Looks like we got ourselves some dead X-Factor and dead X-Kids!

Looks like we got ourselves some dead X-Factor and dead X-Kids!

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>Anole is going to die
Why couldn't it have been idie.

Strong guy ? ALIVE ?

Keep in mind, this is from a Death of X preview, so it's during the 8 months after Secret Wars.

WUH, how does that make sense.

Is this death of X or IvsX ?

Ah, more dead children.

Classy, Marvel.

It's the story of why Cyclops is just as bad as Hitler.
It leads to the current status quo we've been suffering through.

Death of X #2.
Rest of the pages are Cyclops, Emma and the Cuckoos giving Medusa a headache.

>It's the story of why Cyclops is just as bad as Hitler.
Keep in mind that every Inhuman pre-Secret Wars is currently alive after the time skip. All the Royal Family and NuHumans are currently alive.

So Frenzy, Wolfsbane, Stron guy, Maybe Warpath and Rockslide.

I sure hope those graves arent from new x-men characters.

"Don't be sad, Rockslide. At least it wasn't anyone important."

If I were to have a guess, Magma, Multiple Man and Banshee are among the dead.

>16 different clones of multiple man died thanks to the mist

>dead again

Unless you mean Terry?
Either way, fuck this unstoppable genocide train Marvel keeps running on X-Men.

Fuck, I mean Syrien.

Okay, 16 mutants who haven't appeared post-SW.

Cypher and Magma are in trouble. Not Karma, though, being one of Marvel's only lesbians.
Fuckload of New X-Men and those Generation Hope dorks.
Nobodies like Lifeguard, Crosta, and Ariel.

Not one of the shitty Aaron or Bendis characters, though.

the 90's never die baby

>Not one of the shitty Aaron or Bendis characters, though.


Nah it's fair she started calling herself Banshee after Sean died.

Didn't Terry become an avatar of a death Goddess or that was retconned?

Then it is the OP image

>yfw it's all multiple man's graves

that "art"

As if that matters now.

As noted, fucking Strong Guy is standing around like nothing happened!
Shit, is the terrigan mist also bringing mutants back to life?

God that Cyclops costume is such shit. I miss the knight helmet/visor.

Why did Bendis have to fucking wreck the Cuckoos' designs?

I bet it is nobody except nameless mutants and this all just bait to incite sales.

Utopia-era Cyclops was the best.
Especially when he had the jetpack.

Wasn't he resurrected as a soulless being?

Also this

>Hope and Scarlet Witch bring back mutantkind from extinction
>Marvel automatically puts them back into extinction with their inhuman mist
What was the point of bringing back Mutant genes if you were going to kill them again?

Nobody cares about X-Men vs Inhuman dream fights when the premise is the extinction of one side you idiot.


this triggers me and i can't explain why.

Maybe not all 16 will be named, but you're deluding yourself if you think they won't casually kill off some established characters just because.

They do it all the fucking time.

He fucked off to be king of Hell.

I know Thunderbolts touched on that, but I don't think he actually came back.

You ask that like you think Marvel's long-term plans go further than a year and aren't subject to change on a whim.

Dude's fucking strong. Do you not get this? STRONG. How can you kill that which is strong


This is the company that puts on the same hero vs hero event where everybody separates, then join back together, only to fight and separate again every two years.

pls not my daughteru

Maybe because Marvel has cultivated this public perception that they're progressive, cool, and creative, when in reality they're just really trashy.

Casually killing a bunch of kids for shock value is the sort of thing you get in an 80's B-movie.

Do you think current Marvel cares about anything beyond the MCU or feminist characters like Squirrel Girl and Moon Girl?

Wasn't Guido in hell?

I remember Ross offered Guido to join the team, but then he declined saying he wanted to go look for his soul first. Then the T-Bolts were transported back to Earth without him.

Pearlmutter found out that he couldn't get X-Men movies back.

Is anyone else still completely blow away by how much of a dive his work took after going Marvel exclusive?

I like him, but Kuder ain't right for this. Not that the book shouldn't be happening in the first fucking place, Marvel. Fuck me.

I don't the appeal in his DC stuff

Look at Lemire. While his Moon Knight can be okay, his Marvel work blows while his other work for Valiant is apparently solid.

I fucking hate the inhumans and Marvel can't stop me.

>Cyclops Was Right

He's better off with smaller casts then big teams. Yet he keeps getting put on big team books.

Who in their right mind supports the Inhumans?!
>>Kamala Khan
God dammit, they would support them just for her.

has she appeared at all since Secret Wars?
if so, shes still alive.

>the actions of the Inhumans have lead to the deaths of kids
>Marvel still expects people to side against Cyclops

she was in the first chapter of civil war 2

>being one of Marvel's only lesbians.

>one of


>"Wolverine and X-Men back-issues sold really well which is of course not the thing Marvel wants to hear…since i think the Death of X will actually do well People seem to want what they do not want to sell…Mutants."

Wait, is there a death of X and then IvX? Do they both take place 8 months ago? Also, which current books lead into it because I dropped both franchises.

IvX is in the present.

>Also, which current books lead into it because I dropped both franchises.

I don't even bother to follow it anymore. I just pirate mai waifu and post in X-threads

Maybe just continue to leave both dropped, huh?
It'll be good for you.

Death of X is in the past, IvX is happening after Civil war 2.

Death of X takes place before Inhumans v X-Men.

Death of X takes place right after Secret Wars and shows what Cyclops did tonthe inhumans that made him Hitler to everyone

Inhuman vs X-Men takes place much later an deals with the Mutants only having a few weeks to live then deciding to fight the Inhumans.

they're taking the easy way out because they don't want to deal with adult mutants actually, you know, perpetuating their sub-species by starting families. that would make too much sense so they keep the characters busy fighting all the time

most of marvel's queer characters were created by claremont and have since died

>which current books lead into it because I dropped both franchises.
mostly Uncanny X-Men and Uncanny Avengers

People, please remember your canon.
Multiple man doesn't make clones, he makes "dupes", and when a dupe dies it can be reabsorbed and thus vanish into thin air. That's why Madrox doesn't leave behind dozens of dead bodies after every battle.
The guy can clean up after himself.
Likewise, Madrox "prime" himself has died in the past, leaving behind a corpse, but his consciousness simply travelled to the next dupe somewhere else in the world, so the guy is actually death-proof as long as he backs up his body.

