What Cred Forums things do you hope for?

What Cred Forums things do you hope for?

That Marvel gets bankrupt and closes shop, somehow.
Cause I don't think there's anything they can do to fix it at this point.

>> Liam Sharp stays on Wonder Woman for a long time unless Rucka starts pushing Social Justice bullshit.
>> When Liam Sharp eventually gets off Wonder Woman he is given a dark gritty run on Aquaman.

That CN can get out of it's funk, because both Nick and Disney XD shits on them hard right now when it comes to long runners, current new shows and upcoming shows

>> Stuart Immonen stops wasting time with Millar's bitch ass, returns to Marvel & is the lead artist on a relaunch of Squadron Supreme, replacing Kirk's bitch ass.

Netflix proves that western animation doesn't need to be aimed at children or an adult comedy to be successful.

2000 more issues of 2000AD.
For Judge Dredd to get a writer who can do a proper epic besides Wagner.
A new Jonah Hex ongoing some day.
Reprints of Ostrander's Hawkworld.
Denny O'Neil coming back to comics in some capacity.
Some new long form Garth Ennis series.
For my Future Shock to get accepted by 2000AD

I have hope for JLA.

I have hope for Lakewood Plaza Turbo

I have hope for Marvel canceling its shit Disney XD cartoons and making new ones.

Scott Snyder to switch to Marvel. Him and Bendis having epic battles "inventing" old characters and creating new OCs. This ends up in an enourmous implosion of Marvel, killing all the bad characters and storylines and preventing Bendis and Snyder writing cape comics ever again.

>> I want Ivan Reis or Fabok to launch a Hawkgirl ongoing after the death of Hawkman.

But Snyder is fucking incredible while Bendis is generic crap.

I wanted a Green Lantern/Batman space mysteries series either as a comic or show but it hasnt happened so Im doing it myself with donut steels

We get another spinoff Justice League team with...
>> Martian Manhunter
>> Mister Miracle
>> Barda
>> Mera
>> Stargirl
>> Shazam
Fist arc involves them helping Miracle rescue Barda from apoklips.

Fuck hope. It's a cruel tease and leaves nothing but constant disappointment.
At least despair makes you think straight and see things rationally.

I hope Netflix makes more quality action cartoons like Voltron. It is honestly my favorite original streaming show.

I hope that Rebels will finally turn into a decent show after just being mediocre.

I hope DC Animation stops being so shitty and leaves The New 52 and Bruce Tim's incest fetish behind.

For the new season of Samurai Jack to be amazing.

For the next thing Genndy does after that to get Sym-Bionic Titan going again.

Dynamite to actually do something with the Chaos! property, and for it to not be mediocre at best.

>Bruce Tim's incest fetish
That's not what incest means, bitch.

Young Animal to be successful.

For Milligan to work again with McCarthy and Fegredo before I die.

Booster ongoing not written by Jurgens

They don't have to be related to fuel the fetish any more than porn actors do. It's the relationship they portray.

That Flash season 3 will get back to season 1 levels of fun.

That Disney does something, anything, for Phineas and Ferb's 10th anniversary next year.
It doesn't even need to be a special, just put out some special merch or bring back the WDW Meet and Greet, ANYTHING.

>It's the relationship they portray.
That of a boss and his assistant? He didn't fucking raise her, moron.

>> We get another Storm series with chessecake galore.
>> David Yardin on art would be really really nice.


That redesign from that shitty X-Men cartoon from a few years back is the best Storm design.

>> More of this, this season of AOS...


Batman had a very fatherly relationship with Batgirl for decades. Did you just start reading comics?

I hope for Pacific Rim and Metalocalypse.

I learned never to hope, so that the sting of disappointment will no longer hurt me.

I hope for the Justice League movie to be at least decent.

I hope for Infinity War to be a good movie. I have my faith in the Russos.

Solo to make an eventual return, showcasing new artists' talent.

For Moore to be on good terms with DC and Morrison.

For Morrison to be on good terms with Millar.

For Superbro to come back.

