Star vs. Thread

New episode today

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Its happenings, guys.



The generals keep getting fucking deleted for some reason.

It's been a while since I've seen an ep. Are the new ones good? Rating for each episode?






it's not a general, that's the problem

Here's to hoping this one lasts.

does Star actually have a shot at getting with Marco?

serious what is janna DEAL, she teases marco because she finds him a easy target or she have some felling,?

But whos the third?

as long as OP doesn't delete it

is... is it safe

The absolute madman

>princess Marco bound to return.

i can't believe is fucking happening

the plot thickens


They've all been pretty good.

Goblin Dogs 8/10
By the Book 7/10
Game of Flags 9/10
Girls' Day Out 7/10
Sleepover 9/10
Gift of the Card 7/10

Best Girl

Wow, S2 is really picking up. Really liked both episodes

>serious what is janna DEAL
She REALLY need Marco to give her the famous Diaz Dicking, of course.
It was a good Harem moment while it lasted.


I demand jarco!
Also best ass

its an alright ship


>Gift of the Card and Girls' Day Out below Goblin Dogs


i was in a similar situation sometimes when a teen and really by the only guy in a room full of girls, is awkwardness

One-on-one with the Queen, and nothing more!

Maybe Jackie should have been at the bottom of the pile. That thing looks like it has enough cushion to catch an anvil.

>Marco actually coming to terms with his oneitis and wants to actually get to know the Jackie he's seen from a distance

that was one of the coolest things I've seen in children's television

But kind of strange in a way. If he knew this whole time he was making a bigger deal out of liking her than he needed to why was he such a mess around her to begin with?

Girl's day outward pretty boring tbqhwf

Sleepover was literally a harem episode

Youll find out later on this season in your favorite show, Star vs the forces of evil

Nope, Starco is on it's way bby! Let's see if Star can handle her crushing.
>I demand jarco!
>Also best ass
I second both of these. More Jackie ass is required!
>its an alright ship
Nope, it's shit! TomStar BTFO, get otta here with that pussy ass shit boi cause Star hungry for the world famous Diaz Dicking!
Anyways, I'm excited to see how'll the Tom and Marco episode will go down. It'll be cool to see some bro bonding.
>that was one of the coolest things I've seen in children's television
Yea really, seems like their handling Marco's growth well.
>why was he such a mess around her to begin with?
Well he's still a young guy and this is all still new to him. He's just learning this all now.

better than forever stuck in spaguetti troop, now no way he still spaguett stupid with jackie.
we needed this kind of huge step in one episode.

And now that it's out of the way, there never has to be another harem episode on the show again.

>People complaining about Girl's Day out

i think is the perfect episode to create that relationship Star/Janna because thanks to that episode we are getting more Janna

was being friends with Star part of her master plan to get the D(iaz)?

this is a respectful place

He probably realized that as an epiphany

when you're about to get murdered by an insane truthseeking demon box I'd imagine it puts things into perspective just a little bit

why is Marco so blidn that he can't see that Star loves him? ;_:

There's always a big difference between the expectations for something and actually doing it, which I imagine was the biggest issue Marco put upon himself. Here's hoping that moving forward we just get to see him simply interacting with her, even if nothing actually comes of it, it'd be a huge character development moment for the guy.


>this is a respectful place
>Some dick
You spelled HaremBro wrong. Plus you need to add several girls for that extra Haram taste.

Borrar esto

>even if nothing actually comes of it

no way that's happening after she walked back on her skate camp husbando

personally i'd like star to have the harem

There you are HB I think found that Fic it's "Shower" by Marcosoft Word


man. tumblr is fucking retarded

Because he's goo-goo-eyed for Jackie's moonside. This is the most exposure he's gotten to it.

let me guess
no stream

>personally i'd like star to have the harem
... what? I don't understand that combination of words.
>I think found that Fic it's "Shower" by Marcosoft Word
Hot damn! Nice work user, can't tell you enough how thankful I am for this. Was it hard to find?

Clearly a satirical scene

Best ass!
Also Marco is Cred Forums approved


What is Starfan13 looking?

Its very good that he added the word color there.

What do you think is going through her mind?

>Jackie's thigh's that close to Marco's face
>completely unphased

this guy is a fucking saint

>Unshaven, so pure.

Goblin Dogs was even more boring

Why is your obsession with Tom the worst thing this general has been responsible for in its entire existence

Well there was a peyote trip

Doesn't not make it a boring episode

he's my fav character if you haven't noticed
I think he's neat

I guess yellow really is her favorite color.


Well there goes any desire to watch.


Janna is so cute. I wish we could get more Brittney though.

>best ass.
Stop it, before another thread is burned to the ground


Manna is dead


a momment to remenber

i just noticed this...
>Gift Card monster VA
>Susan Bennett
>AKA Siri's Voice

>Was it hard to find?

Not at all, it was actually like the 4th pastebin I checked and I'm glad I was able to help.

We're crashing this thread with no survivors!
Bring the best jarco you've got!
Jarco > Starco
Jackie > Star > Janna

My S2 rankings:
Star on Wheels
Ludo in the Wild
My New Wand
Mr. Candle Cares
Wand to Wand
Gift of the Card
Game of Flags
Camping Trip
Girls' Day Out
On the Job
By the Book
Star vs Echo Creek
Red Belt
Goblin Dogs

Loved that bit where she starts kicking him while she's laughing


Or is it?

she's adorable

is Marco going to break Star's hearts?

Brittney did nothing Wong!

I hate all boards equally

Fuck me those episodes were great. I'm a big sucker for extreme punishment games like with the truth box and the expiring gift card.

One of my favorite little details about the show is how apparently every character wears socks to bed.

Not only because it means no dumb footfags hijacking threads, but also because I totally do that too.

Cred Forums

Cred Forums ;)

It is


Cred Forums
But marco is Cred Forums approved!

Good to hear, thanks again man.
>she's adorable
Indeed and the way you draw her is great, so props user.

Well sure, I can't really stand not wearing socks. But i have so many fetishes and they all need fed.

you have to be at least 18 years old to post here tom, you are not fooling anyone

Cred Forums

I never wear socks indoors.

You are a disgusting human being.

socked feet > barefoot

Bottomless is really cute!

By the way, how's it going with the airhead Jackie story?

I prefer to keep my feet covered as much as possible

STARCO IS ... 1/2dead?

More like at 1/2 live

Dumb frog poster

dont call it yet, there is still half a season to go

He already did.

>mfw they think the feet needs to be bare to work.

It's all good to me. I only wear socks when it's cold anyways.


They literally confirmed that Star has a crush on marco

She doesn't seem to know

Don't know sveg?
Would you... ?
Break star heart?


>Goblin Dogs at the absolute bottom
>not retarded dog episode or Star vs Retard Creek episode


Star couldnt handle a harem, she'd play favorites too much

how could she like Marco and not know it?

People can have fluctuating crushes, especially when friends are involved.

