New Trailer. Looks good every time

New Trailer. Looks good every time.

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How can Flash even compete?

I know next to nothing about luke cage, but this looks awesome.

>Cheese at 2:11
This gon be great

>You a double XL?

Anyways I like that Luke's not really interested in doing the hero thing. I realize that's a common trope but it's a fun change of pace. Jessica Jones was a bit of a mess and Daredevil got too caught up in that ninja nonsense mumbo-jumbo.

When's the premiere, tonight?

It all goes up friday.

>where's my money, honey?

They did it, the absolute mad men

I don't mean when the show debuts, I mean the Netflix red carpet premiere.

I hope it's faster paced. I would love if every other episode has him plowing through gangsters.

Bets on when the old black guy dies? I'm guessing ep 3 this, instead of the back half like usual.

Isn't that the woman who bitched out Tony in Civil War?

She said she worked in human resources, but it looks like she's a politician now.

Casting coincidence. She's not actually supposed to be the same character.

Fucking Stan Lee at the end.

>Sweet Christmas
The absolute madmen

>he's black so we need to play lots of hip-hop

sick of this racist bullshit

Oh, so it's like a "Villian's trailer".
Oh hey! More shots of Misty.

>And, a surprise Methodman cameo

Feels like Black Kingpin is just going to be the first half of the show, and they're still hiding the real threat to Cage.

The shownrunner was a Hip-Hop music journalist around the 90's, it's partially his "love letter" to the scene.

go back to tumblr i want to hear old school hip hop as an invincible black man beats up a bunch of thugs

found whitey

I fear that a lack of vilifying the police will cause this to fail.

Which is weird since Marvel has said they wouldn't ler one person play more than obe role. Ralph Garman did a radio voice in early AoS and they told him that that was it. Maybe they've changed it.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm looking forward to seeing the Mob throw increasingly over-the-top shit at an equally increasingly peeved invincible man.

I though Feige said actor can play more than one character, provided the role is small.

The asian dude from Captain America is a teacher in Homecoming. So is Martin Starr, and he had a cameo in The Incredible Hulk

Help, the trailer actually looks exciting but I don't want to get hyped because I'm too afraid of getting disappointed.
Especially after DD season 2 and Jessica Jones.

>tfw at 1:10
God fucking damn I love the soundtrack choices

I thought that Hispanic(?) chick left NY in DD season 1?

No she was in Jessica Jones for an episode when Jessica went to the hospital that chick works at, and helped Luke

>not expecting hip hop

You mean Rosario Dawson? She's in both seasons of Daredevil and Jessica Jones.



Nah, she was in DD season 2. She left Hell's kitchen tho. Also shes a Black Latina

luke cage is actually a good character, you have nothing to worry about
you could play him straight or go full on blaxploitation and it would still work out

stronk charismatic black man, can't go wrong

I didn't find Mike Colter particularly charismatic in JJ.

I guess it could change, or they just go for the more understated gentle giant, which I guess may also work.

this very cool, do you have a source or his name for more info?

anyone know the tracks used throughout the trailer?

Go back to your internet safe-space faggot.

Cheo Hodari Coker

nice bait mate

This looks good, but I hope the obstacles for Luke are more than "I don't wanna be a hero" and the criminals have more cards to play than "shoot all his friends"

To be fair no one was really charismatic in JJ. I blame it on the tone.

>"shoot all his friends"
Besides setting Harlem literally on fire or encasing him in concrete they really stop him

There's also drugging him the fuck up and make him rampage in the city

It looks like they are indeed going to for the gentle giant that has a monster temper when pushed too far.

They can't really go with 'stereotypical big angry black man' in this PC age.

Cheo Hodari Coker, he also wrote the Biggie biopic "Notorious", and was friends with him, back in the day.

You can read about Luke Cage and Hip-Hop, here. There are more interviews around the net.

Yea but the Asian guy can be the guys grandson

GAH! I need to get caught up so bad, I'm only half way through Jessica Jones and I gotta watch all of Season 2 of Daredevil!