I hope for Cred Forums shitposters to leave.

I hope for DCEU discussion to be less cancerous.

That somehow Megas XLR comes back from the dead.

I hope my webcomics get popular.

Are there any examples of this? Bojack's still a comedy.

No. Hope was the cruelest affliction loosed by Pandora on mankind.

Don't let it poison you, Cred Forumsmrade.

>do you hope?
>check catalog


People are so stupid with hiw they use thatvword, like Cap liking Peggy's great niece and suddenly he is commiting incest.

>I hope for DCEU discussion to be less cancerous.

That won't happen until we can avoid company wars bullshit, and part of that is being able to be honest that the DCEU movies have been pretty bad so far. This is NOT saying that the Marvel ones have been good, or anything about Marvel at all. We need to be able to talk about what went wrong with the DCEU movies without all of that stupidity from either side.

I totally agree. I'm almost completely sick of that one autist spouting nonsense, and I say this as someone who enjoyed Man of Steel (it's definitely not perfect but it's okay).

For Marvel to get it's head out of its ass and start making better comics

For the general public to get tired or cape movies

For Diamond to die and for publishers to find a viable alternative before the collapse of physical publishing

>and part of that is being able to be honest that the DCEU movies have been pretty bad so far.
But some of us believe they factually have fucking not been.
>We need to be able to talk about what went wrong with the DCEU movies without all of that stupidity from either side.
And we need to be able to love and cherish them without being demeaned or talked down to you piece of selfish human trash.

Come on, what does Nick have on besides Loud House, FOP, Spongebob, and shitty live action shows? Nickelodeon has been in the gutter for years now.
CN is still way ahead of them.

The people spouting nonsense are the kino retards, the person you always call autistic for no understandable fucking reason hasn't said a single thing that is nonsensical.

I agree. I much prefer Despair; it makes things more interesting.

I believe the DCEU isn't beyond redemption.
Maybe the next movie is the good movie!

Did someone hit a nerve?

Calm down, man.

>Way's Patrol to last at least more than 21 issues
>Bendis gets fired
>Ewing to be the new GotG writer
>Shade the changing girl to last at least 21 issues

Uhhh..for ROM to last a long time and get some cool new toys?

>A relaunch of ''The brave andthe bold'' with two different characters working as a team almost every issue
>Plastic Man and Phantom Lady (Sandra) ongoing series


Superboy leading a new Gem13 series.

>> For Ivan Reis & Joe Prado to do a long male Thor run.

I'd really like comics in general to be more successful.

They stayed to basics with the Trinity.
I'd like Flash & Aquaman Earth One to be more new & unique.
Maybe have Aquaman be more merman like.

>death of Hawkman
Why would you want this?

It's already been announced.

Young Animal doesnt bomb, and actually save DC

Way becomes the new Morrison

I become the new Way

What happens to Morrison?

The new Moore.

He becomes the new Alan Moore

More Western comics, especially Hex.

>Justice legue dark movie
>Constantine season 2,3, 4,5 etc.
>Cancel flash i am so goddamn sick of people who can go fast and their stupid fucking speed space
>Bring Hawkman into the movies and he's not a magic re-incarnated fuckboy, hes a fucking proper flying judge dredd thanagarian mother fucker with a jawline

Matt Groining's next show

That would mean the end of the comic industry as a whole. Every company needs the other, the market wouldn't survive if one of the big two closes up shop.

Nah that's bullshit, the LCS floppy market would collapse. Companies like Fantagraphics, D&Q, and First Second that don't really compete with the big two and sell primarily through booksellers would be fine.

How? I don't see Morrison becoming a grumpy old man.

I hope for Morrison's Flash story in Multiversity Too to be the somewhat All-Star Flash. There's a lot of big Flash stories with universes on the line and stuff. I want a Flash story that's personal, inventive and makes me cry and laugh.

Would it ever be too much to have a show that manages to have a fun episodic premise without a main plot, romance characters and just have fun with itself in such a way that isn't autistic?

I'm still holding out for a third volume of Witch Doctor some day.

