Where's a good place to watch shows in full? I heard kisscartoon...

Where's a good place to watch shows in full? I heard kisscartoon.me was good but I feel like there might be malware on that site. Any suggestions?

WatchCartoonOnline is good and malware free

Kiss Cartoon has one sneaky ad they throw at you, adblocker or not, that happens the first time you click something on the website. I can say I've used the website for a long time though and not noticed any malware but I do use an ad blocker and have gotten very fast at closing down that first click ad. I consider it worth it because the "CLICK HERE" below their player lets you skip their player all together. It's nice being able to just stream the video file flat out. Loads faster, works better on more devices, and gets around their anti ad blocker.

Are you also using no-script? Because a few months ago the site became a clusterfuck trying to run god knows what, so I blocked all but the essential scripts to still run the site, and afterwards I haven't had any issues with ublock orgin aside from an occasional x where the ad was trying to load from one script I left up

In kisscartoon you can download the epiodes with right click

I just open the player in a new tab. Usually when I stay on the page to watch the video, my adblocker count steadily skyrockets.

Ublock and Ghostery does the job you have to allow at least 1 tracker to view a video also it's mostly adwares rather than malwares since they rely on traffic and they don't want to get blacklisted or violate the Google Adsense policy, that would be bad for their data mining partners.

what are the essentials on your end? i feel i don't have all the unnecessary scripts blocked.

Kisscartoon is like the one good streaming site. Kill yourself if you're this inept.


Get a good adblocker.
They recently changed their ad network so there's a nasty malware ad there.
They said there wasn't any good ad network to choose from, and they had to choose something.

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arconaitv is alright but they only have a few selected shows and they all play on a 24/7 loop so you can't choose what episode to watch.

It's great for shows like Simpsons or Koth though.

Just use it on a games console and it will work perfectly

>Kiss Cartoon has one sneaky ad they throw at you, adblocker or not
Your adblock kung fu is weak then you can still block it if you know how to find it.

>Gee everyone is using adblock and that is hurting us finnancially
>Better try and use anti-adblock measures
>Hmm they all found out how to block the anti-adblock and are still using our site without seeing ads
>I guess we can just pathetically beg them not to use adblock
>Oh hey they actually turned off their adblock as a sign of good faith! better host obnoxious popups, banner ads and fucking malware to repay their trust!
These people honestly wonder why people use adblock.

What is a good adblock program?

Also how do you skip over their anti-adblock measures? I'm not tech savvy at all and it's annoying.

>Also how do you skip over their anti-adblock measures?
Most anti-adblock shit is just the websites and advertising groups paying off the adblock makers to automatically whitelist their ads, circumventing it is as easy as going into the whitelist and disabling those ads and links from the whitelist and then blocking them again.
Don't be surprised if you have to do this everytime the adblock updates though unless you turn updates off.

you can just right click and save the video file during the ~30 seconds before the anti-adblock message pops up.

Torrent your shit.

>Are you also using no-script?
I just use an adblock and click directly into the googlevideo player.

To be fair to them, the malware would be the fault of the ad network. Non static ads on webpages were really the death of the internet.

Alternatively click the link below the video that says "use your device's player" or something like that.