>Penguin's Wild Ride Continues Edition

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Season 3 of Gotham! Hopefully we won't get autosaged this season!

Tonight's Episode:
3.2: "Burn the Witch" (Sep 26th)-
>Fish Mooney (guest star Jada Pinkett Smith) takes matters into her own hands to locate Hugo Strange (guest star BD Wong), forcing Gordon to reluctantly team up with journalist Valerie Vale (guest star Jamie Chung) to find her. Penguin rises in popularity after criticizing the work of the GCPD and Bruce's investigation of the Court of Owls is compromised. Meanwhile, Ivy Pepper (Maggie Geha) is reintroduced into Gotham City.

[Please note, tonight's episode may be uphended by the Presidential Debates.]

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3.3: "Look into my Eyes" (Oct 7th)-
>Hypnotist Jervis Tetch/Mad Hatter (Benedict Samuel) arrives in Gotham to search for his sister, Alice (guest star Naian Gonzalez Norvind), and hires Gordon to help find her. Meanwhile, Penguin decides to run for mayor and Bruce's doppelganger begins to channel him, causing some confusion around town.

3.4: "New Day Rising" (Oct 10th)-
Penguin gains power as he narrows in on the nomination for Mayor of Gotham. Meanwhile, Gordon turns Alice (guest star Naian Gonzalez Norvind) into the GCPD for the bounty. Also, Bruce and Alfred race to find Bruce's doppleganger after learning he's assumed Bruce's identity.

3.5: "????"
3.6: "Follow the White Rabbit"

>expecting this thread to last
Shame about the mods

Hopefully we'll be ok. I think the problem was the autosage was set to what I had in the title.

TONIGHT should be fine.

THICCC Ivy Tonight


I haven't used my cable box in months and I turned it on so I could watch Gotham tonight and now it's stuck on some Pace PR150BNM SysCode Loader shit.

I guess I'll watch Gotham online tomorrow.

some cute Asian lands on the snow now

Early reviews seem to be indicating Strange will be back in this ep.



se viene

When this thread auto-sages I hope you finally earn that in the future you should just post the Gotham logo with the word "TONIGHT" and put the other shit in the next post.

You shouldn't make the thread if you don't have a stream to give out.

>he doesnt have a tv
>he didnt save the stream links

Sjw media sites are upset about grown up Ivy.

We were relatively sure that was something that was striking against us in the filter for autosaging so I removed them.

Streams: TV Channels

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These were posted previously.

Bring on the sexy Ivy!

Oh my fuck!

I'm not in any way surprised.

Got anything that isn't potato quality?

I don't know what I am more excited about, Gotham or the hilarious Debate that airs afterword

Im afraid I don't. Sorry senpai

>needing streams
Get friends or a family

>a black person with lightning powers

Oh shit son

The younger Ivy is way more fuckable.

I want this Court of Owls bullshit to end quickly.

People keep breaking into his goddamn mansion.

here we go


>Don't own a tv
>all the streams suck

Goddamn I may as well just download the episode after the debates.


>Hi Unimportant, I'm Bruce

>It doesnt matter who we are

Once again, Bruce is captured and is in control

his neck is so long

You're a Big Owl

That's a beautiful room. This show has the amazing settings.

>Bruce playing the Court at age 12

The one isn't too bad, good enough replacement while my gf hogs the TV for the voice.

So does this finally solve his parents murder?


>no Lucifer because two retards are going to fling shit at each other

For hoo.

Puberty is hitting the kid hard. He is going to be a giant.

>I agree

And so Bruce Wayne's investigation ended

And the Batman's began

Bruce died, show cancelled.

Welp, that subplot ended cleanly.


What did he agree to? I wasn't paying attention.


Trading a lesser evil for a bigger one.....great.


>That miniskirt
>Those legs

What's wrong with his place? What a bitch!

Also what happened to his fancy apartment?

Stop investigating them

Really nice picture. Thank you for posting this.

Captcha: Calle McKenzie

To end his investigation.

She's very smug.

