Sítio do Picapau Amarelo thread

The show is over.

>Last episode: A Special Place

>All the other episodes

I would be most surprised if non Brazilians even watch this. Did this ever get a Spanish dub?

Latinamerican Spanish, yes. I haven't seen anything about an European Spanish dub and I'm sure there's not an English dub.

tell me how it ends famicom

Pedrinho receives a letter from his mom telling him he has to leave the farm to go back to the city. He doesn't want to go so they ask Cuca to put a spell to keep him in the farm forever. Things happen while they try to escape and when they do they accept he has to leave and he'll come back on his next vacations.

Was the Yellow Woodpecker's Lot cartoon any good? Legit question, the Monica and Gui & Stopa ones were really shitty with jokes based on puns and cringey voice acting.

I remember catching a episode and I record some giggles it gave me.

Mabel knows his pain ...

It's good. I have seen Gui & Stopa, and while is not bad, there was a serious lack of quality. On the other hand, Yellow Woodpecker Farm has better animation, better voice acting (in general, Nastácia's being terrible, but the rest are good) and better writing. Probably one of the best cartoons that have come out of Brazil.

Forgot my name.

Yeah, that one time I watched it really looked like something that could air on Cartoon Network worlwide, not just regional.

Gui & Stopa worked more for the likes of Discovery Kids.

It's actually on Cartoon Network Brazil.

Over... forever? like Ruby gloom, Mlaatr, Littlest Petshop OVER?!

If he survives that dangerous Hue City!

I am aware of an LA dub but I have never seen it air on any cable channel, and I used to had the most complete packages either cable or SKY.

I can't stand any iteration of Sítio. Ever since I was a kid.

I know, thats why I said it could air worldwide, not just regional.

Gui & Stopa and the Mônica cartoon seemed out of place.

What about the LA dub though? is it Mexican? Colombian or Venezuelan?

Yes, over forever. This was the season finale and the episode seemed like a finale.
You can find it dubbed in Tooncast.

The dub is done in México and is okay, but I enjoy the original voices better. Specially Emília's.

is there a new season of Irmão do Jorel?

I want to say I appreciate all the effort you put forth to share this series.


I have no idea, I've never watched that.

Aw man, I don't know what to feel about this actually. Was this show actually good? I remember it as being cheesy as fuck.

The live action series was better.

Splooge, do your thing

I'm only up to the Medals of Emilia.

I hope this isn't the end of Sitio. I love the cartoon, I love Emilia, how much of a brat she is, and her hilarious facial expressions.

I learned a lot about Brazil from watching this cartoon. Like what Peteca is, who Saci is, and Brazilian food.

Oh hey I was looking for this show but couldn't remember the title.

I just started watching this. Really love the animation on the rag doll character.


Basically she is more than half of the reason to watch this. I won't say that it is among the top cartoons in history but it is charming and have a certain Jelly Jamm vibe.

One final time, then.

You're doing God's work, sir.


Good to see you too and thanks for your support.

Is this show actually good, or is the main character just cute and that's the main draw?

Nice quads and yes, it's good.

What's good about it, if I may ask? What sets it apart from standard kid show fare? Not that I don't like that kind of stuff, just curious.

Is a cute and funny cartoon. It may not be story-heavy, but many episodes have good stories. I could recommend you a few episodes to give you a better idea.
S2x07 The Magic Wand
S2x08 A Visit for Narizinho
S2x19 A Perfect Day

If you don't like these you probably won't like the series.

adding to him, the animation is pretty good, a big contrast with the other shitty animations from Brazil, the design is charming and the characters personalities are interesting although milder than what they originally were in the books. The doll specially is bratty but not malicious reflecting her lack of life experience.

Wait wait, the show is over as in complete? No more new episodes ever?