Cred Forums Mecha

Is Megas the most powerful mech?

That piece of shit falls apart every episode also Season 2 of Metal XLR massively drops in quality in both writing and animation

>Is Megas the most powerful mech?


no giant robot show show has ever made me feel as good as megas except symbionic titan

megas wins though

sadly both only had 1 season

The second they brought him back to job to that fucking wind up toy pussed me off

Doesn't the damn thing have a plot armor button?

Im mad because this was canceled, and because I will never fuck Kiva

Most other mechas don't have a context sensitive button

It's most definately the most badass one

Also Coop is a Tony Stark tier engineer that lives with his mom, that universe makes no sense

You mean the best button to exist in a cartoon?

>Season 1

Maybe in western animation, but the question remains: "Could it beat Shin Getter Robo?"
I would've said Getter Emperor, but that is A: Not fair, and B; Not a goddamn robot anymore.

she'd have a shot

feel it...feel the breaking point brought that much closer

It was always my theory that Coop isn't a drop out - he's just been kicked out of college/robotics universities for, you know... really, really bad shit happening. Personally, I envision him going to Toudai School of Robotics... and leveling the place, then being sent to MIT... and leveling the place... and then to a Community College... and not leveling the place.

But he does blow up the project car his team worked hard on and everyone else's.

What Cred Forums mecha could beat Giant Gorg?

Other questions:
Why doesn't the USA like mecha?
Why do realfags and mecha have to be a thing?
Do we have a Cred Forumsm/bo repository? Like, a list of Western mecha releases.

megas is a walking plot device. he has buttons that consistently break the 4th wall. megas has the ability to tune up a bunch of supers

But Shin Getter has three different configurations, three very skilled very crazy pilots, and the ability to give the laws of Physics the middle finger constantly.

But could he out-boss Borot?

coop is coming up with a speech that notes all of that, which means shin getter is about to get the beats

boss borot is about to wreck delaware in place of coop wrecking jersey

But Borot is a hero!
Far be it from him to stir up trouble that isn't on Photon Light Institue grounds.

Thinking about it, Coop could probably turn Boss Borot into a force of nature if he was in the pilot's seat.
And now I'm imagining Coop piloting a Getter Machine and I'm terrified.

They even both have steering wheels! Shieeet.

What Coop'd like more, though, are probably Walker Machines. Tend to control like Megas and Borot, equipped with actual weaponry, still capable of crazy antics, and still runs on gasoline.


the west in general can't into mecha though
and Cred Forums is dumb enough to believe megas itself could stand up to any Cred Forums mecha

Dude he totally could and this is coming from a guy whose mecha intake is ~95% eastern.
Obviously Megas could stomp the shit out of any proportionately powered mecha; I mentioned Walker Machines earlier, they're something Megas'd probably have little trouble dealing with, depending on the level of shenanigans both sides are playing with.


>Cred Forums
>liking mecha

I saw your other post. Even if you delete it I know you posted it and with the same picture.

You can't lie to us or yourself

Nah I just realized you implied Cred Forums liked mecha.
I couldn't let my posts sit without responding to that.

Cred Forums liking mecha would be saying Cred Forums likes something if it lacks waifus. We all know what Cred Forums is.

>tfw don't even try to use Cred Forums
>never really have

Feels good.
I still wish Cred Forums had more robots.

Do you think we'll ever get a good Cred Forums mecha show again? ;_;

could happen

Megas VS Voltron who wins?

Can he break the 4th wall? It's like asking if Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 50 Vegeto could beat Popeye. Popeye punches that faggot so hard his skeleton pops out of his skin and lands in a pile, then reassembles itself and panics, then Popeye turns the skin into a whip to strike the skeleton, causing it to run away in terror.

>implying this piece of garbage would have any chance against literally any of the evas

And I'm not even talking about the awakened Unit 01.

Bait. Yuck. Rotten bait.


>Cred Forums is this pleb once again

Should have figured.

>baity baity baity! ;)

This happened.
They "teamed up" against a greater enemy, by Megas wearing Voltron as boots and gloves.
I can't remember what he did with the head.

>literal babby's first ""mecha""
>babby's first 2deep4u

You're going to have to work to earn my (you)

I'm pretty sure coop has a..
>"fumigate all mass production Eva's"
Button because the real ending is stupid

Look, unless the EVA is piloted by an alternate universe Coop, it's going to get its shit pushed in. Megas isn't about raw power. It's about winking self-awareness. If the pilot is currently having a moment of existential despair while operatic music swells, the EVA is getting it's skull pasted, because that's what succeeds: cheap laughs which suck the drama out of things.

I don't have much faith in a canister of Tang winning anything.


Any EVA unit would get put in a headlock and powerbombed through a building any time it tried to do anything.

I take it you don't like the new Voltron series? It might originally have been anime but the new show is written and produced by Americans.

Striker Eureka is literally the best mech in the world.


I like it,but wasn't sure if it counted as Cred Forums enough.

What's the Cred Forums equivalent to braves?

used it as a jetpack