And hot.

Hot smug.

Ben has some farmer tan going.

>Gordon will never be your dad

You will never smear you semen on those legs like a Jackson Pollock painting

You're a bigger dumb-ass than I can expect if you think that's for real

He shared it with two exes

This is so noir, it's delicious.

crazybarbara is so hot

Of course not.

Sarcasm doesn't come through very well in text.


Jackson Pollock didn't smear, he splattered.

What I miss?



I like that Barbara is Jim's Catwoman

I will never cease to be impressed with the turnaround on this character from season 1

Barbara's so cray-cray.

What I miss?

>Barb wants to literally cripple him so he can't get away
you will never get a qt who loves you that much

Middle-class Asian women have high standards.

>"I had to push you around in a giant baby carriage"

I'm watching this with my dad for the first time
He probably thinks I'm a faggot

I love how insane law is in Gotham. No way would Barbara be out in the real world. In Gotham? Of course she would be.

>casually steals a car

There are a lot of turn arounds since season 1
Remember when Bruce was all about the one without fear?

She aged from the waters of Gotham

I miss child Ivy.

Oh no, the sewage made her sexy!

Apparently Mad Hatter is going to be a major villian later this season. Is there potential?

I wonder if I should move to a new country by November

>my dad loves trump and his hatred for foreigners
>my mother hates them both but finds him at least not as bad as Clinton

Show him Ivy.

Hey look, its Optimus.

>climb out of the river
>age rapidly

Jesus, Gotham really is Detroit.

she aged from the metahuman who drains life touching her

No prob famalam

>Penguin fell into the water
>Comes out in his true form
>Ivy falls into the water
>Comes out in her true form


Mad Hatter is notoriously over powered and underrated

there will be potential

She is, almost makes you forget about terrible Barbara from S1.

It was that guy from the last episode. He was aging her but he didn't touch her long enough to kill her.

Thanks, user. Man, I feel stupid.

>Jor El
What the fuck

My dad and I watch it every week.

I read this in Squidward's voice.

Oh, and, Apple, stop trying to make the watch something. It won't. It just won't. You are losing your touch.

>The League of Failures

I hate these posts.

he looks like prince cosplaying as speed wagon

>Riddler tripped in the show
>Later on builds a deathttrap

You may be on to something

How did Ivy's clothes grow too? She should be in a stretched out sweater and the leggings should have almost ripped off.

oh look, another Vale getting a fuckton of cops killed

Isn't that the hideout of the Red Hood gang?

Ivy is not for sexy. Stop it user.

Oh shit

>Harvey wears a hat
>Mad Hatter is coming.

Excuse me for asking what happened in the first five fucking minutes you ass

>that midget

Of course. Cops are the Red Shirts of Gotham.

she wore oversized thrift store clothes


How do you not hit any of them!?

Gotham has both a lot of hiding places and not that many variety

Damn man, Storm got knocked the fuck OUT!

And that guy should have worn oven mitts.

I have missed so my of this show because I needed to try and calm my grandmother down because of that stupid Creepy Clowns in the Woods urban legend. Fucking goddamnit.

>GCPD beating down these loonies
keking real hard

These fucking Burton vibes

I think they all focused fire on that big fellow, but he seemed bullet proof

This isn't HBO son. Maggie's sexy but they're not gonna give us everything right off the bat.

Time to

>Pengy Trump versus Fish Clinton



I love the hairdos of Gotham. Best hair on television today.


>hey there, sunshine


>penguin inciting riots
Yes good

HAD to run to the store? What I miss? I saw everything before the first commercial break.


Vale led the cops to Mooney's gang, cops got a few of them but most of the gang got away and the cops got savaged

This is a great picture too.

I should follow Cam on instagram.

Alveraz is the real hero of GCPD

2 seasons and I still barely understand a word Alfred says.

Webm unreleated but hnnng

hello legs

Bet the cops never thought the mob would be the safest option. But then again, they probably did. Which is probably the reason why they let Falcone rule the place.