>By the way, how's it going with the airhead Jackie story?
I have some free time tomorrow and I'm thinking of working on it while I have the time.
Speaking of Air-head Jackie though, seeing how Jackie kinda acts in Sleep over makes it look like she's not actually an Air-head.
So it might be the death of my Air-head Jackie idea :(.
I'll still write Air-head stories of course.
God damn those hips! Marco needs to hurry and put a baby in Jackie's belly.

She explained it in the episode.

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Sleepover. When I saw this episode I was like OHHHHH SH*T IS GOING DOWWWWNNNNNN

But really, I love the episode for how it handles the concept of lying to both yourself and people around you, and the notion of what it means to “like” someone (which doesn’t just pertain to 14-year-olds), and for the increasing awesomeness of the side characters (cough cough, Janna). This is the stuff that makes these “kids” shows so much more than what they seem, and makes “Sleepover” among my favorite 11-minutes the show has ever produced.

The music goes from big emotional moments to action setpieces to stings and around and around again. Daron wanted the music to sound ancient but also techy, but not TOO techy, because “Gift of the Card” needed to sound techier.

From Brian H. Kim Tumblr guys

she never looked at it that way
might see it develop as the series goes by,remember we have still a third season and id prefer they build that affection into love over time instead of rushing it

It can be hard to tell what type of love you feel. Could be friend type, family type, or lust type.

>concept of lying to both yourself and people around you


>dat walk

Her smile and optimism: gone

>One person lies
>Everyone gets punished

Doesn't seem fair

Well, we know what the old lady feels for "Princess Marco".



It's not fair but it makes sense as your lies can end up hurting the people close to you.

From my experience, 14-15 year old High School freshmen are always confused with these sort of things.

this scene was pretty hot desu senpai

Wow. Deep, man

Nefcy does it again

like that camo bag

Lies hurting people close to you is a fairly common moral, and a pertinent one too, as society hinges heavily on people being truthful


Well she was never likely to be as airheaded as your interpretation was, but I don't see why she can't still be somewhat like that even in the show. Her being super chilled out could have her being pretty slow in comparison to most other people.

Either way, just write what you will, it's enjoyable all the same.

Haven't seen the whole show, why does that shite haired woman want him to bring Marco back alive?

It's weird that in this day and age of everyone making out that friends are lovers (especially if theyre gay) this one show does the opposite and makes the obvious couple friends, instead making them have shallow crushes on other people

a strong friendship is an important precedent for love


>people still don't ship Starco, even with all the hints and blatant fan service it receives

Hows the show anyway ??

Is it cringeworthy like Steven Universe ??

I like how the episodes alternate between domestic and way-out fantasy shit. that's a great way to run a show.


>Well she was never likely to be as airheaded as your interpretation was
Oh of course not. I was just wondering if she'd turn out to be a little ditzy and such.
>but I don't see why she can't still be somewhat like that even in the show.
Always a chance of course.
>Either way, just write what you will, it's enjoyable all the same.
Exactly, I'll still write Air-head stories for the fun of it, plus Folly-Cola madeit clear he really liked my Air-head Jackie.

Because she ran an interdimensional reform school/prison for princesses until Marco infiltrated it in drag, broke a prisoner free, and incited a rebellion that destroyed the school.

Started a riot at her princess brainwashing school that allowed the trapped princesses to break free from her control.

Probably wants to torture or mentally break him herself.

unfortunately Cred Forumsntrarians exist even ehre

Depends on what you find cringeworthy about Steven Universe.

There isn't a bunch of lesbians, crying, and singing every episode if that's what you're wondering. And it really isn't that preachy.

That leotard really does favors for his hips.

unlike star, he's had tons of lady friends who are just friends. his aprents encouraged the fuck out of it. no overprotective royal parents.

I just find it predictable and dull

It'd be cool to see Star and Marco stay as friends, but we all know that won't happen

As someone who watches the show I cannot stand by and watch as you lie to this man.

Because he in his female form destroyed her school. More information in season 1 episode 10, St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses.

Janna's the one who lied. Star first had a crush on Marco after the whole thing.

It certainly has its moments of severe cringe and Fremdscham.
But it is nothing like SU.
SU would never use words like gender stereotype.

just because you know the destination in advance doesn't make the journey any less worthwhile, or their interactions less cute

There isn't a bunch of lesbians, crying, and singing in every episode of Star Vs though. There's a decent amount of crying I think, and Starfan for lesbian, and that's it.

Cred Forums

What is she going to do once she finds out Marco's a guy?
Probably break and remold him into her new right-hand

So Star and Marco having Relationship Arc similar to Kim and Ron from Kim Possible confirmed?

Jarco is superior

It's a metaphor for Janna hiding her true feelings for Marco.

this is a harem now

>Someone said this on tumblr:

i got to see the premier of the new star vs episodes, and i loved them.

But afterwards they showed a commercial for Disney XD on Mondays and showed clips for the next episode.

I had to rewind just to see and….

lemme get this straight…..


She'll make him into a bimbo dickgirl maid.

It just feels that way because half the time that's what anything SU-related on here is about.

you FOOL
there's more kinds of footfags than just 'like seeing them bare like a normal person'
there's fucking weird ones liking socks or nylons or stockings or fucking SHOES
they want them to smell or get dirty or weird fucking shit like that. my GOD man. do you know what you're inviting?

Or burying her femininity because she is afraid of it.
One reason she does all that stalker shit. She feels like she needs to always have an angle on people and never show weakness.
Because teen girl paranoia.

>this is a harem now
>Harem now


you don't think she was saying that specifically to it?
this. it's easy. and it's not like crushes matter.. i have fucking dozens of them, on pretty much all my girl friends. they're fine with it. it's not like i do anything about it besides imagine them and fap. i'm not acting weird around them and shit.

otherwise it's too easy to be like "oh well this is my punishment, i'll take it over spilling the beans"
alternatively: this way the one who lied has to admit it was them first, before admitting the truth. if the thing revealed who lied it would take half the steps out of the two-step process



Looks like the Jarco shippers finally came out of hiding. You all finally got you Jarco moment guys. How does it feel?
>Jarco is superior
It's certainly raising in popularity now.
>this is a harem now
Now we just need a Harem ending.

damn straight! It's a weird thing this show is doing, very unusual, but i dig it. i dig the fuck out of it
and i love that it shows that friends, crushes, whatever can all hang out at slumber parties together without it being weird
even starfan
nobody gives her any shit

yes now

confirmed harem, two girls in one episode plus janna

Her repressed femininity drives her to stalk the most effeminate boy in her class?

the fantasy/action side of the show is really weak. like, way too silly to take seriously, yet periodically asks you to anyway. buuut it's also getting better
the mundane side of things is absolutely great.
basically you can really tell that originally the fantasy shit was going to be in star's imagination

Promo from next monday

they will always be friends, even when they're married
theyre not going to be one of those couples that disappears off the radar to only do things themselves. instead they'll just act like one-friend-at-twice and still be chums with everyone and do whatever.

Not only him, I imagine.
But Star has no social security number.

Continuing the Ludo plot. Nice.







she's just obsessed is all. it's like a 'man crush' only girls.

