Be a kid

>be a kid
>watching cartoons in the living room
>relative passes by
>comments/makes fun of what's going on in the show

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My mom kept ruining Disney movies for me because of this.

>I'm watching Dragonair Kettle
>Mom walks in and sees the scene where a girl farts and the comic relief mentions it's his fetish
>banned from watching anything without being in the living room between the hours of 12 PM - 8 PM
>still can't watch anything at any other time anywhere else

Fuck that movie

So glad I moved the fuck out because now I can watch my non-sexual movies without people think I'm in it for the farts. Jesus christ mom what the fuck you should know I'm better than that.

>"Cartoons are just for kids. You need to grow up."

>Dragonair Kettle

no results on google. wtf is this?

Even adult shows are for kids now. Everyone knows Family Guy, Simpsons, and South Park are mostly watched by kids who aren't even teens yet.

I got so sick of my mom calling every cartoon I watched "stupid" and asking "why do you watch this" all the time for years that I'd have to divert her attention away from the screen whenever she walks in and something that could be seen as dumb is happening.

>eight years old watching Rugrats with cousin
>aunt walks in and switches it off, saying we're too old for cartoons
>my little mind is blown by the concept of being too old for cartoons

You get a job at 12 user, live moves FAST.

Eight years old? Your aunt sounds like a right cunt.

>Eight years old
>Too old for cartoons

What a bitch

Your aunt sounds like she was in need of a dicking.

"I watch whatever I feel like watching; is that grown up enough for you?"

Said this to my brother a couple years ago, he hasn't given shit since then.

>be east euroshit
>communism and shit
>no cartoons, only propaganda
>mom never watched any cartoons
>be me today 19 yo
>mom is 46
>we often watch Tom & Jerry together

Ok but just like the "you can't watch cartoons if you're an adult" retort, that's not a completely opinion-level "right" response, because if you choose to watch fucking teletubbies or something then that's pretty fucking not grown up of you.

This whole "cartoons? as an adult??" mindset is just shitty because it's hard to counter it without sounding like a dumb fanboy saying "it's got adult undertones" or something.

Your mother sounds wonderful.
That doesn't always work.

I don't watch stuff as brain-dead as that. He caught me watching an episode of Samurai Jack when he said the "grow up" comment.

yea hes doing you a favor, go to work dude

I just tell people to mind their own shit, but it's actually really rare for me to find someone who gives shit to someone else for watching cartoons as an adult. Now, giving shit to adult people who are diehard FANS of cartoons and anime and what not happens more often, but then again those barely count as human so who cares?. Plus, in those cases you aren't making fun of the cartoon, but of the person being a weirdo all over it.

Yeah I get a lot of shit for watching American Dad and South Park

>why do you watch shit for kids lololol

Cause I have an immature and vulgar sense of humor, fuck off

>not keeping your finger ready on the button on the remote to change the channel to a neutral "adult" station if anybody came within sight of the tv

Was I the only kid that did this? My phase for being embarrassed for watching cartoons started way too young and lasted far too long, but I only watched cartoons, so I did this whenever I watched tv for my entire childhood and a little afterwards. My backup stations were always nature documentary channels.
>tfw gramma comes in, I change the channel away from cartoons, and she sees me watching a nature docu scene of a lion eating an antelope and she STILL says "I don't know how you can watch this stuff"


I feel personally offended when this happens.

thats the point

As a fun fact Gene Deitch's episodes of Tom and Jerry were produced in Czechoslovakia. He didn't like Tom and Jerry though.

I like how odd those cartoons were, but the slapstick felt a bit shocking to me.

There's this quote from CS Lewis that I like

>“Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”

My mother watches old school toons with me too because it reminds her of her childhood, and we recently watched a few Flintstone episode and she was surprised at how that show wasn't for kid especially since she used to watch reruns of it when she was a little girl.

old school Tom and Jerry is a very timeless cartoon that any one can enjoy because the humor is visual and it doesn't require you to know an obscure pop culture reference or know another language. You just need to know the Cat wants to get the mouse and that the mouse fucks with the cat.

>be a kid
>watching cartoon with parents, watching with me or just in the room
>song comes on
>break a cold sweat
>scramble for the remote to lower the sound or, failing that, start talking loudly over the sound until it is over
i cring evrytiem

>be a kid
>watch action cartoon in the living room
>characters start screaming while delivering the most cheesy lines possible
>with the power of friendship!

I would watch DBZ a lot as a kid and while my mom didn't watch it with me she was always around typing shit for her work on the comp so she would sometimes have it as a background noise.

Then one day when I was 20 we were at a mall buying stuff for christmas and we pass by an anime store and she sees a picture of Goku and she goes "Oh look user! It's Kakarot!" kind of surprised she knew that name over his Goku name but she told me it's because she would hear Vegeta scream it a lot and it got stuck.

I go to college now and this still happens to me.
If I want to enjoy a cartoon or a videogame I need to not have an audience at all.
Why am I so insecure?

Disney movies must have been horrifying endeavors for you

>Watching cartoon
>dad walks in
>Pont's out something about the show, not even in a negative way
>quickly be unable to not notice it
>show ruined

Thanks, dad. Like I needed to think about how much hell Angelica is going to get back on her when she starts her period. What a guy you are, dad.

>still can't watch anything at any other time anywhere else

How old are you?

>it's another Cred Forums tries to deny cartoons aren't for kids thread

I specifically responded so I could let you guys know that was in the past, I forgot to say the "glad i moved out" bit in that first post.

Glad this never happened to me. Live action shows are so bad 99% of the time. Superhero stuff finally got me to not say all live action things are bad, and there are a lot of good shows from many years ago. These days though, don't even try.

They are.

But many aren't exclusively for kids. The fact they keep hiding in more adult jokes and references is proof of this.

There's only like 3 Cred Forums cartoons that are made for adults, the rest is made for kids.
Face it, western animation was always aimed for the young minded.

Wrong. Cartoons were for all ages and used to be played before films at theaters. It was only around the late '60s/early '70s (cable TV, Hanna barbera) that cartoons came to be considered "for kids"

Have you heard of Boss or Damages (first 3 seasons).
Good good shit.

>thinking live-action is bad

Watch Always Sunny. It feels more like a cartoon anyway.

The pain is real. Why does this even happen.

This, but don't watch it in large doses or you'll start to find it more depressing than funny. Take your time with it.

>Older sister comes by.
>She's 15 at the time.
>"Ugh, user, these shows are so lame!"
>Steal remote, puts on Dr. Phil.
>Pretends she's smart for the rest of the day.

Me and my cousins would just annoy the crap out of our uncle whenever he did this. When it got too much he'd just turn the tv back on and go back to carving novelty handles for tools.

Eventually I got into the habit of switching channels every time someone walked in.
It eventually got on everyone's nerfs, but I didn't care.

I've never seen a person say this before. I agree with you man. Most of the live action movies nowadays are BIG BANG BOOM, cheap jump scares, or "comedy" all of which modern directors and writers suck ass at. At least a cartoon has something pretty going on.

>About 5 years ago

>Dad walks in
>"You watchin' that South Park/Bob's Burgers/The Venture Bros (insert adult cartoon here) shit again, user?"
>"Yes... why?"
>"dumb shows..."


>watching Regular Show
>Dad comes in
>"Oh, Regular Show? What episode is it?"

I don't get my father's reasoning here.

>watching cartoons, maybe anime
>sister walks up an says "what're you wattching, nayruto?"

>years later
>she falls for some nerd guy she met in college
>now she wants to know about comics and cartoons

somethin' personnel, sis

Well, it's understandable to look down on South Park, since it's filled with "stupid" humor about poop and saying curse words and ha ha this little boy got anal cavity search, etc.

Regular Show is stupid but in a different way, it's just a little more wholesome It's like how grown-ups love to watch Tom and Jerry.

South Park hasn't been clever in a long time, Bob's Burgers is very solid but has one of the ugliest art styles to ever curse a visual medium, Venture Bros is top tier and anyone should be able to pick up on that after more than a few minutes.

The implication always seems to be that movies/TV series are somehow okay to watch for adults since they're "adult." But the truth is they're complete garbage.

>relative is dead now
>suddenly miss their stupid comments

In fact, a good number of said shorts would play before films kids would be too young for.

I swear, I just randomly and magically fell in love with Tom and Jerry and found it hilarious one day. Does this happen to all adults? Couldn't hardly get a chuckle out of me as a child.

I like this story

It's a dog whistle. The actual title is "The Holy Mountain."

>Ok but just like the "you can't watch cartoons if you're an adult" retort, that's not a completely opinion-level "right" response, because if you choose to watch fucking teletubbies or something then that's pretty fucking not grown up of you.