>Vale legs

I love how Lucius wears an impeccable suit as a mortician.

>Smug leggy Mulan
Fuck. Me.


He has a thick London accent. I love how unpolished it is.

Falcone ran a tight ship, most of the cops got a cut of the action and had a relatively safe time in Gotham as long as they played by the rules

Batman and the other freaks made Gotham the legendary hell hole that we all know and love

She just walked up the street in her bondage clothes.

Why does Danny Phantom have a gun?

Bayonetta and Killer Frost just kidnapped Harvey???

This goddamn dominatrix goddess is making my dick hurt

How long before Bruce or Gordon put a bomb down someone's pants and then walks away with a smile?

This woman just walks around like that.

Lady Bane?

He has super speed. he took Harveys

i wanna know what that leather bitch's power is

Fish, that was a little extra.

>Fish wants some of Harvey
Guy does pretty well with the women in this series.


Must be Tuesday.

Isn't one of Poison Ivy's powers mind control?

The leggings are pretty ripped.

I'm disappointed they didn't do much. I assumed lil' Ivy had no pants for fanservice alone.

Aw, Harvey...

She stole Poison Ivy's powers!

how long until Pengy hires Mr. Freeze, Flamingo and Firefly as muscle to level the playing field against the metahumans

Please tell me she has nudes.

She only influences men.

What happened to his Irish girlfriend from Crane's episode?

Hire this man! We goin Civil War part 2 up in this mofucka.

Or twitter/tumblr. She posts the same one's on theme.

And Cam a great in general.

Hopefully happens soon.



Time for Ivy!

Now I want a scene with some shop owners going, "Remember the good old days when the mob controlled the city?" "Yeah, all you had to do was pay a little protection money and they'd leave you alone. Now? I had a guy come into my place touching all of my costumers and aging them like prunes. Why? Because he was bored. How do you fight that? Magic hands. Man, I miss Falcone."

she's gonna literally suck this guy dry isn't she?

Don't like Twitter or Tumblr as much, but thanks for the head's up, user.

I bet he is really good in the sack. Could make a woman cum even sitting across the room.

>Ivy is adopted by this dude and become Pam
Please don't

She'll be a dominatrix who zombifies people like the chick on One Punch Man

When is Chris Hansen gonna step in?

>"Why don'y you take a seat right there? This girl is 11 years old."

Why is this guy so generic and calm
Because she's the villain?

baby Ivy's first kill incoming, someone set up a kill counter for her

u ded mr. samaritan

....she's still mentally a kid, right?

>Just plants


>Just plants

Interest piqued...

anything for a fellow Camfan

Chill out babe its just a plant.

they took him to the spencer mansion

I think so.

The actress still sounds like the younger one.


What does Gotham have more, old mansions or old warehouses?

Nothing bad there, I'm sure.

Tight dresses are always cheating, this isn't ass confirmation.

Not really. She lacks life experiences of an adult, but her brain matches her body on a purely physical level.


quicksilver's nose...

that kid is an addict too

They keep this up and I might tolerate Mooney by the end of the season.

Is she white?

Old warehouses without a doubt

There's only so much space outside town

I like how Fish has gone full supervillain, complete with costume.

Magneto called. He wants his glass box back.

what's Kid Flash's deal...

>No Locust

Fuck that.

Cocaine for sure.

Is the Blondie speedster a chick or a dude? I guess ultimately it doesn't matter. You don't get to choose who you fall in love with.

White enough

>We didn't get this in the show itself

What was the point?

Doug doesn't deserve that.


I have one for Selina and riddleman but i never updated it

I'd honestly imagine she has a /fit/ butt cosidering she probably still keeps in dancing shape and she's still only like 16, so she's still got some development time left

>This Marco Polo commercial
gets me everytime

I think it's a twink, m8


Oooh, I love this music.

This is fucking Jurassic Park all over again
>Clever girl

>greatest creation
>not the speedster
>not storm

How does she fathom taking over a city with a metahuman army wont attract federal attention


calm the fuck down Strange, you're locked in there and they can't get to you, you do have some time

You know, out of all the characters, Ivy's the one who I'm the most sad about turning evil. She was such a cute kid...