Okay, I gotta marathon though all that.

Gas him with psychotropics, I like that idea

>Sweet Christmas!
goat series confirmed

love that cottonmouth laugh

*collects wellfare*
*robs a liquor store*
*smacks lips*
*sells drugs*
*gets shot by police*

Man i wish we could talk about this series but /poltv/ will make that impossible

Report it Cred Forums

Why are people acting like he didn't say 'sweet christmas' in Jessica Jones?

It is more interesting to have 2 layers than just 1, I guess.

There'll be plenty of angry black men in the show, just not the protagonist.

Drinking game.

jessica jones was a bad show, nobody even watched it long enough to see him say it

JJ is kind of a blur to me

>Stan cameo
all is well in the world

I'm trying my best not to remember anything about Jessica Jones.

It literally says when in the trailer. Pay attention.

>Mike Colter
This. He was so generic in JJ. It was real disappointing.

Peter Quill's mom was in Cap 1

I wouldn't say generic, just understated and with little agency.

He seems more invested here.

Cotton Mouth looks like he'll be a great villain

I hate this meme so much

Does it bother anyone else when Stan makes cameos for characters he didn't create? Powerman creators should get name dropped, at least.

Read the rest of the thread.

Is this set before or after Jessica Jones?

Yes it does. Especially since it leads to the misconception that Stan created all of these characters.

They brought up the shotgun blast from JJ, so I guess after.

After. Rosario Dawson referenced the shotgun injury he endured in Jessica Jones. Also, she didn't know Cage till she met him in Jessica Jones.

Good, i hate prequel shit.

I haven't see JJ yet, but I thought DD S2 was way better than S1.

well, there will be some stuff before JJ, like him getting his powers in prison. but it doesn't look like too much of it

Nah, she's the "Coulson" of the Netflix shows, so she's in all of them. Dunno how they're going to work her into Iron Fist though.

They probably won't, Foggy and Hogarth are gonna be in Iron Fist

I think Luke Cage takes place during DD S2.

Yeah, it does. When Claire shows up in DD S2, she has an injury and says that she's already busy dealing with her own shit. They said in an interview that the injury she had in DD S2 is one she's going to get in Luke Cage, so you'll be able to pinpoint between what episodes of LC her appearance in DD S2 happens.

Sit your ass down.

So let me guess, he gets a yellow shirt thats durable enough not to get bullet holes in it at the end and he complains about the color?

>Anyways I like that Luke's not really interested in doing the hero thing

Idk, I'm a little worried about the Netflix shows watering down Luke's personality. I get that they don't want to go the stereotypical angry black guy route like in the 70s books, but Luke is supposed to be a vocal dude with edge. All the descriptions and reviews for the show mention Luke being a quiet type. Seems like they went completely in the opposite spectrum just to avoid stereotypes.

I mean even modern incarnations have Luke written more realisticly, but still have that egde. Preferably something like Avengers EMH version of Luke is what I'd like to see.

>I hope it's faster paced.

Don't want to let you down, but the reviews have mentioned this suffers from the same pacing problems and monologue-speak as Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

It's not just because he's black dipshit. He's an URBAN black male who lives in New York, the birthplace of hip hop.

The whole reason why Rosario wasn't at the SDCC panel was she was filming a Netflix show it NYC, now what do you think that is. Lewis tan (Zhou Cheng) also posed a picture with her on his Instagram, and Finn and her are Instagram friends.

He wears yellow pretty often(hoodie inside and crosshatchet shirt) so I doubt it


So it's going to be great then. Good.

Well yeah but it would be kinda funny if he finally got a shirt that wouldnt tear. Im sure buying new clothes gets annoying

I hope Luke/Danny/Colleen and Misty go all "Power Rangers" and dress in their respective colours, when they become friends.

