts to get closer
>Can make out a pair of eyes
>Yellow, slit pupils
>Starts to make noises
>Growls, snarls, etc
>Can only stand and stare
>On all fours, eyes locked on me
>Suddenly it leaps
>I stay where I am
>It clings to my torso
>Sharp claws leave holes in my jacket
>Buries its face in my neck
>Hear a quiet whisper

>"I missed you..."


somehow i have to agree

> no Hotel Transylvania

I lost all of my Halloween cartoon specials when my old external hard drive corrupted, so I'm working on that this year. Thankfully, rebuilding my Halloween movie collection wasn't too hard.

i hate this show REEEEEEEEE

Following all the way mang

"Night of the Vampire" - Roky Erickson & The Aliens

"Werewolf" - Southern Culture on the Skids

"Walk Like a Zombie" - HorrorPops

>No Monster Mash

Pastebin that shit, nigga
Also, why don't you wait until October?

>no John Carpenter's Halloween
>no Spaced Invaders
>no Ernest Scared Stupid
>no Ichabod & Mr. Toad (strictly for Legend of Sleepy Hollow)

Holy crap, is Halloweentown that old? I only just saw it in its entirety for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I'm surprised they never released that "imaginary friends turn bogeymen once you stop believing" movie on DVD or anything while so many others were.

I still need to check out Tales Of Halloween.

I never saw Ernest Scared Stupid. I should get around to fixing that next month. As for that movie you're describing, it's "Don't Look Under The Bed"

>Silence of the Lambs

Shit taste confirmed desu, get the fuck out.

Paranorman, Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas, Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, 9, Scooby doo and the witch's ghost, Scooby Doo Zombie Island

Keep going user, it's obvious you want to write cute/smut/lewd anyway. Why not share?

>Silence of Lambs
>Not a serial Killer film

Can you not read you mong?

mah nigga

very patrish ghoul selection

>No mention of pic related.

I am disgusted.




What show is this from


South Carolina has the Lizard Man.

That thing supposedly can run 40mph.

Never heard of the gray man until I saw this.

I would say Monster Squad is a better choice for Monster Mashup.

oh how could i forget! Thanks.

DJ Smokey's Traphouse of horrors

>Run my hand through the tangles of red hair
"I missed you, too. You could have at least given me a warning, though. Howled or something."
>Creature lets go, lands at my feet
>Look down at my jacket
>Claw marks and bits of chestnut fur all over
>This is not gonna be easy to explain
>"Maybe, but it's more fun when I don't."
>Followed by snickering as she looks at my jacket
>And yes, it's a she
>Well, sheWOLF more like it
>Whole body covered in fur minus places where it counts
>Wolf-like ears protruding from the mess of red hair
>Not quite wolf face but not quite human face
>Torn red flannel button-up and ripped faded jeans
>Textbook werewolf right here
>"And YOU could've warned me you were coming a day early. The full moon's not till tomorrow."
"I know, but that's kinda why I came out early. I wanted to ask you something."
>She perks up
>See a sparkle of excitement in her yellow eyes.
"We've been seeing each other for a while, and I've been thinking. We haven't really...gone out in the traditional sense. We've mostly just stuck to the woods."
>"Yeah, but you know why. People would freak out if they saw something like me running around..."
>She pouts
>Hear her mutter something about stupid humans
"Right. So, I was thinking, what if we went out at a time when people wouldn't think twice about how you look?"
>She raises an eyebrow
>At least I think she does
>Hard to tell under all that hair
>"Like when?"
"Like when EVERYONE looks freaky..."
>Gears turn in her head before her face lights up
"Exactly! Everyone'll be in costume, so no one'll bat an eye!"
>She clings to me again
>I nearly drown in the slobbery kisses that follow
>"user, you're a genius! And here I thought I just loved you for your good looks."
"Now, we both know that's bullshit."
>She giggles
"I'll pick you up tomorrow at 7, okay?"
>"Okay! Wait, what should I wear?"
>"Oh, right! See ya then!"
>She gives me a final kiss before bounding off
>I smile
>Can't wait for tomorrow

>Spirit in the Sky

Everybody gets cool monsters except us in Virginia, we just get Harvey from Donnie Darko.