Just send the speedster after all of them.

enough metahumans > the feds and maybe even the army


How is Wong almost sixty? He could play a thirty year old easily.

>Fish is still alive
>Barbara still alive
Fuck this shit, would be 10/10 otherwise

>You will never lick giantess dominatrix's boots as she laughs at you through her mask.

This TV reporter and her hairdos

She probably believes her army can take anyone.

I love this news chick's hair

Always have, always will

maybe don't want to waste him. Don't they die if they keep using their powers? Or is it just Fish?

Penguin making his play

That was a bank they robbed at the start of the episode

Looks like a whale. White women are disgusting.

Hope speedbitch dies this episode.

That outfit is wonderful.


"Like a bad penny." That is such a noir line.

Wait, did they switch Butch's hand? I thought his right hand was the one that was lopped off.

Probably all of them, I imagine.

Asian men have eternal youth until they hit 80. Asian women around menopause.

Pretty much, yeah.

Fish you became a pretty cool character after all.

Thank God.

Bane chick is killing me

Time for an angry mob! Because its Gotham!

I knew it

>A good old fashioned mob hunting monsters


BD Wong would make a great live action Gendo.

I am too busy wanking here to pay attention

>guy openly calling for murder is running for mayor


That being said, her tight pants do her favors in all the right ways

I wonder if they actual kill Fish tonight then the rest of the season is Court of Owls and Mad Hatter

I really wanna fuck that speedster

Gotta look fly all the time, when he first appeared last episode I thought he was doing something else like maybe getting Ed's season one job but apparently not.

Is that really so surprising anymore?

You do not build a business empire the size and scope of his by being retarded.

Well, it is Gotham City

They're monsters so it's okay.

I want Lady Bane to step on me.

It's Gotham

Also it's America

>Get if the fucking robot Bruce

Forget it, Jake, it's Gotham.

I bet that speed twink is completely hairless.

>Snide comment about the US election

We have one running for president, so...

Besides, Mayor Cobblepot has been a tradition since the 60's.

>she's still only like 16
Good point, I wonder what her body would look like post-pregnancy.

Did Man Bat die last episode or did he get away? I liked his design

Just like Brazil.

at least I think it's Brazil. That's the one with the president who said it's okay to kill people if you even think they're criminals, right?

Fish was successfully ressurrected. Revived from death. That's a pretty big deal. More so than superpowers.

>Killing Reagan

The feel good family movie of the year.

Barbara is great, and new Fish isn't too terrible.

>National Geographic Channel is actually airing Bill O'Reilly books

Fuck basic cable.

I know Clinton is awful, but please don't bring real life politics here

Got locked up.


I know Hillary has killed people, but I am pretty sure she hasn't been open about it.

Not that's the Philippines.

>Bill O'Reilly's Killing Reagan adapted for TV
Damn right it will be

Too Chinese.

When did they start making TV shows for my dad?

Fun fact, my dad actually loves Gotham.

The rest of the country doesn't give a shit about Gotham.
>Some super powered freaks took over Gotham? Well fuck I guess that's their city now. Do they have a mayor?

Trumpquin is best

You know Gotham only plans its season in halves so it wouldn't surprise me

I want the fags to leave.

>ywn be part of penguins mob

China is going to buy Hollywood in the next five years. Doesn't matter.

Gordon, what are you doing?

>Waaaait a sec...

Oh Hugo.

As long as she takes care of herself, she'd probably still look good.

I don't wanna think that far ahead though. She's too young for such impurity.

hand holding is fine though

they won't touch any japanese properties, the racial hatred goes too far

>Gordon playing everyone like fiddles

Gordon just has Penguins number.

>Gordon still has Ozzie's number
>neither number has been changed



>Gotham: Keikaku


Then why are you still here?

Outnumbered? Whats that?


