Damn, lads. I cannot wait for the next Robin comic to hit the shelves

>Damn, lads. I cannot wait for the next Robin comic to hit the shelves

said no one ever

>Damn, lads. I cannot wait for the next Poison Ivy comic to hit the shelves

said no one ever

Because comic fans aren't faggots who say "lad"

There was one couple of months back. None of you faggots bothered to buy it.

Well said one person very annoyingly

yeah, becaue no one wanted it

I see Super Sons as next Robin comic.

The last Robin series from last year was pretty fun. Sorry you're missing out.

Speak for yourself. Gleason's part of RSOB were great and it was such a pity they nabbed him to Superman.

Because nobody in the UK fucking reads comics.

Well there's your problem.


Wasn't Tim the first and excepting that fairly short run of "Son of Batman" the only Robin to have his own comic? This was in the 90s too so it must have sold pretty well.

Tim's comic run lasted for over 175 issues and only ended because they gave the role over to Damian.

Of the Bat Family members (Dick, Selina, BoP, Cass, and Jean Paul), he lasted the longest.

Depends on what you consider 'his comic'.
I mean, as Robin, Dick carried Star Spangled Comics through the 40s/50s after the Star Spangled Kid and the Newsboy legion stopped selling. He's the only reason the Titans franchise wasn't DOA.

But yeah, Tim was the first with a solo title. Pretty impressive.

I did, and it was good.
Gleason did pretty well on his own.
A bit wordy/exposition dumpy at times, but the choreography and layout was stellar.

>Damn, lads, I cannot wait for the next Hawkman comic to hit the sleves.

Said no ever.

And now he is in limbo.

How the mighty have fallen.

It actually sold pretty well. And it was one of the only DCYou books to get hardcovers.

>How the mighty have fallen.
Easy to be top dog when there's no competition. Dick, Damian, Jason, and even Duke are more interesting characters.

I agree with you with most of these but Jason.

I have a copy signed by the author

>but Jason.
At the least he has the hook of being a zombie anti-hero with guns to set him apart from the other 3, unlike poor Tim.

So let me clarify -- Jason is an interesting villain. A very real threat (and cautionary tale) for Tim and Damian, a dark mirror for Dick, and a constant reminder for Bruce of his biggest failure.

Oh well then this we can agree on too.

When I was a kid and my dad would take me to buy comics I would pick up Robin monthly.

This is also why Tim will always be my favorite Robin