No, you are wrong. Being grown up is being in control of what you want to watch. If I want to watch a show that's aimed at little children, then fuck you, I'm watching it, because I'm an adult and I watch whatever the FUCK I want.

Just this morning I watched an episode of Sesame Street in which Elmo sang a song that went something like "weather weather weather weather weather weather weather." Suck my dick.

user's just insecure.

What were you supposed to watch, then?

My mom did this with anything I did

But not any Nu, Pogodi?

>a dog whistle

>some anime pops up on Toonami
>"What's this gay gook shit?"

>tfw my peers/family watches cartoons
is there anything else besides the jodorowsky movie? because I don't remember anything like that in the movie there's still a bunch of other gross crap like the frogs getting killed IRL and the main character getting his ass sponged

>be 8 or so
>Bobobo-Bo-Bobo is on Toonami
>want to watch it but at parents' friend's house
>tell them I want to go somewhere and watch it
>parents and even the fucking family-friends proceed to start mocking the show to my face, saying it's stupid
Pretty embarrassing.

>child takes an interest in something
>mocked by adult figures for it

You're getting old user

>western animation was always aimed for the young minded
Underage, please leave.

When I started watching Steven Universe every time it aired my parents started questioning me about stuff that wasn't important like the future or "priorities" in my life, constantly interrupting my enjoyment of the show and forcing me to have to *shudders from a sudden chill down my spine* illegally view it on an internet video streaming site at a later time on my macbook.
Nerds to them though, now that I'm in college I chose to move into a dorm with people who actually care and respect my opinions and don't try to jeopardize my value as a human being, and by doing this I've also become much happier in life with such a greater amount of freedom with having left my decrepit relatives back where they belong.
Now I continue watching Steven Universe whenever I want to without having the money dispensers get on my case about it, as far as I'm concerned they are dead to me for being just like all the other haters trying to drain my energy and pulling me into the pits in life.

>Ok but just like the "you can't watch cartoons if you're an adult" retort, that's not a completely opinion-level "right" response, because if you choose to watch fucking teletubbies or something then that's pretty fucking not grown up of you.
In Japan it's okay for adults to watch whatever anime they want so long as they're productive in society such as breadwinning or maternal care.

>I go to college now and this still happens to me.
Maybe because your parents expected you to be focused on studying and planning out what you're gonna be doing after college, and not sitting on your ass watching kiddy shit.

My sister did that to me all the time. I developed a pathological fear of sharing my interests with others.

>Watching show
>Sexy female character shows up
>"Is she your girlfriend user?"

I actually wonder why children are drawn towards cartoons and other animations, no matter what the actual target audience is they'll watch and enjoy it anyways even if they don't understand much of it.

Japan does a lot of things.

Wait, so your parents banned you from watching certain things even when you were in your late teens/early 20s?

You and I have the same dad

>tfw never had to deal with family complaining about cartoons because my dad and uncle were already into comics and cartoons

Pretty colors/"in-your-face" action. children tend to feel like the TV is talking to them even if they should know better.

>be a kid
>watch anime and shit
>our uncles and family buy us stuff from said series
>one aunt makes fun of dbz but joins us in watching because she loves the voice acting

best family ever I guess

Aw man, that's nice.

My mom called me some time back to brag that she understood a Big Bang Theory reference to the DC Multiverse.

This went to back to a moment when I told her that I felt out of touch for liking different things. So she asked me to explain my comics books. She sat there and listened to everything.

I should call her.

i never midned what other people thought about cartoons. it is what it is, and if they cant appreciate it its their loss

my dad does this to this day even with live action things

How are your grades, user?

damn user, i didn't know that your dad was krunk from the emperors new groove

>watching EE&E or any other cartoon with a weird or gross looking artstyle
>sister says "you're gonna be a drooling idiot if you keep watching that"
>mfw years later I graduated from high school as top of my class

>years later I graduated from high school as top of my class
I'll take shit that never happened for 600

Okay, now you gotta tell us how she did. Please tell us that she crashed and burned.

Tell a kid they're useless and they'll grow up a winner.

Tell a kid they're special and they'll grow up a burnt-out failure. Take it from me.

Nah she's alright

Shut the fuck up sis

This gave me the unfortunate habit of trigger fingers on the remote. Any time someone enters the room when I watch TV, I rapidly change the channel.

Y'know, not everyone on here is a loser like you.
or me

>Tell a kid they're special and they'll grow up a burnt-out failure
Unless they're millenials sheltered by their parents in which case they grow fat leeching off their parents' cash and become conceited dickheads who think the sun revolves around them.

>Tell a kid they're special and they'll grow up a burnt-out failure. Take it from me.
Seconding this from personal experience.

>>Get Skyward Sword from my sister for Christmas.
>>Playing it that night
>>Dad comes down, sees my playing, sits down on a coach
>>Him "You know, your brother got his job by not focusing on fictional worlds."
>>Pause the game. Sit there for a moment. proceed to turn off the game.
>>Him "Oh no! I didn't mean for you to stop playing!"

My parents are such jerks like that. Another example.
>>Making Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich
>>Mom comes in
>>"Ooooh, if you keep eating those, you'll get fat!"
>>Flat out turn and throw it in the garbage.
>>"Oh no sweetie! I didn't mean for you to do that"
>>Leave the kitchen.
>>Sister tells me later that she pulled it out of the garbage and tried to save it for me.

Your sister sounds chill af user

Is there a way to fix this? Not trying to turn this into /r9k/ but how do you get your drive back?

>Tell a kid they're useless and they'll grow up a winner.

Saying it right now, that's super rare, since a lot of parents don't say that out of caring, and usually that kinda fucks the kid.

>Sister tells me later that she pulled it out of the garbage and tried to save it for me.

Damn, that is one caring sister, mang.

Is your sister hot user?

Your parents sound like assholes, but your sister sounds like a good person.

This thread is getting unexpectedly feelsy

Your sister turned out alright. Fuck your parents, though. Not in that incestual way, just fuck them with a cactus.

Yep. She is pretty awesome.
Nice try.
My parents are kind of strange. They do care, but they almost seem to express themselves in weird ways. For example, my mom has a habit of trying to save everything. She'll mix peanut butter together if one jar is low. Her dad was a strict "don't waste anything" WWII vet, so she carries that over to now a days. She's the type that will say to cut around the moldy part of a piece of food.

Society won't let you fix it. American society, anyway.

I should specify, my younger sister got me Skyward Sword, my older sister was the one with the sandwich thing.

>dad was a TV hog
>Changed the channel on us all the time
>Tfw he would switch it to fist of the north star or dirty pair

Also found out he really likes harem anime since he binged some monstergirl highschool thing for like a week

all i got are 5 brothers. 3 of them i never see, one i hate to the core, and 1 that's a complete fucking asshole but still like him. the last one is very wierd

your sisters are pretty cool senpai

Also should specify further, cause I don't know if I worded this correctly, that my mother pulled the sandwich out of the garbage and tried to save it for me, and my sister warned me that she did that. I mean, it did go in the garbage.

>Be in my room, browsing my phone while at the TV there is one of these cartoon for toddlers(maybe the one with George the monkey, I can't remember)
>My mom enters and ask me why I'm watching that cartoon for babies
>"Uhmmm I watch it in an ironic way"
She actually seemed to believe it, I didn't know truly how to respond

>>Him "You know, your brother got his job by not focusing on fictional worlds."
Listen to your dad, user. I kept right on focusing on fictional worlds and assumed I'd be creative enough to make my own and live off of it one day.

I wasn't, and now I have nothing but a worthless degree and zero experience with anything else.

That's funny, because I do have a useful degree and still can't get any good jobs!

>tfw don't have any degrees and already working for Amazon

Why does anyone do anything

Just let it all burn

Did your family abuse you?

Degree's outside of some top-tier shit like medicine or engineering are pretty worthless honestly, might as well just go to work right after school if you don't want to be a doctor.

what about economics?

Masters in Business Administration.
Doesn't do jack.

>Be 4 year old me
>Watching Voltron
>the princesa ends up naked by accident
>mom voice is heard "WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING"

>tfw both of my parents watch cartoons with me

Our parents lied to us and told us education was important, that a college degree meant success no matter what. Now we're all ruined.

>brother lent me the Street Fighter movie on VHS back in the 90s
>copy of a copy of a copy quality with crappy subs
>Chun Li shower scene, uncensored
>watching it in the dead of night at 2 am at extremely low volume, not making a single noise, quiet, all doors closed
>mom suddenly knows through some kind of fucking Meddling Mom Sense that I'm watching something inappropriate and fucking teleports right from her bedroom into the livingroom

how the fuck did she know


>parents or other relatives aren't around when watching tv
>female character has a shower or other suggestive scene
>everyone and the dog pass by where i am


If the quality was as poor as you say, how could she even tell?

