So once Joe Quesada dies/quits/gets fired DC and Marvel will probably do another crossover...

So once Joe Quesada dies/quits/gets fired DC and Marvel will probably do another crossover, and due to the Avengers' popularity since the movies it's only natural to do a Justice League v Avengers crossover. Me and a friend were discussing who should fight who where it's as fair a fight as it can be and these were the pairings we came up with:

Batman v Wolverine
>Battle of the cash cows
Wonder Woman v Thor
>Mythology off
Flash v Scarlett Witch
>Reality Warpers rumble
Aquaman v Captain America
>Trident versus Shield; Monarchy versus Democracy
Green Lantern v Iron Man
>People who make poor life choices go head to head
Cyborg v Ant-Man
>Try and pretend if you care
Superman v The Hulk
>World breaker versus Sun God

>Bonus round
Green Arrow v Hawkeye

Thoughts on pairings? Tried to make them as fair as possible. Who would you like to see go head to head
>Obviously they realise they're being manipulated and team up to fight the main baddie at the end. Who will be modelled on Joe Quesada for keeping them apart for so long.

In order.

Wolverine, Bats can't put him down with his standard arsenal. he'll just keep getting up.

Thor, stronger, tougher, and the hammer has too many tricks.

Flash, speed force.

Aquaman, Cap just isn't strong enough to hang.

Lantern, he has all the powers.

Ant-Man, to much weirdness and size-change chicanery.

Superman, Hulk might have the brawn, but not the speed.

You reckon Thor can beat Wonder Woman? Interesting. I'm not saying Thor can't win, but I feel that fight is pretty even.

I think the Wolverine versus Batman fight would probably be the best, but I think Batman ultimately wins it as once Batman realises Wolverine can't die he'll pull out literally everything and the final part of it will be Batman smacking the fuck out of Wolverine in like Hellbat armor of something with the throwback to Dark Knight Returns

>You don't get it do you punk? This is an operating table and I'm the surgeon

Obviously they aren't fights to the death as the heroes have to team up to take out the big baddie who is pitting them against one another.

Also for other bonus rounds we have:

>Captain Marvel v Captain Marvel

And Spider-Man v ?? Anyone have any thoughts on who Spider-Man should fight?

Spider-Man vs Nightwing, ends with them being massive bros.

Kiteman vs the Leaper.

Oh, Spider-Man v Nightwing? I like that.

I feel like Peter would kick Dick's ass. But I totally agree with the ending of them being Superbros. Maybe they're the ones who realise the rest of the heroes are being manipulated and have to go and stop the fights.

Sounds good my man!

It would either be Batman vs Iron Man or Batman vs Cap

>Bats can't put him down with his standard arsenal

He can... Easily.

Why do people forget you can just tie him?

Batman v Cap has been done in two previous DC/Marvel cross overs. I wanted to change it up because we've seen it. Also, I reckon people would buy the SHIT out of a Batman v Wolverine book.

Also, the reason why I put Iron Man v Green Lantern is that both Tony and Hal are assholes and I think their fight could actually be quite cool. While I'm sure Green Lantern would traditionally win I'm pretty sure it could be a good fight and we could see them both going toe to toe pretty well. Plus the colorist would have field day.

Wolverine has knife hands and a healing factor. He be literally break his own arms to escape.

Wouldn't it be so much cooler if they could just skip the whole "LET'S FIGHT FOR SOME REASON" and get right to working together?

in a fight to the death?
Batman v Wolverine
Wolverine. Bats best bet would be restraining wolverine but in a sudden death match with no preparation it would be easily Wolverine
Wonder Woman v Thor
Thor, even though it would be a very intense fight
Flash v Scarlett Witch
Flash... it's always flash
Aquaman v Captain America
this is basically a 50/50 split. I'd probably go with Aquaman though
Green Lantern v Iron Man
hahahahaha hahaha fucking green lantern, this isn't even a fair fight.
Cyborg v Ant-Man
Um. Ant man? although I wouldn't be surprised if Cyborg figured some way to beat him.
Superman v The Hulk
The world is destroyed in the battle. Both keep fighting until hulk is strong enough to rip off supes head

>Bonus round
Green Arrow v Hawkeye
Green Arrow. idk why, he's just the better character

Some of these fights are a bit more one sided than you think. Aquaman is a lot stronger than people think I can't see him having a problem with Cap

>break his own arms
Yeah I don't think his adamantium bones would break that easily

>and the hammer has too many tricks.

Wonder Woman has plenty of tricks of her own even with her regular arsenal. She gets him with that lasso then it's game over. This is one of those "Whoever you want to win" match ups

Not that guy but can he dislocated them?

