Regular Show Season 8 Premieres Discussion

2 New Regular Show episodes tonight (a half hour timeslot) at 8:00 PM EST (in 30 minutes) on CN.

One Space Day at a Time: The guys are stranded in space, and try to get home.
Cool Bro Bots: Robots arrive at the dome and say they're programmed to assist anyone in need.

Future Episodes:
>Welcome To Space: The dome needs repairs.
-airs the 27th at 8 PM

>Space Creds: Mordecai and Rigby want hover boots, but need space credits to buy them.
-airs the 27th at 8 PM

>Lost & Found: Mordecai and Rigby help their Spark Initiative partner get his wallet back.
-airs the 28th at 8 PM

>Ugly Moons: Muscle Man is tasked to pull of the greatest prank "in space history."
-airs the 29th at 8 PM

>The Dream Warrior: The guys try to help Pops overcome his strange nightmares.
-airs the 30th at 8 PM

>Terror Tales of The Park VI (2016)
>another Christmas special (2016)

I won't be posting the leaked screenshots from throughout the episodes, but if you do for whatever reason, spoiler tag them and notify they're the screenshots so people are aware.

Tonight on Twitter:
William Salyers:
Owen Dennis:
JG Quintel:
Mark Hamill:
Matt Price / Minty Lewis:

Series News:
JG Quintel interview about the ending, another Christmas special confirmed:
Owen Dennis on the show ending:

>inb4 shark jump
>inb4 why the dome

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CN's twitter posted an interview with JG that included some new footage from tonight's episodes.

Click the bright blue button below the stream to switch to Stream 3. If that doesn't work, try Streams 3 or 4. 1 will not work and neither will the one that says it's HD. It's one of the ones that isn't Stream 1 or the HD one. If it doesn't work at all let me know.

Crew commentary tracks for random episodes, updated when they have time. Some new ones have been put up in the passed weeks:

Promo art by Sean Glaze, a new storyboarder.

Promo art by Sam Spina, for the second episode.

Bumping in anticipation

Went to his Tumblr to see if he had any other stuff for the show, I don't think he knows how Mordecai is spelled.

Shorts! Including the new one! Also.. about 10 more minutes! Pass the time watching some of these, or loading some of these depending on your internet connection.

>Mordecai and Rigby - Ringtoneers

>Fun Run
>Break Time

>Coming Soon:
>Sick Day
>Pizza Pouch Drop:
>1973 Tetherball Championship Trophy:
>Ninja Shoes:

>2001: A Nap Odyssey

>2 In The AM PM
>Naive Man From Lolliland (1080p)
>Party Tonight Music Video

OP you forgot to put "Cool Bro Bots" in the post which is airing tonight.

It's immediately under One Space Day at a Time. No space though between them.

Oh my b, didn't see it.

Did they just interrupt an 11 minute Gumball episode with a commercial? What?

this rap is horrible
this show is decent

but can we please fucking go to space now

>she suddenly freaks out with everyone else
her voice is grating

why the fuck is Eileen there but not Margaret? fucking Rigby wins again

Link to post?

>Find possible escape

>first thing they do is Beavis & Butthead that shit



>I have Eileen, and you have....

It's to make the show a direct lead in to the "special event". They've done it for WBB's premiere, Long Live the Royals and Stakes

Oh shit they fighting


>trust no one

We Gravity Falls, now?

Why do I have a feeling the ending would be a bittersweet one where they wind up in the future since in the basketball episode, time speeds up when you're in space?

They had probably gotten too far away from Earth to make it back in those carts, and the carts might not even be built for reentry into the atmosphere.


That was more satisfying than more episodes of GF I've hyped for. The way the characters acted was very good to say the least, their reactions were entertaining and I fucking love when things get intense to where they fight.

>Rigby gets shoved by Benson
>clears throat
>looks at mordecai calm
>punches the fuck out of Benson
that's basically one of the few things I knew I wanted in this show, for Rigby to punch Benson, especially after Mordecai did.

Now someone can change that "then and now" image to include this.

Also fucking GREG THE CAVEMAN.

Eileen awkwardly finding a place at the steps for the meeting was cute, even though she's semi annoying.

Rigby's uncomfortable speech with Mordecai was interesting, his fucking face when he realized he fucked up.

Also... the animation is top notch.

Pretty sure this next episode ends on a cliffhanger of them going on lightspeed (the CGI you see in the 30 second promo)

its the reaper bots bros

>pops freaking out
poor guy

>We'll have to kill you........... with kindness

Will we see toilet man?

>That's no moon. That's a Pizza Pie.

>Bunyan bot

That was unexpected.

>as smart as we is

This is totally an origin story to the galactic park rangers in the movie.

In the previous episode Rigby mentioned "this must be how we become astro explorers" or something, and then said "unless that timeline got destroyed"

in this episode, Rigby said "crazo" and of course we've seen these other guys with the park ranger logo on their clothes.

These episodes were worth the wait and hype. The animation got stepped up for sure.

Your thoughts?

Good set of episodes. Only nitpick I'd have is that after 8 years of this kind of stuff, no one believes Mordecai and Rigby about the reaper bots. What reason would they have had to lie?

Other than that though, pretty solid stuff.

I really fucking hate those storylines because it just throws away any character relationship building. Eileen not trusting Rigby bugged the shit out of me.

>That was more satisfying than more episodes of GF I've hyped for.
and just like with gravity falls the "trust no one" was literally nothing by the next episode

good job JG

Fuck I forgot about it

Off to a good start.

Anyone doing a mega?

Download link to both episodes here!!ftVAhIBS!vzmMr9xU68pBULtprhbQZxi9sPaXj1vtpIo4zRZwoB0

I hope Madridista does like usual. Hoping nothing happened and he wasn't able to record.

Also, I loved those episodes, something really special about them aside from the story and setting, might've been the animation and backgrounds, when the robot was on fire the lighting was pretty spectacular.

Also, damn Benson your father is right.


Tell us, did you like the episodes, Madrid?

Thanks mate. I don't have cable so I couldn't watch.

there was a stream

at this point i think he just does it for the fans, i think he doesnt like the show much, but is usually around for most cn show episode uploads


Huh, guess I have to be more smarter to get this joke.

I expected Greg and Dianne to show up whenever they went back to the meatlocker again, but I was worried there was never going to be a reason to. That was fucking great.

I would've been pissed if they didn't show up but they still went to the meatlocker.


The Rigbyfish reminds me of those fanart pieces where they draw him all fluffy.



Muscle fish is cutest fish

I like how Fives tells Muscle Man to press the crane button after all the others failed to help them, saying "it's the only one you haven't pressed" but it was literally the first one he did.

I don't think those things are safe for reentry but it should've been something they mentioned, probably time constraints if anything. Just seemed dangerous enough leaving the dome, and I think they were extremely far from the Earth even though it was in view.