Chun Li's titties are unmistakable my dude

>Dad watched alot of cartoons and some anime(mostly 80s and 90s stuff)
>Turns on Adult Swim and complains to me about what they did to his childhood shows Space Ghost and Sealab.

At the most, he tried to watch an episode of Space Ghost coast to coast, but he didn't get it.

> My Dad watched alot of cartoons and some anime(mostly 80s and 90s stuff), including a bunch of Hanna Barbera and Looney Toons
>Turns on Adult Swim and complains to me about what they did to his childhood shows Space Ghost and Sealab.

At least he enjoyed Toonheads(we sometimes watch some old tapes when we get the chance).

>Also found out he really likes harem anime
Your dad sounds like an alright guy.

It's easy to tell, dude.

Yeah, it was some supernatural shit

>Parents (who though having no higher education have had jobs like airport supervisor, sales associate at good family run companies, and now rent out 35 apartments in a high tourist area in Mexico, bringing in borderline six digit wages) constantly kept pushing me to go into uni after school
>Did only to realize I'll walk out with a completely useless piece of paper that I paid a ridiculous amount of money for
I swear anyone past 30 see's uni as this big glowing castle that basically guarantees you'll walk out making millions of dollars

I swear mothers have some kind of sixth sense when it comes to this shit, that's not even mentioning that woman who normal makes a ton of noise walking around with the creaky floors and constantly wearing hard sole sandals in a house with hardwood floors can start fucking levitating when she senses something off.

It's definitely fucking sorcery my dudes.
At least I've never been caught wanking.

I've heard black and mexican moms are the worst for this. They have mysterious mom powers that make white moms look completely absent by comparison.

I've had friends and schoolmates who'd back this up. My white mom was a formidable opponent when she was on her game, but there were gaps in her omniscience I had no issue exploiting.

Don't get a useless fucking degree and/or half-ass your education then. Like 60% of college graduates get out only to realize nobody's looking to hire some slackjaw with an Associates in ant farming.
You go for higher education then it had better be something in demand or actually useful in life like a trade or STEM. Four fucking years of garbage ain't gonna bring food to your table.

At least they're not Chinese moms, though. I've heard nothing but horror stories about them. East Asian moms in general, but Chinese moms especially.

is your sister hot? did you bang her when parents werent home?

I still have older family members that insist I go back to college. They don't care what for, they even say "Just go for anything. Go for what you want to do and just get a degree." And they honestly seem to believe that's not terrible advice.

>walking past son's room in the dead of night
>dim blue glow coming out from under the crack in his door
>no sound at all- he's got the volume turned uncharacteristically low
>he must be watching something shady

It's that simple.


>be a kid
>It is the late 80s/early 90s
>at house with a single TV
>Parent/GrandParent/Uncle/Aunt wants to watch either weather or the news (or sometimes sports)
>can't play video games or watch cartoons.
It was even worse when my family went on vacation. I wasn't allowed to leave the hotel by myself and by the time I was old enough to I just didn't go anymore.

>be a kid in the early 90s
>parents had an old TV with a dial for volume
>no remote control
>every single fucking time I walk past, no matter how stealthy I am
I guess I wasn't as stealthy as I thought I was, but holy good god damn was I ever happy when we finally got a new TV with volume control on the remote.

>around 8 or 9
>watching pokemon
>dad walks in
>"why do all these girls have such pointy tits"

Often that is exactly what makes you so suspicious.

>just got into anime
>buying all the good old stuff at local video store
>got berserk
>watching the 100 man slayer scene
>dad walks in asking what the noise was about
>just said "just watching some dumb cartoons"
>he wanted to watch
>he loved it
>watched all of the series with him and he enjoyed all of it
>he was devistated during the Eclipse.
>died from working accident a good month before Berserk2016 aired

Still feels good to know we could both enjoy together while it was still good

>Watching Grim and Evil
>Dad walks in
>British from a much older generation
>Puke humor
>Very astutely "Wow this looks stupid"
>Sits down and watches
>End up watching Billy and Mandy, Futurama, and later Phineas and Ferb together when I was in college

I'm happy to have my dad

Damn user. this girl i know actually lost her father to a factory accident around the same tim. feels bad man

Geez, I hope that didn't mentally fucked over that, losing people in work related accidents hits emotionally harder than they should.

>growing up in early 2000's
>middle child, the odd one out
>my brothers were extremely sports and had social lives as time went on, i just sat inside and watched cartoons all day
>interests in anime/cartoons being the only thing we had in common
>grow more distant and recently have stopped talking altogether due to a nasty fight we had which concluded with me getting bruised ribs
>life goes on.jpg
>older sibling becomes dead beat teen dad
>younger brother is a literal landwhale
>I'm now 18 and trying my best to improve my mediocre drawing skills while finishing up my last year of highschool
>days of watching anime with dad inspire me to become well known and give western animation some fucking pride
>have a ultimate/unreachable dream of making animation a respectable art form in the west and not have it just be considered for children
>whenever i draw i think of days of watching naruto with my old man

A user can dream i suppose

>Be Hispanic living in deleware spongebobs on that one fuvking episode where it's a documentary about working at krusty krab
P.o.o.p comes up proceeds to spend the following decade telling me not to watch that shit anymore literally would say this about ever fucking thing on tv had to secretly watch the golden compass when. They where our in HBO because they banned me it for religious reasons fast forward to 2012 wanted to see Dark knight rises in theaters fuvking James Holmes shooting they use it to prove some point about how it's an evil anti religious movie and I can't watch it because it's trash to this day they still bitch to me about what I watch pretty sure it's directly responsible for me being such a bitter athiest

>Later found out my parents where way more hollow and unstable on the inside then they let on
>Mom still begs everyone to go to church on Sunday to getvthevfamiky together
> We all secretly hate each other
> No real love anymore

naw, she's a very strong woman, and probably the strongest person i know. though she is a sweetheart, she can be a bit of a doormat sometimes which i always point out from what i heard about her dad's death it was very slow and excruciatingly painful

Shit, dudes, sucks to hear. Knew a kid in high school whose dad was crushed between a wall and a garbage dumpster while at work. Poor dude was devastated.

>dog whistle
Dog whistle is a type of strategy of communication that sends a message that the general population will take a certain meaning from, but a certain group that is "in the know" will take away the secret, intended message. Often involves code words.

ok but what was the point of hiding it you knucklehead

How in the world does the name of a Pokemon communicate Holy Mountain?

Never stop following your dreams, user

My dad does that thing sometimes where he insinuates that because I don't like watching 'serious adult movies' (things like Twelve Years A Slave or war movies, Oscar-bait kind of stuff) that I need to face reality or something.

It's kinda weird because he loves the fact that I collect action figures and constantly says how cool they are, so it's not like a 'you need to grow up' kind of thing, but the fact that I prefer animated or comedy films because they make me feel good is lost on him.

>loved DBZ when I was a kid
>2010 rolls around in high school
>DBZ Kai is on Nicktoons
>DVR it
>My mom sits and watches it with me
>she ends up liking it
>watches DBZ Kai with me
I'm 20 now and she still hates how slow Kai moves, but if she only knew how bad it was with regular Z. She still likes to watch it whenever I have it on Toonami or on my Blu-rays.

>today 19 yo
nigga what?

I like it

>Grew up with a deaf mother
>She was similar to in that she believed that lowering the volume to 0 would save her an appreciable amount on her electricity bill
>condo then house we lived in felt abandoned because there would be absolutely no background noise whatsoever

She still does it to this day.

I came into this thread expecting memes not to feel. It would be great to be able to get a bunch of couches into a big room with a projector and just watch random Cred Forums stuff with all of you. Keep liking what you like so long as it doesn't actively cause harm to yourself and others there is no issue with it.

>Family is out of the house for the day
>gonna marathon a bunch of cartoon movies
>for once the TV will play something that isn't big bang theory or everybody loves raymond.
>turn on netflix and put on The last Unicorn
>Parents come home much earlier then expected
>Dad doesn't care, goes to play vidya
>Mom sits down in living room.
>Every five minutes it's "this is a stoner movie", "why did he do that?", "does he want to fuck the unicorn?", "why is being human so bad for a unicorn?", "why did he put the unicorns in the ocean?"
>about ready to do like pic related
>movie ends
>go to fridge and grab booze
>start up EEnE big picture show on YT
>commentary starts up again
>drink every time she opens her mouth
>run outta booze 3/4s of the way through
>movie ends
>"finally I can watch my adult shows"
>turns on everybody loves raymond
>Fumble my way to my room to be done with what was supposed to be a good day.

Now I just wait until like 3-4 a.m to watch anything longer then 30 minutes like I should have done in the first place.

I believe in you, user.
Never stop drawing.