Harvey Beaks

A Netflix Moon Knight show is all I fucking want.

A fucking interview

I hope for the intended end of Wander over Yonder

Disney will do a movie, I'm sure. They know rabid, exploitable fans when they see them.

A new, non VR Arkham game. The Spider-Man PS4 game being good. More capekino videogames, particullary, a AAAA Superman game.

>Superman 64 HD

I hope for Jim Lee and Frank Miller to finally finish All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder.
Dan Jurgens off Action Comics
The crazy guy I met to two weeks ago to stop being a bitch over nothing.

I hope Bendis turns into a black jewish lesbian.

>Young Animal to be successful.

Beware The Creeper mini from Brendan McCarthy. Mirkin backups by Milligan and McCarthy

Kid Eternity from Si Spurrier, Marco Rudy and Trevor McCarthy. Backups and covers by Yuko Shimizu.

CN to get out of their weird funk. SU is good, but AT is slouching and RS is about to end, and meanwhile the network's whoring out Ben 10, PPG, and TTG to no end.

A crash of capeshit, cinematic and comics. Not because I think it's unsalvagable, but because a crash like that would force a wave of creativity like we've never seen before. That, or the death of Cred Forums. Win win either way.

We actually find a good way for independent animation (2D and 3D) to get the support and attention it deserves. Netflix is putting out good shit, but you can't run an entire industry off one website.

For the Fantastic Four to come back.

For Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders to be decent and fun.

For nice, reasonably-priced trades of classic Jack Kirby. I'd love for DC to put Kammandi or the Fourth World back in books I don't have to shell out upwards of $100 on Amazon for. And don't get me stated on the delayed-forever Captain Victory TPB.

For a little worthwhile Steven Universe merch.

For more Shazam! by Jake Parker and Doc Shaner. Might as well wish for the moon.

kek so hard

That Transformers/DC crossover. The batman/tnmt one seemed to go down well, and there were plans for TF/DC so why not

>Every company needs the other

Every company could die tomorrow but if we still had DC, Marvel and Image the market would barely change. The only significant change wold be Image soaking up more indie readers

It's sad but it''s the truth

I wish that Groo the Wanderer would get an animated series, 13-20 episodes minimum that had Garfield and friends animation-quality level or above. Adapt some of he best Aragones stories for it, fuck censors so the battles are still comically violent and end on some sort of closure note for good old Groo.

Have the guy who voices Gumball's dad do the lead role, while I'm wishing...

>nd part of that is being able to be honest that the DCEU movies have been pretty bad so far.

More like "part of that is to think like me"

Kill yourself

>and actually save DC

DC already saved itself with Rebirth

>I hope MCU next phase is going full multiversal and an Squadron Supreme movie.

For Infinity War I pray Vision & Thor have a incredible beyond epic drawn out battle with Thanos that is Mos in style, scope & scale.

A Witcher movie with Tom Hiddleston as Geralt.

Earth-712 to be restored and to have the original Squadron Supreme back.

an animated adaptation of The Long Halloween and its sequel, Dark Victory.

I hope you fuckers learn the difference between "to" and "too".
I hope something good happens with Martian Manhunter soon.
I hope someone at WB has an epiphany and makes Aquaman's DCEU costume orange and green.
I hope Marvel gets its shit together.
I hope CN gets a new show with a unique artstyle.

>and there were plans for TF/DC so why not
There were?

For once I agree with you Boco.

I guess all the Cred Forums related stuff I'm hoping for is the Adventure Time movie to both be released before I stop caring about the show and be really good.

I hope everyone gives The loud house a shot, cause it'd be nice to have more people who've been here a while talk about it.

Also hope that all traces of RWBY on this board disappear to a place they can never return from.

>for Moore to be on good terms with DC and morrison

fuck that. Moore doesn't need that bullshit

I hope Venom is good. (It won't be)
I hope Clone Conspiracy bombs (probable)
I hope DC keeps doing well.

