Might actually buy this reprint of Rebirth for the cover

Might actually buy this reprint of Rebirth for the cover

Fuck I'm on the verge of tears again.

Such an iconic moment that will probably be ruined in the future.

I'm just waiting for them to reveal that Wally is actually Doctor Manhattan playing at hero and black Wally is the real wally.

I still feel like Wally will make the ultimate sacrifice in Forever Crisis and leave the black one as the only Wally for eternity.

Yes, I'm still an insecure faggot. Blame 10 years of suffering for that.

I know some people went "lol gay" at this but it was a really fucking touching moment for me because Barry was like a surrogate dad to Wally, he and Irirs fricking kept him from depression when he was having trouble with his shitty ass parents.

Wally was saying an emotional goodbye to the man who was a father more than his own father and Barry remembered the person who was essentially like his own kid (so much he took the Flash mantle, so much that Barry's 31st century kids were jealous of him).

That crying and that "How could I ever forget you?" seriously that whole scene just got to me.

Half of Cred Forums would sudoku immediately.

The same idiots pretending rebirth wasn't a really bad book.

Why not wait for the deluxe edition?

Rebirth was a fucking great book you contrarian

>so much that Barry's 31st century kids were jealous of him.

Man, I remember that. And to think Barry gave his father's watch to Wally instead of waiting for his own children really hits home.

His 31st century kids should've been jealous. When Barry came back to life he didn't even hop off to the future to be involved with their lives at all.

Barry Allen, deadbeat dad.

Was a piece of shithole and the only reason you like it is a pandering emotional moment that can be resumed by dindu noffin. It's a bad book with a retarded idea behind. Nothing more can be expected from post 2009 Johns

Shut up, Bendis.

it's bullshit that's not how johns brought barry back. just from the future with the knowledge of his death in his future

Is he any good in Teen Titans Rebirth?

It's a bad comic, and there's no argument to defend it that doesn't include "I wanted wally back".

Are you enjoying Civil War II?

Quite frankly, they didn't know what to do with him when he came back.

They still don't know actually, that's why they keep making up random evil speedsters to fill a book.

Will the flash ever get the attention he deserves with the main steam?

Imagine how amazing that scene would be if Barry never came back in the first flash rebirth. It would be Wally saying hi and bye to Barry for the first time in 30 years.

He's about to, just not how he should be.

Flash is about family and legacy but mainstream versions will make him into Spiderman rip off.

I hope the show kills off Barry after season 3.
It would really be the best choice.
For one it would mean Barry's troubled life would be sacrificed to make up for his sins and mean Wally can finally start his true arc.

Wally's actor is terrible, he wouldnt be able to carry the show by himself.

Ezra should have been Wally in DCEU instead.

Alright Cred Forums now back to your containment board.

No, I haven't read marvel since 2009. But I like how you Johnsfags can't defend the book without either talking about shit marvel books or retards talking about Cred Forums. It's a bad book and the comedian pin in the batman must be the cheapest and most cringe worthy thing Johns has ever done, he can stop drinking the semen of the executives.

How is it Cred Forums? "Dindu nuffin" transcends Cred Forums

>he can stop drinking the semen of the executives.
Do you really believe that the executives said that the watchman should be add to the main universe ? or are you just a fucking moron ?


Well they've already firmly established that Jamally is a different Wallace West, so unless they literally said "no, that was a lie that we, the writers, told you" then that's not gonna happen.

>the comedian pin in the batman must be the cheapest and most cringe worthy thing Johns has ever done

Cheap? Yes. Cringe-worthy? Are you retarded?

Are you implying that was not the case? Not only the only reason to use watchmen characters are casual pandering and click bait tier publicity, but DC has several characters that will fit the story way more, from cap Adam's to monarch or even krona. Johns is a hack that as always just following orders

>we are being watched

But hay, I'm talking with people that thinks Darkseid war wasn't shit.

>the only reason you like it is because it was emotional and connected with you.
>this is pandering because anything that somebody likes is obviously pandering.
I hate that you've brought the Cred Forums mentality here.

You have a shit taste. Your parents are embarrassed of you.