I have a friend just like you user. You are not alone.

>Very different from dad
>I'm more of a creative type, he's a brash city guy
>I liked to draw and play video games, he worked with his hands
>Not a lot of common ground between us aside from Springsteen and fart jokes
>About to go to bed late one weekend
>Mom and lil brother are already asleep
>"You going to bed?"
>I was
>"Hey, come watch some TV."
>It's midnight
>I'm 8
>This is huge, holy shit
>Flip through the channels looking for something
>"Eh, how's about this?"
>It's The Simpsons
>The dude ranch episode
>It blows my fucking mind
>I laugh so hard I almost wake up the entire house
>Dad is laughing with me, trying to keep things quiet at the same time
>Finish the episode, go to bed
>Wake up the next morning, know I need more Simpsons in my life
>Watch 3 episodes a day (2 on Fox 5, one extra on Fox Philly)
>Simpsons is my life
>Is something contemporary that both me and my parents can enjoy
>They love all the older references, explain stuff to me like The Birds, Adam West, Richard Nixon, etc.
>Have like all the box sets, tons of merch
>Dad takes me and my friends to see the Simpsons Movie opening weekend at 10pm
>Funniest theater experience I'd ever had at the time

Fuck I love The Simpsons.
I'll laugh at shit like Ape Island and Hank Scorpio and "NO, MONEY DOWN!", but only occasionally does it hit me just how massive an influence that show had on my life.


>cheap jump scares
Whatever happened to good suspense?
Even when movies go out of the way to avoid cheap shit like jumpscares they end up being boring shit like Babadook or Orphanage.
I haven't enjoyed a single horror-movie in the last ten years if you don't count Inland Empire as a horror movie.

Dude, you should watch The Taking of Deborah Logan.
It's guilty of doing the found-footage shaky-cam thing a bit, but it's also got some of the most unsettling moments and imagery I've ever seen.
>mfw that part with her arm

Older people seem to think having a degree in anything is useful because "at least you'll have a degree on your resume even if it's not one the employer wants"

>talking to dad about movies when I was 15
>He lets me know he and my mom didn't want to see most of the shit I wanted to see and only did it because they loved me

To be fair this is a man who was made to sit through both Batman and Robin and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation in the same year because I wanted to see them.

Who doesn't want to fuck the unicorn though?

I recommend Pontypool

I can't get past the concept, to be honest.
There's some part of my brain that thinks it's too silly and all the horror feels diminished to me.


>Be me as a kid
>Love Yu-Gi-Oh, both the card game and the show
>Mom buys subscription to Shonen Jump because it has Yu-Gi-Oh in it
>End up being introduced to all kinds of other anime and manga
>Despite Shonen Jump including manga like Yu Yu Hakusho, which involves demons, hell, and murder, that's fine
>Not allowed to watch shows like Ed, Edd n Eddy, because they're "stupid and gross"
I mean, on the one hand I don't really think mom actually went through and read the other manga, so I guess she didn't know that (though I have my doubts as she carefully removed the free Yu-Gi-Oh cards before I damaged them due to being a kid). And on the other hand, I did get introduced to a whole lot of anime and manga. But it always confused me why violent stuff like that was okay, but supposedly stupid stuff wasn't. Maybe she didn't care about it being violent so long as it was at least semi-intelligent?

>go to see WALL-E with my dad and sister at a theater in wisconsin
>everybody loved it
>go to wal-mart right afterwards
>dad finds a shirt with a fish on it
Dad jokes are so great

Literally the same except my parents are a bit more loving

>Sitting up front near TV in late 90's
>Years later I have shit tier eyesight and wear glasses all the time

>tfw your mom loves Space Ghost
She and I were pretty saddened about C. Martin Croker's passing last week

>mom banned us from watching yu gi oh because of "demons"
>was always kinda paranoid that she'd do the same with Jackie Chan Adventures because the villains of the 2nd season were referred to as "demons"
>she never did
>in retrospect given that she's been an anime fan since the 80's and played dungeons and dragons, she's a lot smarter about these things than most religious parents and didn't consider non-christian cultural demons to be different

I'm an only child with pretty supportive parents. My figure collecting started as a kid, because usually a character I really liked would be rare, (I was so happy as. Kid to find an android Krang fig) and a few others that where likely scalper targets.

Any way because of this my mother can recognize basic casts of things and it's funny when my cousins who are starting to have young kids will ask for Tmnt or spider-man toys or something, and she'll ask if they have so and so character and the parents don't have a clue who she's talking about.

Extra awkward when you're a faggot, let me tell you what

>Ha ha, yeah dad, she sure is hot
>Christ user, I was kidding. You think that cartoon mouse is hot? What a queer.


>and didn't consider non-christian cultural demons to be different
fuck I meant "the same" not "different"

>went to church camp the summer when Yu-Go-Oh! was taking off
>couldn't bring my Yu-Gi-Oh! notebook because it would be considered satanic
>every kid still managed to sneak in Yu-Gi-Oh! cards to trade and play at nighttime when the counselors were asleep
Good times mayne, I miss going to summer camp for that and Boy Scouts as a kid.

Wait, that doesn't make any sense. Yu-Gi-Oh monsters weren't demons, they were more like Stands, in that you summoned them from your spirit to protect you or do battle with others, and that their death would kill you.

I mean their Ancient Egypt versions were Stand like. Not the cards. The things the cards were based on.

>every popular thing is deemed satanic by whatever local church
Sure feels good to not be american sometimes.

You cant win.

I don't think the people who ban it are familiar with the lore user.

Pokemon arent exactly demons either.

I actually went through a phase that started in the 4th grade, where I thought I was too old for cartoons and pretended not to be into them because of this. Sometimes I would watch a them a bit while under the guise of spending time with my little sister. I didn't start actually watching cartoons on my own again until I was like 16 or 17.

Well yeah, but the user said his mom had been an anime fan since the 80s. If this was true, she would have already something to reference it to. I mean, if she played something like SMT or something before, maybe I would get it because she would compare it to that instead, but...

have already had*

>Dad walks in on me watching cartoons as a kid
>A dirty joke is made
>He's trying not to lose his shit while I have no idea what's going on

>have a ultimate/unreachable dream of making animation a respectable art form in the west and not have it just be considered for children
I'm right there with you
We're all gonna make it user...

Economics degree is completely useless. You not only will go into debt to pay for it, but you won't get a job, and you also won't understand shitty about economics, since you will certainly be taught Keynesian economics, which isn't real economics.

post your work, user

that he has good taste?

I had both of my parents take me to the Power Rangers movie back in 1996 or so. They don't remember it as much, but I imagine they were bored as fuck to put up with that shit without a cursory knowledge of what the hell the Power Rangers are to begin with.

More Cred Forums than Cred Forums but anyway
>Like 8 years ago
>Watching Naruto with my brother after lunch in my parents sleeping room
>The TV in the livingroom is occupied by my mom while my dad usually does a napkin after lunch
>Before going to sleep starts to watching that show with us
>Every episode he sprouts comments like "Ahahah seems like KAKASHI fucked up...Ahahah KAKASHI"." Damn, look at those giant tits!"
We stopped shortly after

This has never been a problem for me because I always holed up in my own room with my own TV, but I've noticed an annoying tendency of my mom and grandma interfering with my sister's kids viewing experiences by talking over everything that happens, and it makes my niece and nephew visibly uncomfortable.

Who /itsalwayssunnyinphiladephia/ here?

Also Peep Show and I'm Alan Partridge are worth watching

My mum let me watch Neon Genesis Evangelion with her on TV at age six.

She stopped being cool the older I got though.

Worst shit I got was
>Watching one piece at an uncle's house because I missed bobobo
>it's a "every character is gonna cry" episode
>dad and uncle say something like what a bunch of babies

>Watching some show with a female lead like power puff girls
>Parent comes in "watching a girly show eh?"

>Now my mom just says "my little baby is watching his cartoons"

Idk I don't really care, but I think that one piece thing was one of the many steps that got me to hate anime.

>I hate anime because people make fun of me for watching it
You're an idiot.

She was trying to give you hints to fuck her whenever a teen sex or molestation episode came on.

No I started to hate anime because they pointed out something stupid my dumb kid brain didn't notice until then.

>want to watch it but at parents' friend's house

>I hate anime because other people pointed out "flaws" that never bothered me
Okay. You're still an idiot. You shouldn't let other people affect your ability to enjoy things.

I think you're just putting words in my mouth now. You're also saying that opinions don't change even when a new perspective is given.

It's not like One Piece represents all anime existing

>not cutting contact with all family members once you have a job and move out
baka desu senpai

Of course it's not. I'm not saying that it was. I'm saying that over time I've grown a dislike to anime.

>dad finds a shirt with a fish on it
I don't get it

Did your parents never try to crush your spirits user?