>Only guy at a slumber party
>doesn't get dressed as a girl

How unrealistic. It happens to every guy in that situation. R-right?


That's what they all do

Hence "Cute and Perfect"

he's coming

didn't you see the makeuppy bits earlier? the girls were dressing as guys instead.

not "perfect and cute"?

.... so did they just Mr Murder that lizard guy with the chainsaw?
Did this show just murder someone?

it wasnt murder, it was closer to homicide

I would've just said "non-romantically/sexually obsessed" prior to this episode, but "crush" to describe her feelings seems to put it in a pretty specific light.

>How unrealistic. It happens to every guy in that situation. R-right?
Marco's too swag for that pussy as shit.
He's the guy that fathers are worried about sneaking into their daughters slumber parties.

posters when?

>marco with abs
not THAT'S unrealistic

About time!
I like Star, she's one of my top waifus, but I think marco and Jackie deserve a chance to be together and explore their relationship. As marco said before she put Jackie in a pedestal wich is something common to apply to your crush, as an unreachable perfect girl, but it's time for Marco to get to know Jackie for who she is not for who he thinks she is. Maybe he may not like her but remain as good friends, or maybe they'll click and stay together. They handled the crush aspect surprisingly savvy instead of going through a more standard tropes route, so I can't wait to see how that develops.
Now on star side, I don't think she'll act as a jelly bestie but it'll get interesting.

Also, what's not to love about Jackie, those legs, those hips...

Finally, is Jackie multiracial? Her skin tone is certainly a bit darker than star's but not as brown as Marco's. Probably a bit of Latino genes, black genes (booty) and white genes

Tomorrow at noon.

I'm not joking.

Cred Forums is the only place I've been where people assume that even a slight tan = non-white

Prolly a Filipina or some Southeast Pacific Islander and German or Scandinavian or some such. They're in Cali so such combos aren't unheard of.

>Jackie who's your crush right now
>I don't really I know anymore

Oh fuck

well that's it exactly
and as the episode continues to show, crushes can be... kind of vague. it's more about the obsession than it is about the nature of the feelings. a crush is infatuation, you can be infatuated with all kinds of shit. it's actually closer to the feeling brand new parents have, sudden inexplicable connection with and obsession with something that's objectively not interacting with them in any meaningful way yet.

her skin's pink enough that I reckon she's straight up nordic, just heavily tanned. they tan pretty pink, y'know? hence 'redneck' and all that.

I know right? Can't wait to see Marco continue to interact with Jackie now.
>Finally, is Jackie multiracial? Her skin tone is certainly a bit darker
She's most likely just Tanned user.
>not THAT'S unrealistic
What are you talking about? Marco's always had abs.
when Star has wet dreams about him.

Yeah but the eyes look a little off and that aint no Icey Euro booty

i'll get that princess Marco and her little blond girl too




I think Manna is dead, but depending where you put a period in her sentence can cause some eye raises. But even if I don't like it, Starco is blatantly going to be it.

>Well we all know who I have a crush on. Don't we Marco. 18th century poet John Keats

Well we all know who I have a crush on. Don't we. Marco. 18th century poet John Keats

You could also argue it was a way to beat the system.

Just sayin'.

funny you should say that, the weird eyes remind me of some icelanders. they get kinda funnylooking up there. of course that comes from having some asian blood via eskimos

she's a tan white cali surfer girl... that's the archetype she's based

besides she can still have the hots for him without having a crush

Jarco is shit.

she has one on both obviously

no fighting, fags

g l o r i a s s

All that art
All those fics
down the drain

Manna is dead

All those months of ending threads with LAST FOR MANNA were for nothing...

Stalker Janna is cute

why was janna a thing exactly

i don't remember it

Fight me faggot

Back to /sug/
Jarco deserves exploration since it'll most likely result in character growth for marco and star.

she is always flirting with Marco

Oh shit, actually that reminds me of a tribe of Mongolians who live out in the Steppes and all have blonde hair and green eyes and shit.

Jackie = amazon horse warrior?

jarco is but a stepping stone to starco

>Marco's too swag for that pussy ass shit.
Plus he'd put all the girls to shame.

I-its Cred Forums of course
why would i hang out with anyone besides you guys? H-heh heh

She blatantly called him Princess Marco. Does Marco not register as a 'boy name' for her or is Heinous that hard wired for proper princess making/education?

>Manna is dead
Whatever you say, user.

Marco is a boys name on earth and she is not from eath

Tomco next week get hyped

what if it just helps cement starco?

yeah the history of eastern yurp is fucking WEIRD racially. you've got the mongorians, the russians, the native americans, the various middle eastern guys.. but their history is way too vague to keep track of any of it prior to like 800ad

>Plus he'd put all the girls to shame.
More like Marco would cause them to reveal their shame.

Yeah, marco is best Girl

aw yiss

if she goes on another Mewberty rampage will Marco be safe?

I wonder what kind of swanky underworld hangouts they'll go to?

Pinpoint the moment Star fell for Marco?

Ya, that makes sense.(now I'm kind of reminded of the 'everyone from Earth is a Diaz' gag from the first episode. Guess I should be thankful that Ponyhead's "Turdina" didn't stick.

Marco will give her some good whipping and tame her, foreplay for a traditional mweny royal mating ritual

some place really gay

The Blood Moon Ball dance.

i'd like to say BMB but i think is when they met for the first time

i was a mess around any crushes i had as a pubescent shitlord. seemed accurate to me.

so season 3 is going to be called "Jackie and Marco vs the forces of Mewni"

Probably here.

She was lying about wanting a friend. She was happy to know that Marco cared about her enough to not want Tom to have her.

Can't friggin' wait.

She probably heard his name at some point duirng the riot, but she doesn't know anything about Earth so has no idea it's a boy's name.

isnt tom a lying, manipulative, and vindictive asshole?

Hopefully Janna will be randomly hanging out again so she can mess with Marco AND Tom.

so Marco is aiming for the best girl all is right with the world

>it's my favorite color
>it's not red


Did you just forget about the previous episode?

wtf I love nazis now...

she wants a love
but she doesnt want him to constantly have to rescue her and shit. she doesnt wanna be THAT kind of princess
she wants to be co-adventurer bfgfs

Based on the hidden diary entry that she went all hobo soup on, I'd say day one. But she was working through some stuff, being new to Earth and all, having an ex like Tom and family issues, so she put those feelings on the backburner and overcompensated with a crush on some random guy who has qualities she thinks she'd like, but who was so chill she knew he'd never fall in love with her.

And that's honestly Star in a nutshell, just like any girl from a privileged home. She has token acts of rebellion but actually takes the lessons of her class to heart and tamps down on her own passions and feelings in exchange for ease and safety from harm. Her unwillingness to explore her feelings with Marco are another symptom, just like her using her wand as a crutch for magic power. Thankfully, this show seems to be about growing up, so she'll hopefully shed her self-imposed barriers and gain independence as a functional young adult.

my friend draws lanky ppl really well and I wanted to practice the lankyness

I uh....



they are more than cute and perfect

The guys who wrote/storyboarded Sleepover also did Star on Wheels and Starsitting. I think they might be my favorites on the crew now; like every episode from them so far has consistently been a highlight of the season for me.