They barely knew how to drive the things and almost got killed getting as far as the satellite, not to mention they're so small they would likely run out of air before they ever got close enough to Earth to burn up in the atmosphere because it's mostly made of space-glass.

In the fish bowl no one can hear you.

>there were like 4 of those carts

you forgot to mention that. they would have all been able to leave

nice try tard


Why was Benson such a fucking prick in these episodes?

Why does it seem like they're making Rigby even more braindead than usual?

Also everyone seems at each other's throats more than usual.

Also goddamn, they're pushing Eileen hard.

Great episodes. This season is going to be awesome.
It's stupid Benson didn't believe the guys after everything but I guess it was necessary for the plot or something

I love how right mentions the galactic park rangers and if that timeline was destroyed.

Last stop on that map is lolliland I bet.

have you noticed mordecai and rigby laugh like beavis and butthead when they are about to do something stupid

also, I would push eileen hard up against the wall as I jam my cock in her

>when you're just that fucking happy

Were we able to hear him in that scene? I like to imagine he was making those machine gun sounds like Rigby has done before.


>Also goddamn, they're pushing Eileen hard.
I don't find her funny, I don't find her amusing. I don't find her interesting at all. The fact she tries to be the voice of reason, the smart one, the one with some focus, is extremely aggravating.

I don't think she's going to get any better but I hope she doesn't get an episode to herself... she probably will.

Same, and you fucking know she will.

I agree completely. Eileen is only there becayse they need a girl in space with them for the demographic. Fucking pandering.

I think this is the first time in over 200 episodes where Regular Show used the shitty "what? we don't trust you, this is the best thing to happen to us" response from the main character's friends and "why are you guys being so rude to these awesome friends?" shit.

God I hate that shit so much, but it didn't ruin the episode for me, I loved that dark montage of ways the robots could've killed them.

Also where did the robot get the chicken to give to Muscle Man? Do they have that stuff? Because the crew on the park didn't have that stuff.

Also I strongly believe something happened to their text, I don't just think that one robot happened to have the pizza that the message said. Think they hacked it or something? They're robots.

I don't blame JG or Cartoon Network, I blame Minty Lewis pushing her fucking character so hard. She's done it before.

>Also I strongly believe something happened to their text, I don't just think that one robot happened to have the pizza that the message said. Think they hacked it or something? They're robots.
The fact the robot knew it was an advertisement right off kinda makes it weird already.

Even if it was an ad from the start and someone wasn't trying to warn them, it's probably still relevant considering trusting no one has been a running theme in the dome story since it started.

Nah, JG approved of all of it so he's to blame too. He IS the one who came up with the character. She was just sort of nothing and Minty took it in as her pseudo-self insert.

Which is fine when she's a side character and not at the forefront as of late. Like why abandon Mordo's girls but she gets to stay? Especially since CJ can actually be a fun character when not just written as the extremely possessive GF?

What other character did she make and push? I'm only seeing the worm in AT and that shitty pilot that came out recently beside apple and onion.

So 2001: A Nap Odyssey was just a short?

I like to think this is something more than an asteroid or something, like Rigby's ship from the movie going back in time, and it just happened to reach this point in time for a moment, or maybe yet another loose reference to the movie since these 2 episodes have so many.

Yes I'm stretching.

I'm positive we're going to see life on Earth, aside from the fact all the characters at the park when it launched being able to work into the story, Margaret still has to go back to Eileen's place to find out she's not there.

>Trust No One
>Paul Bunyan bot and Babe bot

>space odyssey short has the same kind of feel as not what he seems' cold open with the levitating and the soundtrack and characters sleeping during it

>cartoon network's online commercials for it like shows follows the same structure as gravity falls' series finale promos, complete with creator giving a message

i love both shows and find this fun

I don't think they're going back to Earth. That line Mordecai had and then they both laughed seemed like a forced strawman type plotline.

Maybe they get back to Earth but only go back to let everyone know they're alright, but end up continuing in the end to keep fighting as Galactic Park Rangers. It seems like they have one mission in this season, and it's to go to Lolliland for something important. I see them getting more later.

Or maybe the guys/gals on earth get them back and they tell them they need to go back to space to keep fighting, and say their goodbyes?

or maybe the park/dome get destroyed and they all die since its the final season.

>Why was Benson such a fucking prick in these episodes?
They're playing him the strongest about being scared, confused, and uncomfortable about the space story, in a future episode's clip it shows he's the only one still annoyed with all of it while everyone else is warming up to the idea.

Back on Earth he had mid-life crisis character to him, and a loss of hope, some sort of empty feeling. He's just struggling and freaking out.

>Why does it seem like they're making Rigby even more braindead than usual?
All I recall at this point is when he said "smart as we is" and that was just a joke, a kind of dull one but it's a joke on his sometimes bad grammar, like in the movie he spelled his name wrong, in which "present" rigby said he still does it.

>Also everyone seems at each other's throats more than usual.
like the Benson thing, everyone's still freaking out and tensions are high, it made perfect sense for the fight scene, and everyone's still thinking kind of irrational because they're stuck in space and weird shit keeps happening one after another, instead of weird things happening on earth at the park that usually have some reason (magic game combination with technology, susan being a demon, etc) whereas they, especially benson, want to know what's going on but there's no answers yet, they're struggling with each thing.

I'm only going to tackle the Rigby bit since the rest seem to be character interpretations I simply don't share.

>All I recall at this point is when he said "smart as we is" and that was just a joke, a kind of dull one but it's a joke on his sometimes bad grammar


Add this with the robot episode with him randomly shoving his laser gun on the floor to kick it (???) and it just sort of feels like they're making him dumber than usual is all. I don't know.

>Also... the animation is top notch.

Regular Show continues to get stiffer and more awkward animation. The crude designs have always been present since the very beginning (with their own sketchy charm), but mixing that with stiff animation really makes the show age poorly, visually.

This, I don't get people who say the animation got better as time went on.

It got stiffer, and the character having such simplistic designs stopped making sense. It's more on model, true, but that's nowhere better animated.

>character interpretations I simply don't share.
user benson is confirmed to be a conflicted person at a dead end in his life, he had a fucking pet cat who was his only company in his apartment, he says working at the park was not what he saw his life being, he got kicked out of his band which he built his hopes up to stay in, he only recently connected with his dad, his life sucks in his opinion and he's just a sad man

This season, these episodes. Not "over time" all together.

He had details added onto to him that are all played more as laughs than ever before. If this was like, four seasons ago, I'd agree, but I don't see him as anything more than just an angry shouty dude who gets dick-kicked a lot, especially after the Thomas special.

I mean, it's not like you're wrong, I just don't think all that stuff is meant to have us sympathize with him anymore. Again though that's just how I personally interpret it so like, I'm not claiming to know better.

whoa, a bomb? nobody tol' me!
fucking 8? that's a hell of a time slot..

