Has Miles beaten a single person without using venom blast?

Has Miles beaten a single person without using venom blast?


has Superman defeated a single person without using his super

has Wolverine defeated anyone without snikt

has the United States defeated anyone without dropping bombs on children


Actually, yes to the first two

>has Superman defeated a single person without using his super

Are you serious? Dude's had a lot of instances where he was under a red sun and had to beat an enemy.

>has the United States defeated anyone without dropping bombs on children
Yes, at the 2016 Olympics

You mean things that aren't one hit KO's? You mean things that cause tension in the fight because it's conceivable that they could fail while using that ability?

Didn't Taskmaster tank the Venom Blast, and then start using it against Miles?

Why would she even think she could take him? It would be like Kamala fighting Black Bolt.

When you have a power I think you should use it

Bendis just needs to put limits to it

Because it's her book.

Didn't you read? It's the contractual obligatory hero vs hero fight that happens every time two heroes meet for the first time.

She thinks she has plot armor because she's the main character of her story.

Yeah, I don't understand how it beats Venom. Is the symbiote not highly resistant to electricity?

>has the United States defeated anyone without dropping bombs on children
The British. Don't talk about characters when you don't even know their origin story.

How strong is he? Is he as strong as peter or a little weaker.

She tried to kill a guy


He's about the same, but has Venom Blast and whatnot

Peter has better spidey-sense though

Correction: she THINKS she's a superhero/antihero

Yeah to all three.

then why does he get his ass handed to him so much i guess it's the spidey sense thing but wow.

>has Superman defeated a single person without using his super
He's defeated people when he was completely depowered.

Plot reasons
Same reason Spidey gets beaten when he really shouldn't

Like many other superheroes, Spider-man both Peter and Miles is only as strong as the story says he needs to be

Why is it even a power he has?

What kind of spider can zap you?

It's not a spider power.
It's a nigger power.

>Black Spiderman
>give him lightning powers

Rather than create powers by transferring traits from Spider to Human, they thought of things Spiders could do (in this case, paralyse) and thought of a reasonable power that could do that

It's stupid, but that's why.

Do spiders even cause paralysis? I thought their venom was necrotic.

Why is Miles's OHKO less amusing than Saitama's OHKO?

Depends on the spider.

Because it's not played for laughs usually.

Because it's satire and the guys OPM fights are so blatantly over the top that it become hilarious seeing say a man-shark wall of muscle get BTFO.

Because Saitama's invincibility is meant to be taken as a joke.

Miles plays it straight and that makes it just depressing.

Ultimate Venom was weak to electricity, but it does beat 616 Venom now.

I was referring to 616 Venom. Is there ever any explanation?


Would it work better if Miles wasn't a Spider-legacy character and was instead his own thing?


Not really - instant win powers in a world where fighting is normal tends to be pretty shitty

Is it possible that Miles isn't intentionally Black Peter parker but only stuck that way because Bendis writes 97% of his characters with the same voice as Ultimates peter? Of course the other characters have the benefit of other writers and having established personalities before Bendis while Miles has almost only been under Bendy.


until someone else writes him


The original explanation for Mile's Venom Blast is that it's a type of venom that can only be used if he touches someone and it would shut down their nervous system.
But then he can do shit like cause giant electrical explosions and fucking one-shot Blackheart somehow when it's supposedly just to be a sleep punch.

It beat Electro, who was basically living electricity. Whatever it is, it's not electric-based.

Also it fucks with electrical equipment.

Here's the thing the problem with the Venom Blast, when Spider-man fights anyone it should be hard. One of the best Spider-man stories of all time is Nothing Can stop the Juggernaught, a story about him using everything he can to defeat a guy who's powers is you can't stop him. Spider-man has to constantly adjust his plan, and while I don't like Slott I will give him credit he can come with fun solutions to defeat bad guys. Spider-man is not a hero who has an easy fight or an easy life, that was the way Stan Lee made him and is the appeal of him, it's kind of hard to look at Miles and say he has it as tough Peter. And before you say he's new compared what happened to Peter in his first 70 ro so compared to Miles.

He managed to beat Equinox who had a fuck load of future versions of himself to back him up in ANADA, only by using his smarts. I did not even know he had smarts!

He shoots electricity?

He is a spider based character and he shoots electricity.
It's because he's black, innit?

In Space Knight, Peter used electricity to capture both the Venom and Mania symbiotes though so ???

Wait, Blackheart? As in the Ghost Rider villain? WTF?

The second issue of Spider-Men was such bullshit because of this. Fucking Bendis, man. Why does he make Peter so weak? Was he trying to tell a story by having a veteran beat by a child? Because that's a shitty story.