One of them is also the writer for the comics and I've been excited about those from Day 1. I thought this show would be perfect for comics but thought that was just a pipe dream because Disney doesn't seem to really do merchandise for TV shows anymore.

swing and a miss, he looks cuddly and chubbles and soft.. but your art shows promise
here's a few tips:
-the neck connects at the back of the head
-the elbow goes down to the bottom of the ribcage, and the hand to about mid-thigh
-look at what a pelvis looks like and it will help you get the distance from navel to junk down. it's hard to just eyeball

So Star and Marco have unsaid feelings for each other. I always thought that deep down Marco had it bad for Star, I didn't realize that it was actually Star that has it bad for Marco.

Also, Marco just admitted how he felt about her to Jackie. She is now aware of that. That's bound to effect the future plot.

he looks more normal than lanky

I'm sure they'll be dressed for it.

Remember when Marco had male friends?

when you try your best but you don't succeed :,^3

Yeah, I like it when shows change stuff up. A gag a day isn't terrible but it gets boring with 6 seasons of pining over some random girl. Maybe this'll let us get a closer perspective of Jackie now that Marco isn't keeping her at length?

for like two episodes

i'm not gay but trap Marco is probably the character I have fapped most to

i sensed an undercurrent of resentment toward the both of them
>...they're usually cooler.


Haha. She's going to have to learn how to share soon.

>seeing how Jackie kinda acts in Sleep over makes it look like she's not actually an Air-head.
Jackie stared at Marco with a dead blank expression when he pointed at her and said he liked "Jackie". He literally had to say her full name before she figured it out.
Trust me, she's an airhead.

I liked Jackies chubby cheeks

Also holy shit that lizard guy fucking died

Can we have a moment of silence for all the reptilian villains that keep getting btfo?

Oh yea, that's a good point. Maybe my Air-head Jackie idea does have a shot!
Or maybe there's just a lot of Jackies in Echo Creek and that explains why she didn't get it at first.

I think Jackie just hit her head too many times on the sidewalk skateboarding

I'm pretty sure that's a "wait, what?" expression. Jackie was legitimately surprised by Marco having a crush on her.

Why do I have a feeling that Marco and Jackie are going to grow close up to the cusp of dating where Jackie is going to ask him out for real, meanwhile Star is going to be sad as she realizes her feelings for Marco?

Jackie is probably just high.

>I think Jackie just hit her head too many times on the sidewalk skateboarding
It's certainly possible.
>Jackie is probably just high.
This too is possible.

As long as Star doesn't have a freakout and start dressing up like Jackie.

That reminds me of a story I once read here. The ending was brutal.

Except Jackie was making the exact same expression right before Marco revealed his crush. She had absolutely no reaction until he said her full name.

you forgot the part where she cuts her hair

SIIIIIICK, party animals!

Woah, I leave for work at the start of the previous thread and return to find another whole thread already more than halfway done.

/sveg/ is back!! Nothing could ruin my mood now!


This is trully the darkest timeline!!

Hardly we're hanging in there and your enthusiasm is much needed so welcome back.

>/sveg/ is back!! Nothing could ruin my mood now!
This should be eventful

Didn't even take 2 minutes

Or the part where she spikes Marco's drink to help him "loosen up" and hear her out.

"Let's hug. So when they find our charred skeletons, they'll know we were friends."

cause she knows other people in the world are named Jackie, and it's only when he says her full name does the 'wait, ME?!' click on.

from her POV Marco hasn't done anything to specifically indicate outright flirting, just nervousnes.

Almost that whole thread was about how Manna ship hasn't sunk.

Your points make sense, but even despite the possibility of there being many, many Jackies in the world, you think him pointing directly at her would have given her some kind of hint.

It's OK, we still have Stanna. Come aboard, we have all of your information anyhow.

Yeah Marco, "friends" isn't the conclusion that people would've come to.

>"Welcome to Quest Buy's outdoors decoration and gardening department!"
>"Our newest item; these charred remains of no-doubt blood rivals entangled in a hate-fueled bout to the death in their last moments!"

Pretty funny that's the case isn't it?

>needing a ship to be canon to support it
weak 2 be 100 percent truthful sibling


he's not so much pointing as gesturing, and she's looking at his face specifically not his hand.

Really it's simply she is only just now really interacting with him on a regular basis, before they were casual acquaintances at best. So while his crush isn't subtle from our POV, from hers this is the big obvious reveal to her of 'oh that's why he was nervous whenever we talked.'

She's going to put on pounds eating so much junk food.

I hate this trend. This 'need' for your ship must be the canon one or fuck everything and everyone. even in things with canon multiple reality and alternate versiosn fo people they somehow NEED the same ship to be canon ine very goddamn reality.

That cartoon character will gain plenty of weight, I'm sure

If Janna enters thic territory will she become a /sveg/ waifu?

more cushin for da pushin

> m-maybe this will give me some curves
> Then maybe marco would like me :(

Janna's pained expressions every time Marco swats away her advances tear me up inside

As a cartoon character, she'll gain faster than physically possible and have it distributed in a somehow appealing way.

why did they make janna weird and ugly

what is her purpose?

Quads confirm the ass

Maybe she's based off a person Daron or her husband knew in high school?

>105 images
>one of them has Queen Butterfly's deliCUTE feet

Good man.

Janna has a disgusting man-face and will never find any love

They wanted to remind people why Manna wouldn't happen

Because Janna is an ugly bitch with a shit attitude

Her "rebel" facade is obnoxious and has gone stale

Maybe after losing the Marco Bowl, Janna will get a personality and go for someone her own league
Like the janitor
Or her step dad

She's already a waifu, but there would be plenty more of her to love.

damn you salty

Best girl

Look at this thirsty bitch

Take it down a notch
The desperation is a bit of a turn off

Natasha Allegri?

is this an Armstrong reference?


she reminds me of some cute girls i know who just.. look a little mannish from the wrong angle. maybe their boobs are a little flappy. but you know what? still cute and have cute quirks and personalities.

She certainly stands out from the other background characters.

ouch. true, but ouch
not in a girl it aint.

she should just jump marco, it's not like he'd do anything to stop her

only way she's getting any

such a thirsty gypsy

she's meant to be the average girl, hence the weird faces. Jackie the super hot one, hence her oddly more detailed face/eyes and effort to stress curves. Star's the friend/bubbly one so brighter colors and no obvious curves to her normal design.

Natty Dumpy thought she could draw
Natty Dumpy couldn't draw at all
She rode Penn's dick
and made a start kick
and ran off with the money last fall

>It's OK, we still have Stanna. Come aboard, we have all of your information anyhow.
Janna will just see if Star and Marco are up for a threesome. If they're not she'll get them drunk and do it anyway.

Better than Janna desu

Maybe Janna will throw a gypst curse on Jackie

Give her throat herpies and a broken board

what would you even call it if you shipped star and starfan in earnest? fart?