>Tell a kid they're useless and they'll grow up a winner.
No that never happens, your sister mocking you is not the same as your parents doing it.

>You'll never amount to anything! You were born trash, and you'll be lucky if you grow up to be garbage!
>Sir, would you like to cut the umbilical cord?
>Let him cut it himself. Let him learn life ain't one big party!


My dad weirded me out one time when he said that Ahsoka Tano was hot, this was for the premiere of that star wars cgi movie.

He never said anything like this before or after.

I wonder if my mom is right and that fall did fuck up his brain somehow. I remember him smashing my 360 controller because no one told me we were going on a trip and I didn't prepare.

>late 20s
>still do this when roommate is in the house even though he watches moe weebshit and has specifically stated he doesn't care

My family fucked me up.

How many Hispanic people live in Delaware? Do you know all of them personally?

Cartoons are made for children .I will never understand you guys .you are what is wrong with this country

What country is that?

With what country?

>My sister did that to me all the time. I developed a pathological fear of sharing my interests with others.
Man, I get you.
I stopped playing with LEGO and watching Digimon because of her.

Worst is when they come in and start watching over your shoulder without a word.

>Tell a kid they're useless and they'll grow up a winner.
What if they beat it into them that they're useless?
That shit fucks you up hard.

Then they constantly say that you're the best part of the family and you're going to make something of yourself one day, but then whomps the living shit out of you because you're going to "grow up useless".

>and give western animation some fucking pride
>>have a ultimate/unreachable dream of making animation a respectable art form in the west and not have it just be considered for children

I believe in you man. I have the same dream but I don't really have an interest in drawing, maybe someday when I've struck a fortune I'll be there to fund anything you got.

If you only knew that she was using the secret bitch tactic in order for you to get off the tv. I guarantee you that she gives no fucks except only when she wants to watch what she wants, she would still do it if you were into sports.


My mum would take me to see anything I wanted, but would always fall asleep during it because the darkness of the theatre always relaxed her.
She'd wake up at the credits and we'd sit through them talking about the movie waiting to see if there was anything at the end Long before everyone sat for the trash at the end of Marvel movies and even though I knew she didn't see the whole thing, I was just happy she wanted me to enjoy things.

>"Hey mom, I just called to say I love you"
Do it user, call your mom.

I liked The Babadook desu

"Damn, look at those giant tits!"

Your dad is based af

>Be watching early Toonami
>Watching an episode of Bleach
>Alls good
>Mom walks into my room
>suddenly fanservice scene showing the Orange haired girls cleavage
>Mom gets upset with me

Stop, come on

>Mub millennials

Nice may may

Because people have a tendency to be judgemental assholes.

I am glad that my dad was weeb so i never heard of this in my house. I miss watching Haruhi with my dad

Do tell

>"can you watch something better instead of these chinese cartoons?"
>every slav dad in the 90's

>Tell a kid they're special and they'll grow up a burnt-out failure. Take it from me.

So true

>mfw my mother actually walked out on Wall-E before the first ten minutes were even over.

>constantly growing plushie collection
>family don't bother me at all about it
I wish I could share this feel with some of you guys

I can share that feel with you.
I only collect Pokemon plushes and my family will occasionally get me one for Xmas or something.
They know I like it, so they don't care.

>watch DBZ during lunch everyday with dad
>mom is at work and dad just powereats at home before rushing back and never even hints at watching the screen
>during the battle between goku and freeza throws a tantrum about how bullshit it is that it was supposed to be 5 minutes long

>tfw dad die when I was 10 years old due to heart attack for lifting too much
>Will never watch Medabots and Transformers with him
>Will never watch Star Trek/Star Wars/Westerns with him
>Will never play weird vidya he brought/borrowed-from-his-friend-and-burned-it-in-a-CD-for-me-to-play-because-the-prices-were-bullshit with him
>Will never listen to music with him while teaching me how to defend myself against bullies
I miss my weird dad.

I have no idea what he's reffering to or what's going on here. Source please.

I can't blame them.

It's good stupid though.

>'60s/early '70s (cable TV, Hanna barbera) that cartoons came to be considered "for kids"
You can thank Star Wars for that.
>Star Wars comes out
>Releases all sorts of 6 inch collectable toys
>Toys companies follow
>We get shit like tiny G.I.Joes, Transformers, He-Man, and horses
>They make TV shows aimed at kids so they buy their products
>From then on cartoons are mostly exclusive to children

>watching anime in living room
>sister asks if their speaking mexican


fucking Vegeta

Well this a Bhutanese locksmithing board

Did you actually watch it seriously?

Inb4 >responding to a post after 15 hours
Fuck off, I don't care.

It's the fact that your interests are one sided. I love animation, and watch tons of kids shows, kids movies, foreign animation, you name it. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy more "serious" stuff, like old Bergman movies, or Fellini, or documentaries or whatever. Or books, fiction and non fiction. Most people I know though always take to one extreme (really light hearted, fluff stuff, exclusively read genre fiction) or the other (100% grim serious stuff all the time. Only non fiction.) and look at the other extreme with disdain, as though they're afraid of it in some way. It's bizarre to me. Though if my life is anything to go by, clearly I'm the weirdo...



I still feel bad for making my mom sit through the animated The King And I movie when I was tiny.


Well,I remember being bored and being somewhat interested in a scene where the monkey painted some shit on a poster...I'm also quite sure that this show was the most interesting thing at the TV in that yeah it was almost serious

Yeah, it's strange how -literal- children's cartoons are often times very fascinating, especially that monkey.

So how are you supposed to get a job once you're stuck with one of those degrees everyone on here says you'll never get a job with? I don't want to kill myself.

>watching Bobobo
>characters are "fishing" for reverse mermaids or something (top half fish, bottom half human) using jelly as bait
>younger brother and friend come home
>completely stoned off their asses
>scene changes to some toast-person screaming about how he wants some of the jelly, while ripping off pieces of his head

>brother's friend freaks out, screaming at me to turn it off, literally shitting his pants because he's so terrified

>mfw years later and I still tease him about that

Can't speak for any of the listed degrees or even american ones at all but by applying to loads of places in the hope that one accepts. I think I sent 80 or so out until I was accepted for a paid internship, followed by an unlimited contract.

Also knowing people helps immensly and I hear that's even more true in english countries/companies.

>Also knowing people helps immensly and I hear that's even more true in english countries/companies.
Pretty accurate, even more so than a degree.
It's disgusting how it's more who you know rather than what you know.

Sorry, user.
Comics and cartoons until you die isn't so bad.
After all, there's more than you can ever read/watch.

I love Thomas the tank engine, but only the old series where the cartoon is made with actual train models and not cheap CGI

I don't think this ever happened to me while watching Disney movies because even as a kid I knew they were more respectable than other cartoons but goddamn this is real. One of my most distinct memories of watching Pokemon is when I was like 10 and my mom walked in during one of those Pikachu's Jukebox segments with the Viridian City song to do something in the room, she didn't care but I wanted to die.

I'll just keep applying, thank you. A shame I don't know anyone.

I have severe depression over this and seeing things like "you'll never get a job" parroted on my imageboards ad nauseum honestly makes me lose sleep.

Just get a job somewhere or have some friend/family memeber hook you up somewhere, it doesn't have to be about you graduated, as long as can make some money and can pay rent/help pay the electricity and internet bills (if you live with your parents) all is fair as long as is legal (even drawing fetish porn for furries).

I'm a college and art school drop out and my mom is gonna try to see if she can get me to work in a clothing shop while I look somewhere else.

With enough hope you can make it user, or you can kill yourself, no biggie.

>be in the manga aisle at Barnes and Noble during weeaboo phase
>some 4 year old kid takes a volume of Bobobo off the shelf and shows it to her mom
>"Oh god, not Bobobo"

>I have severe depression over this and seeing things like "you'll never get a job" parroted on my imageboards ad nauseum honestly makes me lose sleep.
Nah, don't worry about it.
Apathy isn't death any more than trying shit that won't work over and over again until you die.
Just read comics, watch cartoons and stop caring.

>be 20, last night
>watching gotham in my room
>mom comes in
>makes fun of what's going on in show

>a female character appears
>"Is that your girlfriend user? lol"

>Be 8 years old me
>Watching Tom and Vicky (obscure UK puppet show FYI)
>Mom starts acting like she's 5 years old and questions everything
>"Why is everyone a puppet?"
>"Why that frog haves red polkadots and the other one is blue?"
>"Why the polkadot frog sounds like Urkel?"
>"How can a puppet eat a sandwich?"