Stuff you like isn't objective, I like burger king when I'm drunk, that doesn't mean it's good, just that when I'm starving I like it. Rebirth was a bad book and the art was the best part, it's like people pretending CW flash is good. It's not.

Oh yes, but none of those Characters represent the troubles of the industry like watchman did, for fuck sakes watchman (and TDKR to a extent) that popularized "serious comics for serious people like me"

>Stuff you like isn't objective
Yes it is, those are beloved characters by a thousand of people and the writer captured what made them good, so yeah it is


The "it's meta" defense doesn't work when it's Johnsthe guy that it's behind it. Blaming watchme is seriously casual mentality, when Johns himself was the one that killed the old universe with Flashpoint, turned superbly prime into an insane psych, the guy that also killed Barry's mom, and one of the principal architects of new52 every meta shit get lost. Captain Adams worked with the story and would had meant the same, but the reason. It wasn't used was simple: Johns was told to use the watchme Characters

Except his position is the one GIVING the orders, you mouthbreather.

Who do you think is commanding him? The head of Warner Bros?

Also, no, Captain Atom or Monarch could not fit this role, because Monarch has fought DC heroes a million times so nobody would give a shit. The shock was supposed to be that Watchmen is a sacred cow that could never interact with any other universe.

The only thing that may have been equivalent is if it foreshadowed Millerverse Batman or a fucking Marvel character as a future threat. Or maybe even Action Comics #1 Superman or some shit, since the reveal for Infinite Crisis that Superboy Prime was coming back was huge at the time and this would mirror that.

Maybe using the Watchmen characters is a cheap controversy but pretending it's the same as revealing fucking Monarch AGAIN was behind it all is retarded.

>TV Wally is dark haired Asian yes I know he's not really Asian
>TV Linda Park is hot redhead
I'd be ok with this switch.

Forever Crisis is an upcoming arc of Hitch's JL, it's not related to this. He already confirmed it.

>is approaching Superman/Batman and Tim/Conner levels

>Except his position is the one GIVING the orders

A position he got by both, bending everytime someone asked him to do it and making executives happy.

But sure, let's defend the guy that ruined the new gods and shat of the anti-monitor and darkseid for literally no reason and trust him with the watchmen characters. Is not about sacred cows it0s about him being a barely above average writer that is far from his best shape using Casualbait for a story he probably hasnt even started to think how to develop, and somehow the plebs of Cred Forums thinks is fine, after all he is bringing wally back... After he was the one that got rid of wally in the first place. If a kid tries to clean his own mess you don't celebrate, it's the least he can do after what he did.

For that? Really?

It's not even the best Rebirth cover.

Burgerking is good faggot.

Stuff you dislike isn't objective either.
Nobody is "pretending" it's good. They're not trying to trick you. It's not an elaborate scheme.
They just enjoyed it, and you didn't, and that's the end. You're not going to convince someone "Oh that's right, I must not have really enjoyed it, I was fooled into thinking I enjoyed it!"

This is the Cred Forums bullshit I'm talking about, you think everyone is a gullible shill and you're the only one smart enough to see the truth, that everything actually sucks. Everyone but you has been bamboozled into liking something that's actually bad. It can't just stop at the fact that I liked something that you didn't like, you have to prove that I'm WRONG and you're RIGHT so you can feel superior.

I didn't even say he was good. You said he was only putting Watchmen in on some nebulous executive's command, and now you're saying he's the one that "ruined" all those things.

So is he a corporate puppet? Or is he a douche going around fucking up everything you like? Which is IT?

>you think everyone is a gullible shill

Nah it's just Johnsfags that are retarded fanboys

When they brought in black Wally they said it was the return of the real Wally. Wouldn't be the first time.

>New 52 Aquaman is still canon

the true highlight of Rebirth #1.

That's REALLY nice.

The original version was really heartfelt and great, but every time it got redrawn for, say, Titans or the Flash issue proper, it just got gayer and gayer.

Damn, that'd be amazing. I want to see the reaction in that alternate universe.

Well it's not like $6 is breaking the bank. Not personally going to pick it up, but I have been picking up more variants from DC lately because $3 is so cheap.

Is there a tighter mentor-student relationship than Barry and Wally's? Batman seems too autistic to be this affectionate for his sons.