How long did Marco practice that look in a mirror?

and i love it

Glomp Galaxy

There was a girl that went to my old highschool that looked just like this. I think she was kind of autistic as well and even carried a rolling backpack. People would bully her to the point where she would just stand in place and scream the most blood curdling scream you ever heard until they backed off. I felt really sorry for her

At least 7 times

probably most of the day before the sleepover started.

Hours and hours on end

i just watched the episode

so i'll just be that guy and say it

do you think Starco has been confirmed?

why do i feel like they are going to do some bulshit in the final episode that will make this even more ambiguos

will marco learn that wanting is better than having?

Were there kids with rolling backpacks that didn't get picked on?

Probably eventually, but not this season. Star may not even realize she has a crush on Marco, and he doesn't seem to have have any romantic inclinations towards here as of yet. If it happened so soon it would definitely feel rushed.

sounds like a mighty warrior to me. fending off weaklings who try to use words as weapons with a power shriek

the fuck is a rolling backpack? that's -luggage- dude

Confirmed? no, but if you doubted they aren't targeting that ship for plot points this proves it's gonna come up as the show goes. Jackie now knows about the crush and more so doesn't seem in anyway against Marco that way, so she's probably going to meet him halfway a bit as Marco tries to get to know Jackie properly.

I fully expect a bit of the classic tropes of Star beginning to get increasingly jealous of Marco spending time with Jackie, even if she isn't obvious why.

its a "backpack" with wheels like luggage, but a lot smaller and used to carry books and other school shit.

I don't expect ANYTHING typical or cliche, unless it's being made fun of


star loves marco, but she has lust for the loser who sing about his own whore mother?

I want to hear more of jackie's sweet voice.

no way this can end badly, nope none at all

... what?

I thought of "Starcest" but that does sound a bit creepy

probably fitting though

How mad would you be if this show goes Korra levels of retarded with it's romance shit.

she's a pubescent girl, her feelings are fickle and changing day to day or minute to minute.

with Marco she has a 'special' bond, friend or lover wise the bond is special.

the singer guy its totally teen lust.

I don't think it was ever supposed to be a surprise to the audience that Starco would happen. But it will continue to progress gradually.

>jackie/star surprise lesbian end
that would be sick

it can't go that retarded. because even if the show goes to complete shit from now on, it's had more actual build up and effort in the romance than Korra ever did.

Considering the romance aspect has been only a very minor thing up to this point, it would be pretty jarring, but I wouldn't be terribly upset.

I'm just kind of expecting it to happen if the show airs long enough.

do you think rasticore can regenerate too?

though if the creators RL marriage ever goes to hell mid run it will make the show extra weird.

he expired, not explode into a magical artifact of unlimited power

when do we get Jelly Star fics and pics

I really want jelly Star at some point.

At this point it's not even a definite that Toffee can regenerate.

I'm kind of hoping he really is dead and that they literally came up with some badass, final-boss looking humanoid lizard just so they could place him in the opening and watch fans go crazy trying to connect him to Toffee.

It won't
It will, instead, go the GF levels of retarded with it's romance shit

It's supposed to be creepy. Starfan13 is a stalker, and not in the fun way like Janna is.

gf and svtfoe both share a fondness for pairing a dorky brown haired guy with a long haired blonde

she's also voiced by Star's va right? because if true that adds soem sor tof extra weirdness to it.

So now just about every new character in the season 2 intro sequence has had their debut episode. I suppose it's pretty well run its course with regard to predicting future episodes; any character debuts in the second half of the season will be surprises.

Voiced by creator Daron Nefcy, like Sabrina

That still makes it kinda weird though.

Nothing in the history of mankind will be as bad as Korra, nothing!

>jelly Star

Oh you will get it, its already happening actually, the ending of Sleepover is showing exactly what I as fearing it would happen as Marar becomes more and more close to happeing, the dynamic is changing.

Star looks worried at the end of Sleepover, compare to how happy she was for Marco in Freeze Day and in Interdimensional Field Trip, here comes the romance drama everyone! Jealousy and worried looks instead of joy and smiles!

Such a predictable and dull outcome.

I am having a lot of fun with this!

>every new character


Nope. He's probably a one-time character, just like Kelly and Willoughby.

so it's an obsessed about the MC fangirl, voiced by the creator, whose the basis for the MC? trippy.

We literally saw Toffee regenerate on-screen. Star blasted his arm off at the shoulder and he grew it back. That doesn't mean he can come back; there might not be enough of his body left to regenerate from. But he certainly had regenerative powers.

so star fan 13 is daron nefcy's self-insert right?

His debut episode is scheduled for October 10. 211b, "Spider With a Top Hat".

how can you self insert when your protag character is already a partial self insert for you?


>Creator wants to fuck the character she created.

the Star frown sells this pic.

Maybe Star, Starfan13, and Sabrina are all different aspects of Nefcy that she decided to add to the show.

I meant in the sense of regenerating from the severed finger, the way people now expect Rasticore might from the arm.

The missing finger might not have anything to do with Toffee's regenerative abilities.

>there might not be enough of his body left to regenerate from
remember what Glossaryx said about how you can cleave things apart but also cleave things together
and it's almost definitely Tofee's skeletal hand gripping the wand half
it's probably also his voice that Ludo can hear through the wand
I'm pretty sure he's gonna regen in a way that absorbs the wand-half into his body

it's gonna be more awkward than that when it inevitably happens

star will have told him to do it of course, then feels bad after because cliches

what if star gets jelly over sabco? Would that be okay Ama?

by making a character that is a parody of the protag character, by way of in-universe fandom
when the prototype of said protag was already supposed to just be imagining it
it makes total sense.

hello guys, new here. picked up the show like lastweek? i think. didn't know there's a thread or general here in Cred Forums

can someone post sveg memes please?


What's that?

i feel like star represents what nefcy desired to be as a child and star fan 13 is nefcy as a child or teenager. she's like if nefcy's power fantasy manifested itself as a cartoon character (this obviously goes for any main character of a series as the creator likes to project parts of their personality onto that main character).

or maybe im just just reading into it too deep

remember this Janna is a gypsy that is thirsty for Diaz

star seems to worry more with marcoa cting as if was perplexed

probably nothing important

Marco and Sabrina.

its easy to find memes
all you need to do is DIP DOOOOOOWN

>can someone post sveg memes please?
Only ship the character Marco Diaz with a female character, only female characters, and every female character.
Also Tomand Tad are cucks and fuck bois that deserve what they get.
And always remember that Star was mad, ha ha.
>Also pic related.

that is a lazy as fuck ship name
it would obviously be 'tsar'

the hiatus was a struggle a fun struggle, but still

Makes sense to me.

I was thinking of it in terms of current Star is like a melding of original spazzy kid Star with kid-Star's fantasy version of herself, so that the final version is actually legitimately powerful but also a weirdo in a lot of ways.

While StarFan13 is like original Star minus the delusions about her reality or herself, loving current-Star the same way original-Star idolized fictional characters Sailor Moon etc.

So pretty much what you said, just trying to look at it in terms of the characters only.

