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>Character is 10-13 years old
>Acts like a 7 year old

>Character is 11-12, acts like a young adult

>child is 5-15 years old
>saves the world with almost no help

Im in my twenties and i act 7.

steven galaxy?

Every jrpg ever, small boy from a slum,little village or suburban house will kill gods in less than a week.

>baby or toddler is smarter than everyone else

>very elderly person is kickass or inexplicably hip

>character is 13-19 years old
>acts tough but has a soft side

>characters are 10-13 years old
>constantly dealing with high school aged problems

All Grown Up was a load of shit

I've seen a loose variation of those
>Character is 12-14
>comes off as way younger

>Character is 8-11
>character somehow has the self-awareness of an adult

These are tropes perpetuated by people who do not deal with kids that age, who aren't their own children.

Parents are rarely a good judge of character.

>will kill gods
Where does this trope come from?
I've just played Shin Megami Tensei games, and you only kill God in just two or three of those games.
I can't possibly imagine other jrpgs being more direct with their religious imagery.

>tfw 22 year old who still watches and discusses cartoons, and gets a little saddened if he can't catch the stream and misses the post episode threads
I don't want to grow up anons, I'm comfy being a big kid at heart.

Basically every Final Fantasy game ends with the main killing some sort of god

>>very elderly person is kickass

well nearly ever Final Fantasy has you kill a god or godlike-being
>Hell Emperor
>whatever the fuck happened in IV
>Void mk.ii, made from all-natural lumber
>Kefka, who had become god of magic
>Seraphim Sephirot
>paradox witch fused with a lion god
>abstract manifestation of death
>a whole bunch of gods, then the parasite being worshiped as a god
>whatever was going on with the mmorpg
>you fight one god merged with a mortal, after you've ensured the other gods will no longer manipulate mortal history
>You fight a bunch of gods, including one who fancies himself the creator, plus a bunch more gods in the sequels

Okay, my expectations must be completely off.
I've only ever played a Final Fantasy game like twice, and one of those games was FF3 on the DS

>Human guy gets in relationship with inhuman being, the more monstrous the better

Fuck you Ben 10, you could have been gold in this regard

>characters are 11 -14 years old and like each other
>Act like a married couple rather than young teens with crushes.

>Character is emotionally balanced
>concentrates for more than a few moments
>dresses themselves
>isn't self centered and impulsive
>isn't cute

>very elderly person is kickass

My grandfather was moving 500lb boulders with nothing but a shovel and a wheelbarrow in his 80s. Pretty sure he could kick quite a few asses if he needed to.

What's that a parody of?


Lord of the Flies is shit.


And edgy fanfics

>Character is 11-12
>Is the same height they were when they were 5.

>Character is 17
>Is like two feet shorter than the adults

that doesn't man the characters shouldn't be

Most people have really shitty middle school and early high school years and then become attractive. The ones who don't are lucky and even then can get fucked over during/after puberty

I think Doug did this first. He was in elementary school and worrying about dates. I honestly thought they were all high school age until I saw the Disney version.

He's 14. The show actually has a good explanation for hos behavior though.

Yeah, I agree. What dynamics could have been better, in your opinion?

>character is a kid
>acts like a kid


>Character is 9 to 14 years old
>Doesnt know how to disarm a S-mine with chopsticks and grease while evading machine gun fire
Fucking stupid shits

>thought for years that the kids in that were supposed to be like 16+ because every episode involved some dating or clique drama
>look up ages on the wiki
>they're all like 11

Breath of fire, wild warms, xenogears, Xenoblade, there are a dozen more and i've played more jrpg's than that where you do it.

Dragon Quest is a notorious example of an exception because the church in the game is always goos

*good, whatever. It's late.