He was also wearing a yellow t-shirt in Jessica Jones when Jessica is spying on him with that guys wife.
Yellow on black guys is a pretty good mix

But his character in Homecoming is Principal Morita, so it's implied he's a descendant of Jim Morita.

Bright colours with dark skin always works well, it create an amazing contrast.

So what's the best Method Man album? I've been looking into getting more Wu-Tang stuff.

>Show with black man
>Actually acknowledges him as a black man without being preachy
Holy fuck why is this so hard for other sows to get?

Someone came up with the idea of him finding a box of yellow t-shirts after beating up thugs in a warehouse. I like that idea.

I enjoyed it a lot, most people not like the soundtrack but i think if they stick with Old school Hip Hop with a guy like Luke then it will make it more goat.

I'm also liking Cottonmouth WAY more then i should from this trailers.

It takes place right after JJ, in late 2015. DD takes place in 2016

One of the great things about the MCU is that the culture exists on a different plane than ours, so they don't need to worry about being irrelevant.

Because Luke Cage has a previously established personality. There's a reason everybody immediately jumps to "you wouldn't want a white Luke Cage" when arguing against race swapping characters to black men. It is because Luke Cage is just an all around cool character and changing any aspect of him would make him not work much like the average black man.

Fuck off back to Tumb/pol/r

Most people who write black people feel the need to make sure they preach it for some reason. It shouldn't be that hard but the writers make it hard on themselves imo.

It does actually help that 95% of the cast is black.

I'm just going to put myself out there and say, it is because most writers are white and white people simply cannot relate to black characters in the same way black people cannot fully relate to white characters. I'm not saying blacks and whites can't write other races, Christopher Priest has some pretty good runs, but it certainly helps to be able to see through the eyes of the characters you are writing.

The thing about Modern Luke is that he's one of the few heroes to have his status quo advance over the years. Luke today is always written as a guy who's matured a bit, seen a bit more of life, gotten a little slower and calmer, and has a bit more of a set of familial and "real" responsibilities he has to deal with. He always comes across as the kind of man who got his shit together, with occasional flashes to his more youthful energy.

This looks like it's heavily inspired by 70's/80's black fiction, there it's more about the black community and them having to survive as a collective then a black/white thing. It's about internal struggles within the community then the white man keeping me down kind of thing.

Even Justified did this fairly recently, where the black section of the town basically polices itself and the crime lord who runs it is more interested in keeping his community alive and waving the white cops away then trying to run the area.

No, as people literally told you Claire appears and gets an injury she has in S2 of DD. It may start at the end of JJ but it'll likely end at the present.

I could live with that

That would be great because in the teaser he says "I'm about sick of having to buy new clothes" so that would be cool, like when one's ruined he just goes home and puts on another yellow t because he has a stockpile.

Anything's good, just as long as they don't give him a Daredevil's retard tailor brand indestructo-shirt.

That is also true. But i feel like most people have so much trouble with connecting that they just begin making a character be all preachy or just "Hey so i'm this race/gender/sexual orientation, did you know that? Did ya?

and he's sick of people writing their own colour characters. He refused to write black characters for DC, he thinks people should be able to write all types of characters, with all types of ethnicities and sexualities. And he's right

Where does Luke Cage rank strength wise compared to other Marvel Characters?

Probably the strongest human in the MCU except Spidey. Hulk isn't really human.

They should I agree, I mean, I used him as an example of a black writer that actually has proven himself capable of writing white characters on occasion. I'm just saying, a lot of people can't because race isn't a minor detail. How is a middle class white woman going to write a faithful Detroit hood nigga? How is a Detroit hood nigga going to write a yuppie? The perspective simply doesn't exist for them and it shows because when these distant ends of the spectrum have to write each other it always without fail comes off looking like satire.

>How is a middle class white woman going to write a faithful Detroit hood nigga?

A white guy wrote and directed Hustle & Flow. it works sometimes.

Nah. He doesn't actually come that close to the top.