Fuck off shill!

Also, he married Layla Miller, she knows stuff.
There's not going to be that many dead Madroxes (Madri?) as long as he keeps her happy.
I can't believe I forgot about her...

Oh, some named character will die. I mean, it's not like anybody gives a fuck about Lifeguard.
But Utopia-era Cyclops had Astonishing costume.
Sorta kinda? He's still in Hell, trying to get his soul back. Dunno what he thinks he'll do with it, since I doubt his X-Factor buddies will be pleased to meet him after he killed kid.

>Not one of the shitty Aaron or Bendis characters, though.
If I ever get to work for Marvel, I'll kill Master Pandemonium. Can't believe he's Aaron's husbando.

I hated the cowls.
The exposed hair made him look more personable.
I'm so glad that cowl look's gone forever.

Whatever happened to Victoria Hand? She was absolutely everywhere during Dark Reign.

Movie rights. Movie synergy.

Surprisingly enough, they haven't topped the Samuel L Fury change yet. That was horrible to stomach.

>tries to attack the inhumans with a bunch of other mutants
>collateral costs a bunch of humans to get their cars scratched up and have to deal with insurance claim bullshit
>countless mutant deaths
>humans hate reaches an all time high as a result
>humans start hunting mutants down and treating them as second class citizens even more
All that and Beast gets to feel justified and runs off to the inhumans like the race traitor bitch he is.

At least that's my guess. That seems to follow the pattern.

He was the King of Hell. The Frankbolts made a deal with Mephisto to depose the king of hell. Once they found out it was him they were going to renig on the deal but hey, a deals a deal.

So Strong Guy retired and just came back to life instead. Better than a coma.

She was in Bendis New Avengers post Dark Reign up to her death at some point post-Fear Itself.

>Cyclops smiling
Fuck, that actually bummed me out a little.

After Osborn pulled an Osborn all over Asgard and got fired the whole registration thing was mothballed altogether because so many of Norman's recruits were criminals (and after all those Skrulls got past Tony) so then S.H.I.E.L.D. made a comeback with Steve Rogers in charge...
Steve thought she was patriotic even if her allegiances were all wrong and he assigned her to liaise with the (now legit) "New Avengers", so she was in that book for a time until it got cancelled/relaunched.
She also got killed an episode after showing up in that "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." show. (I think...)

But I have a rule: Any time Cyclops is smiling, that's not really him.

>tfw my favorite Marvel heroes are Cyclops, Reed Richards, and Black Bolt
>Reed written out of the universe with the F4 disbanded
>Cyclops dead and his good name smeared through the mud
>Black Bolt becoming responsible for mutant genocide, gets cucked and deposed, and everyone on Cred Forums despising the inhumans
Comics were a mistake. At least there's Flintstones.

Cyclops was framed.

Seriously, like multiple times.
And it happened again.

why didn't they just bury him in a mass grave then? did he really need 16 different graves?

What are your thoughts on the new Uncanny X-men?

I kinda enjoyed it, it is edgy and it almost had my dream team X-men squad (minus Monet, add Wolfie). Seeing Magneto on the "good" side is always good. Only complaints is that the villains are just literally whos pushover who stand no chance against the likes of Mags and Psylocke

Well, she ended fast. How long was Steve DIRECTOR OF SHIELD?
Shit Hellfire Club and story that goes nowhere.

What is even going on with Psylocke's ass? Can Land even draw or does he just trace everything?

>Cypher dying from terrigen mist
>not dying taking a bullet for some qt

sorry I don't believe it Cypher only dies to bullets

The first crack to the left is not actually her ass crack. It's the seam on her suit

Up until Fear Itself, after which point Steve went back to being Cap and Daisy Johnson became Director for the like 2 years that lasted.

>Not Karma, though, being one of Marvel's only lesbians.
Karma won't die because having her friends and former students drop dead around her while she yet lives serves only to further her misery. Death would be peace for her.

They'll probably say it killed her siblings though.

When was the last time the X-men actually save people, you know being a hero just like how Spiderman, Daredevil, Batman, Superman etc caught a grocery store robber days in and days out on the streets

All they do is fight among each others, have internal conflict with massive collateral damages and every now and then pick fights with other hero group like the Avengers and Inhumans. Also every now and then there will be time travel fuckery and some OP mutant is gonna get sent from either the past/future and cause an existential threat to the planet

Okay, two more checkmarks for this list, but I have a horrible, sinking intuition that a LOT of the rest of the people left un-checked on this list will wind up being in those graves.

Delicious bait, don't mind if I use it.

>Death of X takes place right after Secret Wars and shows what Cyclops did tonthe inhumans that made him Hitler to everyone
What can they actually do to make that believable. I'd say full on "GAS THE INHUMANS" but even then it'd probably be understandable.

Nah man, I'm talking about the butt crack, entire lower area of the body looks way too thin compared to the top, gets weirder the longer you look at it.

They're keeping up their end of Marvel. I never thought that The Dark Riders would ever see a good story.

Steve wasn't director of S.H.I.E.L.D., he was in some "citizen oversight" position. He kinda played the same role though, but Maria Hill was in charge of all the actual spy stuff.
And Hellfire only showed up to explain dragging Shaw into the Inhuman/mutant war. That story was SO tacked on.

I've seen Land slip in some non-tracings before, be happy with what you have.

(pic entirely unrelated)

It's alright. Bunn writes a great Magneto and I'm interested in seeing where the plot goes/what obscure characters he digs up. I hate most of the rest of the team however (especially Monet and Psylocke).

I'd rather see Bunn writing an Acolytes book or something. If he took the '90s set up with Asteroid M, all the political infighting between people like Fabian Cortez, Exodus and such it'd be a good book.

Maybe they won't be so discriminated against if they actually do something and help non-mutant regular citizens.

You seem like a dangerously cruel person.
I wonder how that will work out for you in the long run.

Kiddoe, Death of X takes place before the current timeline, just because the Cuckoos, Rahne, Strong Guy, Warpath, and Santo are all seen alive and well during part of Death of X, it doesn't mean that they'll make it to the end of the story alive.
In fact, them being given page-space makes it more likely that they're getting a send-off.

We know Santo is fine; we saw him in Extraordinary X-Men #1. As to the others, you may very well be correct. I guess we'll see.


