Openly malicious and hostile

>Openly malicious and hostile
>Regularly causes millions of dollars worth of property damage
>Constantly terrrizes the general populace
>Repeat offender, frequently jailed

>Lives in open view for all to see
>Walks among the general public
>Nobody cares

Why was this allowed?

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Because he was the victim.

he's off the clock, no need to worry about him until his next scheme

Because it was a comedy show.

Because Townsville isn't Gotham City

because most of the time it was played for laughs

Indeed he was.

i am glad neither Craig or Lauren ever apologized for this ep

Didn't he apologize for the feminist villain one, tho?

Lauren Faust did.

Why? she was a perfect example of person that use a movement to commit acts that just benefits that person

Because if there were no villains and monsters to fight it would be a completely different show.

Is this not the primary complaint people have about the reboot? That the villains stopped being threats to spend 99% of their time playing dress-up and there's a distinct lack of any crime fighting?

Faust, being a feminist herself, didn't want it to seem like all of them are just in the movement for selfish reasons.

That's the joke.

I always assumed he had a similar immunity like Doctor Doom. Until I saw his origin story.

he's a chimp. they don't legally exist.

I think the question is more why so many of them have well known evil lairs they can live in freely. Him, GGG, and most of the monsters of the week either don't have a base, are based far out of townsville, or just come up out of nowhere.

So for this one it's a question of "Why doesn't Mojo have a new secret base every time the power puff girl find and beat him up, or one well hidden one they can't find"

And yeah the answer is just that it's a joke. Same as how the girls beat up all their enemies even when they surrender.

apparently the girls know where him lives, they even visited him once to ask if he was up to something

Rule of Funny.

Forgot about that one, I just assumed it was a hell dimension

Remember that episode where the Powerpuff Girls literally beat Mojo Jojo within an inch of his life and it wasn't played up to be awesome for the girls at all, but to be fucking horrific and make you feel awful for Mojo? And the whole reason he nearly died in the first place was because the girls were candy addicts?


>posts joke cartoon

>on Cred Forums, where people take batman seriously

just to elaborate, villains break out of arkham all the time, and it isn't a punchline.

stop reading batman.