I hated that show only because it triggered my mom like that. Also she loved to try messing up my head by making me believe that Futurama was actually a Dragon Ball sequel (Fry is just adult Gohan, the professor is Roshi even older, Bender is Goku's brain in a robot body, Leela is Bulma who lost an eye in an accident and Zoidberg and Nibbler are Vegeta and Trunks who got mutated by radiations). Or that Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the Sabrina from Pokémon were the same character.

>don't know anyone
Thought that too but turns out classmates count. That and one of the lecturers happened to have a business.

Helps to check all those things too.

Thanks, man.

>Also she loved to try messing up my head by making me believe that Futurama was actually a Dragon Ball sequel
>Fry is just adult Gohan, the professor is Roshi even older, Bender is Goku's brain in a robot body, Leela is Bulma who lost an eye in an accident and Zoidberg and Nibbler are Vegeta and Trunks who got mutated by radiations
>Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the Sabrina from Pokémon were the same character


everyone has a cunt aunt

Walleye is a type of fish.

>I swear anyone past 30 see's uni as this big glowing castle that basically guarantees you'll walk out making millions of dollars

Because when they were growing up that's what college was.

Get a factory job and watch as your soul slowly rots away...

>10 years old
>watching cartoons
>dad comes in, turns it off, and says I'm too old for that
>forces me to watch Roots, Schindler's List, and the like instead

That would make sense. It's still a bit weird to me because I will watch things like horror movies and dramas, but I do not like 'intense' movies of realistic situations, if that makes sense. Guess it's because I never actually watch those things around my parents.

>same shit more or less
>but then mom bans me from watching the cartoon because of dad's dirty joke

>watching tv
>grandfather is in the room
>constantly talking and making comments on the show while it's on
>commercials come on
>he's quiet and pays attention to them
>happens during any show from cartoons to the news, both local and national

What in the fuck?

This is autism

>"Ahahah seems like KAKASHI fucked up...Ahahah KAKASHI"
Get your dad to record a commentary track, I'd totally listen to it.

>be in house where nobody gave a shit what I watched
>be watchin' shit like The Thing and gore flicks and all sorts of other classic horror stuff when I was like 4+
>watch that shit right along with my chinese girl cartoons and giant robots and girl cartoons with giant robots in them

They sucked in most areas, but having parents that don't censor what you watch is a pretty great thing.

Get a job you degenerate

>Parents show concern about me watching Power Puff Girls
>They don't care if I like girly shit, they just didn't want me getting my ass kicked at school for liking a girl show
>Actually sit down and watch it with me
>Realize it's actually violent as fuck, full of action and great jokes
>They lose it at the Beatles episode

The 90's were a good time for cartoons that had something to offer for both kids and adults.
>Justice League

The only stuff they didn't like was weird stuff like EEnE and Catdog.

>Be at highschool orientation
>Dad is constantly pointing out girls in the crowd
>"She's pretty hot, huh?"
Like, I dunno if he was afraid I might be gay or something or what, but jesus. Like, I understand you wanna be "one of the guys", but fuck dad you need to shut up with that shit, you're gonna go to jail if someone hears you praising those sweatpants like that.

>Tell a kid they're useless and they'll grow up a winner.
Speaking from experience, this is totally false.
You need to give kids a challenge, foster their belief in themselves.

Don't put them on a pedistal, but don't crush their spirits either.


>have my own house, live on my own
>have figure and toy collection worth at least $2000
>parents come over for a surprise visit but I'm at the store when they get here
>they throw away all my figures and toys because "You're too old for this user"
>get angry but keep a level head
>restart my collection again
>parents find out and try to throw my collection away again
>bring me to court to get me labeled as "legally financially irresponsible" so they can take control of my financials
>parents and I have to give records to the judge so he can compare them and see if they have a grounds for a case
>judge throws it out and remarks that they're lucky I did not try to bring them to court for this

user, surely you have more stories to tell?

I also remember being in middle school and not knowing how weed works.

Your parents are horrible people.

One /toy/ soldier to another, user, you should have demanded compensation for that shit.
Two grand ain't chump change, they threw out a LOT of your PROPERTY.

It being toys doesn't factor into it, if you trashed 2k in furniture at their house, you'd be in some deep shit.

Hell, if my folks threw out my Masterpiece Grimlock for whatever reason, some goddamn heads would roll.

Why. Why why why why why why.Why is this a thing? Do they think that it's clever? Were they purposefully trying to embarrass me? If so, how come? I was a child.

There's no right answer to this. Yes, I mad. I hated this shit when I was a kid. Fuck you, Dan.

>watching recorded toonami GiTS SAC
>mom walks in
>wants to watch general hospital recordings once this is done
>gets into some real existential stuff
>mom calls it childish

I think she was on a whole other level of philosophy and it broke me

I would have but I know that they do not even have $200 between them. Apparently growing up in a household full of people that don't understand money or its value made me want to learn so one day I won't be a senior citizen and still living paycheck to paycheck doing a minimum wage job I've been working at for the last few decades.

I now work at the bank they have all their accounts, their mortgage, etc at. So yes I really do know how much they have. Only reason they still have that trailer they live in is because there were multiple times I gave them more time than I really should have to make payments, and this was all after the incident with the collection.

We're Italian, probably you wouldn't understand anything
Jesus Christ my dad sometimes is a weird guy but at least he and my mom wouldn't never do such a thing(also because they hate each other)

You're a good kid, user.
But you should probably get a lock for your door.

This is the worst story in the entire thread. Jesus user, I'm sorry.

This and what make it better was that my dad was huge weeb and i remember when we used to watch alot anime togehter.

Fair assessment because the show is trash.

I got locks on all my doors but dad had a credit card, that he really should never have gotten, that he used to open the door.

What the fuck?

Because when something is interesting, conversation takes place.
He was trying to be friends, dickweed.

jesus fucking there's no hope for this board
>At least a cartoon has something pretty going on.
hope. let it all burn.

I could believe you if he actually payed attention to the show, I know he doesn't by his comments, and if he didn't pay close attention to the commercials.

This shouldn't have made me laugh as hard as it did.

For real though, you're a cool guy. Keep on keeping on.

>Not watching It's Always Sunny or at least Game of Thrones
Your loss, man.

Why was it like this with all parents. I could almost watch anything, but for some reason my dad hated Ed, Edd, and Eddy with a passion. I'll never understand why. It's the only thing he'd ever get annoyed at and tell me not to watch. This is the man who showed me and my friend Rocky Horror Picture Show when we were 10.

Pretty weird that you couldn't watch a show about kids doing stupid shit, but hardcore fetish material was all well and good.

Years ago, I was watching Batman Beyond when my dad walked in, saw Max, and said, "Why do cartoon women look better than real women?"

I didn't have an answer for the man. Cuz I started forming paranoid theories in my head as to why he would say that to me. Did he see my browser history? Does he know about my Ariel folder?

Pretty sure it was none of that, in retrospect. He just liked the female form, 2D or 3D.


>around the same tim

This Tim sure sounds like a dick.

He was just one of us, user.

>Game of Thrones
They rigidly stick to the books when they shouldn't as an adaptation with its own organic growth, and then throw the books out the window to do whatever fucking stupid thing instead when they shouldn't. Fuck that.

is that real?

is that not a copypasta?

what the fuck, america? explain this. I refuse to believe this shit is real. I refuse to believe you can sue someone just because they own a fucking toy collection.
if this is somehow real, you guys deserve to be nuked by the ruskies or invaded by china. no excuse.

It's a man child living on his own with an unhealthy obsession with toys, what parent wouldn't be worried about thier child living that way and think something might be wrong with them?

>It's a man child living on his own with an unhealthy obsession with toys
No, it's someone who collects things he likes.
If it was sports shit, his parents wouldn't care.
Fuck you, faggot.

I showed my dad Rick and Morty because I wanted to spend more time with him, and he really loved it.
>This is so fucking weird!
>What do these people smoke

Kinda painful, but still worth it to see him happy.
Then we moved on to ATLA, and he really loved that one. Toph was his favorite and he adored Azula. He always mentioned she´d fit perfectly in Game of Thrones.
We watched an episode a day, so we spent a lot of time together.
Right now we´re watching Hellsing Ultimate, although I can tell he´s not enjoying it as much because it´s in Japanese with subtitles. Before you ask, no, we´re not English speakers and there is no dubbing for our language. I´m planning to show him Berserk, this time dubbed to compensate.
I also tried to show him Samurai Jack, but he couldn´t get neither in the story nor the drawing style. Too simplistic he called it.
Still, I like hanging out with him.
I also showed my mum Over The Garden Wall and she adored it; she said it was one of the most beautiful stories she´d ever seen.

I don't agree with his parents but in any country you can try and get your family member stripped of rights by way of trying to convince a judge they are not mentally competent. Just most don't do it because it tends to permafuck any relationship.

The judge told his parents to fuck off and it ended there, why are you so butthurt?