The constant "Being Benson is suffering" is getting kind of old, dude needs to get a break for once.

> Falls for QT science girl and has a shot with her
> Immediately gets shot into space possibly never to return


>But... I had a date...
heartbeaking, sam marin really nails his voice

this cartoon has the best VA to Character sync in my opinion, but maybe it's just because I've watched this show consistently longer than most others

I need to clear a spot on my waifu chart for Eileen.

I'm thankful it never got as bad as Family Guy where most of the animation was an arm moving up as a character explained something in a conversation, someone pointing at someone, or someone fucking blinking.

It could never do that bad, right?

Say what you want about how Rigby's speech in the finale was, but I think it was really sweet how everyone, even Benson, cheered him on. That's really fucking awesome.

... whut?

I've always though the little "family"-like moments are a nice touch. It's rare when you get a group of co-workers that you are that close too.

.. can you say vatican in a tvpg show, and show a catholic guy?

What's with the new expressions they're using? Like Fives' big ol' goofy hands and a lot of Rigby's wacky ass faces and postures? I'm fine with it, it just feels like they hired some new guy who just came in from something entirely different.

I mean they just did so yes...?

> it just feels like they hired some new guy who just came in from something entirely different.

They did, this was apparently the new guy's first episode.

A) They know it's their last season and are having fun with it.
B) They're trying to emulate what the early seasons had

As for B), I know they were doing this some in Season 7 too, occasionally they'd go off model and occasionally they'd also do looser expressions. The issue with them wanting to emulate the old style is that they simply can't. Early on they obviously had different equipment and were working on what they wanted it to be. Everything felt more sketchy, the backgrounds were incredibly hard-splotched looking in the watercolor paint style. The outlines aren't even the same at all.

Early seasons on Cartoon Network, and maybe some other channels, get different treatment. If they manage to pass a few seasons, things change, be it attention on the show, budget changes, or upgrading to different equipment. I know for sure because I've seen it happen with other shows.

It's just a fact, they can't possibly make it look like the old show unless they deliberately try to make the outlines sketchy with their non-sketchy-like drawing stuff, and they'll never get CN's approval to just go completely loose on animation again.

This is pretty much the only time in these 2 episodes that something felt kinda stupid with the new angles and stuff, other times it just felt slightly off or fun.

Care to explain? I'm not really into this stuff, what's the problem? I'm kinda Religious so I should know what you mean but I just don't. Is there like something wrong there or is it just "how did they show religion at all in a kid cartoon"

will this be an issue in the future? did mordecai really fuck something up they might need at some point?

can anyone upload a google drive ?

gah, it's so hard to keep track of shorts

They way this guy has a web comic style of art and that humor of Eileen spinning really makes me feel like he's the one who boarded the scenes where everyone looked a little wonky, but he didn't board the 2nd episode which kinda felt like it had that stuff too.

I do like that promo art though.

the reaper bots had to have known well about the dome before coming in because the garage door opened for them, you'd need to press something for that to work

the plan paper doesn't count because they could've made that after they looked at everyone, they had time

but even that paper seemed like it had a little too many details if they were really just now figuring out about everything in the dome, they even knew about something in the park no one else noticed,

makes me wonder if Langar or someone else is doing something shitty

Fives was so upset he didn't get his lemonade.

contrary to poopular belief, you don't have to enter earth at orbital speeds, it's just that it would take a fuckass lot of fuel to slow down from the kind of speed that would actually get you back to earth. right now they're further than the moon, so that means it would take well over 4 days to travel even assuming those things can move at the speed of the fastest known shuttles (which is weird because they should only be a day out, but whatever).. they clearly have limited air

yeah you usually can't mention it

>the text message didn't have a scroll bar until AFTER the reaper bots metioned it

they've got that big tree, unlimited air

Dude, I just fucking noticed that like 20 seconds ago and was going to mention it. Nice.

Though it might either be an issue with animation detail, or that it might spoil the reveal, but yea, it does add more to how shady the whole thing came off.

>who are you guys?
>i dunno
I think I'm going to like this bumbling idiot.

I'm never going to not hate this shit.

Why did the reaper bots who have been all over the galaxy have 2 giant machines that are based on Earth culture do their labor? Why was it Earth characters?

is the wall-e robot voiced by weird al? sounds like him but not exploiting his nasally sound

Rigby is as dumb as he always was.He is just less of a jerk now, only when pushed instead of outright.

You didn't really believe he actually improved himself with the whole graduation thing or got smarter?

>Why does it seem like they're making Rigby even more braindead than usual?
I'd say it's a return to form for him. Rigby has always been dumb, but they dialed that back last season to make room for relationshit.

I can't believe Mordecai raped Rigby

That was my first thought as well. He has a concussion.

>I have Eileen, and you have...... me!

That was a very cute line.

for a morby shipper maybe

who else watches the show anymore?

like a retcon

Yeah, can't download currently, if someone could post this to google drive that'd be swell.

Will Mordecai and Rigby have to get a grilled cheese for their captain? The one in the promo?

I hope they bring back Benson's anger power, that was awesome.

There's a 720p WebRip online now. I don't have it downloading but I presume it's better quality than Madrid's. Don't get me wrong I appreciate Madrid's upload and the quality was great and the quick upload time was awesome, I'm just posting anything that might be higher quality as they come. Guess we're waiting on 1080p now.

So anyone with a fast enough internet speed to download this before I can, is it better?!TV8S3byC!EbyZzNfASHzDVQR0TUfHhA

Yeah, first Mordecai lays an egg, then they shoot a baby and now this. I think this season is too much for me, guys.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers those two things. That was fun.

request google drive , tq .

This one has the credits, but it's still apparently a recording because the logo and rating show up during the episode, plus, it's only the first episode.

I was kinda hopeful they'd change the credit theme this season, but they didn't. I also expected the Regular Show: In Space logo in the commercials to be in the show itself, and as of yet it doesn't look like it. Ah well, those are not important.

Anyway, good episodes, looking forward to 1080p uploads HOPEFULLY today.

I already miss the episodic stories, they were fun. This is fine though.

This felt dull and try hard. Maybe it's the single setting.

Regular Show is his favorite show though?

Yo anons, is there a MEGA for seasons 1-7, all nice and clean in 1080p? I dropped the show at season 1 because of life shit, generally forgot about it or got into other shit and now I hear season 8 is apparently coming out and is going to be the last one. Hit me up niggas.

Fuck off

Wouldn't that first short be called "Rah-ha Ringtone"?

the thought of this season already ending in january scares me

The short itself calls it ringtoneers

No one knows for sure. CN's scheduling is extremely fickle.