The Chinese bankers who bought legendary are bankrolling a live-action Pokemon movie.

dam that's pretty savage

>we never found out Bane chick's powers


>watching people get beaten to death



I'm so happy about those two dying.

>He's calling himself Penguin

That's probably a bad sign.

Robin Lord Taylor is such a gem.


Goddamn this guy's good.

pokemon transcends all borders and hatred, it is too universally loved and popular to let anything stop it


>She's too young for such impurity.
She's 17. I'm going to become famous and give her a black baby.


>Fish manipulated Penguin's mother complex AGAIN

He has gone insane. He was just a sociopath before. Now he is just crazy.


Penguin's actor making me cry again

>Don't come back

Start the countdown until she comes back.

Uh, she's going to come back

I wish he shot her.

Damn it Pengy, that's going to cause so many problems.

>He didn't just gun her down halfway trough her speech
Still not full Penguin yet

>letting her go


Aw come on, Oswald!

Hm. Bet she won't be back until near the end of the season.

Her motives were really complex.

>he let her go
>he didn't eat that fish like penguin he is


Well Fish just rolled a 20 in Diplomacy.


Cue early-20s Cam going full feminist and doing pretentious academic speeches against the patriarchy.

Penguin is still a mobster deep down. Their weakness is always mommy dearest.

>yfw she comes back later in the season
>she starts talking and Penguin straight up shoots her in the face

That was a surprisingly moving scene. Damn it Fish. Damn it Penguin.

Mother complex.


>Don't come back

Penguin pulling a Jim.

Wasn't it though?

I love this show.

I doubt they plan that far ahead honestly

I bet she's back next episode

Glad Oswald has some of his old him left in him, even if he probably should've just killed her.

>Fish still alive
This fucking show




>Tom Clancy's The Division

>fuel for the fire
>they're burning their bodies

jesus FUCK

Now THAT is one angry mob.

We bloodborne now.

No! What happened to hot dominatrix girl?! I didn't even get her name!

so does Jim get the bounty, he did deliver

>ywn be a part of this mob





she's 11 years old

I have to work late. Can i get a recap, please?


>"Next time....Remember to water."
For fucks sake,


-wolf whistle-





Why won't Jim just be fucking friends with Penguin?

Penguin has helped him and been more of a friend than anyone except for fucking Harvey.


>people actually watch this garbage

>yet another break-in
They still haven't improved security?

it's not even that bad

it'd be more fucked up if she used the corpse as a garden

Ivy is 11 years old
Penguin has mommy Fish issues
mob beat people to death

>We will never get a show with this version of Batman fighting Lincoln Marsh Talon both played by the same actor
It hurts


I hope that when Fish comes back Penguin bites her throat out when she tries to control him

Alfred guns are the weapon of the enemy.



INB4 Tetch at ass end of episode

Hey, new room in the Manor we haven't seen.

Also, Bruce is back in the turtleneck again.

>Bruce clone meets Bruce instead of just becoming evil right away
Interesting turn of events.

Also, why THE FUCK do they still keep that window open???



What the fuck, who is this now? Owlman?

>I don't watch it but I hate it anyway


>It's like looking into a mirror, but... not.

For some reason I was thinking she was still 16.

Even better though.

>tfw you will never move to New York to try and become an actor
>you will never bump into her by chance at some diner while you're reading over a script for some cheesy b-movie
>she will never pick it up after you dropped it when you bumped into each other and ask about it
>she will never give you some acting tips and tell you to keep in touch after you get famous

God damn I need to get out more and find a girlfriend.

I'm too lonely if I have time to come up with this scenario on the spot.

So this kid is Thomas Wayne Jr from Night of Owls, right?

Now a fucking hobo kid can get into their mansion.

Vale's got the white fever.

You know how expensive it is to keep the AC running in a place that big?

I didn't know Jim was into Orientals.


That wasn't an answer Jim.

Where the fuck did this come from

Looks hot, sauce?



That is some terrible timing.

>Love triangle again
Please Gotham, we can't take much more of this shit.