>it's my parents fault I came out bad because they told me I was good and treated me well
>I'm a failure because all of my decisions in life are due to my parents doing a decent job at raising me
fuck off

>why are you so butthurt?
I'm not, but you're berating the man for successfully living his life how he wants to.
That's a real cunts act.

It's not an "unhealthy obsession", it's a hobby.
It's also not some mental deficiency, like you implied.

Have a (You) on me.

Jesus, what? The cutoff date for cartoons is eight now? I thought it was like, somewhere around thirteen or fourteen that people started making fun of you for watching cartoons.

there is a difference between taking somebody's right because they are a danger to the society, literal retards, or something like that and somebody who fucking collects toys using THEIR OWN MONEY. that shouldn't be even admissible to the court. But if that's real, america deservers anything bad.

Your dad seems cool guy

It wasn't. Hence why it go thrown out. What exactly do you want to happen, the death penalty for the parents?

I'd say it was around 9-10 where I grew up; It was very important to seem "mature" at that age.

Basically when puberty starts kicking in.

>be a kid (eightish)
>dad throws out collection of stuffed animals (about 50)
>restart collection
>mom does same shit when I turn 18
It might not have affected me financially, but it still meant a lot to me to have those things. I can't forgive my mother for that shit

It blew my mind when I was like 12 or 13 and in middle school when some kid on the school bus started singing the Spongebob Squarepants theme song and the whole bus joined in, revealing that all of my classmates watched the show. I'd already been hiding my cartoon watching for years before that. I now realize I must have been a pretty dumb kid because I now have no idea who it was I thought cartoons were for back then.

the fact that you can actually do this.

the fact that guy had to actually waste his fucking time in court because of that.

IT DOESN'T MATTER if it was thrown out. It shouldn't be even ADMISSIBLE to the court. if anything, parents should get thrown in prison for wasting time. unfuckingbelievable.

My theory is that it was the squiggle-vision that turned people beyond a certain age off from it.
It's like a subconscious effect that makes it a true product of its time.

>Mom wouldn't let me watch Digimon when I was a kid because it was 'too violent'
>watched TMNT instead (while reading hyperviolent Fear Street books about heads getting squashed)
> "Hey mom, why the hell wouldn't you let me watch Digimon when I was kid? You let me watch and read all this other violent shit."
> "Nah, user, I lied. I just thought Digimon was fucking stupid."

Always the Honest Jane, that mother of mine. I ended up watching the entire show in a marathon run when I was 22.

It's a standard form of 'Does this person seem to be mentally unable to be alone without being a danger themselves or other people' most times its used in earnest because of drug addiction or mental illness, this one time it was used for a petty bullshit reason. Would you prefer schizophrenics be allowed to say they're fine until they hurt someone?



I'm calling bullshit

>grow up mostly raised by a single mom, dad left early
>mom was great
>watched old cartoons like looney toons and tom and jerry with me, loves grim adventures and foster's home
>had a brother and a sister, both older than me
>brother was a complete fucking dipshit
>sister was alright, had her moments, but just about every sibling does
When it came to internet and what I could watch, I was mainly barred from watching reality TV or adult swim. My mom didn't mind if I saw a few episodes of Aqua Teen or KoTH, she was mostly worried about Robot Chicken, and then Squidbillies.
I believe in you, user, I had a similar situation when I was a little younger. My brother didn't end up being a deadbeat teen dad, though, he just ended up as a horrible person.

I envy your experience

Roman is that you?

It's only a matter of time before he discovers the concept of 3DPD. After that, you can look forward to having to call a pillow "mom."

My dad had some Belgian and French comics I was allowed to borrow as a kid. My mum still doesn't get it though...

Same here

>middle school
>everyone talked shit about class of 3000 because the stupidly rich kid felt sad

i like the suck my dick part of the song

all the time

Lewis was such a literary BEAST. I'm not even a christfag and some of his religious stuff is GOAT.

The last two generation of parents are some of the most horrible people I've ever heard of. Complacent idiots that think they're right about everything. I hope they rot.

My parents never made fun of what I watched, but that's maybe because there was nothing to watch. Growing up during the 80's in a town of less than 100 people in Canada we got CBC and that's it. The TV was on only 3 times a week in the evening and that was for hockey night in canada, the Racoons, and the wonderful world of disney. That was fucking it, man.

I feel really sorry for you.

Jesus, I guess I was lucky where I grew up that like everyone in my group of friends watched and still watches cartoons.

Where do some of you live where other kids past 14 make fun of you?

>Where do some of you live where other kids past 14 make fun of you?
Probably a decade behind you.

No, that's not me calling you underage, but times change and many of us grew up before the whole "even fighting back against bullies is bullying and everyone gets in trouble, especially the person who stood up for themselves" bullshit started/

Pretty small village in Northern Europe. People here are pretty much hicks and it's very important to stick to the norm, so you watch the local MTV-esque shows and football and not much else. Books are for nerds, comics and anime are for super nerds.

OK, but sadly I don't have other wacky tales like that one in this moment.

>I was 15-16 IIRC
>Watching South Park before going to bed
>It's Guitar Queer-O
>Mom comes in during the scene where Randy gets addicted with playing Heroin Hero
>"What is doing that man in underpants laying on the coach?"
>Then looks at me
>"...and what are doing you in underpants laying on the bed?"

We laughed. Another one about contrived coincidences like that:

>I have to wake up early for reasons
>Watching random cartoons because there is nothing else at 8 AM
>I did a toilet break before putting on my clothes (I was still in pajamas)
>Enter TV room in underpants
>TV says "Coming next: Almost Naked Animals!"
>Mom says "Who needs a cartoon like that? a real almost naked animal just came in."
>Again, we laugh

What are you even talking about?

>be grown-ass man and regular on Cred Forums
>tend to put on western animation almost exclusively when I've got the remote and typically leave the room whenever live-action shit or the news is on because I'm a manchild
>folks don't give me any shit for it and sometimes even wind up watching my cartoons
>have younger relatives actually in the target audience who I hang out with and babysit a lot; they actually have pretty much Cred Forums-tier taste in cartoons and wind up into a lot of the shit that's good/popular here like Gravity Falls, Harvey Beaks, WBB, The Loud House, etc.
>The Lego Movie, The Book of Life, Frozen, Tangled, etc. played >9k times
>actually have people to sperg out about cartoons and watch them IRL with and it's completely non-cringey family bonding time

Steven Universe = autism.

Maybe Tumblr is more your speed.

Wait. Did they really riff on that anime?

>parents liked FOP for some reason, also were pretty cool with Spongebob and Jimmy Neutron
>parents kept a VHS of Action League Now recordings from Nicktoons Network because they fucking loved it
>mom made me fast-forward through Itchy and Scratchy whenever she was around, also complained about how "screamy" KND was
>dad watched Chinese cartoons with my brother and I, even he thought the Elfen Lied protag was a beta faggot who just needed to give her the dick what I was thinking watching that with him I have no idea by the start of the third DVD I knew it would have fuckall of an ending
>I got the weird impression that King of the Hill was the moral, upstanding show my parents wanted me to watch instead of The Simpsons (I watched both of course)
>half my cultural education is my dad explaining Simpsons jokes to me

Even when I was a kid Quagmire was the patron saint of 5th graders.

Gonna relay one of my older brother's stories here.

>Code Geass showing on Adult Swim
>dad is an English professor who did his dissertation on alternate history I revealed his identity to /lit/ years ago
>hyped for alternate history anime
>is very much disappointed, tells me it kinda sucks from what he saw

>going through puberty, have obligatory weird sex questions from discovering the internet
>my dad admits he's totally fuck Gadget if he were a chipmunk

I can't cite any examples but that sounds like exactly the sort of thing my brother and I did.

Jesus fuck this is the new computer sister story.

>rocky horror
>hardcore fetish material

lol ok grandpa

It is when you're showing it to 10 year olds, degenerate.

10 year olds have smartphones and access to hardcore pornography. girls not much older than 10 wear makeup, slutty clothes and post whorish pictures on instagram every day.

i think it's time for your nap

>kids are doing bad shit now so it's okay to show fetish material to kids a decade ago

I think it's time for your dirt nap.

I consider 8-year old me barely sapient, what the shit?

>tfw watching C-SPAN as a little kid wasn't that beyond-the-pale
>tfw I probably did watch the news and pretend to understand what was going on

Because of my family and especially my older brother I was that kid who thought he was so cool and smart for having an opinion on the 2004 election. I still laugh at that kid who was for Bush but loved American Idiot Green Day and did a presentation on them.