>tfw I already know Winnie is going to get the most attention this year

The bunnyman isn't an actual bunny/man hybrid. The story goes that two asylum escapees were being pursued through the forest. As the cops followed, they found rabbit corpse after rabbit corpse until they came across what's now known as Bunnyman Bridge. There they found one of the escapees hanging from a noose off the bridge and a note pinned to his body. It said something along the lines of 'you'll never catch me, signed, the bunnyman.'

So, yeah, not a literal bunnyman, but an insane bunny-eating serial killer.

>we have troll sightings in TN

Granted they haven't been seen since the 90s

Nope, Creepy Susie and Phantasma.

We should honestly try to get Elsa and Sibella more attention.
Though Winnie's good too.

Doesn't sibella get all the attention? I thought she did.

Not much at all actually.

Out of the attention all five ghouls get, she's possibly in third.

Elsa honestly needs it the most.

She's not sexually attractive (and there's nothing wrong with that) and in order to waifu-ize her you'd basically need to design an OC.

There's more to waifus than sexual user.
There's also the cuteness factor.
Anyway, she's a Frankenstein, you act like her body isn't modifiable.

Good, because she's best ghoul

But I'm planning on doing some writefagging for Tanis and Elsa

Most of her fanart looks nothing like her, pic related. Although Plague made a more on model version of her that was still kind of cute. And a lot of people draw her that way. And in a lot of fanfics she acts out of character too. I've seen her as more of a stoic scientists, rather than kind of goofy like she was in the movie. And everybody gives her a German accent as well


She's not especially cute when she's on-model and her voice just doesn't work because it's a standard "grating, goofy kids' cartoon character" voice. She's kind of a mess.

I feel like you're on a one man crusade.

Is Thankskilling better than Santa's Slay?

the halloween episode of Samurai Jack is really good, as is all of Courage The Cowardly Dog

To be fair, that could describe literally any of the other girls from that movie.

>winnie will never be real
Oh why do I have to love cartoon girls?

>TFW /fit/ and a 7/10 face
>TFW Have easy access to women
>TFW Dislike most 3D women
My need to breed is the only thing preventing me from having an exclusive 2D relationship.

Waifus were a mistake, but one I graciously partake in

I wanna see Creepy Suzie become Sleepy Snoozie

Kinda sad that CTCD never had a Halloween episode. Of course, the entirety of the series was about spooky situations, but with the history of Halloween, you have a lot of potential. Could've had Courage meet fucking Satan or something.

Right there with you.

>Young Frankenstein
>also those other choices

My nigguh

Her name is Gruftine. Still a nice pic though.
Think you could try Tanis next?




The mummy girl.

This seems like the best place to ask.

On Nick back around 2005 or so, around Halloween (the day itself or a few days prior, I believe), there was some animated made-for-TV movie that started with a meteor coming towards Earth, crashing into a warehouse or something, and a villainous guy looking down on it like "yes, yes!" It was almost certainly not associated with any series. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Can't find anything on Wikipedia. Did the art style bear any similarities to any Nick shows?

Ah October, the month where it's socially acceptable to dress like a slut.

No, I recall it having a rather "comic book" like art style, down to what little of the framing, shadows, etc. I can remember.

I couldn't find anything on Wikipedia either, and I don't know where to find old TV listings.

31 days until Halloween STEAM sale!

tbqh senpai, it's acceptable all year now, nowadays

Not as a witch or nurse

Unf. Good job man.

>tfw you already have both costume quest games and VtMB

>There will never be a sickass VtMB cartoon.
>There won't even be a bad one that could be picked clean for waifus.
>The only Vampire the Masquerade thing on TV was that shitty Kindred: The Embraced show.
It hurts so goddamn bad.

