Hating on the Stan Lee of our generation

>Hating on the Stan Lee of our generation

What did Bendis actually create?
I know he loves shitting on everyone's else characters, but what are the ones he made? Miles?

Can the mods please ban Bendisposting? This shit is getting fucking ridiculous

Jessica Jones
Nu-Luke Cage
Maria Hill
Victoria Hand
A good portion of the Ultimate universe

He is literally Stan Lee incarnate


You know, Bendisposting.

>the Ultimate universe
That worked out well, didn't it?

Bendisposting? Does require I declare how jewish I am?

Do i have to remind how many Marvel's characters, franchises, events, has destroyed in comparison? Because in that case we should need a really looooong list.

>the Stan Lee of our generation

You know this is partly the reason everyone hates on him. At least why I do anyways. Quaseda him and Slott are all more interested in trying to be the next big shot rock start a list comic guy and leaving their marks than they are telling good stories

>He is literally Stan Lee incarnate

So he steals from much greater artists?

This. We are talking about the worst writer currently, in the industry. Enough with doing him a favor and free advertisement.

Hold up
*Sits down and starts talking about life*
Are you saying
*Forgets what's canon*
Are you really saying that
*Thinks about Kitty Pride*
That Bendis
*Beats someone with Venom Blast®*
Bendis, the writer...
*Becomes awesome facial bro*
Is a bad writer?
*Makes the same face for three panels*

I feel like Robert Kirkman is the Stan lee of our generation.

>Hating on the Uncle Fester of our generation

Of course it did.
Hate on Bendis as much as you want (he's a scumbag and a hack), but let's not pretend Ultimae wasn't a success just because it eventually died (and was mostly bad).

good shit

No one cares about her. Going to limbo within a year or 2.

Sure he created her but she was made known by Hickman.

>Jessica Jones
Probably his only success and that is mainly due to the Netflix.

>Nu-Luke Cage
Modern Luke Cage? He doesn't get credit for that.

>Maria Hill
In movies but unpopular.

>Victoria Hand
Dead. No one cares about her.

>A good portion of the Ultimate universe

>stan lee incarnate

stan lee created characters, he didn't destroy them.

All the best new x-men(so don't say marvel isn't allowing any new x-men to be made because of movie rights!)

None of his X-Men characters are good.

Not even the Aussie.

>Maria Hill-In movies but unpopular.
>Jessica Jones-only success and that is mainly due to the Netflix.

Nigga take your narrow ass back to Cred Forums

It was a success only thanks to Millar. Millar is the real genius behind everything. If it wasn't for him, Ultimate Universe would be about nothing but a shitty padded-out Spider-Man comic.

But USM was the only successful Ultimate book after Millar left.

Fuckers on Cred Forums telling me, always in Marvel threads
"Bendis ain’t bout this, Bendis ain’t bout that"
My boy a scripter on fucking Iron Man and them
He, he they say that nigga don’t be putting in no work


Y'all niggas ain’t know shit
All ya motherfuckers talk about "Bendis ain’t no writer, Bendis ain’t this, Bendis a fake" SHUT THE FUCK UP

Y'all don’t live with that nigga!
Y'all know that nigga wrote Alias and Powers
First good comic adaptations
Nigga been on best-sellers since fuckin, I don’t know when!
Motherfuckers stop fuckin' playin' him like that
Them niggas savages out there
If I catch another motherfucker talking sweet about Bendis I’m fucking beating they ass!
I’m not fucking playing no more
You know those niggas roll with Brevoort and them

>This post literally gave me diarreah
>It's just THAT bad
I wish I could downvote you.

That post gave you diarrhea?

Thise characters are either shit or not ver good. Fuck off.

>not ver good.

YOU'RE the one who is "not ver good"

That post gave him diarrhea.