I have Amazon Drive links that should work for you. 1080p too. They're volumes so lots of links, all up to the Season 7 finale. So far, nothing out for these first 2 episodes of Season 8 in 1080p that I'm aware of. Hopefully AD works instead of Mega? They seem to for others, and they worked for me.

and the movie, it is a Mega!4IV2SSKZ!HKtmU6OhxD9HbJ4lzqLFkw

people usually watch it between the start of season 6 and the end of season 7, but since it was released digital on google play, itunes, etc. earlier than on TV, a lot of people saw it before the Season 7 episode Birthday Gift

>This felt dull and try hard. Maybe it's the single setting.
Well if that is the reason you should like the next episodes, they take place somewhere new.

im not washing the car

Kinda sucks ever since they started developing Rigby they backed off on his death scenes. Though that might be more on the censors.

So is CJ that kind of girl where she's good to be friends/dating but she can be kind of grating at some points? Like obnoxious? Pic not related.

No. She is the girl that is fun to be around but can be lethal is you make her mad.

9 images have been released of The Dream Warrior.

This is a spoiler of someone's dream, holy fucking shit you guys. They're finally using the fact they're on this network to their advantage. Decent sized spoilers here.










It's happening.

Nevermind this is apparently something they watch on TV...

2 minute clip here, it's cool how they still get to go into the park when they feel like it.

Are you sure the link is correct?

Nevermind, my browser said it couldn't find the address, but it seems wo work now.


So when CJ is wearing her normal striped shirt is she wearing a tight bra? In Dumped at The Altar her breasts are like twice as big as they are usually when she was wearing that cleavage showing dress.

>final season
>still making Pops episodes

It's the season of Pops, no joke.

there seemed to be a few of them, so maybe not

>benson praising eileen for her genius plan
can we just fucking kill her already

There were only a few great things in that episode. Rigby punching the shit out of Benson was one of them.

Also, is this thread gonna last until tonight?

Minty "every day till you love her" Lewis

Please tell me they got Frank Welker.

Didn't sound like it to me in the clip but I honestly couldn't tell because my volume was fucked up low.

No baby ducks in space? Why couldn't that brother duck save them?

The plan that fell absolutely flat?

But even compared to the earlier seasons he just feels stupider based on these PVs and these last two eps. Rigby was always impulsive and the whole dumb angle started around Season 2, but at least he had some common sense to him and his backwards thinking.

The clip with him trying to slip his hand through the card reader (especially since its just a card reader which we've seen used multiple times) is a bit much.

just felt like another joke about him being really fucking anxious to get those shoes

people are irrational when they want something, and do things you'd normally know is useless or stupid

mix that in with rigby's slightly stupid IQ anyway and it just kinda works

these 2 episodes feel off to me though anyway because whoevers writing them seems to be off a bit, it just feels like a completely different team, even though it's not

i do cringe at rigby's "smart as we is" line though

>could you taking us back to earth?

>"Funky Wunky and the Groovy Gang"
uh... neat title


wait if they're watching that on their tv not dreaming, benson used to be a cartoon star?

They're watching the TV at the beginning, I assume Pops tries to sleep again and his dream mixes it up with the characters from RS in place of them.

Yea, that's right. Eileen is going to be Velma because haha she's smart and god damn it I don't fucking want it.

Minty Lewis boarded/wrote Lost and Found with Ryan.

Fucking great. I can only hope she has a cameo or something at best. Mordecai and Rigby are supposed to be going to another place in this episode and it doesn't seem like Eileen is supposed to be coming with them, so that's good.

Anyone who was upset about them not using the space carts to go back to Earth is gonna be pissed tonight.

Are we just going to stay in this thread for tonight's episode, or start a new one?

at this point i believe whoever's writing the episodes can't fucking use grammar

just stay in this one i guess, it'd be lame to just tell everyone to stop posting, let it sink, and make a new one

I like having episode centered OPs but it's fine, the OP kinda works for the bomb anyway

if we reach 500 before an episode this week airs, then yea a new one would work

talk about copy fucking pasting

I'm pretty sure he says "Are you taking us back to Earth?"
The writers aren't THAT dumb.

ratings for the premiere was 0.52


Pretty sure it was 1.-something.

Your hangups about Minty Lewis are weird and they make me uncomfortable.

Are you thinking I'm the only one posting about it? I'm sorry for the misunderstanding but I've only posted twice about her.

>"Hey traitor, how's the hand holding up?"
The only 2 things I want out of this final season is a legit goodbye and to know what happened here in the movie, but I'm assuming that timeline was altered a bit and won't happen, but I'd still love to see it.

It'd be interesting if like Rigby implied that the timeline from the movie, out of all the others they've witnessed and changed, happened and was their life outcome.

30 minutes till episode 3-4

where can I watch this live?


link to a stream in the top posts

I'm pumped.

I keep getting Cannot load m3ue: crossdomain access denied. I figured it was just broken for everybody.

Go to the bright blue button below the stream like the post says, then it's Stream 3, if that one doesn't work, try 2 or 4. The Stream 1 gives that error, and the HD stream doesn't work either.

You'll go to the "fuck" system to "fuck?"

Go to the BLEEP...

Way to fuck up Benson

Bet he's in the holodome.

The death-like stillness of this thread saddens me.

I find it funny that Hi-Five Ghost needs hover boots.

It's neither 2012 AT nor 2016 SU

That's sadly how the ball bounces, my man

Even if they get paid they would still be 200 credits down for the boots.

Who's this guys VA?

So how does one get Space Credits on this ship?

Those boots looked completely different.


Obviously by doing work. It's the same as money. They even have shops.

Download link here!!TxdWUCZY!Ovmiv1QbxeI0FHBoh1aOH4ggoDo1nB-emAw0X-IXg-I


Didn't get to see most of them because the stream was cutting out. Saw some of the montage of Benson on Earth, couldn't tell if it was actually happening or if it was a simulation because when it stopped lagging he was back in the hallway where they gave him the VHS tape, saw some of the tape, very little, and saw like 3 minutes worth of the 2nd episode.

Looked fine to me, can't wait to see the almost 20 minutes I missed though with Madrid's link.

Better question: How many space-creds does it take to rent a VHS, and how do you get to be 200 in debt before you realize the selection blows?

It wouldn't be a proper 90s pastiche if it's final season wasn't In Space.


Based Madridista. your efforts are not unnoticed

>fight between 2 people close to each other
>goes over the danger line
>gets fucked
again with the gravity falls? AGAIN.

I thought the simulation was sad though

So are there 2 more new episodes on tonight?

You missed them.

Wait, why was the recording of the guys' message in the dome, in space? They're docked on the Space Tree..

you da man, homie

So what there's no more download link?

There was only 2 new eps tonight and Madrid posted the links up there.

That guy seemed pretty upset about Benson not wanting to join. What's the deal? Are they going to use Benson for something?

Everyone has capabilities they can use to the advantage of protecting Pops. Benson has that super saiyan anger power.