Alright, this should sustain some of you till October, which is in three days, meaning this thread didn't need to exist

don't worry i got you check'd

thanks mang

yes she is

This thread was pretty pointless. Anyway, thanks for the pics. Hope to see you again in a few days.



"Howlin' At The Moon" - Nekromantix

So true! This 1958 song deserves to be a Halloween classic along with "Monster Mash".

"Graveyard Rock" - Tarantula Ghoul and Her Gravediggers

My understanding is that VtMB is one of those things where it's preferred that you pirate it (or buy it from GOG), since both Activision and Valve screwed it over.

I have some Resident Evil games and Deadly Premonition to get to this year, any other Halloween games I'm missing out on?

Helloween - Dr. Stein

Sibella is flawless.

lol, why is this board becoming what it was not supposed to be be?

Costume Quest 1 and 2 because it feels like you're in a children's halloween special. VtMB is THE best Halloween game because it has genuinely scary parts despite the ps2 graphics and it has vampires, werewolves and ghosts and shit in it.

I love that song! (not him, btw)

I keep the original version in my metal folder and the 2005 jazz re-recording in my Halloween folder.

Have you seen the deliciously campy music video they filmed for that?

I don't know why they took it off of YouTube.

I have never understood how nurses became widely fetishized. There's nowhere on earth less arousing than a hospital.

>Vampires are supposed to inspire sexual imagery

Ms. Rice, please.

Men at war got injured and nurses were the first females they saw. That and Nightingale Syndrome.

Buy VtMB from GOG, it comes pre-patched with the Unofficial Patch that some fan's been working on for years.

Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper would go pretty well in Zombies

That user is right, the traditional european folklore they're based on might not be meant to inspire sexual imagery, but Victorian era vampires often were.

>No Voltaire
>No Creature Feature
>No Rufus Rex

>Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Jive
Good taste.
Would this work for ghosts?
I feel like the Raveonettes should be somewhere on there. Their songs give me a spooky-ish vibe sometimes.

Either way, these categories do seem a little too limited.


Frank Zappa



No, stop. Bad user.

Phanty's legs go all the way up





There's Mad Monster Party and its remake Mad Mad Mad Monster but the latter is hard to find.

Plus Garfield's Halloween special.

might as well ask, what is the source?

wew laddie

anybody got the image of that one vamp chick in just a bra asking "what are you running away from, user"

do threads die when I post in them?

Fuck yeah! Megg rocks tight shit!

Looks good, user!

>publishing date: 2004
>paying for it
Oh well, I just bought San Andreas, Vice city and III on summer so I can't say anything about that (even though I already had the first one pirated).

Hell yeah spooky waifu month

Where the fuck is scary godmother

more like hairy godmother am I right
can't just cut through that pumpkin patch so easily

Ja jajaja ja jaja
jo jo jojo jojojo
jiji jiji ji jiji
jeee jee jeee


tentacle the fucik are you doing here

K, since I got most of the Halloween movies I wanted (I'll get the rest on a later date), I decided to move on to cartoons.

These are the Halloween specials I got. Are there any cartoons I'm forgetting? I have zero clue as to how well these hold up since I haven't seen most of them since I was a kid, except for the Hey Arnold! and SpongeBob ones (Hey Arnold! especially still holds up).

The hour-long specials and TV movies like Scary Godmother and The Great Pumpkin will be added at a later date as well.

Came back to dump this here, she needs more are


You don't have anything from the '80s like Garfield's Halloween Adventure. Unless you consider that as a TV movie.

From recent years, all of the Phineas and Ferb Halloween specials, both the regular length episodes and Night of the Living Pharmacist, were great.

Looks like she has plenty of area in that picture.

Oh, I used to have that on my old external hard drive. I remember liking it. Thanks for reminding me.

The reason why I don't have anything from the 80's is because I was born in the early 90's so MUH NOSTALGIA.

