Underrated as fuck characters

underrated as fuck characters

An official pic of him in full color.

Steve Mannion's drawing of Sally Forth

Adam Hughes'

And Terry Twigg's version of Adam Hughes' version

Judo Master!



She also had assistants named Ticker, Mr. Stocks, and Mr. Bonds.






She seems like she would be a fun addition to Frank's Rogues' gallery

>tfw you bought this just for the cover
>tfw the inside was incomprehensible
>but with tits

Those Sally Forth comics are actually really solid.

not seeing it

>we will never get Nth-Man: The Ultimate Ninja as it was originally intended
It hurts everytime.

even though her comics kind of suck

this deserves more

got a great elric face

>elric face

The fuck does that mean?

Golden Age Superman villain. Didn't appear post-Golden Age until shortly before the Crisis reboot. Has made zero appearance since.


Elric of Melnibone, the sword and sorcery character.

Is Adam Hughes completely incapable of drawing hips or an ass? Jesus fuck.

Legit one of the best G.I. Joe characters.



He wages a lonely war against buttocks.

why is this funny

Hughes likes ladies. He prefers the type that look like they're physically incapable giving birth.

The gay fox.