Why are villains so fat?

Why are villains so fat?

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Because gluttony is a sin

obesity is an indicator of:
-very poor genetics (in the rare case of an actual glandular disorder)
-a lack of self-control
-wanton hedonism

These are not typically traits of heroes.

Show us the Before to this After, OP.

> I need to question things that might be -ist
no you don't


I also have this vomit inducer.

Because Fat people are just the worst

Whats the comic's name? I am now curious.

It's in the image.


Never heard of 'em!

That's pretty cute actually


If you're gonna shill, be upfront about it.

Why do all the cats in this comic have big tits?

>These incredibly obvious artist changes.
>Every page is credited to just one writer and one consistent artist pseudonym.

Yeah, no. Nobody just goes from near professional level to MSPaint scribbles like that. Actually credit your artists.

>Why are villains so fat?
I can't think of very many fat villains who aren't either jokes or actually built like Olympic weightlifters. Where are they, Cred Forums?

Because there's clearly no model sheet and, over the course of a year, the girl cat just kept getting slightly bigger each page.

So you end up with a character changing from a B cup to a G cup in the span of an hour

Jesus, what happened to Lackadaisy? The art used to be gorgeous.


Whoops, meant for

I can get behind that.

fat cats are fun, but only for hugging and petting

I'd pet that pussy.


Makes you sumpathize with them less

I really like this comic. Part Weapon Brown, part Warhammer, part Princess of Mars.