Mordecai and Rigby have the Tai-kwon Do power and their Video Game morph / and knowledge, which helps them with weapons throughout the show that seem to be video game based (the buttons in the fist of justice, rigby's spaceship in the movie / future of the season being game controls)

I think everything in that simulation was real. This certainly is.

Makes me wonder about the Earth blowing up in Lunch Break and the Alien Invasion in this simulation.

>I love your no nonsense attitude and dedication to your work, it's really inspiring.
Fives is the best.

WOW! I was genuinely impressed by how good these episodes were! Sure, we all knew Benson was in the simulation the whole time, but the emotional stuff they pulled still made "Welcome to Space" great! And "Space Creds" was pretty funny and actually felt like a classic RS episode.


Seems like Dream Warrior is the only interesting one coming now.

Please go back to Tumblr. You're the fucking worst.

Even if they lost Benson, Eileen could take his place as 7th member since they didn't plan for her. Makes me wonder if Benson himself is important.

Space needs you, Benson.

Go to sleep Minty

How long has it been since CJ appeared? I'm not a CJ fag but it just feels weird having her not exist anymore.

Oh, finale excluded.

I really don't like how suddenly everyone is cool with being in space. Benson was right and had a lot of good points, That the simulation was so negative is fishy. I hope it is brought up as a twist.

Some of those expressions were NICE.

Close to classic season expressions. Seems like the only time we get that close is "ahh!" scenes.

I liked how telenovely those two scientists were.

Alright, guys. You ignored Death's wife. Please don't do the same to Professor Jacobs!

It can't just be Margaret, CJ, Eileen, and the moms all the time...

Were these Casey Crowe or Gideon Chase?

A+ bust

i think its interesting how after all this time the character designers can still make unique humans

Casey Crowe's my guess.

This season is just a ripoff of the G:KND

kinda sucks all the foreshadowing and plot is like baby tier

>pops' favorite planet pretty much confirmed to be his home planet but they still try to foreshadow it
>that fucking censor in the new episode like we didn't know
>jg asking on twitter "did you figure out what's going to happen?" like only fucking 6 year olds watch the show, when all that happened was them going to space and everyone already knew that

it's like he's trying to make a story but being really lenient on the hints like only 6 year olds are watching, there hasn't been one good question come out of any of this

I wonder if they'll have any episodes done by former boarders (like Mike Roth, Andres Salaff, Kat Morris, Hilary Florido, or Hellen Jo)

didn't mean to quote

Oh shit dawg. I'm glad I checked this thread again, and that it's still here. Downloading each episode one by one is certainly going to be fun, but damn that's nice quality. This is perfect. Thank you user.

>one by one


Where was this ever stated, though? There's no title card found anywhere in the short, and the official video posted on CN's YouTube channel just calls it "Ringtone". 's image is from an official DVD release.

Because, ultimately, the shows main target audience is not you. Or has not watched every episode like you.

It makes me download some amazon app if I try to download the whole thing at once.

Nice, I need to fill in the gaps from around season 4. Thanks for sharing!

That's because you are trying to download more than 5 GB at once. You can download about 5 episodes at a time.

Shout-out to this scene


I started from five and went down. Even at two episodes it's making me download that thing, which then asks me to subscribe to their paid storage service jank.

Weird, I haven't had that yet.

Yep, but I'm grateful for this anyway. Shit can't be helped. Any torrents I can find look fake, shitty, or unorganized. A little time spent manually downloading these episodes is no big fuss.

You're just comparing them because you've seen them both and yiu want to find comparisons but GF and RS couldn't be sny more different.

Even the "trust no one" text didn't remind me if GFs

Oh dude that sucks, I didn't know about that before when I linked it for other people. The only other alternative I can think of are torrents. Hang on and I'll search for some Megas again. Also the guy you were talking to wasn't me.

Megas would be a nice alternative.

Rigby's VA watched the presidential debate instead.

That's alright my dude. Download speed fluctuates a bit but it's coming along nicely. Also, I figured that wasn't you. I can generally tell by the little nuances in the way people write.

If you do find a mega that'd be great, but if you don't, still all good yo.

What are the other guys doing? Are they training? We didn't see them do anything yet.

Yea, me too usually.

I found Seasons 1-3 and 7 plus the Movie.!0wVjQTKK!ILOwkFmiQU-cbkveh0IT1g!Fg8ySKDD!gRgJ9VBugHpxmQnniDh2dQ!pgUVlZwA!hqzg1mwQy8RZCPpOXTHKZg!459X2bwI!zlflVgn02pkHvCUYv802eg!4IV2SSKZ!HKtmU6OhxD9HbJ4lzqLFkw

Nice, that saves quite a bit of time.

Just noticed there's some episodes missing in Season 7's Mega, they're all in order, none missing between any, but after the last one there's supposed to be more. The missing ones are in the Amazon Drive though. That kinda sucks. Glad I could help with what I could.

Madridista hasn't posted the ratings yet I don't think, but I really hope this isn't true.

Aye, thanks for the heads up, dawg.

These are the same rips in the same quality right?

They should be, they're just combined double to one file, in pairs, except Season 7.

If these girls were drawn in any other style than the flaccidity inducing RS style (for humans at least) people would stop ignoring them.

sounds like you dont like the show
why are you in this thread, user?


It feels weird to have so many new episodes.

Do you mean it makes you farthest away from being erect or something or what? It's not incredibly bad.

>tfw no russian spy girlfriend

For those of you who thought there was going to be a 2nd movie, what would you have wanted out of it?

I would've expected it because it would have let them do the Lolliland story contained in one airing, instead of splitting it over however long in the season, but I guess having a certain amount of episodes with lolliland as the setting could be awesome too.

The show's fine, I just can't pop a boner to the girls in that artstyle is all.

That's what I mean, and no the style isn't bad its just not boner inducing is all.


yo Drawfags /r/ing some Eileen lewds

I second this user; he gets me.


I would be fine with just any draws. I miss when a bunch of drawfags would be in the threads.

You can try your luck in the official drawthread. However, I might have overdone it in the past, and not everyone is willing to draw Eileen, at least not that fast.

You can also go to /aco/. Eileen is usually seen as human enough to not cause deletion for yiffing.

Why was "Welcome to Space" described with "The dome needs repairs" when we didn't even visit the dome at all? With that description I was hoping we would be getting that scene in the promo where rockets are fired at it, but I guess that might be either Ugly Moons or some episode in the future since they don't seem to be leaving the Space Tree for a long time.

>overdone it
>overasking for eileen
are you the same guy who pretty much posts her in every thread? like that sex comic, the few from official releases, and fanart shit when the threads get slow?

Occasionally, but not always, and not in the last few months.

Anyone else getting Cowboy Bebop vibes from this?

Never seen it but unless it was you, I saw someone else comment something like that before in an older thread.

