I got banned from Cred Forums for trying to talk about this anime

i got banned from Cred Forums for trying to talk about this anime

Talking about non more shit is what gets you banned from Cred Forums

Cred Forums is filled with pedophiles

Nickelodeon went to shit in 2006 and this show came out right when it went to shit so it's no wonder people don't talk about it



Pretty sure the guy from Bonus Stage designed the American characters.

It really is this way. It pisses me off. You can't talk about any anime that isn't obscure moeblob shit or else they find a reason to ban you.


Yet they can spew their moeblob cancer and My Little Jojos everywhere else on the site and ruin threads via shitposts.
Also blue hair girl seems to be best girl, I barely watched this show, even at a young age I knew it felt weird to watch it.

kappa mikey was much better than it had any right to be. gonard was dope

Thanks OP for the laugh

my nigga, Gonard was voiced by Sean Schemel, or whatever the fuck Goku's VA's name is, wasn't he?

yup. dude was pure comedy

This really is Cred Forumsumblr

Since when did Cred Forums start hating lolis. They're fictional characters.

Clashing art styles is the worst fucking thing for my eyes

I remember catching this show. Even though I was younger then I couldn't help but ask 'were they trying to make this show as ugly and cringey as possible?'

I really like this show and Martin Mystery for whatever reason

Reminder that this is the same studio bringing you Magiswords

I can understand Martin Mystery to a point but Kappa Mikey was Johnny Test levels of cringe

Kappa Mikey isnt an anime
Lilymu is

But Larry Schwarz has nothing to do with that.



I thought the big blue haired guy was voiced by Goku

>this post

If I remember right, blue hair is best girl.

>got banned from Cred Forums
You're doing god's work, user. Stay away from those fucking kid diddlers.

>CQC Bro

>Nickolodeon went to shit way after they created rugrats
How's it feel not only to be underage but an underage, retarded faggot?



Go get a room you two.

>You're both faggots

I'm confused by your post.
Are you saying that Nick went to shit way long ago before 2006 cause of Rugrats
Or that Nickelodeon never went to shot, even in 2006, thanks to Rugrats existing?

Rugrats was't really why they went to shit but the beginning of the age of shitty, unchallenging pastel coloured puke. There was a brief moment of hope with Zim but it didn't last long

I really liked the art design idea with the japanese looking like anime and the americas having thick outlines and cartoonish proportions.

That's Gonard