>Aquaman v Captain America
>this is basically a 50/50 split. I'd probably go with Aquaman though

Really user? Aquaman can take a punch to the face from Superman. If Cap tried that his head would disintegrate

I am not 100 percent sure but that does at least seem reasonably possible

Peter has teemed up with Bruce three times now. At this point he probably has a way to disrupt Peter's spider senses, which Dick could use to his advantage.

>can take a punch in the face from Superman
I actually didn't know that.
How would Aquaman do in a fight with Wonder Woman?

I think it'd be cool if they didn't even announce a crossover. Like, just have Superman show up in a random Marvel book as a surprise, saving the day or something. Or Spider-Man in DC. Let the readers be shocked.

I don't care for the fights. They did it already.

What about more Amalgam Universe stuff?

Savage Man (Hulk/Supes, world's strongest, absorbs solar gamma radiation or whatever)

Thunder Woman (Thor/WW, mythology, writes itself)

Captain Bats (Name in progress but it's the strategist, gimmick weapon, peak humanity stuff. They also have sidekicks)

Tidal Wave (Aquaman/Ant-Man, influential founders of the teams that kinda don't get their deserved respect)

I would love to see more different amalgam universes. VS are divisive and stupid, especially when it's all editorial crap and votes having Wolverine beat Lobo

Deadpool vs Lobo

>People who make poor life choices go head to head
You made me kek

Quesada has very little to nothing to do with comics for the past few years.

Quesada has nothing to do with the day to day operational or even major events, you fell for a meme bucko. If they wanted a crossover by now, we'd have one.

Gotta give it to the Main Man. He has a healing factor as well but he's just so much stronger

Quesada has very little to nothing to do with comics for the past few years.

Quesada has nothing to do with the day to day operational or even major events, you fell for a meme bucko. If they wanted a crossover by now, we'd have one.

Man that artist is really good at drawing that one stern man and that one stern woman multiple times.

>Iron Man

>Dislocated arms, still in hadncuffs.

How about no more hero vs hero stories? How about they have to team up to stop some multiversal threat. Maybe even someone new that would take a little bit of IMAGINATION to come up with. I might actually even buy that.

From the fight he had with superman I'd have to agree

Wonder woman has the advantage in strength and speed as well as hand to hand combat. She would win 7 to 8 times out of 10. Unless Aquaman got his trident in there if he was lucky

Thor can open a portal into the heart of the sun and stuff her through it.

No, he can't. What does Batman carry with him on an average night. Throwing knives, smoke bombs, grapple gun, explosives? NONE of that can stop Wolverine, just slow him down.

Can Wonder Woman open portals, create anti-time travel vortexes and transmute stone into living organic matter? Because the hammer can.

He'd just break the cuffs.

I can get behind these ideas, except for flash vs scarlet witch.
That poor girl would get murdered

A lot of these actually sound pretty cool. Though I'd still stick with the Batman/Wolverine one. Darkclaw is to boss to say no too.

DC has said that because of trash talk Quesada has done they won't have shit to do with Marvel while Quesada is still there.

Aquaman is strong enough to hold up an oil platform. Cap has no way to hurt him.

It isn't a "sudden death" no prep match. You got to go with both of the characters strengths. And if it's a too the death it's dumb because I don't actually want to read about my beloved characters murdering my beloved characters.

Cap, like Batman has a lot of plot armor, plus he has popularity on his side over Aquaman at least.

While I do think that traditionally Aquaman is more powerful I think Cap could still win. I'm confident Cap has beaten more powerful foes before due to plot armour.

>How about no more hero vs hero stories?
I'd be down for villains vs villains.

That will never happen, so long as there are comic book movies that make billions of dollars.


Villain v Villain would be great too.

Who do we choose between Doctor Doom or Green Goblin fighting against Lex though?

Does Marvel even have enough good ones they can use? Most of their best ones are X-Men and FF rogues and they're burning those.

>implying Marvel won't have tossed Logan and all the other mutants by that point

>Doom vs. L
>Task Master vs. Deathstroke
>Mordo vs. Black Adam
>Red Hulk vs. Bizzarro
>Ultron vs. Brainiac
>Kingpin vs. Two-Face
>Mysterio vs. Riddler

I'm feeling it.

That was Doom vs. Lex Luthor, by the way.

Kite man. Hell yeah.

Liking this list.

I'd also add Black Manta v Sabertooth for their obsessive hatred.

Deadshot v Bullseye.

Thanos v Darkseid obviously

Anti-Monitor v Galactus.

We need more people.

>Deadshot v Bullseye



>Marvel and DC finally get to crossover again
>only thing you care about is powerlevel wanking and shitty VS matchups
off yourself

>Most of their best ones are Spider-Man and FF rogues

Because there would obviously be all sorts of cross overs where the heroes team up as well.

