Lockjaw thread

This is a member of the Inhuman Royal Family. Everyone, EVERYONE, even the other Inhumans just treat him like a pet. Has any other character so consistently been treated worse than Lockjaw?

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He gets dumped on sometimes but he's a bad guy. A Spidey bad guy. And he gets respect from other criminals.

Lockjaw gets patted on the head when he does a good job. That's about it. I really don't think anyone has treated him like a human being since his transformation.

> Find out you're an Inhuman.
> Offered to take in the mist and discover your true power.
> Chance you'll turn into an animal and lose your identity to everybody and be treat like a shitty pet.

Do you still expose yourselves to the mist?

I wish they dealt with this shit more in ANY of the books. They pretty much turned the Inhumans into external stimuli mutants. I'd like just a couple stories where the husband of some old married couple gets turned into a fire breathing cat or some shit. I've never seen so many still pretty much human but with powers transformations in the Inhumans until this mist bullshit. I would even settle for some the mist is diluted so these aren't full effects transformations explanation.

To answer the question, no. Couldn't do it man. My life's hard enough as is.

The whole concept is wasted potential, but then again, that's pretty much Marvel's motto these days.

But he is a pet.

Lockjaw actually is a dog, an inhuman dog with the ability to gain powers when exposed to the mist but still a dog.
Lockjaw being a person pre-TF was a literal joke that Gorgon and Karnak played on Ben Grimm in the Thing's solo series that was casually mentioned in one issue only to shock Ben and literally debunked in the next issue.
I don't know why like 40 years passed and you fags are still regurgitating that meme. Did one of your precious meme sites like Buzzfeed recently made a list like "the 10 most fucked up things in the Marvel universe"?

Why is there an Inhuman dog?

Did the Kree do the same experiments on dogs that they did on proto-humans?
Did Inhumans experiment on dogs to see if they could give them powers?

Was one of Lockjaw's ancestors an Inhuman who turned into a dog when affected by the mist and just decided to fuck other dogs, passing on his Inhuman DNA?

This little big bastard can take a shit ANYWHERE IN THE FUCKING UNIVERSE and just LEAVE IT there! Fuck him he's glorious and deserves no sympathy.

Th Inhumans made the alpha primitives and had a society based around genetic tinkering, Black Bolt Himself got his power because he dad decided to see what would happen if you exposed a developing fetus to the mist. Experimenting on a dog is right up their alley.

It's Marvel, I doubt any writer there doing Inhuman shit even knows/remembers/would bother with finding out that he was once humanoid.

>Did one of your precious meme sites like Buzzfeed recently made a list like "the 10 most fucked up things in the Marvel universe"?
>meme sites

>Lockjaw is a member of the Inhumans royal family, mutated by the Terrigen Mists into his canine form.

I'm glad that other people are finally starting to understand the true power that lockjaw possesses.

Nothing could stop lockjaw from teleporting into the oval office and just burying the president under a mountain of shit.

There's an XFactor issue where Quicksilver talks about how a trick was played on the Thing to make him think it was really a human.

You guys need to read more of Peter David's X Factor.

Why do you think sentinels are programmed to hunt mutants and not inhumans?

It's because the mutants don't have a trump card like that.

This is a task that's out of nightcrawler's league.

Why should I feel sorry for a teleporting dog?

He's like the living incarnation of freedom.

Only X-shit I'll read is Death of X and IvX. Based Blackagar killing Summers shits left and right.

True that, my daily commute to work is ~1 hour with a shitload of steetlights and traffic, and thinking teleportation makes me hard

you think during the whole mutant apocalypse blackbolt was just [internally] laughing his ass off at how stupid the earth people are?

blackbolt is always laughing at earth because he has a teleporting dog and they dont

But Magneto still has his teleporting blue elf, so those Inhumans can't one-up him.

That's so contrived, and awful.

>Lol we fooled Grimm into believing a lie!
How is this "contrived"
Are you literally autistic?