I miss the Fantastic Four

Seriously, Marvels first family is in the fucking shitter these days. There is no book, the movies are shit, and I doubt a new installment of either would be done well at this point. And yet part of me still wants a MCU movie to at least try and breathe some life back into the franchise. Are F4 fans doomed?

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I dunno. There's something weirdly dated about the FF and I'm not sure I can put my finger on it exactly. It just seems like the more they try to tart them up for the 21st century the more they seem like 60's throwbacks stuck out of time.

>I miss the Fantastic Four
I don't.

I feel like the whole family theme is something that the studio's that have so far handled the franchise are afraid to execute as cornily as it needs to be to really click.

I also think Doomfags tend to overshadow the franchise in general.

Then again, I'm not really a fan of the Fantastic 4, so what do I know.

Would they work better if they focused more on the scientific explorers angle as opposed to heroes?

>There's something weirdly dated about the FF

If you just say The Fantastic Four out loud you'd have your answer.

>they try to tart them up for the 21st century the more they seem like 60's throwbacks stuck out of time.

About yeah. The last reboot was ass because the studio wanted it to follow the neutral "Grey color pallete, basiccostume design" superhero formula because they wanted a safe investment.

I heard there was one comic when FF went to heaven and met God. Which issue was that?

The F4 suck. They should be supporting characters guest starring in other books and nothing more.

An MCU film would breath new life into them and guarantee a book. It's why Carol keeps getting new books even though nobody likes her and Civil War II is making it worse. What's she on now Vol 10 or 11?

It's simple. Wait a couple more years and produce a Netflix show. Set in the 60's and building towards Doom as a villain for the first season. The Fantastic Four work better in a serialized format.

Me and you both OP. They're my favourite team.
People hating on them here have probably never read an F4 comic

RIP in pieces

It was from Waid's run. Forget the exact issue.

A family of scientist-adventurers exploring the strange and unknown of a setting that's already strange and unknown is a timeless concept. The problem is that it takes a level of creativity and willingness to take risks that is lacking in mainstream superhero fiction these days.

You need someone that can imagine the impossible, then visualize it. To make the F4 work, you can't "play it safe" and that's anti-thetical to mass market entertainment.

That combined with a strong family dynamic in an age where the current generation is foregoing marriage and starting families and the previous generation had sky-rocketed levels of divorce rates that effected the current generation's view of family as broken and dysfunctional more often than not.

A modern interpretation of the F4 should be one part The Incredibles and one part Interstellar with a pinch of silver age throwback.

Well for starters, a break from Dr Doom would be a nice change of pace. By the way, is Marvel Studios any closer to getting the rights back or is FOX still sitting on them pretending theyre going ahead with Fan4stic 2? Because I dont see people willing to work on that project, and I think they need something in production to keep the rights

Doom shouldn't be the focus of a first FF movie. He's more a villain of Reed's and work well as a second movie villian, Ree's obsession with taking down Doom stressing the family, Doom using that to torment Reed and try to break up the family.
The first movie really should sort of follow the first issue. People love kaiju these days Mole Man and Giganto would be a great display of the FF coming together in team work to take down this enormous creature. The third movie take the premise of FF annual 6 with Sue being pregnant with Franklin and the introduction Annihilus and the Negative Zone (connecting to more cosmic Marvel). The birth of Franklin at the end solidifying the FF as a truly unbreakable Family.

ITT: Cred Forums discussion and comic casuals. The FF comic was always good. There's nothing dated in, let's say, Hickman run. Also, "concepts" are meaningless, any good writer could save the team if marvel actually cared.

>An MCU film would breath new life into them and guarantee a book

This desu. They'd fit perfectly with the MCU.

>Would they work better if they focused more on the scientific explorers angle as opposed to heroes?
No. They're heroes. Fuck Waid for that, "they're not heroes but explorers" shit.
v3 511

>No. They're heroes. Fuck Waid for that, "they're not heroes but explorers" shit.

Funny, I always thought they were both. The focus changes every so often, but both ideas were there from the beginning.

I personally would like the FF in the hands of Marvel Studios, they would do the team justice, and they would do Doom right, none of this metal skin with weird powers crap, no, Dr. Doom is supposed to be a big dude in a huge goofy and clunky suit of armor and plus hed be a good villain for the Avengers after Phase 3

>Are F4 fans doomed?
Yes, and you should've let go and move on a long time ago.

>Are F4 fans doomed?
Looks like.

> doomed


They're Marvel's best team, but it's best that they just be left alone because if Marvel still published them it'd be shit.

