Greetings, I am Space Ghost! Welcome to the show!

>Greetings, I am Space Ghost! Welcome to the show!

>Let's cut to the chase, user. What is your superpower?

Shitpost at Australian speed

The ability to fall asleep anywhere.

Masturbate to my imagination

My back bends really far up so I can hunch over and form a very flat surface with my upper back which people are capable of piling large amounts of items upon.

So very very slow

Oh, you're a table.

More like a shelf or a desk, but table will do.

Can you help me think of a superhero name, user?

Space Ghost?

And upside-down.

To look on the bright side when no one else does.


I can fart pretty loud

Space ghost?


I don't get brainfreezes.

Space ghost?

I can masturbate for over 8 hours.

I can wear underwear over my pants and it will look good.

YOU? Stay off my lawn.

where's dothan?

one time I put 20 pairs of socks on my feet and walked around like i had a club foot

thought i could break down doors with my feet like an elephant

Trolling people until they die of anger.

Space ghost?

I have the ability to remind people of outdated memes and also the game.

I have nigh-vision, but only when my eyes are closed.