>watched much fewer cartoons when I was like 11 or so, casually followed AtLA because my TiVo recorded it and got much more into it around season 2
>didn't consciously decide I was too old, figure at the time I just naturally drifted away from them I sure as hell had a weeb phase though, except it never really stopped so much as weakened
>later look back and realize cartoons actually did get worse in my tweens and early teens, and conversely improved by the time of my "lol quirky high schooler" phase

Depends on when you were a kid I guess, there actually wasn't that huge a stigma on watching cartoons when I was in middle school (at most some black guy I knew in 9th grade ribbed me for knowing a bit too much about Pokemon).

This doesn't mean middle schoolers were mature or anything, we were vessels of compressed cruelty, but we were just general edgelords more than anything the jokes I got laughs with then wouldn't pass muster with the dumbest of Cred Forums.

>be a kid, watch Dexter's Lab, PPG, KND, that sort of thing
>dismiss EE&E as one of the "stupid" cartoons
>see how it's received now, regret that

That's the story of me and a lot of things, being a 3mature5that kid and later realizing the "stupid" things had value. Weirdly enough I was like that with Toonami (though when I was like 6 my parents shut off a show almost certainly on the block), but got all into Shonen Jump when I was 10. I was really enthusiastic about the 2012 revival to make up for lost time.

>parents would barely let me play T-rated games, getting Melee required a joint effort between myself and my older brother
>meanwhile my first issue of SJ had Manta from Shaman King get his guts ripped open by that necromancer dude, at most my dad asked if it bothered me

>learn to hate fundamentalist Christians because they hate Pokemon, Halloween, and everything fun
>never actually met any of them, the very staunchly Christian families whose kids I was friends with were all over that shit

To be fair I went to a church that left the Southern Baptist Convention so it could keep having women preach my mom was a closet atheist the whole time anyway, so my parents probably kept me away from the real nutjobs.

My dad holds this opinion so strongly that he has actually walked out of movies he paid to see because they used special effects and according to him "I DIDN'T PAY FOR SOME FUCKING CARTOON".
Literally anything that uses animation is a cartoon and automatically invalidated as kiddie shit, if ESPN uses an animated bumper ad or superimposing the score onto the field the game is now a cartoon.

Give a kid weird mixed signals their entire life constantly correcting them even when they get something right causing them to fall into an endless spiral of confusion and second guessing everything they think they know and they'll grow up to be 27 years old with nothing to show for their time on this planet other than the amount of time they wasted on a Mongolian moving picture forum.

Thanks mom and dad

I fucking hated that so much

Change is slow, but it seems to be happening.

You might actually have an opportunity to realize that dream.

>drew as a kid, inspired by those How to Draw Manga books they're not good but miles ahead of other book fair drawing books
>actually took some intro drawing classes, didn't learn much because I was a dumbass
>stopped drawing past like 12
>realize I should learn to at least make decent concept art to hand off to actual artists for muh shitty indie game or something
>maybe I'll try to make a comic I dunno if I had it on hand I'd storytime that shitty comic I made when I was 8 about my dogs

He must've hated the Matrix.

I have a semi-joking theory that those with mild (wo)manchild tendencies have a reproductive and behavioral advantage.

>less likely to fall into certain "adult" vices, reducing the risk of alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.
>more "childish" preferences mean more appeal to having children, less opportunity cost (i.e. not being able to go clubbing doesn't deter parenting)
>more inclined to invest time with children, with associated educational and behavioral benefits

I should probably go to BAHfest with this.

Why was this such a universal thing?
Was there a 'fucking with your kid' conference?

You should probably go back to tumblr with this.

>not getting triggered by 2 genders or the adult-child binary

Of all the things that didn't happen this didn't happen the most.

>the adult-child binary
What is this fresh hell?

>C.S. Lewis
What a fucking bro.

>Solid prose author
>Great essayst
>Perhaps the only theologian liberals and conservatives in the Church Universal can agree on

I just made it up, but there's probably someone on Tumblr who's like that if you go searching.

Technically it would be true because adolescence, but you can probably guess what the hypothetical Tumblr blog would be like.

He did because for some reason he thought it was going to be a serious take on hackers or something.
I distinctly recall him going to see that when I went to see the pokemon movie and then afterwards complaining about how it was so stupid and how he thought they didn't take themselves seriously when making the movie.

Sometimes I honestly think he's an undiagnosed autistic he's like Hank Hill with the magic show.

>"Cartoons are just for kids. You need to grow up."
>starts watching some retarded soaps

While he does sound like he has no imagination, I can at least sort of appreciate that he seems to recognize that a film that's 90% CG, like Jame's Cameron's Avatar, isn't fundamentally much different than a fully animated movie. Sometimes I don't get how people classify that kind of thing as a live action movie while sneering at regular animated films.

More /asp/ related than Cred Forums but I don't give a fuck
>get into wrestling at about ten
>lose interest after a while
>fall in and out of interest
>finally gain a permanent following thanks to the Shield and Daniel Bryan
>watch Raw in secret because I know something horrible is going to happen
>stop caring
>watching Smackdown in the open
>family starts roasting me
>mom likes trash reality TV
>dad likes mediocre normie shit like the Big Bang Theory

>Watching Steven Universe
>Relative comes in
>"user those girls seem pretty gay. Did they transforming into gays or something?"
Someone actually said this after one of the faggy fusion dance numbers.

Serves you right for watching trash.

Tfw my parents/siblings actually enjoy cartoons and are in their late 20's/mid 30s
They're bloggers. The whole fandom/internet culture thing isn't strange to them at all.

But it makes it harder to enjoy cartoons because they know what I'm up to and the same appeal/fanbase at all and will actively discuss it.

Atleast it's better when they discuss politics, then it's just a cringefest.

>watching cartoons in the living room
>dog walks in
>looks at me
>farts and falls asleep

>tfw found a friend who likes the same shows I do
>Never talk about it and pretend I don't know what he's talking about because I'm pretty sure he posts in the same threads I do on here and /trash/
We go to the range and argue politics, that is vastly preferable to actually talking about cartoons.

>not talking about political cartoons

on a similar note
>be kid
>draw cute grill
>anyone passing by asks "is that your girlfriend?"

My mom sarcastically said this to me in high school but stopped once I started to show a genuine interest in animation. Now she encourages it.

She still finds simply drawn shows to be stupid, always saying that toddlers could draw just as well as anyone who worked on Adventure Time.

I don't disagree with her on some cases

My parents used to watch cartoons with me all the time, I know my mom didn't like Ed, Edd, n' Eddy because the animation style made them look like they were having seizures. My dad mostly reads manga.
My grandma likes cartoons but she doesn't like anything with a lot swearing or sex. She walked in on me watching Bojack Horseman and she didn't like it but she was willing to watch The Maxx even though she didn't understand anyhting about it. When I visisted her two weeks ago we watched Flashpoint Paradox and Transformers: The Movie. I'm thinking of her the DKR animated films since she likes capeshit.

No, a kid was watching it in a scene in one of the movies. Pretty sure it was Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders.

i dont get it

>watching sesame street at age 12
>not something i regularly do but its on TV and im just chilling and feeling nostalgic
>grandma walks in and chews my ass out like im the biggest manbaby ever

Goddamnit, sometines I watched Seinfeld and Daria in elementary school and nobody cared. They were just on. What I didn't understand didn't hurt me.

>Bleach is about to come on
>Parents walk in and sit down
>user what show are you watching? they ask
>Bleach, it's about people with big swords an shit
>they stay
>episode starts
>it's an Orihime has feelings episode
>user this is pretty gay

You had one job Bleach, one job.

My father could not get over the fact the Edd's tongues in the cartoon were odd colored

It got kinda funny at some point

" are watching those disgusting guys with green tongues. They are weird"

We used to watch ol time Hannah Barbera and Cow & Chicken with no problems. But green tongues?. DESPICABLE!

I love cartoons. I was never ashamed to admit to anyone I liked them, and I had very few shameful ones I liked.

I honestly can never remember a single point in my life where I thought liking something somewhat juvenile was degrading in its own right. I certainly watch shit that has more adult themes now, but that doesn't necessarily make them mature.

>mother treats me like a prince when I was little
>now I make triple her salery
>blaming your parents that youre a fuck up when they gave you every opportunity to succeed
if I ever met you irl I would probably drown you

Same here

I get the same thing whenever I watch my yuri beta-tapes in the parlor.

>early Toonami

>religious dad
>like any other toddler loved barney and teletubbies
>barney actor is gay, throw barney stuff out
>tinky winky has a purse = gay, same thing happens
>dad hears spongebob is gay, technically banned to watch it
>tfw he didn't know how to lock channels or shows, still watched it

>whole side of dad's family acts like this
>cousin's kids can ONLY watch disney channel
>CN is "dumb" and Nick is promoting homosexuality I guess?
>meanwhile they're 8 and under and watch R rated movies all the time

Should've told them why they had different colored tongues.