Fanbase decides to make gayship out of two straight men

>Fanbase decides to make gayship out of two straight men
>Fanbase starts fighting over who tops.
>Fans alter characterization in fanworks to make guy they've headcannoned as the sub more effeminate than actual characterization given by creators.
>Continue to fight over who's the dom and who's the sub

>trying to make sense of fujoshi-logic
You already lost. I don't know why you'd care that much anyway, stop browsing through yaoi central places or something.

Where are you frowning that this is such a heated debate? Are Arlong Park members debating whether Sanji or Zoro tops?


Reminder that Sanji is confirmed to be a clone.

>paying attention to fanbases
>going on tumblr
You only have yourself to blame OP.

Dude you're behind the times.
The newest trend is to make the uke a transman, so you can fully insert yourself in the sex scenes.

Not to your comment, but to your image.

Fuck that douchey haired douchebag. What kind of asshole doesn't like Aligot.

Its Stretchy Cheesey Mashed Potatoes.

Fucking Genome Soldier Fuckface.

>writer takes note
>begins stripping characters of all personality in order to make them more in line with generic fanon
>awkwardly shoves them into a terrible relationship and procedes to do nothing else with their characters
>"only homophobes dislike this"

Newfag detected


TWF I'm a shipper, and even I get pissed off by this.

As if I didn't like Sanji's family before that, but seriously! Cheesy potatoes! Two of the world's most perfect foods together!

I hope he and the others grind his family into shitty curly-swirled aligot.

and Trey Parker actually made one of these ships canon, what a madman.

Fucking Palmiotti and Conner stop ruining Ivy/Harley for Christ sake

>two straight guys

Can't wait to see these niggas get their shit kicked in by the end of the arc.

>Any troll who isn't Kanaya
>Not bisexual

Everything else is right on the money.

Reminder that Sanji was confirmed to be a clone bred to be perfect, and he is STILL weaker than Zoro. Luffy and Franky too, but Zoro is just a normal human with training compared to a cyborg and someone with superpowers.

>Implying mama Lin-Lin is going to let anyone ruin her little girls special day

>Zorofags clinging to powerlevels because he has nothing else going for him.


Sounds like Korrasami to me.

That doesn't even make sense. Western Fujos are worse than Nip fujos at least nip fujos aren't delusional. Unless it comes to guy girl pairings they don't want.

>Reminder that Sanji was confirmed to be a clone bred to be perfect, and he is STILL weaker than Zoro.
Because he is also confirmed to be a defect.

>people are looking at content more when they passionately believe sex/their headcannon is involved
>drooling idiots talking about who's on top is bringing in more revenue than if there was no pairing/gay boys

Fuck that fanbase but as long as they keep pumping out the dough, I could give a fuck if ambiguous boy is hot and sweaty for ambiguous robot ass.

What the fuck.

>Reminder that Sanji's sister probably wants his D

Eat your heart out /Loud.

Well, more like an artificially-created human, since he and his siblings were individuals created by mixing the "perfect" genes.