Also I think in one of the Halloween specials someone was dressed as bebop but I dunno, maybe it was techmo who was.

It was Tecmo because he is voices by Spike's VA.

>as long as i'm with you guys, that's all i need
something tells me they get split up at some point in the future

I'm gonna miss all these characters, over the years I've really started to like even the sort of shitty ones like Muscle Man. I like how they all play off of each other, how they act, and their stories. I have a hard time thinking of an episode I refuse to watch, and you might think Dumped at the Altar but if I ever feel too negative about it I can just cut it off at the end, because Muscle Man getting married was sweet, his dad's letter was heartwarming, and Rigby trying to help Mordecai was nice too.

Everything about the show was something special, even if it fell into the cliche "love drama" story that most modern cartoons seem to be using, I especially loved the designs of each character. I also don't have anything over most relationship episodes, the few I don't necessarily like are the double date episode and 1000th Chopper Flight Party, even though there were a few points in them I thought were good. In the end after all this time, I'll be satisfied with either Margaret or CJ being his girlfriend, but there needs to be a few points tackled on each if it works like that so the other girl can still be friends and not hate Mordecai for his decision (that's more on CJ's side, but Margaret has a hard time even talking to Mordecai as of late when he was with CJ). I'd feel kinda disappointed if JG pussed out in the finale to have it still end on "whatever happens, happens" with both girls so that the fans decide.

Aside from that, all the plotlines and arcs are fascinating and the show has some of the best continuity I've seen on a kid's show.

Over 200 amazing episodes, 7 great seasons, and this final promising season all add up to be one of the best shows the network ever had.

>Watching Space Creds
>Time to smoke some buds
Is this reality? Have the writers run out of fucks to give? I never thought "Dome it all to hole" could be topped, but god damn.

So that's what it was referencing, I was thinking about what bugs could mean, since I don't hear "bud" often.

im gonna miss regular show :(.

(let's just party tonight because season 8 premiers tonight? i guess? timezones confuses me)

it was a few days ago

I still don't get how she's not a beaver

it's kind of annoying how their heads keep getting really large while their bodies stay the same when they yell in these episodes

Drew a quick picture of that sexy Professor. I'm glad that they didn't kill her Plant vore is okay I guess

That's awesome, and I just realized she's got a chance for tentacle porn now. Seems like that kind of stuff happens mainly when something happens in an episode like this to inspire someone to do it.

Thanks for your art, user, it's great. Have you contributed to RS threads before?

>working this fast
we need you during this final season

We need Natalie.

>no art of her
it's a crime, she's a fucking cliche hot spy woman, how do you skip over that, fanartists??

Ugly Moons two minute preview.

Mordecai and Rigby shouldn't have been able to get the boots. They were -200 credits each and they costed 500. They only got 500 each so, due to them previously being in debt, were still down by 200 credits each.

They ended up getting boots that didn't even look the same.

Why are all of these season 8 episodes so full of iffy things?


Why are you so petty about these things?

Space banks don't instantly collect on debt, they make all their creds on interest.

I'm listing what was wrong in the episode

That's what I said. You being petty.

I disagree. We need some love for Death's wife.

about 2 more hours, anyone else think halfway through the hype looses its luster, or is it just because I'm tired?

only people who hyped at all for this week i mean

It kind of makes sense. We're only 4 episodes in and we already know so much more than we did before, and not knowing what to expect is a big part of hype.

>tfw you got to see Rigby overcome shit in his life
>tfw you got to see rig and Eileen become a couple
Feels great man.

>>tfw you got to see rig and Eileen become a couple
shrugging pictures aren't on my computer

It'll be our first time on another planet in this series excluding the moon. First time seeing another inhabitant planet other than Earth.


bump before it starts

What about horse planet?

forgettable episode, my bad

God damn internet provider has to go fucking SHIT to where it hardly loads this fucking thread every time I want to watch an episode this week.

Looking forward to Madrid.
>inb4 he can't record for some reason

I like muscular toothpick.

RIP Zorack.

>Dat Mantis Queen

>bird and raccoon not liking bugs


yea this is a sad reminder

Ey guys, I'm the draw guy that drew Mordecai and Rigby's mom grindin and Rigby's mom with imaginary finger guns banging Don.

You guys want some drawings later tonight?

Anything with toothpickfu please.

not by you

Mordecai and Princess Mantis.

Download link to "Lost and Found" here!!79ch1SqY!RqC20Nq0avIgInqwjuhdk5OZc26xgrruB3M2VrSdckA




These episodes have been fantastic so far. I'm really digging it.

>inb4 at some point in season 7 mordecai pulls the same thing rigby did in season 6 with the "i just didn't tell you" he's dating margaret

fucking hell i hate my internet, can't watch the new episode any time soon

how would you guys rate it?

Doubtful. They're totally going to keep throwing space babes at him though.

>living in space is like the definition of cool, i got goosebumps just saying that!
why is she so fucking horrible

Would you?

how come the robot is named recap robot? is there any other meaning to his name aside from him apparently needing to recap the episodes in the future but he isn't doing it now?

Benson living where the park used to be.. just that fucking hole, that was sad.

>what, you need us to prune your trees or something?
>haha, something like that

Jess is a fucking bitch.
>"this has gone too far"
>slaps the shit out of her husband

Space changes people.

>Last episode establish that they use space credits as currency
>Guy loses wallet
>Has no physical money in wallet

What a shit episode.

There can be art of this. There can be lots of art based on that line alone.

>I still don't get how she's not a beaver

I think of this every time someone mentions that.

Why does everyone suddenly hate Eileen?

could you repost those ones?

it's like that one girl

I dont get it either. Eileen is the best and most consistent girl in the show. CJ and Margaret have been awful and there's never been an Eileen episode I didnt like because she's generally likable and avoided the romance tropes

Some people don't like her because Minty Lewis has given her some Mary Sueish qualities while neglecting to give her any big flaws. These people see her as forced upon them in the final season.

Even her colleagues tease her about how perfect Eileen is.

ever since she started showing up more than twice per season people started noticing how forced and obnoxious she is

Isn't liking Rigby flaw enough?

this piece of shit is still airing!?

It's not about her not having flaws, she's just really grating.

If you say so.

>when you're trying to be cool but you're just a fuck up

>How is there a king and a princess if the female eat their mate
premarital sex

Only one episode tonight? Was a good one regardless.

She still hot, tho

Only one for the rest of the week nights too, good thing or else we'd be 10 fucking episodes in already. It sounds like a good thing we're ending on The Dream Warrior because it seems the most interesting.

Then again, we'll probably be getting a lot of episodes in the coming weeks anyway since it's ending in January.

She was a pretty good design for a one-shot 11 minute scenerio.

Can anyone make assumptions on her voice actor?

