So did he ever become an Actuary?

So did he ever become an Actuary?

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he was an actor in a play

do you think Tom Cruise is a spy?

I think he grew up to give blowjobs for cash.

He grew up to be an astronaut instead and has lived in misery ever since.

He's a character in a movie playing an actor in a play

He went on to be boyfriends with the cute jaguar-tiger thing kid doing the music, which is really all that matters.

Actuary works too.

Yes, but he got a sex change on the way.

Is there actually a full version of that or is it just one of those things where they only did the cover?

no it's not real

more like a cat-uary

I hope you're not just fucking with me. I was about to go look around for it, the font seemed pretty weird though like it was a shoop.

I was actually thinking of becoming one after I first heard of the profession from a joke on Kim Possible.

How was that prequel comic ?

Its out today, right?

A pred in a white collar job? Heavens no, he's in jail.

I like to think he did and Judy asked him for help on getting Nick's tax records

Lion was a mayor in this movie, stop projecting things.

haha a spy, thats silly user
>we all know Tom Cruise is a GOD

Watched this for the first time last night. Pacing was a little weird, could have been a little longer and some of the jokes were out of place but otherwise it was pretty great, which surprised me.

Can't see now since mobile but if it's that one pic that looked like a comic cover with him and the tiger kid then yes it was only a one off "joke" cover.

The same artist did later draw a pic of jaguar alone but that's about it.

It's supposed to be out today. I'm sure some kind user will scan it eventually.

Yeah, they had to rewrite it from shitty cartoon to a thoughtful movie in a couple of months,thus the pacing issues.

Love the world building, put some care in there.

Dang that sucks, they're super cute.

So what was planned before they retooled it?

a very on the nose movie where preds were minority treated like shit by prey.

There's a bunch of clips and deleted scenes you can look up to get the full picture. These 3 are a good place to start.

>we all know Tom Cruise is a GOD

>not Xenu


>hunting tax exemptions!
the profession he was describing was more like Tax Accounting

Actuarial Science deals more with statistics based information for insurance companies.

How can people praise this piece of trash film when its riddled with such glaring inaccuracies

I think you missed something

Well, Judy became a cop

I will fucking cut you.

Because of mammal inclusion initiative or something.

This is bullshit because Tom HAS spied for Scientology.

Keep in mind Judy would have been fired on the spot if it hadn't been for Bellwether

hello, reddit

Scientologists OPPOSE Xenu's evil machinations you dumbass! Have you got thetans in your brain?!


He fell in with a bad crowd and became a drug dealer. He was later killed during a drug raid.

Oh neat prequel updated.

Because they're not autistic like you.

me too, oh, the suspense!

That would be an interesting idea for the sequel, what if it follows one of the other two kids at the play and we see their life like we saw Judy's?

It would be a chance to explore the world in a different way and introduce us to new characters.

I would take that risk.

Huh, never thought about it but I could see Zootopia being a good fit as an anthology series. Use new characters for each story, while letting the other characters cameo or play a part.

Don't believe they would do it since Judy and Nick are so popular, but food for thought.


Why does disney even still have a comics arm just shove it all at marvel like they did star wars and warner bros did pretty much everything at dc.

>Use new characters for each story, while letting the other characters cameo or play a part.

exactly my friend.

Then Nick and Judy can have their own tv [spoilers] netflix [/spoilers] show

Absolutely, but long before then he had a crush on Judy.

see who wouldn't want a story with that cute cheeta?


At the 2m 31s mark of the movie you'll see him scratch his butt while on stage.


okay, anons ,it's great to have dreams.

as long as you dont bieleve in them too much

Have you learned nothing from the bun?

oh i did. i look at life more realistically.

She didn't listen to her parents. You can tell they were impressed.

You gotta believe my friends.

Believe and send money to the right people hope...

six sets of underscores of varying lengths

>You will never have a friend as good as Judy

>you will never have a gf who fits in your lap

>you will never have a gf


He was actually Judy's first time. It was really awkward and largely unsatisfying for both of them. They're still friends and chat from time to time.

At least not without going to jail.

Why are the feline kids just the cutest thing in the world? I want to gobble this little guy up, look at him!

Because baby animals are already the cutest things that exist IRL

I laughed
Then cried


i dont even know if "nick" is a girl or guy in that picture.

fucking asians

I preordered mine with Prime shipping, but Amazon still hasn't shipped it yet so I think there might be something up with it.

removed from online bookstore in my country.

something's wrong.

how popular was this movie in denmark?

>Studying actuarial science

I fell for this meme and want to die


Acturary, yes.

you know what we're really hoping for.

Aww the music kid was adorable

>went to
>Site hasn't updated since april

Well then.

Just got an Amazon email, it just got delayed a week. No biggie.

He became an anime.

Daily reminder.

So did she ever become a cop?

No clue, the movie was really unclear about it

did he ever become an elephant?

You just know

Only between the sheets

>giant futuristic city
>even called Zootropolis in other countries

I have a great idea for a crossover

I feel ashamed for saying this has already been done.

Really? Do you have an image/link?

No, but I was in a post-apocalyptic forum roleplay setting about five years ago about a world where the sun had died, with furries living in a megacity that boasted about how it was a place where all species could come together and live in harmony, only for it to turn out to be an Orwellian hellhole.

I actually enjoyed it a lot before it went under.


I was thinking more like fanart, but okay

He's pre-op but intends on getting the surgery soon

I miss my old RP site days.....

holy shit user


>be a mouse

>order toy robot built for fox-sized animal

>mod in a control panel in your size

>you now own a mech

funny, how people thought it was an original idea, but it's been done.also i try to piece things together and it looks like the old movie was just an offensive cartoon.

>movie following the kid who wanted to be an astronaut

>it delves into the political and financial issues of the space program, and the shows the life of someone in that career in the same fashion that Judy's movie somewhat realistically portrayed working for the police

This overblown hateboner some of you have over proto-zootopia not being 100% "realistic" is just getting dumb, honestly.

People have opinions, deal with it.

Stop stealing my crops.

Sorry, forgot to ask you if I can save it. I'll remember next time.