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Does anyone get the feeling she was created simply to protect the Ms Marvel trademark?

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Not at all. It wouldn't even be in jeopardy that quickly.

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No, because her comic has always been good. Certainly the best of the Inhumans books.

Besides, Kamala was created at the same time Carol became Captain Marvel, so there was no time at all when the name was vacated when Marvel could have waited years.

Who cares? She's cute.

Wasn't she going to be called Ms Fantastic and wasn't she going to be a Reed Richards science fangirl? Hence why she also has stretchy powers.

IIRC they made her Ms Marvel only because the name was free and Carol was already CM so they took advantage of that.

She was created as Islamist propaganda. The fact that she's actually cute and comes from one of Marvel's best currently running comics strengthens that.

>Why not make Kamala Khan a character, why make Ms Marvel?

>Our audience is used to certain characters and they are not okay with change, so it is difficult to introduce a new character. If we introduced a new Ms Fantastic, it may not be a hit. So we were lucky when we launched Kamala, as there was no Ms Marvel then. And that name gave us a better resonance and brand recognition.

Yes and no. Marvel is incentivized to keep publishing books with the titles of the trademarks they want to keep, and since they went and made Carol Captain Marvel with the intention of having her permanently be Captain Marvel and not return to Ms. Marvel, they were going to need to get a Ms. Marvel replacement at some point within 10 years of Brian Reed's run ending (so 2020) if they wanted to play it safe and not risk someone else swiping the trademark.

However, at the time of Kamala's creation, they still had another 7 years before that would come into play, so it was hardly something they had to rush out. It's probably more likely that they just had the idea for Kamala, and decided to give her the Ms. Marvel name since a legacy title will sell more than a new title. Getting to keep the trademark going is just a bonus.

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Probably because more recently she has hardly nothing to do with the Inhumans anymore. Making me think her being a Inhuman was a editor mandate.

Kamala's a fad


She was just made during the Inhumans craze which has died down. Mutant characters do the same thing all the time.

The Inhuman stuff was intended from the get go because they were only making a bunch characters because of Inhumanity thing. Being a Carol fan was editorial mandate, along with being on the Avengers and having Tony and Carol show up in the book constantly. Originally she was suppose to be a Reed fan that is why the way she used her powers is similar to Reed instead of going full shapeshifter. Being Inhuman is one of the things that wasn't forced onto her and is something Willow has been trying to work back into the story, while dealing with event troubles.

No character mutant or Inhuman that is separate from the main branch ever puts a whole lot of stock into the race aspect. You didn't see Namor going mutant this and mutant that until he actually joined the X-men.

>the best of the Inhumans books
Stop trying to lump her in with that trash. Ms. Marvel and Moon Girl have nothing to do with the Inhuman dumpster fire.

Inhumans used to be important in Ms. Marvel and she's probably going to get drug into IvX if that cover is to be believed.

>Junk in the trunk

>mfw the quality in ms.Marvel dropped when it turned away from the Inhuman stuff and started in the with the Carol/avengers/Teen trinity stuff

That's mandated shit for you.


>Originally she was suppose to be a Reed fan that is why the way she used her powers is similar to Reed instead of going full shapeshifter.
She still is a full shapeshifter. Kamala just favors the stretchy aspects of it and some occasional size-shifting.

It's implied in her very first preview story that she doesn't like using her powers to alter her appearance, saying that she chooses to wear a mask instead of change her face, but she can still do it if the story finds it necessary.

Yeah the second volume is getting hit with it hard, remember how Willow played up how important jersey was to the character and herself and that's why Kamala never goes to new york or Attilan. Yet now Kamala is going a world traveling arc at the same time as she joins the world traveling Champions team.

>stupid people still compare her powers to Mr. Fantastic

Yeah, except for all those things that he can do that she can't.

Is Reed seriously the only frame of reference for stretch powers that you guys have? She's closer to Monkey D. Luffy than Reed Richards.

I didn't mean to imply that she wasn't a shapeshifter, I meant that was why she fought like a streachy person instead of a shapeshifter even before she nerfed. Willow said on twitter Kamala can still change her appearance but in her book she still sticks to hulk hands and rubber body with the occasional shrinking.

Her powers are only meant to be visually similar to Reed's powers.

>she fought like a streachy person

She fights like a Pym Particle person.

Has even done that more than once in her own book? She goes giant everywhere else, but she didn't even get huge to fight the colossal Kamala.

Yeah, I don't think she was nerfed to begin with, at least no more than what was established very early on about how she can't morph if she's too tired, hungry, or is healing.

I think Wilson said very early on that she picked shapeshifting for Kamala because she wanted to challenge the stereotype that all shapeshifters had to be evil and untrustworthy (i.e. Mystique, the Skrulls).

In her own book, Kamala almost never does anything beyond some Hulk Hand-punching. It all the other writers who remember that she's got more to her powers than that.

>She's closer to Monkey D. Luffy than Reed Richards.
Pic unrelated? Because Luffy pulls that shit in like the second chapter.

I think Willow just wants to keep her power level down to keep it on a small street level scale, where as in Avengers she is fighting Avengers tier threats. It would be odd to have her struggle with three hydra guys, then take out Kaijumala.


I figured she holds back when facing relatively normal threats like HYDRA grunts and only goes all out when facing the biggest threats. Hell, Kaijumala and the clones were orbital nuked before she got a chance to do anything, so we don't know how Kamala would have handled it on her own.

Her powerset is closer to Apocalypse(minus Celestial tech).

Kamala can stretch,shrink,grow and shapeshift.

All Mr.Fantastic can do is stretch.

Got the next issue preview right here

I'm 3 issues into the 2014 run

I get why people like Kamala so much already

Bruno does not look like a heroin junkie.

They didn't create Kamala to protect the "Ms. Marvel" trademark.
They created Kamala because they were going to use Carol to protect the "Captain Marvel" trademark.

Honestly I would be surprised if her real powers did not involve Pym particles

Now he does.




I wonder if Kamala browses Cred Forums, and knows what we say about her.

No, She was created to pander to ISIS recruits

She's more of a niche superhero fansite person, I think

She can hardly take fanfickers.
You sure she could browse the chans?

Yup. Especially the ones who are not fully human and fight for Jersey.

>I think Wilson said very early on that she picked shapeshifting for Kamala because she wanted to challenge the stereotype that all shapeshifters had to be evil and untrustworthy (i.e. Mystique, the Skrulls).
But Kamala hardly uses her shapeshifting powers at all... She doesn't prove that shapeshifters are not evil. Which they are.

he's still recovering

What? She gets giant all the time. She's almost always at least 10 feet tall.

Yes. She grows and shrinks almost every issue.

If they're not already evil, then they're either turned evil, killed, or at best thrown into some obscure corner of the MU and never heard from again.


I'm behind in her main series, is she good/better/worse in the other series she is in?

She tends to be written much more generically. Or worse... written like a dopey fangirl in a total exaggeration of her geeky nature.

No, she's there to prevent toe old Ms. Marvel from ever taking the name back and staying Captain Marvel.