Welp, at least my favorites(X-23, Gambit, and Pixie) have been seen since the reboot, minus Sage, but that's nothing new.

What exactly is Cyclops' goal in attacking Attilan? He has nothing to gain and everything to lose (and he did in fact lose everything and more).
The only reason to do this would be MUH REVENGE, blaming the entire Inhuman race for the actions of one person (even though Black Bolt didn't know the mutants would die), which seems a bit hypocritical coming from the X-Men.

>Quire has not been ticked
>Elixir, Surge and Hellion are in the clear
>Julian channeled the spirit of Cyclops and charged the Inhuman capital
>Elixir is coming back soon.
I'm... not okay with this but I'm probably more okay than most

RIP Cessily

>How dare Cyclops attack us for the actions of one person
>Tony Stark, one person, kidnapped our guy? I WANT MUH WAR
>Magneto's trying to get him? Let's blame all of mutantkind over his actions!

Fucking Inhumans.

He needs to stay dead so he can keep Laurie company.

>Stronk independent black female
More likely to be revealed an Inhuman all along.

>Tony Stark, one person, kidnapped our guy? I WANT MUH WAR
They only went after Stark

>Magneto's trying to get him? Let's blame all of mutantkind over his actions!
Didn't happen, Storm and Carol just assumed that's how it would go down.

>>Elixir is coming back soon

Again? Hasn't he died, come back, then died again in the past 2 years?

>It's an X-men story
Was there ever any doubt? The inhumans have mentioned M-pox once while it is all over the X-books.

Yep. But then he was in the hands of dumbass writers who tried to push their OCs as the new gen. Bunn at the very least seems to have respect for the works of previous X-Writers.

Wasn't there concerns that the Inhumans would go to war over Stark's actions?

Either way, you may be right. But I still think the Inhumans are wanks.

>Wasn't there concerns that the Inhumans would go to war over Stark's actions?
Just with Tony.

>I still think the Inhumans are wanks.
They have been basically evil since the start of ANAD, even worse than they were during war of kings. I don't see what Marvel's plan is by villainizing them.

could we go a decade without harvesting the souls of X-kids? It's a fucking drinking game at this point.

they are expendable

we're aware of that. that's why killing them is pointless.

remember when piotr was dead? At least that had some fucking impact while it lasted.

Ike faps furiously to this every night.

>What exactly is Cyclops' goal in attacking Attilan?

Well, we won't know until they publish the comic now will we?


>Cyke faps furiously to this every night.

Yeah, I'm sure the guy who spent his whole life and gave up everything to protect his people is just dancing in the streets when they're dying.

I'm down with criticism, but this is just tossin everything bad that ever happens on some guy's feet. For instance: I think Wolverine is the worst character as a person. I'm not going to blame him for Sentinels. You know, because I'm not a retard.

not writing x-pendable.

Come on.

that could be any X-Men graveyard from the past 50 years

they've buried more team members than they've ever even fielded

Imagine being this guy

Ike user, as in Perlmutter. Not Cyke.

Already there, brother.
>Pym is turned into genocidal murderbot
>no Hank/Janet/Nadia family Microverse adventure
>no sir
>Black Knight went out with a fizzle and book nobody read
>Tigra and Arachne don't exist in comics
>US Agent appears here and there
>most of muggas I like are either missing or wallpaper

I would support Kamala to the ends of the Earth and I hope literally every other Inhuman that exists gets turned into ashes

Fortunately her involvement in Inhuman tripe isn't far removed from Laura's way of dealing with X-Men drama

Who died this time

Jetpacks are magical things

>Hope's jetpack



I think the last issue in which it is revealed Exodus is the enemy is their best issue yet, very enjoyable with no filler.
Before there were some issues that had much filler, like that one in which we have many pages of Sabertooth killing a Velociraptor.

>More dead X-kids

Charles Xavier's meat grinder for gifted youngsters.

Given the treatment of elixir i don't trust them to keep the dead/alive straight

Does he have a soul?

I miss the 90s extreme comics, I want wolverine from the future with a missing hand. I want cyclops with hair out, and I want spiderman to not have a million shitty ripoffs with better powers than him.


Seems like another X-men vs X-men internal conflict, with the ""good"" guys led by Storm siding with the Inhumans rather than a proper all out racewar between the two kinds. With the Inhumans & Team Carol being Roman Reigned so hard, somewhere in the back of my brain I think IT HAS TO BE A RED HERRING. Marvel had some terrible writing, but it can't be this bad. Everyone who care enough about Marvel are rooting for Magneto's team and Iron Man's team.

user...that article is about x-men civil war 2 tie in.

I feel you, man.

Anyone know what's going on with Banner these days?
I'm staying as far away from asian Hulk as possible, so I can't find out.
Or do I not want to know?

But Storm is a bad girl

Whacked by Hawkeye in CWII. Next Hulk book will have She-Hulk as Hulk.
I'm not kidding.

Killed by Hawkeye. Going to get resurrected by The Hand into Mummy-Hulk.

Also Cho is great, you should at least give his book a shot.

How tall is santo? Isn't colossus armored up like 7 feet?

>Next Hulk book will have She-Hulk as Hulk.
No, it won't. She-hulk is still She-hulk, the book is just called Hulk, like how Red Hulk's book was just called Hulk despite the protagonist being Red Hulk, not Hulk.

Cho is still "The Hulk," not Jen.

Get fucked.
Fuck Hawkeye.

I like She-Hulk well, old She-Hulk but I don't want her taking Banner's place.
I was fine with Herc taking over way back, but Christ, it's not funny anymore.
Hawkeye a fucking shit.


>you should at least give his book a shot
Not sure I want to.
I enjoyed Cho when he was first introduced, but I really don't see why he's the fucking Hulk now.
He was enjoyable as the taking-out-tanks-with-pebbles kid, not another diversity replacement.
Feel free to show me otherwise, I think I'd like to not hate him.

My bad then. I just glanced at solicits.
And yes, Hulk is indeed dead. Killed while he was Banner. Then in Uncanny Avengers, Hand got his body and next time he shows up, he'll be strongest mummy there is.

God, that looks like garbage.

I was probably better off not knowing, but at least I won't be tempted to buy an issue to see what's happening.