What if iron doom ends next year with him going bad and the ff instantly appearing and taking him down easily
Could be cool but sadly would be Bendis

Wow I hope Bendis isn't going to write the next ff book

I love the Fantastic Four, the class comics, the cartoons, and they're great because they're so light-hearted and goofy

It's what drove me to do parody threads every Saturday. Like the shows Adult Swim used to run.


I guess Fantastic Four over shadowed by the X-men and Avengers as far as super hero teams go and the more gritty and realistic you try to take the Fantastic Four, the less interesting they become.

However, no movie has really done them much justice and I don't expect that to change any time soon.

The fact that their rogues gallery has a few really good villains and a bunch of really shitty ones like Moleman doesn't help.

Thnaks for your hard work.

I'm glad that people enjoy it. Since that show only had 20 episodes I'll be moving onto another show after. Not sure what, it's going to be something old, probably not that good and something that hasn't aged well because those are fun to do.

Even Fraction and Bryne had a good run, it's shameful to see how Cred Forums is blatantly filled with Cred Forums causals.

Hickman's run had a really good blend of weird science, adventure, superheroics and family themes.

I would've loved to see Hickman do more Marvel work instead of leaving.

The sad bit is that Dr Doom would be the perfect villain to take Thanos's place post Infinity War. Not to mention that we'd get Galactus, Silver Surfer, and Super Skrull as well. At least then a book might surface. Is FOX more inclined to sell now after another fuckup?

>we will never get the X-men MAX book about Cyclops that Hickman really wanted to do
>we will never get Hickman's 60-issue LoSH epic
>nothing but more and more promising image books that just keep getting constant delays, hiatuses, and weird release schedules
I think Secret Wars broke Hickman.

Don't forget Kang and Annihilus. The former being the Avengers' greatest villain and the latter being the Guardians'.

Trust me. They're better off not in today's SJMarvel.

And Molecule Man. You can't do Secret Wars without it. He's one of the main characters of all four Secret Wars.

Actually I think Kang the Conqueror belongs to Universal just like Hulk technically does. Which is a shame considering he too would make a great overarching villain post IW

How the fuck did that happen?

maybe you could do something with one of Filmation's shows, those would be ripe for the sort of thing you like to make cracks on(not to mention most of their shows are pretty easy to find in a decent quality)

Gunn said that Kang, the Shi'ar and the Badoon were all owned by Fox.

The Guardians weren't even formed yet during Annihilation. I would consider their greatest villains to be the Universal Church of Truth and/or The Magus.

Well if the rumors of Sue getting her own series are true, theres still hope.

Fantastic 4 shouldn't be a hard concept.

Weird science. High concepts. Fantastic adventures into the unknown! It's gotta be silver-age as all FUCK and you've gotta commit.

I actually like them as Science Explorers first then Heroes second.

As if half the time the alien invader, cosmic god, or giant monster comes along because Reed did something like open a portal, or poked at some ancient megalith, or sent out a signal into space ant got the wrong guy's attention.

But then they are the first line of defense against the big space or otherworldly threats since they are experts in the field and have the most experience in handling them.

Fighting crime or standard supervillains that come to take over New York seem a little beneath their notice. That might be the Avengers problem.

They are literally what nuMarvel is trying to eradicate - all members are white, 50% are blonde with blue eyes even, ugh, and not to mention that Sue and Reed are MARRIED and neither of them is black!

Thing is a jew though.

Why is Hickmans omnibus 300 dollars I'm so confused. All I want to do is get into FF but I can't afford that

Eh skip Hickman, he sucks anyway.

Sue really needs to get this outfit back if they ever bring the FF back.

Did Cred Forums like this?


it looks retarded

Yes, it's basically just an aniamted take on the original Lee & Kirby stories, despite the horrid opening credits.

I'm reading Hickman's run now and I'm really enjoying it. I've been missing this aspect of familial love, and this hits that spot.

It's fucking criminal that the GOTG get so much forced interaction with the Avengers instead of the Fantastic Four

Eventually the FF will be retconned into being perma-stuck in the late-50s, early-60s and become Marvel's equivalent of the Justice Society.

They're still around, older but aging remarkably well due to (cosmic rays, exposure to negative zone or power cosmic). They've taken it up on themselves to train the new generation of heroes and be the moral compass for the new kids.

The FF just doesn't work when you take them away from the 60s space race and SCIENCE! Retconning them into a younger, modern team is a horrible fit.