You guys think you could write a different race/gender or orientation without it sounding preachy? I'm not trying to attack you guys , it's just an interesting idea.
>How is a middle class white woman going to write a faithful Detroit hood nigga?
Shouldn't have made me laugh

He's stronger than Cap and Bucky, isn't he? Those are meant to be the meme """peak""" humans, whereas Cage is straight up super, or am I wrong?

They usually name drop the creators in some way. Like street and place names usually.

Not preachy, but it would probably still look like a parody of a black guy.

I could make him behave and interact like a normal human being as seen from my own perspective, but he would probably still say things like "DAYM SON" and "SHEEEIIIIIIT".

Yes it did bother me when he cameod in the Spiderman movies.

They're objectively superhuman in MCU

Wait, is Will Stryker not even the guy what framed him and sent him to prison in this?

Like, it's bad enough there isn't going to be a soda machine there to torture him. Further removing the personal connection to his first villain (because he didn't not get Reva in this) weakens that plot point.

Some of my best stories are written using a female lead character. All it takes is to be open to a character's personality. Maybe some of the roles will take a little research but that's it

I know, hence the quotes.

But the question doesn't even arise when talking about Luke.

Well, the mob boss ends up in that ridiculous jacket which presumably gives him superpowers, so there's that for the finale, at least.

Well, the fact that you can recognize where you could go wrong is a few steps ahead of some white writers. All you gotta do is stop yourself before everyone sees you fucking up.

I think that wouldn't be too bad. As long as you weren't trying to be a gigantic asshole

I didn't see it

Do you guys think they'll go the "heroes for hire" route?


Season 2 has been hinted as such.

I think he's a 4? But I'd need to check again after work.

Good god, is the Thing really that strong?

>Like, it's bad enough there isn't going to be a soda machine there to torture him
How do you know this?

It's weird Luke Cage has beaten Wonderman and Doc Samson before.

Wonderman whose tier 1 and Doc Samson who fought enraged hulk for hours without getting tired.

Ohhhh my god I'm excited.
Sounds like the music is gonna be so good too.

Oh yea. Thing is that strong and pretty much indestructible.
The FF are powerful as fuck

He can go a few rounds with Hulk, thats saying something
>We will never see this in live action

As much as I dislike the Fantastic 4, it's pretty much this.

When your weakest member is a guy who can basically turn himself into a flying fusion engine you are dealing with heavy weights.

Yeah the guy keeps fighting the Hulk and (rarely) winning but he can kinda hold his own. His strength is usually understated.
I love that Thor design honestly.

I'd like to see EMH versions of a lot of characters but sadly I don't think Loeb would allow it.

>Laura Haddock
>Kenneth Choi
>Tony Curran
>Martin Starr
>Enver Gjokaj
>Matt Gerald
>Nathan Fillion
>Vin Diesel post phase 3, apparently

They don't seem very strict with that rule.

Wildly inconsistent.

Before you go to sleep tonight, say "Biggie Smalls" three times in front of your mirror. If you do that, he will come out the mirror and pop a cap in your ass.

With a 44 no less

Looks much better than the first trailer.

>Viola Davis played the woman who confronted Tony Stark about her dead son
>Now she'll be an ally to Luke Cage
>Was also Amanda Waller

>Viola Davis

There are several things very wrong with this post.

That's Alfre Woodard, not Viola Davis, retard.

Davis is only in the DCEU, whereas Woodard is gonna be playing two separate characters in the MCU.

Like any other Bendis favorite, he's whatever the plot needs him to be at that exact moment.

There's a reason Thing vs. Hulk is a classic match-up. Hulk may be stronger than Thing when appropriately angry, but that's offset by the fact that Thing is more durable.

>I love that Thor design honestly.
Reminder that that's Eric Masterson Thor, not Thor Odinson. Eric is based.

>Not preachy, but it would probably still look like a parody of a black guy.

So, exactly 70s Luke Cage?

>Further removing the personal connection to his first villain (because he didn't not get Reva in this)

This. Jessica killing Reva was one of the dumbest parts of Jessica Jones Season 1. There's no way Luke should ever forgive her.