>Marco and Jackie first date episode
>Star and Janna try to sabotage
>makes date better

>Comparing GOAT ship to "just put the leads together"

There is no romantic chemistry between Star and Marco. At least Janna would've been entertaining (although, she's been getting more screentime).

im into the show and then while browsing other boards, i saw few anons posting Star meme reaction pics. went to Cred Forums then found a thread.

Welcome to the madness, user! You arrive at a very good time where /sveg/ seems to be catching a second wind in activity after being seemingly dead for months.

Just sit back and chill with the rest of us as we discuss inane stuff like pairings and background characters!


What kind of loony would ship that!?

NAh i dont believe in star jelly will be that strong, the show seems to scape this more obvious cliches, star still ahve no idea about their own crush, i believe that jackie/maco and oskar/star will happen at same time , so both amrco and star will be to distracted to notice anything, at the point hat when star forget oskar marco also will no more have interest on jackie.

final action will be star and marco having felling for each other at same time with no external interferrence.

>Jelly Janna becomes canon kinda

why do i feel like if we are going to see anything direct starco,its gonna be season 3?

>that is a lazy as fuck ship name
And TomXStar is a trash ship. Nothing good at all about it.
Excellent notice user, moving on.
>a fun struggle, but still
We made it at least. Bumpy road with problems here and there. But look at us now, enjoying season two.
>>Star and Janna try to sabotage
>>makes date better
This is almost guaranteed as a cartoon troupe. But Nefcy always manages to surprise us so I wonder how she'd handle such an episode?
>i saw few anons posting Star meme reaction pics.
Like this one? Also, welcome to the threads, choose a MarcoXGirl ship, grab some Banana Magic Pudding, and remember that you wanna nut in Star's ass.


You are delusional and bitter in deep state of denial.

Because the best time to do ships if you mean them to be endgame is towards the end. to early and you ruin the magic, to late and the chance passed.

Plus the best fan tease way to end season 2 would totally be to force Star to admit/realize she loves Marco.

i like /x/


never lose hope Ama
i've been away from the general for a while, since the season started i've been checking in every few weeks to see what's up, but it's good to see that some of the old names are still around

wow. for a general(?), you guys are seemingly hospitable.
thanks guys.

ill probably keep it og and ship starco for now

I find Dipcifica kinda overrated, its a cute ship with the formerly enemies getting closer, but they have like, one episode and it seems they left clear the point was not them getting a romance but Pacifica overall warming up to the pines and admiting her family sucks.

Nortwest Manor Mistery set up Pacifica's role in the finale more than anything.

Just caught up with the show.
You're making it sound like there will only be 3 season.
Is that confirmed?

Jealousy is an oddly satisfying trope desu

we aren't self-named the hugbox general for nothing friend

Seeing the uncolored sketches hurts me on a level I can't describe.

Well we were infamous for being known as "the hugbox general" for a reason.

People here is just disgustingly nice to the point of being cringeworthy. and we all love it.

I do too, user. but dont tell anyone.

Season 3 is confirmed but its far to early to assume that will be it.

Especially now that Disney doesnt really have anything else besides Star Wars.

my friend has an oral fixation

We know there's AT LEAST 3 seasons, whether it goes further than that is yet to be seen.

>the patriarchy

That probably would've been one of my favorite ships if Dipper and Pacifica actually had any significant interaction after Northwest Mansion Mystery.

As opposed to Star and Marco connecting emotionally in basically every episode.

>but it's good to see that some of the old names are still around
Most moved to the Discord and simply lurk the threads now, but many are still here.
Our activity has died down due to not being able to write or post stories anymore, but we name fags are still posting over all.
>wow. for a general(?), you guys are seemingly hospitable.
Yea /sveg/, or just the Star vs. threads at this point, are weird like this. We're a hug box of nice people and for that, some people don't like us.
But we have fun here so now your welcome in on the fun.

We will have AT LEAST 3 seasons confirmed.

whether there will be more or not is to be seen, it really depends on how well these seasons do until they announce a reneweal for a 4th season.

Loud and audible laughter from the 77th dimension

So clearly Janna likes Marco but is just content with stalking him, because she knows he likes Jackie and possibly Star?

Is that the general headcanon?

your friend has good taste in kinks

>my friend has an oral fixation
Tell your friend that I have a green laying around somewhere where StarFan13 has Marco play around with her braces.

yeah, I started the show 2 weeks ago.
Only half the people on my first post told me to kill myself.
Much better then most generals.
It was my own fault really, because I said I was from /sug/

Close, but Janna doesn't care about Jackie or Star, rather knowing that Marco would Blow her TFO with rejections.

I think we'd all like to see that green
And more Starfan13 satisfying her oral itches.

If they said KYS

It means kiss you softly user. They meant no harm.

i dont know Daron Nefcy's can really go to end this story in season 3 with more 22 episodes

i miss the days of greentexts, weekend hype, and ninja weeknight threads. Don't get me wrong, having threads all the time is great, but rose tinted glasses and all

>kiss you softly
What? Who says that?
They more likely mean "keep yourself safe", you know how hostile other generals can be to /sug/ frequenters.

Given the abysmal ratings it's a fucking miracle it even got that

Ok, I feel a little better now.
I just remember hearing shows on disney XD,
is kinda like death row.

>because I said I was from /sug/
Just remember that half the people in sveg, gfg, and sug are all from hsg and merely immigrated there when hsg got banned

Probably more a mix of her awkwardness with how to voice the affection (much like marco getting nervous around Jackie, Janna instead goes stalker mode too forward with him) and probably a bit of not wanting to do anything normal because it feels conforming to gender tropes (girls usually feel they are to be the passive one in relationship seeking)

see there are three threads right now

>I think we'd all like to see that green
The thing is... I don't know where it is or if I saved it. I wrote it back in my NameFagless Anonymous days.
They were certainly fun because we managed to make it fun. Though we lost the right to write, we still have the show to watch at least.
Also we need to update that pic. Need to add cuck Tad, put Manna on sucide watch since many people believe that, and guess what? Star supports the Marco Harem ship!

>That thing looks like it has enough cushion to catch an anvil.


user, how the fuck do you know my pet name for my dick?!


Jackie is stacked. Other girls can't compete.

Already working on one

but, a butt

Stackie should be running that school

Stackie should have groups of admirers

>put Manna shippers of suicide watch
you have no idea how close i am
that's just great

There are other girls more stacked.

loved all the physical contact in this episode. wish i could have some of that.

Damn, I have to say, they really went all-out on this episode. The concept, the characterization, the character development, the ass shots, just, wow.

I got into Cred Forums because of /sug/.
I love those threads, and understand why most of Cred Forums and mods hate us.
What I don't understand is why the mods crack down on star vs. so hard.
Maybe now that /sug/ is back in the trash, things will loosen up for the rest of Cred Forums

Whos to say you cant have a crush on multiple people?

>>Gift Card monster VA
>>Susan Bennett
>>AKA Siri's Voice


I thought I recognized her!


