Did anyone watch Harmonquest? Just realized I don't remember ever seeing it talked about even when it aired

Did anyone watch Harmonquest? Just realized I don't remember ever seeing it talked about even when it aired.
Fav character, guest stars? Did it trigger /tg/?

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No one?

I did watch it. I liked aubrey plaza and gay kobold man. nathan fillion a useless shit, cannot improve. looking forward to season two.

DM best character.

I also watch Aq inc and am very fond of kris straub's blamimation-style intros, which probably count as Cred Forums.

If there are other actual plays with animation added after the fact, I welcome Cred Forums's recommendations. I like that something awful did something like that a while ago but I don't remember clearly.

I didn't really mind Nathan Fillion but he didn't do anything either. Granted there were also a lot of characters. I actually didn't like the Aubrey episode that much since it felt stiff and awkward but she tried and it was still funny.
Spencer and Jeff are my favorites, but Matt and Kumail(gay kobold) are also great. I think he was on their podcast playing DnD before this.

I'm going to have to check out Ag inc.

Also before Harmonquest did their own animation, someone else tackled it from their actual podcast.

It was fun...also I was tracking the mechanics and character classes.

How was Rib Sanchez a Paladin? A Pirate Captain Paladin?


I'll have to give it a watch if Aubrey's in it. I'll watch anything with her except the grumpy cat movie

Watched some rips of it on Youtube. It's all right, the guest stars were really hit or miss since half of the time it's just celebrities going "lol what the hell am I even doing" and the other half are friends of Dan who could do some decent improve. Last episode I bothered watching was the Sandwich Wizard which I enjoyed.

How will the divorce effect the show?

My fave guest was Thomas Middleditch.

Loved it. Harmon-orc is adorable.

what divorce?

>I'm going to have to check out Ag inc.

it's acquisitions incorporated, dnd 4-5e played by chris perkins, a WotC writer, and the writers/artists of penny arcade, pvp, and a guest star. Usually will wheaton, who is kind of unbearable, or patrick rothfuss, who has his moments. kris straub does the animated intros which are always good.

it's basically the best and highest-budgeted/most official actualplay out there. the sessions are way fucking longer than harmonquest, though. more hit or miss too. there are a few podcasts and they play live at each pax.

start at the wiki: pennyarcade dot wikia dot com slash wiki slash List_of_D%26D_Podcasts . If you wanna just jump into it, I guess the recent youtube series isn't a bad place to start. even though it's not the best stuff they've done.

>what divorce?
That qt read head roleplaying as the Barbarian?
His wife.

Or used to be, I should add.

eh, she was the least funny of all of them anyway. The animation made her dance funny, but she didn't really contribute much.

they'll probably just replace her.

Is it fucked up that I'm glad he's getting divorced because upset creators turn out better shit?

My group of friends actually all got really into it and we had our first dnd session last Friday because of it.

Are they divorced yet? He announced it last year and this aired in June. Not sure when they recorded this. I actually had no idea about this until now so I just looked it up. I can't say I'm surprised.

Dan and Erin.

And thats cool. My friend is always bugging me to get a group together but I haven't played since I was like, 11. And with me being the little brother with my DM brother and his friends, I got killed out of the game pretty fast. Harmontown/quest renewed my interest.
I listen to this shit in the car, drawing, cleaning, etc instead of music these days so thanks.

Dan strikes me as always being miserable.

If you have SeeSo check out the Pistol Shrimps Documentary. Ive started listening to the podcasts after never knowing about it. Its great, by the SuperEgo guys.

>Dan strikes me as always being miserable.
His documentary very much confirms that.
It also shows that he's known to be a total dick to his wife and anyone else that doesn't suck his dick really.

Rick Sanchez is a self insert of him of sorts.

>His documentary
Is that worth watching? Just like everybody else, I only know about him from rick and morty

It's pretty interesting look on the guys psyche.
It does it's best to give an objective look of the guy though you never get interviews of people who REALLY detest him (and he has quite a few) so even when it shows his less then proud side if it feels like it' still rooting for him and stroking his ego a little bit. But overall a neat watch and if you like his stuff it's very much worth a peek.

cool, thanks for the review. I'll give it a shot. Most of my favorite creators are complete cunts who I wouldn't want to hang out with, so it's not like it would ruin his stuff or anything

I thought Rick was Roiland's self insert.

I thought they were already divorced.

Aubrey reminded me of when a new players gets this idea in their head and just won't let it go until they pull it off. It came off very genuine to me.

Also Hawaiian Coffee probably deserved to be in prison.

Nah Roiland's an alcoholic as well but that narcissism and "I'm always right" attitude is very much Dan in spades.

By now they should be but I don't know when it was finalized.