Now I wouldn't mind seeing a next-gen FF team that was inspired by the original. Like we have Alan and Jay along with Hal and Barry, letting some new kids carry the Fantastic name while the originals are still around would be ok. It'd be the best of both worlds, keep the classics while freeing up writers to introduce non-WASPy characters. Want a black Human Torch? Knock yourself out, but the original Johnny is still a white boy.

I'm still waiting for that owner of this website
to publish the book version.

>become Marvel's equivalent of the Justice Society
Fund it.

I don't miss them. Fuck them

Man, that image is such trash.
Please tell me that's not real.

Is this from that telethon episode?

Real what?

Anons your tastes are shit and get out

A tough, street-type Jew, so it's not like he's globalist scum.

Official content.

1967 episode where all the Fantastic 4 tell some guy their origin story and Dr. Doom busts through the door after having been standing outside listening and insists on telling his origin story.

it's not. it was an entry into one of the Project Rooftop's redesign contests. i'm not too big a fan of this one; it sucked out the unique color scheme. a bit too "first X-Men movie" for my tastes.

Are you retarded?

Alright, thanks.

I just didn't know if it was real.

>good run
I agree that FF comics are generally good, but come on.

I can't get past the blur, it's so irritating to my eyes.

And for fuck sake do Doom right! The best version of Doom I ever saw was the Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon. He took on the FF and the Avengers, casually, and his only goal was to walk across the room and sit on his throne.

Friendly remind that Reed, Sue, and the Future Foundation are exploring and setting up the Marvel multiverse in what could be something like the Exiles plotted by Morrison and we'll never see it because of movie rights.

Pym is the Scientist Supreme instead of Reed Richards, DEAL WITH IT

shut up and read inhumans instead. That's what Marvel wants you to do.


Inhumans is trash.

>Wait a couple more years and produce a Netflix show.
Fox owns the rights.

Fox can probably sit on the rights till like 2021 or something. They can make a couple deadpool movies in that time and re-evaluate fantastic four then.

Fox is never giving up those rights, so dont even bother senpai

it'd be fun if they retcon them into the 90s and say they were away in space for twenty years or something though.

Read the end of Secret Wars.

Here we go.

Its not really sillier than most other heroes names.


>>are FF fans doomed


I don't get why people want to set in in the 60s. Superscience is still contemporary.

If they get a MCU movie, they'll return in the comics.

The ball is kind of in Fox's court right now, either they rush out another turd to retain the rights, or they make the sensible play and sell it back

>Strong family dynamic
I feel that's overblown because of Hickman's run.

>I think we have to start with creation myths

Or Fox could actually hire a good scriptwriter and director and try this time.

I legit think they tried with the one before Fant4stick. That had promise but bad execution.

Its kind of in the air right now. On one hand FOX might not want to devote resources to another movie because audience reception is sour to the IP and I cant imagine actors/directors wanting to tackle the project. So they may decide to focus entirely on X Men and Deadpool (god help us). On the other hand, FOX could still be bitter about the Daredevil flip so they may just eat the shit sandwich and sit on the rights, even if it means cranking out a shitty movie. Because if they dont have something in the works they'll revert like last time. The only certainty is that Fan4stic 2 isnt happening, at least with the original cast

Ment the gif fampei

There's arguably still a space race though, and a cooler one than "let's land on the moon for shits and giggles".


I don't know.

I feel your pain. I bought the second omnibus for ~50$ but the first is sooo expensive all of a sudden. Why don't they reprint that?

They'd probably need somebody with Reynolds tier devotion to the IP to make it work.

i liked the episode with the nipples.

I don't remember any nipples.

Got any gifs of that?

I don't really care for the idea of an MCU FF film itself, but I would like Marvel to get the movie rights back so they'll try pushing FF comics.

What about that show where the Thing was turned into a kid but could turn into the Thing with some magic ring?

do ya a better one.

Thank you kindly user.

Why is that bad? This is exactly what marvel needs right now. Back to basics, classic characters. If they did it, they'd top the charts.

Does Fox have to make a movie to retain the rights? Could making something else cause them to retain the rights? I would imagine making a short TV series would be less expensive than a movie, especially if it was sabotaged so it'd get shit views and be canceled without even completing a single season. Then they can sit back and say "Hey, we made this so we keep the rights. Fuck you."

Yeah but no one gives a shit about it and there's no big enemy to beat like there was with the first one.

It had the best voice actors.

Fox only has the movie rights to all their Marvel properties. If Marvel makes TV shows toys or games Fox gets nothing.