>you have no idea how close i am
Your about to kill yourself while the Jarco shippers are having the time of their lives after they revealed themselves at long last.
It's like the changing cycles of the moon for Star vs. threads.
>There are other girls more stacked.
Damn, we still don't have a lewd pic of a nude Chelsea showing off her large white girl booty.

>All the friends are monsterfied
>Marco's defining feature is his huge trunk

Yeaaah, the [D]iaz gets more confirmation.

Braces do strange things to people.

I like how Star made it a point not to invite girls who lack a booty to her slumber party.

maybe Star appreciates Junk in the trunk as much as Marco?

living the dream

> (OP)
>Hows the show anyway ??

It's basically the adventures of Thor, if the God of Thunder was a teenage girl with impulse problems and not too much brains.

Star is REALLY mighty, and it doesn't matter to the plot of the show one whit.

Well, except when the bad guy shows up and they wreck a couple of city blocks working out their issues.

But lots of fun, great characters, many, many surprisingly dark moments (the Charles Manson impersonation is my personal fave), and actions have consequences.

In a word, excellent, but yeah, it's really wild, and REALLY weird.

>We are almost done with another thread.

I-is, /sveg/ really back?


she clearly takes booty very seriously

>she's just obsessed is all. it's like a 'man crush' only girls.


Yeah, after this episode, I'm pretty sure Starfan13 is canonically gay, and Star will never, ever figure it out.

Which is both hilarious, and kinda sad for poor Starfan.

>What, Marco, earth girls kiss each other all the time, Starfan told me all about it. Sheesh!

i will hold strong in my Manna hopes
ooh boy, i hope so

>His debut episode is scheduled for October 10. 211b, "Spider With a Top Hat".
and guess what? is mid season

Starco brought back to life
At least give the characters a chance without it happening, show.


I think the way they portrayed StarFan13's "crush" on star was clearly done in a way that it comes off as creepy and unhealthy.

The episode was filled with things with her adapting her own persona just to appeal to Star, the show did absolutely nothing to put her "feelings" in any serious or pure way, she is flat out a very creepy stalker that is obsessed with Star.

And they played it for laughs, man I love this show!

there are three current threads, there is no general

>if she goes on another Mewberty rampage will Marco be safe?

I bet he's as safe as houses from her.

The woman folk of Echo Creek would come to recognize that title in the next coming weeks. They would know the name of he who wields such a weapon.
"The Diaz"
>Yeah, after this episode, I'm pretty sure Starfan13 is canonically gay
Never on a Disney show. Besides, you can also paint StarFan13's "crush" on Star as a crazy yanderish craving to take Star's life for herself.
>i will hold strong in my Manna hopes
Good, cause Janna's showed up for three episodes stright and I'm sure we'll see much more of her.

i think thie most recent hug has been the best hug in the entire series, but maybe it's only because of how the previous episode made me feel

I still don't understand why /sug/ is allowed to be called /sug/, but star vs. threads aren't even allowed to put links in an OP post.

And then there's always this general just so people can shitpost about a bad webcomic nobody likes


I'm sorry for being a newfag, but is there an archive link to download S2?

This link has only the latest episode.

the cube did say someone was lying.

how starco come from a BTFO in Mr. Candle Cares to IT'S HAPPENING in Sleepover?? i fucking love this feelcoster

Yep, so we'll have to use something other than the intro sequence to figure out who will be showing up second half of the season.

Just think, we've gone our whole lives seeing a bunch of funny slumber party episodes that play up the difference between boys and girls and make this big awkward separation, make people really awkward around their crushes... and here's a cartoon where the girls just happily invite the dude to play truth or truth with them, and the tangled love quadrangle is no problem at all. he even puts on a flirty act and isnt mocked or beaten for it.

that general never even reaches 500 posts, what does it matter?

>Janna's showed up for three episodes stright and I'm sure we'll see much more of her.
i'm so happy about that

>that pic
guys what if...

the whole show is taking place inside StarFan13's head

leepest dore

Actually I feel like Star is much preachier.

Practically every other episode is some small lesson.
Don't run away from your problems.
The truth that you believe isn't always black and white.
Trust shouldn't be made on tricks sometimes.
Etc Etc

SU sometimes has a lesson, but often it feels more towards the characters for themselves to grow than to the "don't you see, audience" kinda thing plenty of cartoons sort of have.

There are several types of those generals
Including the Questionable Content General


so if Star has a crush on long do you think she has liked him? it would put a new way of thinking about all the hugs and touching in season 1

episode where star teaches starfan13 to be her own person please

Cred Forums

Really the only one I go to.
And deep down, no matter how shit this board gets ... we still got Winothreads and most Godzilla threads

SInce Camping Trip, she didn't say a word when his father called Marco his boyfriend.

Janna is like Herpes.
Star got her, gave it to Marco, and now he's stuck with her for life.
She's even chilling in his house and eating his food! She might as well move her Gypsy caravan to the Diaz's front lawn and sleep in Marco's room with him in bed.


Thanks a bunch. I wish you guys have a pastebin in the OP or something.

Anyone got the link for Girls' Day Out ?

Now that i think about it, on blood moon hall some magical shit happens; they said that the hearts of the people dancing were bonding or someshit.

Perhaps because of this the cube said someone was lying.

Yeah, nah. Thread would be deleted if we put any link on the OP

Never forget.

Nah man

Where half the episode is spent having the team try to find Starfan13 (who's inside Star's body)


I don't see why it wouldn't be done in earnest. It's actually somewhat clever if you remember not to give a shit about internet drama from any side

Here mate!Esx0yRbT!XCbPOZzXWnvDfOYjQ9O3RQ

it's not like they do anything, never even make bump

I like fart.

That will be the name of this ship.


new episode with Janna casually tormenting Marco when

that's every episode with Janna

and i love it

>new episode with Janna casually tormenting Marco when
More like casually seducing Marco.
Anyways, maybe she'll show up in the next episode? Who knows, but I'm excited to see her again.

Thats eve-

Darn! beaten!

I feel like sleepover would have ended more majestically, if they ended the episode a few seconds earlier.

>"Marco? Marco Diaz!"
>(Box spins to TRUTH)
>Cut to black

that was such an odd shift of tone. it left me with a bad taste in my mouth

did marco accidentally offend star or what?

>Implying anything's going to change
You're all fools.


That feel when Janna actually is the most likely girl who would fool around with Marco.




Obese Janna when? forcing Marco up against a wall with her flab when?

I was only kidding


It'd be pretty easy to find her.

As soon as she realizes she's turned into Star she'll probably just sit in a corner for hours, naked except for the horns, masturbating furiously

Not even trying to be crude or edgy; just that there's been nothing in her appearances so far to make me believe that wouldn't be the most likely outcome

star didnt seem too enthusiastic about saying she loved oskar

>That feel when Janna actually is the most likely girl who would fool around with Marco.
The most likely to steal a kiss too.
and to get herself knocked up with his baby.



there a link for tonight's episode? can't find it anywhere

Get fucked faglord, first fucking post you blind motherfucker


Much obliged compadre

well that was a little uncalled for

Sorry thought that was last weeks or something.
Cut me some slack, I just woke up from a nap, no need to be angry.

what if Janna is the one who lied and Star changed her mind like she said only after seeing Marco infatuated with Jackie at the end?

lazy piece of shit


Sorry bro, didn't mean to be offensive.