>No Dracula from Gorillaz
>it even features a voiceover of a Bugs Bunny cartoon

Pls no bully (more about working in a morge than about zombies, but still kind of fitting) (technically magical fuckery, but in space) (more about romantic necrophilia than zombies, but still fits theme of Elsa and Tanis) (necromancy) (magical fuckery)

Special spooky mention: (Not really spooky, but nice sounding)

Pls rec me some spooky sounding/gothic bands Cred Forumsmu/.

Monster Rap by Elvira
Actually most of Elvira

Oh shit, a Batoria? Definitely unexpected. Nice one Tentacle.

We prefer the term Cred Forumsco/ws

>The reason why I don't have anything from the 80's is because I was born in the early 90's so MUH NOSTALGIA.

The '70s and '80s were really the heyday of Halloween specials though. Especially the '80s since they didn't really care how much they messed up the kids watching.

Fuck you and fuck Perils of Punky

My personal fave Susie Phantom

If you use f-list be sure to come by and say hi~

>Cervical Penetration

Speaking of, do you want the werewolf in the story to be Winnie, or someone else? Of course, given the description I gave her, there's not much guess as to who else it could be. werewolf/

I also have a Winnie

>no mention of musk
Tsk, tsk.

I don't mind it at all, I just forgot to add it

Okay, I'm all for spooky threads but this shit is /trash/ tier.

As an avid F-lister, I thank you for these links.

I'd be happy with Winnie or some other werewolf, you can make her up as long as she's somewhat compelling.

It's your story my friend

>The next day
>Let my friends know I'll be joining them this time
>And bringing my girlfriend
>They laugh out another chorus of 'whatever man'
>They won't be laughing tonight
>Least I hope not
>Evening rolls around
>Throw on my costume
>Cheesy vampire outfit
>Slicked back hair, fake fangs, cape, everything
>Quarter to seven
>Head on into the woods
>Winnie announces herself with a howl
>Nice of her
>Drops down in front of me
>"You look ridiculous."
"Well, so does everyone else, so I doubt we'll stand out."
>She smiles
>Tail starts to wag
>We link arms and head for town
>As predicted, no one cares about the werewolf walking around
>A few people compliment us on our 'couples costume'
>Like a charm
>We exchange grins as we head into the local bar
>See friends in the back corner
>Priceless reactions
>See them mumble to each other as we approach
"Evening, guys."
>They look at me like I'm from mars
>Too good
"Oh, forgive me. Allow me to introduce Winnie. You know, my girlfriend."
>She gives a small wave
>Few of the guys wave back
>"Nice costume," one says
>"Winnie, huh? Shouldn't there be a Pooh somewhere in there?"
>Erupts with laughter
>Roll eyes
>Winnie actually...growls
>Guys look at her funny
>"Dude, your girlfriend just growled at us..."
"Hey, she likes to get into character, alright?"
>Can't help but wonder how they'd take the truth
>If they even would
>Winnie takes a seat
>"Don't sweat it, boys. I don't blame you for not knowing how to speak to a girl."
>More laughter
>They actually seem cool with her
>This might just go smoothly...

pretty comfy story so far

Thanks a bunch. Feedback is always appreciated.

>just a few more days until Were-Ed story-times.

October is truly the greatest of months.

I always like to give feedback. I don't think writefags get enough credit

I think this because I'm a writefag


It's hard, because I come up with plenty of interesting stories, but have no real place to write them and get feedback.

Heading to bed. Try to keep the thread alive while I'm gone.

>couple months back people start posting Gothetta
>now have a folder containing 51 pictures of her, both fan art and screencaps from the show

>51 pictures
Only? Bah.

I love the personality you guys have given Winnie.

Well I have other folders for girls, it's not like I can spend my whole time working on just Gothetta

Cellard dweller - Eons
It's a song about a Vampire locked in their tomb.
Ke$ha - Cannibal

Is it over?

