Hey Cred Forums, Adult Swim is having a poll to renew Korgoth or renew two shitty shows nobody likes

Hey Cred Forums, Adult Swim is having a poll to renew Korgoth or renew two shitty shows nobody likes.
Hows about you pitch in and help raise the dead

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I voted. Forgot is still losing


Both work.

Well shit. Korgoth is Korgoth, but I kinda liked Harg Nallin...

That link is for a rick and morty opinion poll.

Says the poll for Renewing shows.
>MDE is still winning
Can't have nice things.

Am I one of the few people who dislike MDE and Harg Nallin?

MDE is shit, and Harg Nallin can't replace China, IL

god dammit is this going to be a barabbas situation?


Never fails. Every time, EVERY TIME someone asks me to be a part of something. EVERY TIME some one tells me I can help make a difference.

You know what? I'm the asshole, I am the asshole for falling for it over and over. I'm the asshole for never learning.

oh wow, so that's what's on the chopping block?
shit, i... i mean.. he's already written the entire 2nd season, we might as well just let it happen. it's not THAT bad. but it's not very good.
>* We've already disregarded these results
.... that's pretty cute, AS. is this just jerking us around, or are you renewing all three?

>MDE wins
I hate white people so much.

I've never even heard of this. i've heard of the other live action AS shows people hate, but what's this one?

What the fuck is MDE?

I'm voting to keep Brad Neely fed. Fuck MDE and fuck that decade old carrot on a stick.

World Peace. It's an Alt Comedy Skit show by Notorious Mass Shooter Sam Hyde

How do you renew something that was never picked up to begin with.

Anyway, be careful what you wish for, Cred Forums.


>harg n-

What a fucking cocktease.

>Public Polls
After what happened with the Disney Infinity polls, I'm surprised you guys still trust them.

>MDE wins
Why don't we just go ahead and turn AS into Fox2 already

>[as] continues to fuck us in the ass

That's because it literally came out last month and its season ended this month. It's likely that a lot of the people voting for it are fans of the show that wanted more after a six-episode season, wouldn't be surprised if the show's social media accounts told them to do it.

But still, it's surprising that Korgoth still manages to keep up.

any good?
what do you mean world peace

We're probably at Fox 5 by now.
We have FX FXX and I think there's some other Fox channel I'm forgetting and so does everyone else.

As long as Harg Nallin is in last place, I can live with either winner.

The full name of the show is MDE presents World Peace.
It's just more weird fucking comedy made by that guy that Cred Forums turned into a White Supremacist Mass Shooter meme.

yeah but sclopeeps has the largest capacity to be good. all it takes is for whatever is making it not funny to leave.

>sam hyde tv show
I stopped having cable about half a year ago, and I have yet to miss it

"Whatever's making it not funny" is Brad Neely, so I don't really know if him leaving would work. It's really weird. People keep citing overwork as the reason Neely isn't funny anymore when hhe's made less than ten hours of material. I think he just ran out of steam. Happens to most artists, but it's rarely fixable, especially without a long hiatus.

I love Adult Swim, they had Metalocplyse applaud the KKK and tell Twitter/Tumblr to fuck off in one episode. They have King of the Hill which needs not explanation and they also have Squid Billies who have full on episodes making fun of people who hate the Rebel Flag

Wish they'd show more

>Niggers hate white people but are obsessed with their wayans brother tier shit full of ebonic gibberish and awkward noises.

Ah I miss UPN

Adult Swim is nothing but FOX reruns and shitty live action bullshit

nah I think the direction is the problem. he's just writing it


Korgoth would be so fucking refreshing, and after seeing how well they did with Scifi adult comedy in Rick and Morty they really should give some fantasy a chance. They can't run on retarded skits forever

Hey the Wayans Family is an institution!

>edge makes shows good
koth is a great show, but at this rate most of their lineup is old fox shows.

Some Dracula comic.

The best part is if Samurai Jack kicks off and the ratings fucking skyrocket AS is going to being kicking themselves in the balls over and over again thinking;
"We had a chance to slap in another animated adult violent hero vs Evil story and went with fucking MDE?"

None of this would be a priblem if they weren't so cheap.

Its been 15 years, how can you still only have enough money for live action and intentionally bad animation?

Old Fox was truth though. I don't expect Cred Forums to understand it when they have their heads buried in a comic book or their nose glued to a cartoon for most their life ignoring the facts of life

I forgot how good Korgoth was, fucking awesome.

plus they can push the sexy envelope like Archer. though bizarrely Archer still isn't allowed a single nip

By the way you talk, sounds like you could spend some time ignoring the facts of life, and get a decent education.

MillionDollarExtreme that far ahead? Really? Fucking really? I don't care if the poll means nothing but the numbers themselves speak volumes.

Fuck Cred Forums and their "Alt-Right" meme. It's SJW level cancer.

a combination of an unfavorable time slot and the fact that everything that's hugely successful also cost them a fuckton. the fox shit they pay licensing for, action shit costs a lot to make.. korgoth in particular had a LOT of expensive animation, and that's why it was passed over. Look at the short venture bros seasons leading to bad pacing, they have said that's because AS simply can't budget them any more money per season because it costs so much. even metalocalypse which uses a lot of cheap shortcuts is still the most AS is willing to spend

Nudity will never be allowed. Our society is just that way: violence and profanity? Sure, go nuts! Nudity? How dare you, think of the children you heathens!