I swear I never saw any before this thread

Not that I don't fucking APPRECIATE your contribution and love the work, but.. how about something nude? Something with breasts showing full? Just link it since you can't post NSFW stuff on a good old blue board.

>tfw this'll probably be the last we'll see of her
Although I'm glad she didn't actually die in the end, I'm still really pissed that Prof. Jacobs won't end up as a regular Domer popping up throughout the season with some crazy new experiment she's concocted.

Depending how they plan to use this setting that could've worked.

They haven't really established much and that sucks. In tonight's episode Chad says "you've been training hard out there" but we didn't get to see any of it, all the other park employees and eileen had their uniforms on and seemed like they had their roles already, but we didn't get to see that either. We got to see Skips working with Muscle Woman #2 on fixing stuff up but they never showed them getting their roles or anything.

I'm kinda worried we're not going to see them training, that's gonna suck. At this point we're just seeing their stories outside of their work.

On your point, yea she could've popped up more.

Are there any good background females on the show? Humans preferred. Or like with one appearance.

kinda thought the necklace was hypnotizing her or something

>no lewds/porn of her being hypnotized by the necklace

Next episode is a muscle man one?



1080p Megas for the first 4 episodes of this season.!2I1z1ZQB!FfY78L_JyWOn--WJj1HJmQ

Hope they work for you guys.

>go to the two sites that shall not be named to see what kind of fandom we got elsewhere

>autistic benson AU
>baby OCs of mordecai and rigby's children, one when he gets scared bites himself and makes him bleed sometimes
>mommy margaret au where margaret is the mom of cj and the reason they fight is because "you can't date him, daughter"
>mordecai eating rigby vore, usually comedic (in their humor, not mine) but sometimes bloody
>eileen x skips because STRONG COCK IN TIGHT PUSS

I thought they were supposed to be kids what the fuck, that's mostly Cred Forums tier. Why can't we have decent fans who make decent fanart about decent things? I miss Mordecai and Rigby hanging out fanart, not them fucking brutally eating each other

So are these actual double meaning jokes like "smoke some bugs" or are we reading too much into it now.

Forgot my image, like I do 80% of the time I mean to post an image.

>if i was a robot, how could i grow this sweet human beard?

>benson, a gumball MACHINE, grows a beard

deepest lore

Mordecai checking his beak worrying if it got hit is one of the best visual gags. Is this the first time there's ever been like something with his beak? Aside from it being there and him talking with it of course. I mean this as how it sticks out and he's grabbing it.

>I guess we're all more alike than we think
because none of them but sally is human?

He also kept calling the robot a waiter, it seems like he's more Earth customed still and they probably do accept earth money since everyone there seems to be human, it just converts differently.

>"What is space food like? Do you take it orally or-"

Man back the fuck off.

New episode titles from misseps:

Why does the Wikipedia editor keep using ToonZone as source when they're always wrong?

I don't see anything there new episode title wise.

I did check Wikipedia and those titles are from dumb youtube video of some guys fake episode titles, Owen was asked about it and he said they were fake. These aren't real.

Wikipedia originally had these episode titles put up after he confirmed it was fake, and they didn't have a source. Now they have a source as toonzone (which aren't usually wrong, user) but the toonzone schedule starts out somewhat empty and as it develops is updated, I can only assume they added these rumored episodes.

The ones from next week and after that. Google has 0 results so I assume they're new.

girls are funny get over it

They were about a week old from now on that youtube video. Then a day or a few later Owen said they were fake. Then that night or the following day, without sources, the episodes were listed there. I'm just now seeing it again and now it has a source as Toonzone.

Let's wait for a preview or confirmation because Owen said they were fake.

The halloween special is real.

Alright fuck me I didn't know there was a schedule on that Kametsu page and thought you meant the wikipedia episode titles. Forget what I said.

Yea the names on the Kametsu are real.

Here for anyone who can't see it, we're getting another god damn bomb.

Regular Show S08E08 - Brain of Evil
US Airdate: October 3rd, 2016 at 8PM

Regular Show S08E09 - Fries Night
US Airdate: October 4th, 2016 at 8PM

Regular Show S08E10 - Spacey McSpaceTree
US Airdate: October 5th, 2016 at 8PM

Regular Show S08E11 - Can You Ear Me Now?
US Airdate: October 6th, 2016 at 8PM

Regular Show S08E12 - Stuck in an Elevator
US Airdate: October 7th, 2016 at 8PM

Regular Show S08E13 - The Space Race
US Airdate: October 10th, 2016 at 8PM

Regular Show S08E14 - Operation: Hear No Evil
US Airdate: October 11th, 2016 at 8PM

We're already about halfway through the season now.


3, 4, and 7 episode titles sound so fucking made up

they hardly introduced sureshot and the others but by the net episode they know each other well?

good eps so far

bump for tonight

Brain of Evil was the only one in the promos I believe out of these.

all the titles are made up

Not these, this guy always posts things from CN's website. He hasn't been wrong before.

I wonder why the wrote Thomas out and couldn't leave in in the story if they wanted 8 characters here.
Still think we're gonna get some footage about their friends on Earth soon

I wonder if they're worried.

I'm loving the third episode most of all out of the five.

Pops seemed pretty ticked at what Benson said about nice people, think he took it personal?

I first thought this was serious and a way to compensate that we won't get those scenes at all.

Then I read it, and it's humorous and probably something special from a staff member for the last season of a show she worked on for a long time.


>I first thought this was serious and a way to compensate that we won't get those scenes at all.
Same here and I felt an empty feeling inside for a minute.

Saw this yesterday, it's so cool.

I like how ghibliish they make Rigby look.

They're really trying to kill this show off as soon as possible. What the fuck.

I hate how this scheduling doesn't leave any room for hype or wonder for what's next beyond 24 hours.

You can tell the ending to One Space Day at a Time was made to be like "oh shit what is that??" and for you to be interested in what comes next, but the experience of doing that is cut short because like 3 minutes later you know, like some dude binge watching reruns.

>thread won't make it to tomorrow's episode

When was that said? I don't remember hearing it.

Is Pops secretly a badass?

it might

Season 9 ... confirmed right?

Episode 4 seems to be the weakest so far.

Loved episode 3, mid way through 5 as we speak.

Google brings up nothing.

Click the link in the post that that post was replying to.

Rushed in on that one. Thanks.

Also, might have to support this artists cause his/her stuff is pretty cool.

The mantis one? I thought that was the best so far, with the plant one being the weakest.

Mantis was five, the plant was 4.

>Helper bots
>Galactic Park Rangers
>Plant monster
>Mantis people

I was mashing the first one and the robot one together in my head.

Who's ready for a
>it's a muscle man episode
kind of night?


Watched the 2 minute clip, seems to be an issue. The opening credits only show the title and who boarded it, you can still hear the next two ticks and the background still turns color but it still holds on the storyboarder credits.

Huh. Wonder if it's like that when it airs.