Will watch only if it keeps having interracial sex scenes.

Daredevil x Cage prefered

Rosario Dawson sex scene would be agreeable

this fampai

OK, that was a HUGE freaking spaner in the works for Luke/Jessica, what bullshit do you think they'll pull for Danny/Misty?

>changing any aspect of him would make him work much like the average black man.

let me correct this

With method man and the news cameras in the first trailer, it looks like Luke is gonna be the first "popular" defender, in that he'all have a much more public presence


>Luke cage
>not expexting hip hop

Drink bleach


>what bullshit do you think they'll pull for Danny/Misty?

They're already going to have Luke have sex with Misty in the first episode so we'll have to see. Having Luke and Danny be eskimo bros is going to be a little weird.

Lets just hope they don't go all in and make Misty and Colleen "Slick Sisters".

It is always on a Friday. Most Netflix shows do Friday premieres with some exceptions (probably because they want people to watch it all over the span of a weekend) but all the Marvel ones so far have not been one of those exceptions.

>Not Luke and Danny


>Especially after DD season 2

Which was great

Bet you right the fuck, now, the "Spanner in the works", will be Joy freaking Meachum. She might hate him in the comics, but she'll be a childhood acquaintance of Danny's, that's compassionate to him.

hating it is quite an old meme, pay no mind

I think we can safely assume that Harold Meachum's office building won't be deathtrapped up like a video game level in this show. And he probably won't be murdered by The Ninja possessing Colleen's grandfather.

Nah, too unrealistic for Marvelflix. I understand that user that said it was expecting to be underwhelmed going into the series, because it will be nothing like the colourful comics and instead a dour TV drama with one long plot and villain. The Ninja possessed her father not grandfather.

Speaking of Iron Fist, an Iron Fist writer will now be working on "The Runaways" for Hulu.

I think they can still do the whole Danny confronting Harold scene in the Netflix show. Harold hiring henchmen to kill Danny can still work, and the scene where Danny confronts Harold and sees him in a broken state is too good not to be used. Plus normies will be surprised when the Ninja (or they could always use a generic Hand ninja) kills Harold and Joy walks in and blames it on Danny. Plus that leads to Joy forming an alliance with Davos (who's also hinted at being on the show).

I think there's no way we won't get that confrontation scene. It's too good not to be used. Plus the teaser image for Harold Meachum's casting mentioned Harold being in a sick condition. Everything's set up for it to go down.

Didn't she sleep with him in one of recent books? Like where he and the new Power Man teamed up?

Why would anybody watch this shit? JJ was fucking horrible and DD was a mess for s2

I can definitely see that set up, but we're certainly not getting "a house of thousand traps".

>A Hand Ninja, instead of "The Ninja".

Ahhhh, that certainly answers that question.

Probably because JJ was pretty good and DD season 2 did very well.

Brenda, I think? Who was pretty much joy.

the MCU has never particularly been concerned with adapting the comics.

>JJ was pretty good
>DD season 2 did very well
How do ratings make something more enjoyable?

Luke has shitty villains. SHITTY!

They pretty much confirmed Danny and Joy will be a thing in the show.

If you though the pre-fandom shit was bad, you wait until it comes to shipping. If you know how black women are treated in fandom, people are gonna throw every reason under the sun for why Danny is better with Joy, than Misty.

I really hope we get some Tombstone in season 2.

Isn't he wrapped up in rights issues, or is he O.K now?


It's nowhere near as a bad as anons on here make it out to be. Most of it is pretty rewatchable.

>How do ratings make something more enjoyable?

Goods things tend to get viewed a lot, ex: Stranger Things.

JJ is my fav capeshit to this date, and it is for many people. It's just not something for everyone cause it's mainly about addiction and being a mess.


I can already tell this show is going to be really socially relevant. Finally something on TV is going to address the scourge of black on black violence. It's about time.

I'd assume he's ok now.

