Does the current CN have a bad promotional team or do they just not trust their own products?

Does the current CN have a bad promotional team or do they just not trust their own products?

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How much does loli gwen like spongy soft wonder white bread


She likes it as much as she likes getting foreverally delitized with ham and cheese hair and a bologna tongue


They are a modern textbook case of how to mishandle IPs.

Even when they get an identifiably rabid fanbase they don't capitalize properly.

Disgusting needs more mayo

>premiers this week
>already greenlit for 40 11-minute episodes
Why isn't cn saying this is going to be my new favorite show?

>greenlit for 40 11-minute episodes
So twenty episodes.

I've been out of the CN loop for a while. Didn't they try to mimic the 11-minute scheduling for Adult Swim?

Yeah, it's a lot easier to keep advertising new content when you cut your new content's runtime in half.

They can barely even keep their top contenders alive.



This is why Gwenfags are the cancer of Cred Forums

They don't even show reruns of their newest episodes for their older stuff like Adventure Time. Regular Show just had reruns yesterday because they needed to hype a last season that they are burning quickly through.

But does that have to do with advertisement or quality?

Im sorry, I'm new... who's Gwen?


>the cancer of Cred Forums
Im tired of all these newfags

Regardless of date, he's not wrong.


as far as I can tell they are literally run by idiots and have been for a number of years now

same with whoever runs scheduling at CN too

Honestly I think CN treats every new show like a The Producers scam to some extent.

Is this version of Gwen nicer and more easily beleaguered?


>tries everything good and bad
>half of the stuff he did wrong was due to conflict with joint corporations such as Warner Bros, Hasbro, Lucasfilm Animation, and the collective competition with Disney
>everyone still hates him

>homogenized the channel's selection
>still forces the same shit even though Hasbro is now more subservient, WB is more desperate, and Lucas Film is now with Disney
>no one says a word







What is this from?
Do I want to know?
I hope nothing bad happens


>tfw you realized that Ben10 has become the very thing it mocked

>tfw you will never eat at Mr. Smoothie.


I love monkey-Ben, i dont know i think it's the ears, i always liked them on guys. They're super cute.







I love Beast Boy too. I think YJ BB could have used just like a quarter less monkey going on though.


The lack of Big Donut makes me sad

the artist liked young Gwen so much he/she even drew her when she was a sumo.. or it could just be a Japanese thing.

Palette swap Ben a cute! CUTE!

Great now you triggered me. Never going to see s3 of yj. The pain is to real

I love Charmcaster.

Why the fuck do they have that dumb blush added to their face? They look like they're sick with a head cold or flu.

>inb4 pic related

Looks like their attempt at making the style look less generic


Permanent tumblr blush which is usually accompanied by that notable tumblr nose

desu that's not half bad, aside from the nose & mouth.


do tell, what is this from?

I literally can't see it.

>watch a clip
>they sleep on the RV's dresser seats instead of beds

>premiers this week
Wait, really? Already?

find out for yourself.

>initially create a story about a young boy and a young friend-that-is-a-girl on a roadtrip
>Back out and realize that may be a bit weird to sell
>Switch the girl to boy's cousin
>Wonder why there could possibly be so much incest porn
>Try to make her design uglier to compensate

That's not his true form, he intentionally half-shifts to a monkey.

Best human girl design. Gwen's a close second

I hate you user
Now I need to start drawing pr0n

have you no heart, user?

I agree

What are you talking about, modern CN is getting Nick 2012 tier hate right now

The only channel nobody bitches at is Disney XD

I dont think we ever had one.


some of us are still sane

do it, user. You know you cant resist.

She has a nice 11 year old ass. Can't blame Max for that.

Use this ass for reference.

The sooner you lose your sanity the better off you'll be.

Whats this from?

Is that Forrest Kaysen?

Do you have the Gold Tooth one? I know I saved it but I can't find it in my messy folder


Exactly. Thanks


You DID get a S3 of YJ, it's S2 and S4 that we didn't get.

Young Justice is weird, it feels like Greg planned for getting cancelled and only getting one season out, because S1 is pretty self contained with only a few plot hooks for the next season, but didn't have a plan for if he got cancelled after two seasons.

Because it's pretty clear than YJ was supposed to be a 4 season arc.

Best as I can tell, the plan was something like this:

S1: Setting up the team, the twist, Vandal Savage as end of season threat.
S2: Deconstructing the old team making a new one, Robin becoming Nightwing, Tim, Batgirl, Wondergirl, SB and MM's breakup, Beast Boy Origin. Final Boss is... I dunno, Lex?
S3: Arsenal, Blue Beetle, Impulse and Time Travel, some cosmic stuff with Adam Strange and the new gods. Aqualad makes his comeback.
S4: Darkseid, Wally coming back.

No, user. Season 2 was always supposed to be the way that it was. That's why every single plotpoint raised by season one is answered in season two except the Match thing, which was resolved in the final arc of the comic tie-in.

Season three would've featured another time skip, but one nowhere as big as the first one.

But Gwen is best girl. You just don't understand because you didn't watch it when you were 12 or 13. She was about the same age as me and red hair and spunky and cute. That kinda stuff sticks with you. Same reason I love Toph and Jade (from Jacky Chan Adventures), spunky, cute and about the same age I was when i first saw the show.

>tfw you grow older than your childhood cartoon crush

It's a sad feel my friend. I know it too well.

I-I didint ask for these feels


I watched the show at that age and wanted to kick Gwen in the fucking teeth.

No, they're just cashing in on trends like the while nostalgia thing going on. As far as they care, TTG did well enough (by which I mean they spammed it enough times to have the highest ratings on TV) to justify cashing in on their properties rather than try something different.