LOL everytime Jim gets some his ex comes back

>Mad Hatter being a creepy little shit

this gonna be good, see you guys next week

Season of the Triangles eh?

>that question mark building



She's dead fortunately.


My anxiety and depression is too bad for me to actually get her pregnant, but I'm an aspiring actor and live in New York.
Maybe I'll be more confident after losing weight though.

>Scream Queens is back
fuck yeah

There's room for only one Bruce, and one BATMAN!

is girl bane really dead

He is going across the globe. Blondes, Tans, Asians.

She's hot
he's hot
perfect together

I want a webm of Alfred doing his twirl, please

>It's a "Jim Gordon is based as fuck" episode

14 years old

Well, time to go to Cred Forums

You mean Lincoln March, we never got a conclusive answer on that other thing and now he's dead

Man, they had some great ambience music this week.

>time for the debate

Watching this is just gonna piss me off, I know it...

Plot Kiss

Because those two actors have ZERO chemistry. None.

Time to go from fake supervillains to real supervillains.


So are we needing a Ivy counter now?
And does the mob killing of Fast Cracker and SheBane count as indirect killings for Pengy? I counted the mansion killings last year with all the penguin lookalikes

>presidential debate immeadiately after

Strap in, gang.

Why does every episode of Gotham feel like a season finale?

I don't have a fedora pic on my phone.

So don't watch it, watch Scream Queens instead

So, who is staying here to watch "Lucifer"?

Actress's Instagram

Next week nigga

So, is other Bruce Hush or Hurt?


Its just that good.

Why would anybody ever watch Scream Queens?

he's a fucking talon you can't kill them only stop them momentarily.

neither did gordon and lee

you voting for trump right boco

My money is another clayface

That's not what I meant you obtuse niggers.

Oh. I thought it was a porno. Never mind.

>So, who is staying here to watch "Lucifer"?

If I wanted to watch Trump, I'd turn on reruns of The Apprentice

Fucking city council won't hurry up and send me my voter card. I'm giving them three more days before I call and complain.

lincoln marsh
the other two are slightly more shit

because they like having fun, and having an platter of best girls to fap too

He's Talon most likely


Bianca Rutigliano is Bane girl's (Nancy) actress.

>Maybe I'll be more confident after losing weight though.


I'm in the middle of trying to drop a few pounds so I can fit back in a pair of dress pants I really like.

When I went to get them tailored and they said the couldn't let them out enough and I needed a new pair, I died a little inside.

how's the acting thing going? been in anything yet?

I would legit give it a shot, but I don't want to move to New York on my own, also because of anxiety. I would need at least one of my friends to be room mates with.

Picking a room mate at random would be too stressful.

>we're missing Lucifer to see "Who's going to run this bitch?"

We know, you brainless fuck


But it's not fun. It's a trashy soap opera for high school girls and homosexuals.

Yeah what the hell I'll add them

I need the first season to get on netflix

I ended up missing like half the first season, and don't wanna pay 30$ to watch it on demand to get into the second season

nice opinion


It is fun.

Why are you so against fun?

>This poor damage control

You're not fooling anyone.

Not everybody is as gay as you, satan.

Theres nothing gay about watching girls get killed

Is Cred Forums running so slowly because all of Cred Forums is on?

Because it's horribly written.


That I guess. People keep saying reddit flooders too?

Oh good, its not just me.

Reddit is blamed for everything, that means nothing.

What a painfully bad "shocked" face.

>no fun allowed

Just turn off your brain user.

Its like watching Marvel flicks

it's a cute shocked face. I think the comment she made the face on was something about her, ivy, and I think Harley, creating the Sirens.

Might have been a different one though.

and is the debate overloading Cred Forums? I keep getting a connection error every time I try to post.

>these two
Just nuke my shit up Canada-senpai

>and is the debate overloading Cred Forums? I keep getting a connection error every time I try to post.

Penguins Eat Fish!!!