So if Korgoth picks up, will Specules return pregnant with his child?

It's a rigged meme poll.

Choosing between Korgoth and MDE is hard. I wish Moral Orel was an option here, but I know Mike Lazzo wouldn't let that happen. I had a dream last night that they released the rest of the series on DVD and all of it on Blu-Ray. It was a good dream.

Voted MDE just to piss off Korgothfags. It's been 10 fucking years, would've cost too much and the joke would've gotten old quickly; get over it.

that would hold water except, they're allowing sex
archer and lana had straight up pelvis slapping against pelvis sex

at a certain point if you're allowing sex and banning nudity that goes well beyond some kind of puritanism and well into a mental condition

You can watch MDE on Youtube.

Too bad Metalocplyse isn't on there or FUCKING AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE.

yeah let's bring back a 10 year old show that had already been run into the ground 6 years in

As much as I loved Korgoth I want MDE's show to get a second season just to anger the people who have been crying about it since it aired.


I'm more concerned about the other important question asked on the home page.
Have we actually reached peak ranch?

you're just giving those shitty people more power by letting them ruin your life even more

Clay Croker is dead, you don't want an ATHF without him.


I've only seen two episode but I cannot get into the humor. Tim and Eric and Erich Andre Show are one thing, and they have their levels of entertainment but MDE is basically a less funny version. I mean shits subjective but damn.

>Wew, what's that? You want another season of Mr Pickles and Million Dollar Reddit?

Holy shit, I don't remember this being in the first episode of Korgoth. adultswim.com/videos/streams/korgoth-marathon

did you think you were posting us a specific scene?

MDE was fucking awful and Harg Nallin' was boring. Bring on the Korgoth.

Korgoth is getting rekt

They pretty much can because those live action shows cost basically nothing to produce, since they can just pay some no-name hack peanuts to make it in return for "exposure".

I like MDE, but voted for Korgoth.


he just used to do dr weird and steve voices, i don't think he was THAT important to the writing..

There's no way korgoth would ever be given a chance. That era and style of adult swim is over. Still voted for it tho.

Same here. I like Sam Hyde and MDE, but they had their season and Korgoth never did.

>Mission Hill isn't in the running


I have no idea what the fuck it is, but see how Korgoth isn't, just depresses me.

But isn't Aaron Springer already knee-deep in production on his very first show that may or may not be premiering next year?

bloakstein arent even working together anymore dude.

who? and that looks awful

As if I ever needed more reason to fucking hate Sam Hyde and Cred Forums faggots

in the AMA they said they'd be open to a renewal if the demand was there I thought

Can someone screen cap the poll results?
I'm outside the states and it forces me to redirect away from the US site.

>MDE is one of the options
Well, that's just not fair.
World Peace is a current show, they should be the ones that decide if it gets renewed or not. It can't be compared to an old pilot from ages ago.


this is trash.
I'll take Calarts style any day of the week over this shit.

seriously? The demand is fucking THERE!

then again, it's such a 2000 show. That episode about "The crisis" was SO 2000 it hurts.

yeah they talked about how they'd continue in the modern era and stuff here reddit.com/r/adultswim/comments/50u49j/hi_im_bill_oakley_from_mission_hill_the_simpsons/

>I work on Son of Zorn now and my trajectory in animation has been inspired a lot by wanting to pitch an animated sitcom in Mission Hill's vein.
that's ... just depressing

>Matt Groening used to unabashedly leave PC notes on storyboards about not offending anyone


you telling me I have to pick between harg nallin and korgoth?
this poll is fucked

>whites people still hate black but continue to rap and do just about anything black people do because they believe it's cool

But black people are just doing shit white people did and adding more drums.

AS right now is trash, they should spin off its original animations into a new channel, keep Tonami for late night and the live action shows for the dead hours.

Eric Andre can come to, that show is the shit.

Brad Neely deserves better though.

And two of them, both coincidentally named Damon, aren't total trash!

Is Cred Forums spamming this poll or something? Who the fuck wants that shitty show?

Chill out trigglypuff

Not alone friend, I've pretty much hated all their live action stuff for the last five years or so and HNSP has some good stuff but too much meh to overcome.

wow. he has fallen far.

>i stayyyy nakeddd

Where's the option to bring back China IL. That is clearly the right choice.

>China IL.
That show sucked, bro.

or just to fix harg nallin so it's more like his old shorts, the professor bros and babycakes shit
not 15-second microsketches, but 3-5 minute rambling bits and musical numbers. 2-3 of them per episode.

it was fucking tops yo. aside from when it tried to get issuey
pony was the best character

That one was pretty decent

They'd never be able to finance it. Korgoth looks amazing because it had a shit load of effort and time poured into it. It was never picked up because it'd be insanely expensive. That hasn't changed.

it's been getting better over time, and supposedly he wrote two seasons' worth of sketches already so they should at least animate the rest, then cancel it, then give him a new show with a decidedly different nature

They'll probably cut animation costs.

t. 20 year old who pretends to be "enlightened" because he browses Cred Forums

>Read OP
>"Holy fucking shit gonna VOTE for Korgoth get Gennedy working today!"
>See the polls

So this is what it feels like if Trump wins

>*we've already disregarded these results


Cred Forums has attracted a slew of underaged newfags and redditors who will eat up any shit that supports their "movement"