What went right?

What went right?

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>>Movie: Dude, God doesn't exist!
>>Critics: BWAHAHAHA! This will show those Christian bastards! 5 out of 5! 10 out of 10! Oh man, this is really going to open some eyes!

>putting a rape scene in a movie and playing it for laffs

I really wish that there'd been a content advisory on that particular scene.

Eh, I felt that was actually handled pretty well. At first Frank was a smug fedora-tier atheist who just called people stupid for believing, but in the end that didn't work because he didn't have any answers either - nobody would listen to him. His second speech was way more nuanced and understanding.

I also liked the bit where the nonperishables said how corrupted their original song had become.

>What went right?
Well, something must have gone right during the distribution process to get the movie into theaters. Other than that, I can't think of a thing.

Wait, seriously? Like how graphic was it?


From memory:
>the douche comes across a juice box
>tells the juice box that if "he tells anyone, I'm just gonna lie about it"
>rips a hole in the crotch of the box and sucks out all the remaining juice, killing the box in the process

It's about as graphic as any of the other sex scenes and was just... IDK. It wasn't funny. Shocking, but I was just repelled by the idea that the writers thought that this was a good idea.

The musical cues set it up as a comedic scene, and I guess you could reverse that and make it horrible and unfunny intentionally, but that wasn't what they were going for.

Since the juicebox and the douche were both guys, I looked at it more as a "Dudebro-Jock sucking another guys dick, no homo" kind of way.

Which still isn't really funny, but I didn't see that scene as rape in particular.

The box of grits skullfucking a box of crackers against its will kinda was rape, though.

I watched first 20 minutes and cringed at those jokes straight from primary school. Turned it off and forgot about it.

It was clearly nonconsensual. What else could they possibly do to make it clear that it's rape?

The grits skullfucking the crackers was at least a punchline.


I meant I didn't see anything about that situation as inherently sexual apart from that one joke? All murder is non-consensual, but we don't call THAT rape. Seems to me like you're looking for shit to be offended by, which is kinda stupid at the best of times but especially with this movie. Even if it was, I don't see anything inherently wrong about rape-jokes.

Also the part where the douche sticks himself up the store managers ass is technically also rape.

It's a cartoon hot dog sex movie. There's nothing that can go right.

the box of crackers wasn't alive and all the little crackers just fell out, that was the joke

>Even if it was, I don't see anything inherently wrong about rape-jokes.

It was a depiction of rape. Where's the joke? Unless the joke is rape itself is funny, but, you know, I'm not seeing how that makes it better.

>Also the part where the douche sticks himself up the store managers ass is technically also rape.

It wasn't depicted as rape. It was depicted as mind control.

I know. I was talking about the juice-draining scene. The cracker-fucking was two seconds long and actually the culmination of a joke.

Nothing. It was fucking garbage.

Well, it made the Goon and Clone High movies more likely.

Is it really atheism if the gods ARE real, it's just there's no heaven and you die horribly, the only purpose in your existence being to sustain the gods?

No, it just made films ripping off Sausage Party more likely now.

It's really shocking to me that anyone at all likes this movie, let alone professional critics. It really is the worst movie I've ever seen. Every single joke is unfunny and awkwardly written, the movie is filled with juvenille "edgy" moments that a 12 year old could have come up with, and the """message""" somehow manages to be both pretentious and anti-intellectual at the same time. Seth Rogan is an irredeemable hack and should be homeless after creating something so horrendous. I've seen bad movies before, but this was the first time I would actually describe the experience to be genuinely painful. People shouldn't debase themselves by tolerating this kind of horseshit in theaters.

It was a joke because the excessively heterosexual dudebro-Douche had to suck the juicebox's 'dick' to stay alive.

The rape (and death by dick-sucking) was supposed to make you uncomfortable and establish how evil/immoral/remorseless the main bad guy of the movie is.


best part is that this could apply to most of his movies

>had to suck the juicebox's 'dick' to stay alive.

He got fucking superpowers from it. Stop being disengenuous.

>and establish how evil/immoral/remorseless the main bad guy of the movie is.

If it's shitty writing to have rape as backstory for female characters, it's shitty writing to have rapist as backstory for male characters.

Not enough butchering of the food as shown in the trailers. They teased with everything they had pretty much.
Having rogen in it in general was a mistake; i almost walked out the second i recognized his voice.

I really liked gum tho, actually made me laugh.

>He got fucking superpowers from it.
He didn't know that beforehand - he was dying and it just turned out that way. Even took the juicebox' sticker to seal his torn body.

>it's shitty writing to have rapist as backstory for male characters
The badguy is literally a douche because it'd make a funny pun. If you're expecting top-tier writing and character motivations from a movie starring talking food and humor from racial/ethnic/religious stereotypes, then you need to go see better movies.

Everything. 10/10 movie for me. I'm not even kidding

Fuxking this

Well, critics have particularly low standards these days.


They ripped of John K's The Ripping Friends.

the character designs were really cute, pretty much everyone had their own unique set of teeth

Agreed compadre. God it was awful.


Best fucking villain I've seen in a movie all year, I'm not even kidding.

More like the blinded belief in religion only serves the higher dimensional beings who feed off of our energy like we were cattle. We can literally do what we want in life and it doesn't matter because you will die and be recycled anyway. So you can fuck the same sex and do drugs, none of this matters in the end. Just don't be a douche.

Did none of you niggers see Madoka Magica? Fucking Christ, see the truth.

the joke is that it is a box of juice not a human


thanks for the irony

are you retarded? the humor comes from the surrealness of the scene, it's a busted up douche sucking juice out of a ripped carton that's being played off as rape.