>Leong and Nga's mutations finally activate and get them killed, all off-screen
Fucking ice cold

I would not be even a little surprised.

Is Pixie ok?

Yes, she's one of the first "missing mutants" that Marv' confirmed alive.
Someone out there still respects the fanbases.

Okay, what are the ones you WANT to die, if only so better characters don't?
Would anyone really miss Bishop, Quire, Magma, and CecilIia Reyes?

I wouldn't be too sure until Death of X is out.

Santo is an elemental mutant, his entire body is a construct of stone in his environment.
In that respect he's something of a shapeshifter, and just like how Iceman can absorb a lake and turn himself into an ice giant, Santo can telekinetically summon more rocks to turn into a stone giant.
Even so, he's typically depicted as shorter than Colossus.
The Russian is huge in his metal form.

Pixie showed up alive and well in the background of the first Civil War 2 book's big alien battle scene.
Civil War 2 takes place in "current" continuity.
Death of X takes place before the #1s of today's ongoing books.
Marvel's screwed up timelines in the past but they've probably learned from their mistakes by now.

>they've probably learned from their mistakes by now
You sad bastard.

I WANT Bishop dead, but they already brought him back from being written out epically: He shot Xavier in the freakin' head, tried to murder Hope for years, and was recast as a villain pretty thoroughly ... and yet he was written back into the fold.
Quire has an unresolved storyline, plus there's uses for having an asshole character in a cast.
Magma would be bad to see go but she makes sense to be on the chopping block, the New Mutants keep getting sidelined like that and her canon has always been more trouble than it's worth.
Dr. Reyes would be perfect for bumping off, she hasn't been used in forever, she has a whole (Dr.) medical theme about her so that fits with the M-Pox storyline, plus she has a "Unus" power that makes any other form of killing her off impossible.

But who really-really needs to die? Baby Angel. (for reasons)

The X-Men will never be decent again until the fucking O5 are gone.
It's poison to the franchise.

That's not true.
The paradox needs to be resolved to everyone's satisfaction,
it has become WAAAAAY too much of a headscratcher,
but the baby-team themselves are great characters to follow.

Here's my easy way to solve the paradox:

There is no paradox.

The four that got brought forward in time have identical copies in the original era that have no memory of having left.

The type of time travel that beast used didn't actually travel anyone through time -- it made copies.

Pic relevant.

>I'm staying as far away from asian Hulk as possible, so I can't find out.
Don't be such a fucking faggot user. You're missing out on one of Marvels genuinely good comics.

Notice how I said: Feel free to show me otherwise, I think I'd like to not hate him.
Until shown otherwise, he's a diversity replacement and I have no proper interest.

He should have stayed as the unique character he was, rather than replacing Banner.

That's the "parallel" loophole (in dimensions and Kang's temporal duplicates) that Marvel has used in the past to explain how timetravel doesn't cause universe-ending paradoxes every time.
If that was the method Beast used there wouldn't be that paradox problem these days where Babyclops gets tagged by a Sentinel ray-blast and Adultclops vanishes.
This has to have a more planned out solution, and they are running out of viable options.

Red Hulk was in the Hulk book because nobody knew who the fuck the new Hulk was. There was a whole mystery there.

Once we learned who the new Hulk was he gained a book called... Red Hulk.

The issues about Banner before this were really good too.

>Kuder came to Marvel and now he looks worse

The curse claims another victim

>God, that looks like garbage.
Uncanny Avengers has been great (barring the mediocre first arc and standoff tie-in).

And the only wave to fix a bad girl is with a good hard dicking

"Buy our NEW analogue for race/LGBTQ issues OR WE'LL KILL THE OLD ONE!"

Surely someone at Marvel can see how fucked up this looks from a distance

Well THAT'S bullshit.
The Inhumans aren't analogues for jack shit.
Iceman's gay and he was literally the guy in the closet who was anything but flaming.
Who among the Inhumans is an analogue for anything like that?
And that's the easy one.
Besides, it's not just stand-ins for LGBT - there's an entire generation of X-Men who were all about racial distinctions.
It's about fighting persecution and bigotry, the X-Men are just there to represent whoever's unpopular among hatemongers.
Marvel is just making a point about how hate's not based upon rational pragmatism by creating a group superficially identical to mutants who aren't feared and hated.

>NEW analogue for race/LGBTQ issues
But the Inhumans aren't written that way at all.

they're not LGBT enough for the community anyway I've seen a bunch of articles complaining about how metaphors are for cowards.

The fuck are you talking about? Fuck off.

I figured Santo would die before Anole with him being gay and all. But then again I don't think he can actually be killed anymore.
I just hope Julian is okay.

>Black Knight went out with a fizzle and book nobody read
That was such a stupid story.

"Dane, you killed a Juggernaut-level cannibal-predator-villain, we have to bring you to justice."

This from the team that happily employs berserker canadians, mercenary lunatics, KGB assassins and Brotherhood terrorists.

>I've seen a bunch of articles complaining about how metaphors are for cowards.
>reading clickbait trash
lmao faggot

Bishop got derailed as fuck.

He's going to be the one responsible for all the deaths.

>but the baby-team themselves are great characters to follow.
Are they?
Angel is just Laura's annoying boyfriend, Beast just hangs around, and being gay is all Iceman has going for him.
Jean is the absolute fucking worst.
Cyclops is (sometimes) pretty interesting as a result of Marvel trying to turn his adult self into Hitler.

Teiri finally got to do the Black Knight story he's had in his pocket for years.
And to the surprise of ABSOLUTELY NOBODY, it was garbage.
And not a single mention of MI13 or Euroforce.

>metaphors are for cowards.

And that's exactly why they are used,
the closeted need safe media to explore their personal issues without being outed, the casual bigots (aren't we all) need a soft and gradual introduction to accepting these concepts, and kids who are themselves born different need ways to learn about their options without a narrative of identity being force upon them.
Cowardice isn't always a hostile act.


Man, the X-Men desperately need a new Mike Carey.
Dude was so opposed to these shitty slayings of minor characters that he devoted an entire arc (his last one I think?) to bringing ARIEL back to life.

first: Angel does need to die for that crime.
BUT... BabyBeast is learning humility the hard way, given that's the big blue fatal flaw of his counterpart he's bound to become a better mutant in the future,
and BabyBobby is a twink stereotype in overdrive, how you don't find that hilarious is beyond me,
and Jean actually is the worst, to think that she has some hidden redemptive qualities that will eventually turn her into '90s shoulderpads Jean Grey is interesting stuff,
and Babytrans is one huge repressed mental breakdown in red glasses, that's even more funny than BabyBobby.