Was Bendis writing.

Lies! Discus and Stiletto are top tier!

Okay, home from work, can confirm Luke is a 4.

How can he make "Sweet Christmas" sound like something people actually say?


Being a mess sure, since literally every character but Luke is in need of therapy.

I hope the villains are solid. Kingpin was great but Purple Man was exhausting.

That user was full of shit. Nothing that he said couldn't have been guessed from set photos and the people making the show said it had the potential for having the most villains in one show for Danny to fight.

By not being a SJW show

Luke Cage isnt even his real name? Huh

Nigga have you never read even a single issue of Luke Cage

>Nurse lady
When is she getting her own show already?

Are you new here or something?


Wow, have you ever even watched that shit?

She'll be killed in Defenders.

Why would they not be able to?

>Plain black hoodie
Oh come on. I'm assuming he'll lose it for that camo jacket pretty early? Because the back hoodie just looks stupid.

Yes. Fuck Stan Lee. He surely doesn't deserve his own movie unless it's going to be about how he stole a bunch of people's shit.

How are they any goofier than Spidey's or Flash's?

Will there be super powered bad guys?

Seems about right. His greatest strength and defining power is his toughness, not his raw power. Even in JJ, they heavily implied Jessica is stronger than he is.


>in the same way black people cannot fully relate to white characters
I'm black and this is not true at all. I relate less with Luke Cage than an average white character because I didn't grow up in Harlem or a shitty city and deal with gangs and shit.

He's made outta rocks. Of course he is.

no, just never read any luke cage. Ive read comics with him in it, just none specifically about him

They had one scene that suggested that. When they actually fought Luke appeared stronger
Pretty sure he's been upgraded since there.

I'd say that's because the show tried its damnedest to not show Jessica using powers.

1) What's people's obsession with wanting Tombstone in Luke's show? Is it because of Luke Cage Noir? Is it because their both super strength black guys?

2) I think there would be restrictions on Tombstone because he'd fall into the Spidey family. We have yet to see a Spidey associated character given up to Marvel tv.

>1) What's people's obsession with wanting Tombstone in Luke's show?

Lack of familiarity with Cage's own mythos, probably.

If you have no taste
>e-everything I disagree with is le meme
Kill yourself.

Cage is basically straight up super.

It is, you just have low standards
>Goods things tend to get viewed a lot
This is the most retarded opinion I have ever seen on Cred Forums, good job.

If you didn't like season 2 you don't like Daredevil. Sure it wasn't as good as season 1 but it was still good.

Cap is not a peak human where the fuck did this retarded idea come from? He is a SUPER soldier who took the SUPER soldier serum, not the peak human serum. This is supported by him getting weaker and slower when the serum was taken out of his system in Streets of Poison

>Is it because their both super strength black guys?
Pretty much. Personally I think a great villain for Luke would be Johnny Ohm.

how can either even compete with Ghost Rider?
wtf are they thinking

Are you autistic or something? You contradict yourself in your own post.

>more shitposting and saying nothing of value
Kill yourself.
No, it wasn't good.
It had potential to be good, but squandered everything and the moment Elektra appeared became absolutely terrible.
>inb4 Frankfag
>inb4 "comics have it" is the same as "show handled it well"

I missed those storytimes we were having a while back of all of the essential Luke Cage. Any chance someone could do an abridged repeat of that before Friday?

Chemistro is a top tier villain and no one will convince me otherwise.

>and saying nothing of value

cause your posts just offer so much nutritious value.

>Criticizes people for having opinions that aren't his while saying people who critic people like this are stupid

Complete idiot

He used a fake name because he had just escaped from prison and didn't want to be tracked down.

So it is set on MCU right? Also set on Harlem?

I thought Hulk destroyed a part of it?

right the fuck on

To be fair, that was how long ago?

I wonder it would be mentioned in the show

where was Luke during that? did he already had his powers?