>nuking anyone

They're more likely to POZ us at this point.

needs more Hugo Strange

>if you nuke your enemies they win

There is no winner this election. I wanna go to earth-2 and see if it's better


I need to lose 100 pounds.
>how's the acting thing going? been in anything yet?
Not at all, I don't want to act while I'm fat, I'd just look like a big dark blob.
Directing is my main interest and I'm hoping to do a Hamlet adaptation from Ophelia's point of view.

Well more power to you, user.

Just keep trying and don't give up. Do it for her.

Thank you. That's going to be my goal for next year, having sex with her and Tinashe.

Nigga I support you.

But she still my waifu.

You will refer to it as "making love"

You right. I feel like Cam is the type of girl you could accidentally fall in love with very quickly, and I'm not even usually into white girls.
You think Camren has a successful career ahead of her? Or does she look too much like Michelle Pfeiffer.

>She's dead

I feel she does have a career. I think she did some kind of horror movie as a kid where she was killed after bullying a fat kid.

I would have to see her in something else currently, outside of Gotham, to form a stronger opinion one way or the other though.

Even if she doesn't act after Gotham, she could also go back to dancing, so she has options.

>tfw you meet her and "accidentally in love" starts playing in your head

I feel like she'd be typecast as a ruffian/street rat, it's hard to get a read on her.
>>tfw you meet her and "accidentally in love" starts playing in your head
I don't know that song.

did the two cam fags finally fuck off?

I'm still here, I was just watching the debate.

On a side note; since I know there are restrictions on what Fox can do with the characters and shit to keep them from being fully like their Batman counterparts, but does that include them banning Ben McKennzie from having a mustache?

I stopped about 20 minutes ago.

Lester is too mellow for this shit and I loved it.

I think i'll switch back to it though. I suppose i need to know SOMETHING about whoever ends up running this country.

Also that movie I mentioned with Young Cam is called Girl House. Came out in 2013. It's a canadian slasher film, but she's really only in the very beginning of it.

She was also in some dance film called Battlefield America.

Anyways, i'm off for the night. Good look with your exercising, and acting/directing stuff.

See ya next week

I only watched it so I'd be in on the jokes.
>She was also in some dance film called Battlefield America.
That sounds silly, I might need to check that out.
See you next week too, user.

She was in that Disney show about dancing too. Shake It Up, I think it was.

Yeah, for one episode.

She was also a contestant in season 7 of America's Best Dance Crew.

Her wikipedia page says she was also in 2 music videos, but she has more posted on her youtube channel, but she might have just made those with friends instead professionally

Any downloads?

were there any good shots of ivy's thighs like in that promo image in this episode?!nM1EzTgD!M9246UIBNI5V_f7t5aOMA3J6dBZbskZKPc-p78h61oU

why she gotta act like this

>a dancer likes to dance

Also water is wet, and the sun is hot.

News at 11

unfortunately no. only some modeling shoots at best...

Wait so are they turning fish into a main villain now? Is she becoming someone on the comics?

Not what I meant.

>neither did gordon and lee

Fun fact: Baccarin (Lee) had an affair with McKenzie (Gordan) and she got pregnant from it.


What was the point of her wearing torn clothing if they didn't do anything with it?

Is there a kisscartoon type site to watch this?

Anyone have a screenshot of the train station at the end with the sunrise?

Fox website should have it sometime tomorrow.

what's with Batzarro?

The Court had Hugo Strange cook them up a Bruce Wayne doppleganger as part of their plan to take over Wayne Enterprises without attracting attention to themselves.

For someone who left the show by the middle of season 1, how is it right now? Do you recommend it or is it a waste of time?

damn what a disappointment

She's a big woman.

Bruce will continue the investigation and the owls will kill the clone, thinking they killed Bruce.

He saw she was in a relationship and he left her alone.
She'll see he's with the journalist now but won't leave them alone for plot's sake.

I dropped it in the beginnings of the second season.
Just started watching the third and it's fun until now.
Sure, I may have missed lots of plot points but I don't care, it does not lessen the enjoyment I get out of it.

>skipping a near whole season
what kind of animal are you