Cecilia Reyes is a good supporting cast member, killing her seems just kinda pointless.

Killing Bishop is basically the only good thing you can do with the character now, aside from maybe straight up replacing him with a version that didn't go full derp.
Bishop the Anti-Cable was a dumb storyline that they can't really walk back from. You can't redeem a guy who killed billions to make it easier to kill a baby.




It was worse than that. There was never any story-arc acknowledging how Bishop needed redemption, no intervention like with Hank, no jail-time like with Magik, no constant and unrelenting guilt-trip like with Cyclops.
They just teamed Storm and Psylocke up with him in a poorly written story with an evil bear.

He did spend time in the future being "what the fuck did I just do" and turning into atoner kind of guy, then he got electrocuted and his memories of that arc were damaged, then he got them back and disappeared suddenly.

Actually, he popped up in the second (third?) year of "Cable and X-Force" in a story involving Stryfe and time-travel, then disappeared forever.
If the writers had any cahones they would have had Cable and Hope hunt him down and kill him.

Cable and X-Force only ran for like 15 issues.

I thought that was connected but I guess they started up a second Cable/X-Force book (?) but I don't know.
The one with Forge in the cast had a story with Bishop right before they cancelled the book.

His facial expression here says to me he brought them forward in time so he could go fuck himself, as I'm sure he's been told to do a lot.

After Remender's Uncanny X-Force they launched Cable & X-Force and a second volume of UXF simultaneously.

UXF was an absolute fucking mess that brought Bishop back, then both books soon ended with a crossover.

His magic Avalon powers from Heroes for Hire just disappeared completely after that series with absolutely no explanation, too.

Mike Carey was the bright shining light of a dark era of constant bullshit in the X-men family of books.

That's as good a theory as any for Hank's motivations.

The real shame is that the evil bear used to be like, Moonstar's powers at their greatest extent made monstrous.

>no effort is being made to send the O5 back
I refuse to stop being annoyed by this.

They established it's definitely for realsies their actual 616 past selves, but nobody seems to give a single shit about how much damage that could cause to the timeline.
And Angel's supposed friends aren't particularly concerned with Jean brainwashing him into staying, either.

Forget about editorial dicking over the X-Men for the Inhumans, it's the actual writers who have made most of them utterly unlikable selfish pieces of shit.

Also Zeb Wells, who abandoned us if favor of some fat Robot Chicken checks.

Now it's just one of several Demon Bears that just fucks around with people. Usually natives.
Warpath teamed up with Ghost Rider to kick the shit out of one, once.

So how was it still around after Danni got M-Dayed?

>Surge and Hellion are in the clear

phew. they where always my favorite

Go reread All-New X-Men. Your memory is on the fritz.

What does it matter if they never put them on an X-team?
They're not even getting out-of-character supporting dialog like others are.

>Nobody cares about X-Men vs Inhuman dream fights when the premise is the extinction of one side you idiot.

Marvel's been really bad a tonal whiplash for years.

Hell almost immediately after Arena hank Pym thought it would be fun to have a bunch of kids have a fight on an island.

well Ive always been of the opinion that it's better to just fade into obscurity than get killed off because "NO ONE IS USING THEM"

>Cyclops fans still being treated like idiots with no mention of what the flying fuck he did to piss everyone off.
God damn it, Cyclops and iceman were my fucking favorites since I was a kid and now Cyclops is dead and apparently a traitor to the mutant race, and iceman just won't stop worrying about being gay even though he's a fucking ice elemental at this point.

No character lucked out more than Loa.

After AvX she was deliberately not folded into the Jean Grey School because Bunn was trying to get a Heroes For Hire book off the ground featuring her.
It fell through and she was never seen or spoken of again.

>God damn it, Cyclops and iceman were my fucking favorites since I was a kid and now Cyclops is dead and apparently a traitor to the mutant race, and iceman just won't stop worrying about being gay even though he's a fucking ice elemental at this point.
This hits too hard, user.

My favorites are Cyclops, who Marvel has decided should be Hitler for fighting too hard to protect innocents and oppose injustice, and Dani, who hasn't appeared since Fearless Defenders and hasn't spoken to her best friend in more than a motherfucking decade.

Going by this pageHe probably got pissed at both sides for not doing anything to save mutants. Ended it but going at Attilan but since he burned his bridges with the rest of the muggas he got btfo.

But now Loa is a non-entity in the Marvel universe.
The Great-Lakes-Avengers have more of a living narrative than Loa.
Yet for all the obnoxious B.S., Beast is a character with presence and gravitas in a story because it matters to other stories what happens in his.

>But now Loa is a non-entity in the Marvel universe.
That's a good thing, though.
Right now, the best thing for a Marvel character is to be completely forgotten, or forgotten by anyone not name Al Ewing.

like I said. Better to fade into obscurity. It's sad I admit, but better to just go away leaving good memories then die in an event, turn evil for REASONS or just get shit on to make other characters look good

> he burned his bridges

You see, THAT'S the lesson that Emma has taught him:
Now that he's no longer beholden to any of those past allegiances, like the villainous White Queen has always known, he's free to do any batshit crazy and disreputable thing he needs to in order to reach his goals.
Well, ONE of the lessons she's taught him...

I feel like you've been the same fucking poster since pre-Arena. You're a Tumbr user, aren't you?

dey gud attilans

dey needed mo money fo dem programs

>I feel like you've been the same fucking poster since pre-Arena.

Im one of many who where cross about that, yes.

>You're a Tumbr user, aren't you?

No. And it's not tumblr to hate seeing characters you like treated like shit.

Except you post the same fucking Runaways picture.
Like every time.


But Runaways is good, nigga.
Was good, I should say.

and it's exactly my point. The more they came back and used them the shittier they got.

But the very concept of a living narrative is the defining, singular, and unique aspect of the comicbook medium.
You may as well watch a movie or read a novel if you want a story set in amber, unchanging for all time.

well that's a whole nother can of worms

>M is somehow the one Gen X character with staying power


Husk still LIVES!

i know i've reached new levels of x-nerd asshole when i get mad scott (and the xmen) were dealing with brood shit when new mutants happened

>deals with the Mutants only having a few weeks to live then deciding to fight the Inhumans.