Maybe in prison? Its not a big deal that he wasnt involved with that incident. Hes out of his weight class and he'd probably be helping his neighbors if anything

No, but the reason you think it was her is because the writer of The Living Weapon never bothered to ask an editor "Hey, did the guy who killed Danny's dad already have a daughter who wanted to kill Iron Fist for killing her dad?"

There are literally two different woman who hate him for that. Joy Meachum is his wife's daughter, who eventually forgave him, partially when it was revealed he wasn't the one who killed him, but mostly when he let her run the company while he tried to get used to the world.
Literally that entire subplot in Living Weapon could've been solved if that woman gave her half-sister a ring.

Just look it up on the desustorage.

No, but that card is full of shit. His first name is Carl Lucas, revealed in the first damn issue.

They let him take it user. It's their fault

That user's still at it (at New Avengers now), so just check Desu.


Here's all the creators, as listed on the first page of his first issue. The first writer, artist, inker are dead, and I can't even find anything else the letterer has done. So that leaves Stan Lee, the editor, and Roy Thomas/John Romita Sr as a vague "considerable creative contributions".
Honestly, if they're going to use Roy Thomas for one thing, I'd prefer saving him for Iron Fist, since he at least wrote the first issue (although Gil Kane is dead).

>can't even find anything else the letterer has done or even details on his life

It wasn't, tho.

In the first issue he just went by Lucas until he came up with Luke Cage. I don't think Carl Lucas was revealed until the 90s Cage series.

John Romita did the character design for Luke Cage. I'm not sure what Roy Thomas contributed.

Decades of 616 canon. He is, officially, peak human and not superhuman.
Does not apply to Ultimate or MCU though.

I refuse to watch a series with a negro as the main character.

Calling it now
>Reporter: Can you at least tell us your name?
>Luke looks pensively at the news crew
>Cold cut, Luke's apartment the next morning
>Supporting character: POWER MAN? You told them your name was POWER MAN?!
>Luke: I don't know! It was all I could think of!

Or some other sitcom-tier setup

Maybe, I should have emphased the tone, then. It will have those elements sure, but it will feel surely different.

When's it out?

What's more SJW, a show about niggers killing each other in Harlem, or a show where fan favourite characters suddenly become niggers, but not ghetto nigger, successful niggers.

It definitely has more value than "M-MEME" and "u autistic".
If you really thought the whole Black Sky mess, inferior fight choreography and terrible finale were "great" do the world a favour and kill yourself before you reproduce and spread your moron genes.


>What's more SJW
Some user nigger complaining about a capeshit show with niggers on a board for degenerate niggers.

Better than how it came up in comics.
>"WTF, how come I'm not being mentioned on the front page, but Captain America is?! Must be because he has a cool name..."
>multiple hours later later
>"Just call it black power, man."

I know that sounds like a Smallville bit, but I swear to god, that's where he came up with Power Man from.

If there's another BLACKED seen, I'm fucking done with DareDevil, JJ and other Marvel shit on Netflix. I don't need to see that shit

>It bothers him so much he sees Matt and Danny getting blacked in his head too
>he even saved an image to his hard drive to to post here
Seriously though, what do the other Neflix shows have to do with this?

>his wife's daughter


I'm so immature

So like every Netflix series so far?

Stan Lee is apparently a popular cop in these netflix series... maybe it all leads up to an actual cameo in Defenders as their police contact?

Maybe they just had a picture of Police Commissioner Stan in that lobby for some reason?

Human beings aren't that different from one another. There's a reason why Shakespeare's plays have been adapted so many times.

If you write your characters without race or gender, you'll come out with a stronger story. At least that's been my experience - trappings of race and gender usually big down stories unless they're explicitly about that subgroup.

Cred Forums get out

Trailers are already so catchy, this damn show is gonna make me wanna start listening to nigger music, isn't it?

>Vin Diesel post phase 3, apparently

In what way? I only remember reading that he would've like to do Blackagar in the MCU.

He likes any part where he doesn't need to speak much because he's incapable of enunciating clearly.

