Left or right?

Left or right?




I have a feeling the one on the right is all talk. I think she fakes her accent like Luna, and actually has a valley girl voice. She is probably very rich, until one day she came across Luna Loud saw how cool she was and started copying her.

Got to go with Giggles



The Left Rights.

Shit taste/10

>not loving Polly Pain
you're all faggots kill yourselves.

>hating gigglws
Your parents never loved you

can't we do as a wise corporation once said?

"Gotta catch'em all!"

I don't get why "All" is never an option with these threads. Fuck them for forcing choices upon me!

>Sisters set up dates for Lincoln
>All the girls have things in common with the sisters
Soooooo they basically want Lincoln for themselves?

>girls want to find a date for X
>find people in their circle of friends
>turns out their friends share interests with them

Wow, what a shocker


reminds me of the good old days with my sisters and cousins

Left is superior in every conceivable way. Seriously, why would you even want right?


The right one isn't a coalburner.

>tfw coal

I can't decide since I like them both

I mean punk rock girl who likes to go out

And the other a quiet goth girl

I wish I could say both

>I wish I could say both
You weren't there for the fusion threads were you?

>first clown girl in ages
>She's a fatty

>lucy and luna set linclon up with a qt goth girl and hot rocker girl
>lynn and luan set linclon up with a fat unfunny midget and an ugly helmet-wearing retard with a gigantic chin

Luan probably doesn't have many friends and Lynn probably based her decision like a horse appraiser
>strong flanks
>solid chin that can take a hit
>tight midsection
>wonderful lung capacity
>ability to jump hurdles well

No I missed that can you post it for me user

You always have luan

luan a cute

Lincoln's mom.

>talking shit about Giggles

Same with the other girl but with lucy

>not wanting to nut on Polly's chin