I hope not. First time I haven't recoiled at someone's ghoul school writing. I'm also really partial to werewolfs so I think that helps




Maybe they're getting "Spirit In The Sky" confused with "Ghost Riders In The Sky"?

I mean, Tennessee (northeast where I'm from especially) has a lot of spooky stuff associated with it but, in my twenty-eight years of existence, I've never heard of any troll business.


All of these places are just a stone's throw from my parents' house back home. A friend and I had some spooky shit go down on the Rotherwood property when we snuck onto it late one night. There's also a few caves in the area where Satanic rituals were supposedly held during the 70s, complete with stone altars.

Thankskilling has a foul-mouthed (no pun intended) turkey created by Native American necromancy to kill all white men when Thanksgiving approaches. The movie literally starts out with a flashback of a busty pilgrimess being chased through the woods with her breast hanging out of her torn top, before the turkey appears and shouts "Nice tits, bitch!" and kills her with a tomahawk. Later in the film, said turkey decapitates a guy while doing his girlfriend from behind, leading her to believe he finished early and ejaculated on her back. When she tells him that she'd better get to finish, the turkey proceeds to fuck her and, upon the horrifying realization that she was just satisfied by at demonic turkey, he shouts "You got stuffed, bitch!" before killing her.

>that feel when I live not too farfrom sensabaugh tunnel.

I'm not a superstition person, but I hate tunnels/caves and that place gives me the creeps every time

Never had any issues with Sensabaugh, though my parents and aunt traumatized my cousins and I when we were younger by takings us to "the Crybaby Bridge" where they said that if you parked your car at night and listened, you could hear the cries of children whose parents had drowned them in the creek beneath the bridge many years before. Turned out it was just a bunch of really, really noisy geese calling out in the night, but that shit spooked us as kids.

This sounds amazing.

I am interested in finishing it, so don't worry. I'm just trying to think of an ending...

Im sure it'll be great. Been thinking of becoming a writefag for the season. We always need more for the pastebin

Your efforts are not unappreciated, user.

I'll just pastebin the story for now and finish it later.

Is there a MEGA for the Scary Godmother specials? The only torrents I could find of them have 1 to 2 seeds. I'm downloading them anyway but the speed is under 20 kB/s.

We need to personify the actual month of October as a hot woman and have artists make porn of her. Mainland Cred Forums is doing this with television channels, of all things, and it's about the only thing we haven't done yet.

She should be a headless horsewoman or something

Is Scary Godmother actually worth watching or is it some meme because it's really bad?

That's a great idea, I love removable heads on supernatural ladies, she can eat herself out

>I love removable heads

Good grief, not again...

>A friend and I had some spooky shit go down on the Rotherwood property when we snuck onto it late one night.

Both? It's pretty awful as far as 3D animation, the writing is cute but cheesy. It has a nice Halloween special feel to it. It also has best girl.

I never understood this.

Amazing World of Gumball has some great Halloween episodes (at least 2 by my count), but generally anything with Carrie the Ghost is spooky great (at least 1 additional episode beyond Halloween centric ones)

TentacleBot, you do know that girl (her name's Gruftine) is from a German cartoon called School for Vampires, right?

And thanks much. Love your buxom girls art.

Damn man, I think I love you. No homo.

my dude youre missing some classics

Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo

for ghosts-

for zombies/vampires-


>Not Slither

James Gunns best work

>not adhering to the 30 minute rule

I love Phanty and use F-list frequently but I can never figure out what to say to her to introduce myself. Same for Creepy and Winnie.

I'm not familiar with f-list, people just use it to ERP?

Yes, it seems

Mostly. You can find non erotic players/games, but overwhelmingly ERP is the big purpose of the place.

So are there some good incharacter ERPs I can look up or is everything private

Yeah, we got a bit of spooky in us.
We got Viacom here, A chiseled lavender husbando, Brutal in business, but a nice guy in most cases, just don't mess with his daughters, or their content.