You know, he has a white wife irl. He dominates the white women


Yeah, which is why I think that user was/will be disappointed.

I'm gonna be mad if Luke bones Misty.

It's not that they won't be able to, just curious how they'll work her into the narrative. It worked for JJ because JJ mostly took place in Hell's Kitchen, then she met Luke through that. I don't think they've actually specified what neighborhood Danny is going to be focused in.

>I thought Hulk destroyed a part of it?
He did. That happened in like 2010 in-universe. 6 years is more than enough time for repairs to be done.

Don't watch the first episode, then.

What's the business district of New York?

I need the anger to know I still feel.

I think that's night nurse...?

Educate yourself son.

JJ didn't get blacked, Cage got whited.

Read at your own risk.

It's the reverse, he had a mistress on the side, who also had a daughter.

The confusion is pretty funny considering both Colter and Davis are cousins

Why? They were together for a short time early in his comic.

No they weren't, that was Claire Temple.

Why are people so salty about something like this when so many changes have happened in the MCU already?

For those people who thought you were seeing things, when a first press release said Iron Fist was third, you weren't crazy.

Helps that they hadn't secured a showrunner, and also dealing with all that anti-hype. Speaking of, JJ, LC are getting all these accolades for how it handles certain issues of race and gender, I wonder how Iron Fist is gonna go down.

Tbf, making Danny and Luke Eskimo bros is just fucking weird.

New Luke Cage featurette, this time focusing on Harlem.

I was afraid the action would be JJ tier but it looks way better

THis entire page is gold. Cage Thunderbolts were a fantastic era and definite step up from the Thunderbolts during Dark Reign (when Osborn publically disbanded them and tried putting a new unit together--with significantly less positive results).

You just don't mess with ships man

I'm OK, right now, but if he hooks up with Joy, then I shall become the human personification of a salt mine.

MCU New York is starting to feel like actual Marvel New York. Seriously, every district has some kinda shit going on, whether its mind controlling britbongs, ninjas, autistic kingpins, alien attacks, rampaging green monsters, or Frank. Why the fuck would anyone live there?

Also, I have a hard time believing there's ANOTHER gang leader in New York. When you make the implication that Kingpin had new york's underworld under his thumb, the fact that he's never brought up outside of DD just seems rediculous.

People regularly put down roots next to earthquake centers, tinderboxes prone to wildfires, floodzones, and active volcanoes. The easiest excuse is that the Marvel craziness isn't actually all that common compared to day to day life, which is easy enough to account for by treating the comics as obviously only showing the interesting bits. People just deal as they always do: by not being able to really move elsewhere and having the comfort of ignorance.

I thought he just had all the underworld within Hell's Kitchen under his thumb. JJ didn't really need to bring up the underworld at all because it was Purple Man being a shit for the show; not much of JJ beating up thugs or gangsters.

Outside of DD is just one show so far. We'll see on Friday.

He actually has Hell's Kitchen under his thumb, not the whole city. Also, you don't know much about gang shit if you think there can't be more than one boss in NYC.In the 70s even when the Mafia was at the height of it's power there were still different bosses depending on the region, especially Harlem

Hell's Kitchen is four feet wide. Fisk was running way more before he was brought down.

They never mentioned any other regions or neighborhoods. They just made Hell's Kitchen seem huge.

I thought that was just because Fisk was interested in buying Hell's Kitchen to gentrify it.

There's no way he'd have the money to do that if he was only in Hell's Kitchen.

What I got from it is somehow, Fisk made a bunch of money and plenty of influence. He then focused that influence on Hell's Kitchen. I figured he has connections around the city and beyond, but he wasn't the one running the whole city. He still had partners he had report to after all.

No shit?

>Implying you don't already

It's the simple things

Its a shit show, terrible acting, scripts, directing, etc.

Is not about the content, which is bad, is about how shitty the execution was.

Is this seriously a reference to the Rise of the Imperfects?