On that matter, I don't think Steve and Sharon are a good pairing, at least in the MCU (I don't know anything about their relationship in the comics). I don't get that same kind of feeling that I got from Steve and Peggy in The First Avenger. There also wasn't not nearly enough development for him and Sharon to have kissed in that scene in Civil War. Hell, there has been barely any development of their relationship period. In fact, if I remember correctly, I don't think I actually realized they were in a relationship at all until that scene.

Teen Force appearing in "Future Quest."

Having a real life

>that doom patrol and blue beetle will recover from there rocky start
>that u.s.avengers will be good
>that nuppg will not get a 3rd season..

Duke Thomas and Harper Row are two of the worst new characters of the past decade.

Snyder still continues to throw them at our face though because they're edgy and different.

Oh also
>that deadman dark mansion of forbidden love will be a hit


What do I hope for?

>Bendis, Aaron and Hopeless are blacklisted like Austin and never work for any major company ever again.

>Gaiman finishes Miracleman sometime in this decade.

>Superboy-Prime gets an ongoing series.

>The New X-Men get a push while Bendis and Aaron's OCs are forgotten about.

>Miniority heroes are given their own identies instead of just being legacy characters.

>Abnett or Landing either writes an Inhuman ongoing or does an X-Men saga whose quality is on the same level as their cosmic stuff.

Somebody picks up Karnak after Ellis
Iso centered Arc
Ewing on Inhumans
More Hulkling stuff
Orc stain gets another chapter

I hope that one day anons will realize that replying to a bait post with an "almost got me" type post, still means that they took the bait

I hope Randy Qween's Starfall gets a release date soon.


I really hope comics go back to episodic formatting sometime soon. I'm getting sick and tired of waiting months for bits and pieces of a story for absolutely no good reason.

Decompression has brought nothing of value, even though you'd think writers would use the extra length for character development or world building, but they don't Instead, it's just a long slog of fucking nothing.

We really need anthology to come back, so we can get a complete story every single month.


I pray for this every single day. That, and other similar things that happen when people try to one-up the baiter.

>For the Fantastic Four to come back.

I hope for Annihilation and Conquest trades. I don't like omnibuses.

Conversely, I also hope that Dark Horse collect the rest of Mignolaverse into larger books.

>Marvel stops being super tryhard SJW, and things go back to the 70s-80s semi status-quo
>the last few episodes of Autism Universe are a bad patch and not a preview of things to come
>MCU stays the way it is to a decent extent, doesn't stray too far from its current path
None of these things will happen, it's all going to shit

What's ROM?


so bojack, archer and family guy does not exist?

For Ares to be in his classic or Injustice armor in Wonder Woman (2017)

Another season of generator rex

>Consider the Following

I just realized that image has some nice reaction potential.

Looks like someone got triggered.

You're thinking Madhouse.

Yes, it was a crappy anime adaptation.

Yes, it had the best Storm design.

Disagree that it was bad.
Best animation & designs of the 4 series easily.
Best characterization of Emma Frost I have ever encountered.

I hope, that one day, every person in this nation will control their own destiny! A land of the truly free, dammit! A nation of action, not words -- ruled by strength, not committee! Where the law changes to suit the individual, not the other way around! Where power and justice are back where they belong, in the hands of the people! Where every man is free- to think, to act- for himself! Fuck all these limp-dick lawyers, and these chickenshit bureaucrats! Fuck this 24/7 internet spew of trivia and celebrity bullshit! Fuck American Pride -- fuck the media -- Fuck all of it! America is diseased -- rotten to the core...there's no saving it... We need to pull it out by the roots! Wipe the slate clean -- burn it down! And from the ashes a new America will be born! Evolved but untamed! The weak will be purged, and the strongest will thrive; free to live as they see fit! They'll make America great again!

Armstrong, pls, this is Cred Forums, not Cred Forums. Go back to your cuhrayzee generals or what have you.

>More giant robot cartoons/comics
>More action cartoons in general
>All the comics I like remain consistent in quality

I hope that all the frames of animation in Newer Cartoons would be produced in Hollywood U.S.A. instead of South Korea