That being said, its just a trend. Just like CN Real was an attempt at a trend, and just like how back in 2010-2012 they tried pushing for more cartoons for that intermediate audience of CN and AS viewers. I don't understand the shitposters trying to make it seem like its all the new CN's presidents's fault since AFAIK she's basically been as minimal management as possible, but trust me when I say this trend, like many, will not last.

Also we still have some pretty decent shit, even the stuff that's wrapping up its years-ongoing run so its not all bad. Not like CN Real.

kek faggot detected

Where are these far left designs from? I don't recognize them. A pilot of some sort?

yes to both

AshG needs to draw more Daphne/Gwen and Daphne/Ben



Yes, grab her ass. It's basicly like your own. Don't get cucked by guys who share less genes with her. Pound her until she old enough to breed and then fill her backup door instead.

So? She looks the same. Unlike certain 3dpds you liked when you were young.



So what's his true form look like?

Oh god Max looks like he belongs in Be Cool Scooby-Doo.

How sad is it they they never actually did better than their original series?

Although I did like Omniverse. It wasn't half bad.

You're going to have to give me a source on that. Don't leave me hanging user.


only 3 more days until the first episode

so what are the chances that they might pair ben with gwen this time?

AF is underrated IMO
>Competent Ben
>Omnitrix is actually a cool and useful item rather than "ISS BROKEN XD"
>useful Gwen (even if you are assmad about the alien magic thing, that is relevant for about 1 episode)
>Cool powers and character for Kevin
>Good Alien designs and powers
>Decent villains

soo,who is gonna tune in every week for this show?
i might for the gwen(her voice)

Hickman's FF. Just like that.

Zero user.

Though if we're lucky this time around then maybe they'll wipe Kai Green away from existence

If we can't have Gwen as Ben's Love Interest then who else would Cred Forums like to see Ben fuck?

i dont want anyone else but gwen for ben
this gwen just feels right for ben

what if we kept pestering the creator for it on twitter and etc

gwen with a hat

Nah. That would probably just result in the creators doing the exact opposite just to spite us.

Through my experience, most cartoon creators are either trolls or fucking assholes.

nefcy gave in to demand for star and marco so i guess with some it works

The only other person I've ever really shipped Ben with is Rook.

But now he's gone forever




Not sure if I'm proud of what I have done or not, but regardless post link when it's done


What the fuck is up with their face colors and why do they all have a darker blush in the middle of their faces

it would be a cool gimmick if they had the Ben and Gwen playing different video games a regular bit in various episodes but had the game and avatars they used done in the OS design.

oh that is a good idea.


This thread needs more Charmcaster.













It has to do with the fact that they refuse to actually develop their hits.

When a show gets a big following, your response should not be to throw it onto the backburner, it should be to encourage and develop it until enthusiasm starts to wane or the creative well starts to run dry.











hmm I would say I like the first one more but she is seen in the green one much longer, if I can remember for an entire episode.

>Consistently has a shirt with a black line on a white shirt
>Reboot makes it green

everything has come to full circles now

me too

You're alright user.

>charmcaster in pointy hat with heart emblem on it
Cute af

gwenfag STFU

yuri is pure love

Indeed it is, but it's probably for the best that she didn't have it.

What a retro meme.

Why the hell were swimsuits deleted?

le no old memes allowed

I never really got to stay on track with the series after the original Ben 10 ended, how are the other shows?

From memory and other anons, Alien Force, the 2nd series was actually pretty good. The others I haven't watched after seeing the art, apparently Omniverse is alright.

Not even a Gwenfag and I already know you're a faggot user

b u m p

>>Try to make her design uglier to compensate
>based GwenFags like Ashg still find a way to make her fuckable

Based hentai artists


>Gwen will always be a qt loli
>Sailor Mercury will always be a blue haired intelligent high schooler
>The IM;AA version of Pepper potts will always be Genki
>Zone-tan will always be a purple haired tentacle fucker that watches us fap



>there are people who wouldn't fuck oppai loli gwen

I think about this every night before bed and shed a single tear.
It is truly a great travesty.


Gwen Booty Bump

more Gwen ass please


>based DrewGardner
go on please


yes thank you




honestly I still would.

Is this from a movie?

Yeah. I think it's the first one. Secret of the Omnitrix


I would a ganguro Gwen as well
There aren't edits sadly



ooooohhhhh yyeeeeeaaaahhhh

based Ash makes some damn good loli

>wondered why I haven't seen Ashes lately
>check my following list
>isn't on there
>google his tumblr
>it's been deleted

the fuck happened?

Do they at least have a pixiv or something I can follow instead?


Thanks m8. Had a mini panic attack there.

you're welcome

b u m p

there's a Gwen thread in /trash/

just if anyone wants to know

thank you

have a Gwen

Unaired pilot.


so much better thanks



I too enjoy Doctor Who, Broadchurch, and Orphan Black!

Gwen is best girl!


Bishop just drew it up for an user in the /trash/ thread.

pnzr did a version of it as well. He's also planning to color it tomorrow, and over the weekend and do a stream.

Thank you so much
Not lewd but pretty nice

I'd prefer DFC but you know, being her I'd hit that too


>ben 10 brought it down
>not the fact that they killed shows left and right and then tried to do live action stuff like that one show with the video game coming to reality and that other one with kids being a demolition crew or some shit

Ben 10 was the beginning of the end back in late 2005

how so


I know how odd.


what is this?

"closest cousin"
are they fucking or what

drawfags here? draw gwen in this outfit from the back

Pnzr here.
Yeah I'll be streaming all this weekend hopefully.



1 all the way


Greenish blue is doing something to make her grumpy.

happy Gwen a best