I hope this episode actually confirms that Star likes Marco.

it did

I don't remember Cred Forums being this hostile

I don't remember Cred Forums being this dumb

he's just trying to be pic-related

how? Star's speech made it clear you can cheat the machine

It happened, my nig nog. It happened

it felt to me like he complimented her, and the sheer shock of the compliment made her break a fuse

Star is going to fool around with him eventually.

why has she never made a romantic advance on him then?

What the actual fuck?




I love her

> Star vs. mentions the patriarchy in a throwaway joke
> Attracts the tumblr feminist-Cred Forums war
> becomes a battleground
>/sveg/ is ruined forever

screencap this post

All because of one tiny little throwaway joke

Nefcy you flew 2 close 2 da sun

No she wouldn't. She's a good girl and you know it, user


Dimensional Chainsaw is still cool as fuck

n-need a hand?

You're right user! I SHOULD get help!

Time to find artists who are accepting commissions!

>These were white when I bought them

She probably hasn't realized her feelings her feelings about him just yet. Like she said, things, feelings differ and opinions change. Besides, a lot of things were aired out between the characters, especially now that Jackie knows Marcos crush on her. Not exactly tho moment to be all romantic. Patience, user. Let these feelings be true and meaningful.


> everyone nods sagely and follows this advice
> Next episode
> SMASH CUT to furious makeout between Star and Marco
> Sound of Nefcy laughing maniacally in the distance


>Marco gets a trunk with nostrils at the end
>Still has nostrils under his eyes
>When playing Scratchy's ribs, different notes were clearly heard when Itchy struck the same bone.


I wanna see Janna get really flustered when Marco goes aggressive.

I'm pretty happy, I've got two threads queued up in my tabs that I get to read, the episodes were great and I got to look at a bunch of great content all day.

Today was a good day.

Starfan13 is going full-on predatory lesbian, like Chizuru in Bleach.

Like the good ol' times.


this desu.

Like those animus where "no i really don't like him", then the guy's suddenly being liked by another girl, where she'll eventually realize "holy shit i like him i dont wanna lose him"

He genuinely likes Jackie.

Because he knows you want to self-insert as him because you're boring and have no girls interested in you.

It's weird isn't. Been so long since this place has been this active. However the mods still hate creativity so it's not exactly like the old days.

Thank odin for the fan fic channel on the discord.

I want Star to kiss Marco and make him confused about his feelings

He hates Star.

He says it himself at the beginning of the episode.

Because we all know Star really has a crush on

Pic Very Related

God, it's like I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream.

>tfw you ain't even gotta use your AK

Making a move on your roomate would be weird, user!

Any ya know things for the main thing I do? You know what I mean.

Wtf why does this show excel at making sexy lizard monsters

im so hyped to see Star fall in love with Marco...if only we could get Marco involved.

I want Star to have a 1 sided romance for MArco

why would you want a sweet girl like Star to suffer like that?

i'm a sadist

since fucking when?

relationships such a bitch. dont want her to experience it

Because that's what sells.

I can tell you guys are eating this up and I agree it was cute but FUCK I hate this anime-ass way of teasing ships.
This will-they won't-they schlock works its way into everything and I'm tired of it. Yes, tired is the exact word. I don't hate it, I don't like it, it just makes me want to shut my eyes and yawn.
Why is it so fucking hard to convey a shift in dynamic for people?
"Star has a crush on-"
I know they meant Marco. Everyone fucking knows they meant Marco.
They wanted to show us that the relationship is changing, but couldn't be bothered to change their behavior with one another, or quiet things down with some awkward dialogue. So they just decided, "Oh let's just tell the viewer whats happening, but like not all the way so they still feel unsure and uncomfortable."
It's real goddamn lazy. And I LIKE the show.
You know why people always bring up NWMM in these threads? It's because in one episode they managed to establish a relationship between characters that had barely spoken to each other before, and have it develop noticeably and realistically over its course, while other writers fail to do this across an entire series.
I mean, I should be happy. Starco's happening. I just wish I could see it happening instead of being told.

kanna is truly the patrician's ship

it took us so long to realize it

The ship is known as Johanna or Joanna

that is a lot catchier i'll admit

i want Starco now. i can't settle for only 1/2 of it...

if Star thought that she and Marco were actually about to die from the credit card thing why didn't she confess her feelings for him? did she plan that whole thing out for a hug?

>This will-they won't-they schlock works its way into everything and I'm tired of it.
To be fair, they did have Marco confess to Jackie's face. That's running pretty hard away from hinting and perpetual "will-they won't-they".

>They wanted to show us that the relationship is changing, but couldn't be bothered to change their behavior with one another, or quiet things down with some awkward dialogue.
I thought they've been doing a pretty good job of slowly changing how the characters interact.

>"Star has a crush on-"
>I know they meant Marco. Everyone fucking knows they meant Marco.
That was downright bizarre, and I have no idea what the fuck they were going for with it.They did 98% of the reveal, and they can't back away from it now without looking seriously stupid, so why cut the reveal short?

Eyes on the prize

Last for Manoh what's the point anymore

No, she didn't say you can cheat the machine, she said that things aren't black and white. People can change their opinion. Like the color example. It's not just telling whatever color, you can have three colors you like the most, for example and, at any given time, your opinion about which one's the best color may change.

Also, there's no point in showing that scene if it doesn't mean anything. So, just as some others said, Star has a crush on Marco but she hasn't realized.

>how? Star's speech made it clear you can cheat the machine

No she didn't.

The machine said it always gets to the truth. Star, however, has the simple approach that she destroys things that oppose her.

For evidence, I point at the last season finale.

Star smashed the machine and ended the game early through sheer brute force and a heavy dose of random.

But sure enough, the machine got the truth out of her in the very end.

Star's crush is Marco Diaz. And she knows it. She would rather break the machine than admit it, though.

I think you really don't understand. Star is not in love with Marco, she has a crush. She's not hiding it, she doesn't know. I'm telling you. If they're going for Starco, of course they will develop their behavior with each other. People tends to assume things so quick here. I remember Mr. Candle Cares.

Also, of course all of us know it's Marco. It was pretty clear, they're not hiding anything. Star clearly said his name. For me it would be strange and redundant if the cube had repeated the name. It was a way to end the episode with some tension. That's all.

>Star's crush is Marco Diaz. And she knows it.
I'm pretty sure she doesn't know. That's the reason for not happening. She really wanted to get Marco an Jackie together and not in a "I'm going to sacrifice my feelings for my best friend" way. She thinks his crush is Oscar for real.

new bread?

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it's not a general, just make threads when you have something to talk about

They're effectively generals, except you don't call them generals. Fuck off.

they're only "effectively generals" because you view them and force them that way.

There's nothing that forces all Star Vs conversation in one thread. There were just three of them.

Star will go back to Mewni after she sees how happy Marco and jackie are together.