You know who else starts in 30 minutes?

oh fuck this was updating all along? shit, i only have time to watch two episodes before the new one, which i'd better watch live while i can. that's not going to screw things up is it?

why the fuck are they okay with being away from their loved ones?

jesus poor fucking benson.. lost his apartment..

This show has officially gone off the fucking rails.

oh hahahaha oh god. i got rused.

>This show has officially gone off the fucking rails.
Yea, I can't believe they did the main example of jumping the shark.

remember when gilligan's island went to space? and then the partridge family went to space

shit no i don't, i was just growing up as those shows were phasing out, but i remember my parents talking about it

sounds like something to look into, i need a time passer

they were just terrible cartoon spinoffs

If there was any other show on CN that I had to watch a rerun of before an RS premiere, I'm glad it's this choice. This was a good 2 parter and I love Rob.

>in commercial, boots have fiery rocket output
>in real life they have proper little hovery rings which makes more sense
>then the ones mordo and riggs buy are the uncontrollable fiery ones
the fuck


That bothered the hell outta me.

memes when

>yesterday had zorack
>today gene wilder

wow muscleman reallly liked that goo

ninja eileen managed to raise the waifu level even higher
also has she lost weight?

hacker voice: IM IN

>comb the bush

the champagne is full of slime
the champagne is full of slime

called it.
okay it was telegraphed but

>it came out of the ship
holy shit, did he rupture their air seal?

also, mooning with underwear is just sad. cartoons have been allowed butts up til now



what the fuck, rawles? that was fucking harsh



>mooning with underwear is just sad
True, but getting the person's face printed on it is definitely a nice touch. You wouldn't want to tat that and if you just drew it on you'd run the risk of smudging.

Download link to "Ugly Moons" here!!6lVCUZ7L!TiQl7CdnNvlUmc1zsK00aVs7cxXGiJ3yYFN0T4pz400

I could imagine them drawing it on their ass and it smear on the window making the face look sad or mad or dumb looking for more of an insult.

makes some sense, but I feel like putting someone else's face on your butt is, if anything, respectful. it's like a flag.

>mordo proposing to an alien by accident
somehow i knew this would happen

>manti culture
that's not even plural, robot! come on!

>just explain the misunderstanding
wow, sensible.

>I'm just trying to tell her I'm not going to marry her!
that was so forced, holy fuck

he doesn't know everything!


i love you

I thought that slime turned him retarded.

I'm sure Mordecai will be reluctantly drowning in freaky space babes by the end of the season.

>slime bomb presentation logo was made by mordecai
that's pretty cool

>ngged to timer
I wish R and I's weren't run together so much in cartoon text.

Madri I don't know if you will see this reply, but what happened to the mega of Adventure Time episodes? I remember looking through the archives for the mega s you posted by I get "account terminated"

>you and your space bush are gonna be covered head to toe in slime

I couldn't help but think of that Wander Over Yonder shit every time they mentioned someone being the greatest in the galaxy.

My old mega account got terminated I guess.

Here's S7 of AT in 1080p though:!Q4Z1EA5K!BNsoCxIsi2ZpFJSlwkBDxA

This blog has links to all the other episodes in different qualities:

Holy shit, even harvey beaks passed us.

ay yo do you still like the show (rs)? do you ever go anonymous and talk in the threads?

Of course I still like RS! It's a shame that both AT and RS are ending soon. It's time for a new era for CN. The modern CN cartoons of 2010 era are coming to an end...


some merciful drawfag should sketch the final scene from tonight's ep but with mordecai and rigby instead of muscleman

There's already fanart of Mordecai and Rigby mooning the dome scientists who were studying them in S7.

No, what we need is all the park crew mooning.

All the better.


Him yelling at Benson and burning his clipboard and then this leads me to believe when one of them does end up fucking up things are going to go to shit real fast. He's a real dick.


Thanks again, I wouldn't be able to catch half of these without your uploads.

Why is Eileen now part of the cast? She's boring.

For some reason not having a female be a main character became a problem.

This just happens to be a dream come true for here.

Eileen is objectively the best female character this show has ever had. If they gotta diversify the cast, then she's the one who deserves the part.

Is there also an amazon drive download for the movie?

MEGA says the file is too large to be downloaded to me.

Also, does it have the extra material, like the alternate ending? Was that even animated? I can't remember.

>It's a Muscle Man episode
>but also involving the team
>Mordecai using his design knowledge
>Ninja Eileen
>that twist and end


Dream Warrior looks like it should be good, but it's yet ANOTHER episode not showing them train apparently.

Good. Maybe you will stop whining about it eventually.


>Wahhhhh they are not shown to be training.

That's how you sound. Hung up about details. And it's not the first time.You just had en episode where you saw them working when Muscle Man was getting the team back together.

If theres a 3rd week of premieres im gonna fuck something up

>muscle man episode
Even in space can't save him

Is the bush supposed to be a replacement for that vending machine guy?

Well he did take a few art classes.

Yea, I know. The fact they mention it every now and again is awesome.

I'm up to date, user. I'm sure others aren't though.

>dude this could be a good look for me!
future rigby from the movie is confirmed timeline

The possibility of the simulation making Benson think going back to Earth would be nothing but a bad idea makes me recall the dome people being able to filter what he sees.

But what Mordecai will we get?

a dead one

The montage in the 3rd episode was pretty brutal.

Anyone else have this feeling like it's a miniseries?


>Here's s7 of AT in 1080p though
I came

So is the new thread going to be made soon or near the premiere like usual?

Depends, is this thread a talkback or a general thread? If general just wait until page 10 and make another thread. If talkback wait about an hour or so before the new episode airs. I would do the former though.

I hope Mordecai and Rigby fuck something up soon like they usually do on Earth.

I'm sure we'll see a lot of that once they start going on real missions.

One that still wants a better career and leaves the park, this time it's either too stay a galactic park ranger or to do art/finish art school.

>leaves the park, this time it's either too stay a galactic park ranger
damn that sounds wrong, i had in mind him going somewhere else or the park coming back to earth but him staying up in space

Is this for real right now? Show&method=getEpisodesForShow&desc=off
>Mordeby and Rigbecai
Please tell me fan shit pops up on zap2it sometimes

>it's Mordecai and Rigby trying to decide on their ship name

When the thread gets to page 10 I'll make a new one. I guess it can be treated like a general (without editions and saying it's a general, of course) since the show is airing so fucking constant now.

>it's a "the few kids on tumblr" pandering episode

Is this denile or stupidity?

Refuse to post in that thread because of how retarded it is, even most of the responses. The fact people try to talk for the show like that really doesn't do anyone who watches it or the show itself justice.

I don't think it's the best, but in my opinion it's up there.

Your post is the latter.

Im guessing you made that thread.

We're sinking into deep space bros.

good thread, good week, jolly good show

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