However, they'd do a book where the Justice League and the Avengers go head to head. That book is obviously going to happen so it's a question of what people would like to see in THAT particular story.

Also, there hasn't been much power-level wanking, and as the OP I didn't go based on power-level as a writer can decide winner/loser based on story rather than power-level. However, you still want the matches to have the appearance of fairness. Having Daredevil fight Superman would be kind of dumb.

Current Wondy has classic Wondy buffs now. Meaning sisterhood with fire. No extreme temperatures can harm her.

Wanda at Max is up there with most celestials. Even before bendis she could fuse chunks of the multiverse together. Anyone have the page of her doing just that to save earth.

Shiva vs Taskmaster
Karate kid vs Shang Chi
Cassandra Cain vs Finesse
Katana vs Colleen Wing
Wondy vs Thundra
Wondy vs Zarda
Big Barda vs She Hulk
Elektra vs Talia

I feel like the Justice League are actually good guys, and the Avengers are bad guys who people think are good guys because they are celebrities aka the "halo effect"

I feel that's definitely true of certain members of the Avengers... Iron Man... But by and large they're still good guys. Sure one could argue that Thor's an adrenaline junkie, but he's one who gets off by saving the world, and there isn't too much which is wrong with that.

>I feel that fight is pretty even.

I think it's 80-20 in wonderwoman's favor given how much of a jobber Thor is.

You can't break those cuffs

Doom vs Braniac
Osborn vs Leex

Brainiac v Ultron seems like a more natural pairing IMO.

Thor flings antimatter at her in increasingly creative ways.

>Batman v Wolverine

Wolverine in first encounter, though it could go to Batman and I wouldn't be that annoyed with it.

>Wonder Woman v Thor

Thor Slowdinson gets wrecked. He's way, way too slow here. Wonder Woman can enter the god damn speedforce. Her bracers have never been broken in pre-new52 continuity, Thors hammer breaks fairly often. There's nothing Thor has that WW hasn't beaten before.

>Flash v Scarlett Witch

Entirely down to whether or not she knows she fighting. If SW does, she can stop him, if not, Flash knocks her out in 1 hit.

>Aquaman v Captain America

Aquaman is too strong for Cap. Not close enough at all.

>Green Lantern v Iron Man

Nigga what. I assume Hal? If so this is the biggest shitstomp of the lot. Tony gets fucked so hard. Why not Silver Surfer or Quasar or Nova?

>Cyborg v Ant-Man

Cyborg could easily detect Ant-man and just electrify his whole suit. No way Cyborg doesn't see him coming. Stomp.

>Superman v The Hulk

Been done. Superman all day, every day. Even in world breaker mode, the Hulk would barely be a match for low tier supes bad guys. Similar to the WW v Thor fight, speed is such a huge advantage here.

No way Hulk lasts long enough for his 'madder he gets' to have any effect. Supes puts him down in three or four punches.

Sentry would be a better fight, if only because he's actually fast.

>Green Arrow v Hawkeye

Best fight here. Goes either way.

As close as writers can make these fights seem, this is always going to be a DC murderstomp. It's why they had to buff both Iron Man and Scarlett witch in the Avengers v JL crossover.

Tony got a freaking motherbox and Wanda got superbuffed magic powers, just so she'd be even close to the same level Zatanna is at on her worst day.

Quesada hasn't had anything to do with comics for over 5 years now. He literally works for another company that just happens to be part of the same group.

It's more likely that neither company has bothered to pitch to the other because there's no real money in it after you factor the legal costs of setup and the division of profit, and compare that to the average summer event.

It's also possible that even if DC had pitched something to Marvel, over the last couple of years Marvel would simply have looked down at DC's slipping sales and whispered "no", but again, that's something which factors into profitability. Both of these companies exist to make money, not to produce things at a loss, or work extra hours for the same money, just so that you can have another crossover where, yes, guess what, Batman and Cap agree that they might be able to take each other but dude they're like heroes and shit, and Flash and Quicksilver have a race but only they can move fast enough to know who won and they're not saying, and Superman can lift Thor's hammer but is that because it's in the wrong universe or is he secretly this universe's Asgardian son and to be honest, I hate the whole disingenuous, fanwanky concept, and I hate you too.

>and I hate you too.

You aren't very nice user. Hating me for enjoying a crossover is a pretty drastic reaction there my man.

Even if Stan stole Quesada's lifeforce tomorrow, I still doubt Marvel and DC would do any more crossovers with each other. They're major competing film franchises from two of the oldest rival studios in the industry now. To get Disney and WB to agree to such a thing would take a fucking miracle.