So Storm waited all the way until Judgement Day to decide to strike back. Some fucking leader she's become.

>Now that he's no longer beholden to any of those past allegiances, like the villainous White Queen has always known, he's free to do any batshit crazy and disreputable thing he needs to in order to reach his goals.

I really like this concept. I don't like how they got here and I'm sure they will screw it up, but I've always thought that Cyclops was criminally underestimated as a leader and dangerous fellow.

I mean, he's been shown to have excellent tactical capabilities, but even more than that he has laser-like focus I'll burn for that pun and a willingness backed up by moral certitude.

Beyond that though, I think one of his most potent assets is that he knows how to utilize superhumans to their fullest potential.
He's seen just about every crazy superpower there is and he's STUDIED them. Like, Doctor Doom levels of analysis. And he's dealt with the psyches that wield those powers.

He knows how to take whatever random team-mates he's got and use them to their maximum potential.

But he's always been very restrained. Always very cautious lest he go out of control and hurt people inadvertently. That restraint and discipline is why all the telepathic ladies dig him. It's also what makes him seem like a stick in the mud.

But take those restraints away and give him an objective that he can plan for? Hoo-boy.

But of course, this being modern Marvel they will most certainly screw that up too.

the impression i got was something happened to make it a ticking clock scenario

He was cured of being the Hulk permanently and happy/content for the first time since just before the end of planet hulk and with no other time in his life that can possibly compare. Then Bendis had the Avengers go confront him which lead to Hawkeye not getting the memo that Banner wasn't a threat when the Avengers did their brilliant plan of trying to piss Banner the fuck off to prevent him from hulking out and killing everyone as told via prophecy.

Looks like it was a self fulfilling prophecy as the Hand just dug his corpse up.
This current event has alot of writers mostly on damage control for the stupid shit in the main event. Read the Hulk issue before he dies(and i suppose after) as its a good sendoff at least while you don't think about what's happening next.

>which lead to Hawkeye not getting the memo that Banner wasn't a threat when the Avengers did their brilliant plan of trying to piss Banner the fuck off to prevent him from hulking out and killing

Banner said to Clint "I'm not hulk anymore but these things never stick, if i go hulk again put me down with this arrow" and Clint did.

People are always going to love X men and Spidey. Marvel cannot change that.

Operative part being him actually turning into a Hulk. Having Hawkeye claim his amazingly trained eyes could totally see a hunt of green from several hundred feet away behind some bushes when a few years ago he was(probably still is) fucking legally blind is retarded.

Wait, he's blind and deaf now?

>Marvel cannot change that.
They're sure as fuck trying.

Maggie and co. are gonna get BTFO'd right? Are the Xmen getting Roman Reign'd for real this time?

It's posts like this that break my heart these days.

Yeah, they are about to cast off those last lingering mental restraints. I can promise you that.
But you are probably not going to be happy with the end result. It IS "Death of X", after all.

On the plus side, in four months there'll really be something to talk about.

> I can promise you that.
But you are probably not going to be happy with the end result.

Oh, don't I know it.

Aw well, hope springs eternal, eh?

agree to disagree!!

>muh Batman can win with prep time argument

Cyclops is kind of a jobber let's be honest

All I meant by the "plan for" thing was don't put him into a situation where he has to make a split second decision of the most brutal, heart-wrenching kind because some asshole villain shows up out of nowhere and holds a gun (either real or metaphorical) to the head of everyone and everything he holds dear and starts to count to three.

Which, lets be honest, seems to happen to Cyke a lot more then, say, Captain America.
Not that it doesn't happen to all the Marvel heroes, but hey, I dregress...

You two have forgotten the most salient aspect of Scott Summer's mind:
Cyclops was made to be the mutant Batman.
By Professor Xavier.
Scott was the first. The prototype. The experiment.
He "just happens" to have this brilliant tactical mind?
He "just happens" to have this singular unwavering focus and determination?
What luck that Xavier stumbled upon him, of all mutants, first.
And then they trained for a year, just the two of them, preparing for a solid year before gathering the rest of the original five.
Need I insinuate further?

If he wasn't like that, Cyclops would be dangerous to everyone involved with him.

I want every xmen faggots to drop dead

god forbid xavier just be a good teacher who found an exceptional student.

Every mentor's evil because idk.

In Morrison's run Scott lost the use of his optic blasts the day after quitting the X-Men and spending a night drinking with Wolverine at the Hellfire club.

In Whedon's run Emma erases his brain and he wakes up without any powers. A little nuts, yeah, but no optic blasts at all for what? 7 issues? 8?

Seems like the danger that Professor X was worried about containing might not have been that real.

>false-flagging this hard

Because his auto-on nature was caused from brain damage when he fell out of a plane with two survivors.

Forgive them, and then forget them, they obviously are one of those types who want that Inhuman with the ridiculous hair to rule the world.

Then how come that injury was never healed by any of the mutant healers that the X-Men have met over the years?

There are no good puns.

Jillian our dream ended long ago.
All our stories and all our glory I held so dear.
We won't be together
for ever and ever, no more tears.

Same reason why Wolverine's claws were bone when shown to be implants with even schematics of how they deployed. Because plot.

Wait one fucking second.

How was he supposed to know he hit anything other than a fucking goose. Did the fucking kid smack up against the cockpit windshield like it where some sort comedy gag or something? How was he supposed to "stop" in the gulf of Mexico? How or what was he supposed to call in? How did he "get away with it?" He didn't run the kid over on purpose. Because he didn't launch an investigation on something hit hit in the gulf in the mid 80's?

Marvel got you down? Tired of your favorite heroes being gender swapped, replaced with minority hires, or just plain killed off to make way for the next MCU hot film property?

Why not try DC Rebirth? We have Superman now, and he has a very cute family. Batman will be fighting kaiju soon, and both Blue Beetles are currently alive and starring in their own series.

But I like Marvel characters.

Cherish them while you got them, sempai. 'cause you ain't gonna keep them much longer.

Is Cass Cain still stuck being Harper's sidekick? I can deal with the shitty new name but that sucks.

how about Atlee. What's Ats up too. Saw her hanging with Star fire a bit. That was fun.

