> 4 years later

Would you still a Grieve-tan, Cred Forums?

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Wow! Has it really been 4 years?


Sure has! According to the Cred Forumsnservatory article, anyway.



Has it really only been four years? I could've sworn she was older than Xeno, and she turns six in February.




Other SW-tans are welcome as well.

Here's R4-tan, introduced by an user a couple of threads ago.

Which led to bullying, which led to the creation of Buzz droid-tan.


I still wanna cuddle with her


Would you be the big spoon to her little spoon?

Of course, why would I ever wish otherwise


the only answer is yes

> 4 years later

Doesn't that make her a fossil in internet years?

I'll love Grieve-tan through the years.

Not for CO. I check this place like once a year and still see the same things. Insanity at its finest.

I love her design it sucks that it's forever cursed by being genderbend fan art of a surprisingly minor Star Wars character

Always wondered why they made Obi-Wan her kendo teacher when it was Count Dooku who trained Grievous in lightsaber combat.

Obi would be better as another kid who's her rival in kendo matches and tournaments.


People will ship as they will.

>four arms
gets me all hot and bothered down under


Yes she's perfect.





Is that an R4-D5 unit rather than the standard R4-D4?

She's specifically supposed to be R4-P17.

(Hence the buzz droid bullying.) Talk in the /aco/ thread was trying to figure out how to properly integrate her character history into her -tan version.



Is there even anything left to do with the character or the concept at this point?

Imagine her future, user.

Literally who?

my cupcake
cupcake 4 ever

Actually finishing something with her would be something. The one shots are fun, but something more substantive and satisfying would be great.

You mean like a comic or fanfic

She's fun for art, porn and gag strips but I lost interest when Cred Forums started trying to write a whole cast of characters and plotline.

Oh. It's a /tg/ thing.

You know you're on Cred Forums, right?

Yep. A story, a game, a comic. Something that takes everything, applies it, and then has an ending.

My contention with extending the setting is that there is no real endgame. That in the effort to come up with more characters and plot that it doesn't amount to anything. So I sort of agree with you.

There's an user on /aco/ that wanted to flesh out a story similar to Lemonfont's Shapeshifter that had Grieve-tan as an anonymous cam girl and the student that found out about her secret. Writing that to completion as a short story would be something.

I'd be interested in brainstorming for that.
I believe the idea was that GT keeps her bottom pair of arms behind her back to mask her identity.

I was the guy suggesting the Shapeshifter 'webcam chat' format. Having second thoughts because it wouldn't allow the reader to follow what's going on behind the scenes and in her head.

It's just a step away from going full comic.

If we want to do something that is less committed to illustrations (and probably easier to fulfill because of it), then something closer to a light novel would probably be the best format. So we'd have to be careful with which illustrations get made, assuming that whenever there's a page with a pic that it's for the sake of impact.


I drew a really big grieve tan, even though I know nothing about her.

I didn't notice how big it was until it was too late.

Cute! Your contributions are appreciated.

That Holiday Special reference

you are welcome

I might do the twins when I have the time.

I realize that this is probably going too far, but what if all of Star Wars canon was adapted into this setting?

Like if there was a web novel or comic that covered each movie from the prequels to original trilogy through to the Force Awakens?

Damn, it's been that long? This was the comic I drew in the first thread.

Yeah, time flies, amirite?

Grievous and I are of one mind.

With such force and passion that whomever pulls me out of her will be crowned the True King of England.

Here's a digest version from the last couple of /aco/ threads:

> Webcam Girl Grieve-tan
> she keeps her face and secondary hands off cam, so people can't identify her
> otherwise posts to chat while she shlicks with her secondary hands
> She gets the odd accusation of being a recording when people notice she's somehow chatting whilst two hands are on her pussy
> The big fuck up could be her cumming and involving her other hands without thinking
> A classmate fanboy of her stream figures out her identity
> He'd try to respect her privacy but gives in and watches, becoming a regular over time
> Grieve-tan's more worried that the fanboy will expose her or blackmail her for favors, so maybe she's the one who confronts him and asks what he wants
> Would be kinda sweet if he just likes the shows and she's okay with having a fan who knows her IRL

Posting rare -tans.

There was a sort-of webcomic started, it didn't get further than like 10 pencil sketches

Tourbillon got the tumbnails up to 30 images before calling it quits. I'd say that was an achievement and a benchmark for someone trying to do something.

I will never not give him props and kudos, but I really want to see something finished and polished from someone.

Lucha also did four pages for a start, but that was it.



At least some of the characters were vaguely interested.

I really like how the deka girls turned out as characters from where they started.

They probably have the most development out of all the characters that came from this concept.

I could use some feedback on this green text I posted before about the portrayal of Magna and Guard.




Not shit/poop

Not a bad idea for characterization given that we hardly had anything to work with these two. Still it feels somewhat pointless to have these two when the Droidekas around.

Where does the time fly?

I will always love, Grieve-tan. Forever and ever.

Anyone else remember when the magnaguards were supposed to be Grieve-tan's sisters?

Would that make GT Big Barda to user-Kun's Scott Free?

Jesus. I'm surprised no one else made that comparison before.

Can we get the Munillist 10 to be the dilenquent kids and Fordo has a Pomp
And I'm not saying they had to be boys

There was talk before of ARC Troopers being the tacticool Airsoft team.

Would Fordo's helmet be sculpted for the pomp?



Now I want Mean Girl/valley girl Ahsoka bullying Grieve-tan for being a huge nerrrrd.

I'm surprised that there isn't more Barriss art.

Do they bully grieve-tan?
whatever makes them look cool

I want to say no? They've fought with GT at Hypori, and it takes all of them with a support vehicle in order to fight her off.

A clanker's a clanker, but GT can be a monster.



Grieve-tan gives me incredibly confused boners.
I find Grieve tan really cute.
But at the same time I remember the original Grievous and that doesn't mesh.
The only way to give myself peace of mind
is to headcannon that Grieve-tan is Grevious's daughter

Happy birthday, Grieve-tan

>Grieve-tan discovers her first grey hair
>Sees it as a sign that she and user-kun have to start a family soon