Best of the 3 X-books but Sabretooth needs to go back to being evil instead of a low rent Wolverine surrogate. How the mighty have fallen.

That sounds interesting.
Tell me friend, are there any beloved female characters that, after years of meaningful storylines and character development, have been reimagined into two-dimensional skanks?
Are there any teams with last-minute tacked-on minority inclusions who are both symbolically in artwork and narrative sidelined in favor of the standard "important" white characters being given more prominent roles?
And are they dedicated to long-term character development over there at DC?
It's not going to be completely pointless to read any DC storyline that is going to soon be wiped from continuity yet again, right?

They've already given him a spot in a Ulysses psychic vision gutting Nightcrawler.
I'm guessing as they probably won't be killing off Kurt again, and so that's significant enough to predict because Creed goes evil because of, or during, that bloodshed.

>Sabretooth, an unrepentant murderer, is magically mind-fucked into being a good guy
>Make this man an Avenger!
I wonder what Remender's endgame was there.

Does the fact that he's brainwashed ever come up now, or do they pretend he just decided to change his ways?

When did Barracuda become Powerman?

Eh... I'm of thinking that every story is good until it pisses you off. And I wasn't pissed off.
But I did, user.
>Aquaman is entertaining, even if I wish Abnett reinvented some of Aquaman's villains not used in New 52
>Detective was fun but dropping it moment Harper shows her sidecut
>Red Hood doesn't make me wish I had no eyes yet, probably
>Hal's book is fucking awesome and last issue had Guy had sex with everyone's mom
>Suicide Squad: War Crimes was fun
>still salty about Katana being on that team, though
>mandatory New Super-Man shilling
>Green Lanterns ain't that bad either
>Batman's kaiju, as you mentioned
>Hawkman and fucking Adam Strange will have a mini
>Priest's Deathstroke
Aye, DC panders to me hard. I only miss Super Buddies/Justice League International.

There's also resurrection with a dumb X in the middle of the title somewhere.

In case you didn't notice:
Captain America realized that he was ignoring mutant plight and swears to make amends for this passive act of bigotry by forming an "Avengers Unity Squad" so as to publically present a positive image of mutants on an Avengers team...
And every single mutant member of that team, from it's inception to it's dissolution, has been a known criminal or terrorist in the past.
Scarlett Witch : Brotherhood member
Rogue : Brotherhood Member
Havok : Brotherhood member
Wolverine : Assassin, once for Hydra
Sunfire : Japanese ultranationalist terrorist in his first appearance
Cable : "Freedom fighter" (A.K.A.: Terrorist)
Quicksilver : Brotherhood member
Sabretooth : ?

Another casualty of turning Iceman into a fag.

An actual gay character with story gets murdered so Bendis ruin everything.

not to mention they've done it so many times now

All of Generation Hope

What the Hell makes hatemongers like you so fucking screwed up?
Not every gay guy on Earth had the option of living openly from his first waking moments.
You can't tolerate the concept that someone growing up in a fucked culture can try to be what society tells them to be?
Too fucking bad, it does actually happen. Cope.

Fuck right off to tumblr. It's not about being anti-gay, it's about having a character with no established history, nor hints of being gay suddenly coming out of the closet.

If one wants to make a flaming faggot mutant, it's fine by me but start from scratch rather than annexing an established character.

Just for comparison, imagine if Mary Jane suddenly, after 30 something years of getting rescued by Spidey suddenly goes "sorry Pete, I'm actually into girls. All those things we had was a lie" People would be upset. Just because a relatively minor character got annexed doesn't mean it's okay

he hasn't had sex with anyone good yet has he

So all those threads showing images and recounted stories of the past hints that he was gay are all bullshit because you didn't pay attention? And now you want someone to re-litigate the entire thing to prove to you, personally, that this character (that you don't own the rights to) should be allowed to be portrayed as coming out of the closet?
And you don't think that your call for censorship isn't symptomatic of bigotry?
You're as transparent as a block of ice.

You know it's not even that. If they wanted to make Bobby gay they should have done an actual story where he finds a dude he gets on with, starts developing feelings maybe puts some thought into why none of his relationships have worked out and boom. You have a nice tasteful story about a character realizing they like the dudes

Instead we got a teenage bitch fuck around inside his head, force him into a corner and make him come out because of what she thought.

>I looked inside you're head and you're gay Bobby


you'd think Emma would have picked up on it ages ago. She only LIVED inside his head for a bit.

Man, it's not that I want an Ironclad grip on continuity but I wish they'd at least not go out of the way to contradict themselves

God, what a shitfest.

Well Christ, he knows a half-dozen telepaths and meets new ones all the time, eventually he was going to run into one who didn't know enough to play along and out him.
Which is exactly what happened.
If they had pulled this slow ease into the hot water strategy the bitchfest on Cred Forums would be about how there wasn't a telepath who outed him years ago.
And the Cred Forums closet cases would freak out on every thread about how THAT made it impossible that he was ever in the closet.
It's not fucking rocket science how a guy can fuck someone he's not actually attracted to. It happens all the time in reality. And then they wake up with a hangover.
This is not some amazing big gotcha that has just been discovered that unravels the whole plot.
So stop reposting about it.
And for fuck's sake when Summers comes out don't come here and shitpost about how there were no signs about that.

It was one issue, she had other things to be worried about, Hellfire club members don't get as freaked out by alternative lifestyles existing as you might, and if anyone is sympathetic to a closeted gay guy it's Emma Fucking Frost.

Why care about Marvel titles when he can put more effort towards Image bait?

What a bunch of assholes, they couldn't be bothered to dig graves. They just piled some rocks on top of the corpses.

Those ARE dug graves.
When the location doesn't have a groundskeeper to maintain the site stones are piled over the burial so that animals will not disturb the remains.
Didn't you ever see an old western?

One wonders why they'd be put in these unmarked graves on a Scottish island instead of, you know their homes.

The human families of mutants are always ignored.
Shit, a lot of the kids were shown to have loving supporting parents. Some of them even moved to Utopia.

Man, we need X-cowboys to happen again.

At last, a chance for Thunderbird to shine

Funny, I don't remember Thunderbird being in those issues.

No, I mean a theoretical series about X-Men in the wild west.

You don't even know who's buried.
And as there were no markers and this was obviously a mass casualty event, it's safe to say that these burials are intermediary and not intended as the final resting places.

Oh, of course. But you mentioning Thunderbird and all, one thing led to other.

whatever happened to the bus grave site? Seems like they just sort of plopped the JG school right on it

Oh yeah, they'll definitely spare a moment to assure the reader that they'll be moved to more respectful places once the whole mess is sorted out.

That's the kind of thorough thought modern Marvel puts into shitty event books/any X-Men story.

Oh Christ, I just remembered that second Thunderbird Claremont introduced in the early 2000's.
I think he was Indian? As in, from India?
There's another one for the "hopefully he's one of the corpses" pile.

Well he actually used a doomlock which is the exact one type of timemachine that really SHOULD fuck the entire timestream up.

This guy.

Not only was it the version of a "time cube" that was invented by Reed Richards and Victor Von DOOM (both utter monsters that would have naturally destroyed all time and space in time) BUT Hank himself modified the damned thing for a "smoother, more conclusive ... time-travel experience."
How his whiskers didn't wiggle with fear when he thought up that idea I'll never know.

What do you care? You don't even read comics. You think it's cool posting that pepe shit on Cred Forums. Stop pretending you give a fuck and fuck off back to whatever shit board you came from.

wew lad

Are you the same faggot who was getting triggered by people wanting Iceman to be hetero? tbqh, I think this website might be too much for your sensibilities, maybe tumblr's more your speed.

>>Marvel still expects people to side against Cyclops

Look on the bright side, it hasn't worked the last five fucking times they've tried it, I wouldn't expect it to work this time either

But Layla doesn't actually know stuff remember, at least not as a power.


>He shot Xavier in the freakin' head
Well, to be fair, that was an accident. He was trying to shoot Cable and/or Hope.

cherry picking shit without mentioning the backstory just makes you a fucking moron. there was no proof and if you were going to make him gay the only time that remotely made sense was with chuck austin. Literally the second worst x-men writer after bendis horrendous run. The fact that you defend "what is connuity" bendis just shows your opinion doesn't matter. you are defending hack writing.

whoops that was continuity but auto correct fucked up

>Storm: Scott Summers is the worst person to have ever been, truly irredeemable, his crimes cannot be forgiven

>Storm: Welcome back Bishop, my old friend

It's PoC thing, user. You don't understand it.

Either his legs are too long or his arms are too small.



>What is even going on with Psylocke's ass? Can Land even draw or does he just trace everything?

Land traces pretty much everything, but he also has some incredibly fucked up ideas about anatomy that manage to overpower his tracing.

One of those ideas is that he hates women having curves and makes his women hip-less and ass-less, with the idea that their lower body being featureless emphasizes their tits more.


So we have Magneto, Flying magneto, A random spic, Purple witch with a sword and discount Snikt?

I always found it interesting that back in the House of M days, Cyclops was chosen as the next best viable leader after Cap. That was kind of nice.

I would if DC had a Thor, Black knight or Dr Strange analogue.

Magic in DC is boring as fuck. So is Cosmic DC because it's 90% Green lantern.

Call me when we get new gods or Omac rebirth.

Danny's secret power is draining away the 80ies from luke.

Keep him away too long and Luke starts calling people Jive Turkey's again.

>random spic
She's a moslem, check you're priveledge

Which one? It's not dust is it?

Well, they ARE launching a new Dr. Fate book soon.
He's so much DC's Doctor Strange they had him lead the Defenders on the Justice League cartoon.

I'm just turned off more by DC's Mystical and Cosmic sides.

Maybe it's just because Dr Strange was so good and Thor's high adventure is always fun.

I'd give it a look though.

I'm just a sucker for Swords and Sorcery and Marvel has just a little bit more than DC does.

Cyclops is dead so would have a new body when comes back as a woman.
If you mean Havok, seems like a "what" out of left field thing.


>Flying brick Algerian muslim

Fuck me this is shit.

>a bunch of white dudes are angry their favorite minority issue allegories are being shit on

These people were never for you in the first place, and them getting caught between a two sided corporate pissing war is just another level of lulz.

>It would be like a bunch of white dudes fighting for True blood where the allegories are so plain text that every mutant is a stand in for fags and minorities but not getting the lesson even after they tattoo'd it on your forehead.


>a bunch of white dudes

I know some of you spend a lot of time on Cred Forums but not everyone here is white and gay people saw a lot of themselves in the X-men too.

>One wonders why they'd be put in these unmarked graves on a Scottish island instead of, you know their homes.

Look, I know we may not always get along, but please don't bury me in Hell. I mean seriously, did you think that one through?

>Every mentor's evil because idk.

Xavier has always been as shady as fuck. When he's not changing people's minds he was lusting after the unrelated teen girls he keeps at his house.

My headcanon is that Fury would get to Scott if Xavier didn't beat him to it.

The minority allegory never makes any sense though.

First of all the mutants are literally homo superior. I always think that both mutant registration folks and Magneto was right, and they should duke it out to the bitter end Darwinian style.

The Xavier style X-men are hypocrites in that according to their own logic they should be militant vegan animal rights activist. It might sound crazy but hear me out, if they think that mutants and humans should be equal and work hand to hand, even though they're literally superior, some mutants infinitely wiser and smarter than regular human how come they accept mankind's dominion over other animals? Non vegetarians are using the same argument that human are infinitely wiser, superior than non-human animals who certainly can suffer and feel pain. If you stretch the X-men logic that mutants and humans can live together in peace, then it logically it shouldn't only extend to regular humans. All species should exist in peace.

Was Bishop part of the Esteemed Council of Black Marvel Characters that got together to mourn James Rhodes?

No because he is an Abo.

Jungle asians have ass

>The minority allegory never makes any sense though.

Except it actually did. Sorry. You can say that it didn't but thems the facts kid. It's always been that way.

>The Xavier style X-men are hypocrites...

Saying that different kinds of people who can read and shit deserve to be treated the same doesn't mean that your fucking dog should get to vote. Christ. Animals are animals, people are people. If any Cat has something to say about this, I'm all ears.

Oh. Shit. That's right. They can't fucking speak.

If animals want equal rights they can petition us for it. Until then this is the falsest equivalence I've seen in about a week. And I tweet a lot.

If you see people post like I do, they're probably from twitter.

ya know?

He is so fucking bad.