How skimpy of an outfit can you "get away with" in the Big Two today...

How skimpy of an outfit can you "get away with" in the Big Two today? A decade ago the Ms marvel costume was not seen as in any way offensive and 15 years ago we had pic related as a normal outfit. Why have standards changed so fast?

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Because women are prudish bitchs that needs sexuality beaten into them and there fatty tissues beaten out of them

Its not controversial, if anyone thinks it is they need their sex hating mouths stiched up.

What are you 13 years old.
>3 posts
>2 IPs
>being a samefag

There's still plenty of skimpy outfits, they're just re-branding a lot of characters to appeal to more female readers

>reading about WOE IS ME-Men and their rehashes of rehashes

None of those costumes are used anymore.

>they're just re-branding a lot of characters to appeal to more female readers

Why can't a female reader enjoy a comic about a cute and sexy female character? Male readers consistently enjoy comics about men who are much hotter than themselves.

Yes they are.

only tumblr complains, for sane women it's part of the escapist fantasy to look good enough to wear that

>that cover composition
>that Emma Frost face



Make Ed Benes design every superheroine costume.

people rarely read comics
women rarely read comics
Cred Forums doesn't even read comics

you have to do "something."

marvel would never print anything that shows a lot of skin or cleavage nowadays

Dr manhattan

Magik still has the same costume.

Huntress' costume was by Jim Lee.

Goddamn, why is Magik so hot?

What happened with Emma?

She's going to appear in Death of X and IvX

>Not posting the pink bodysock
u a retard, son?

There's no actual rule for skimpy outifts. Like user pointed out there's quite a few about, it's just "female friendly" redesigns tend to get more press/crowing about it but actual company wide commitment is pretty lax.

Look, let's ignore skimpiness and all that shit.

These costumes are very poor. New readers would have a lot of trouble telling Emma and Magik apart, and that's just shoddy design. For fuck's sake they even both have the same oversized giant buckle, why, is it really so hard to make the characters have distinct looks.

>So hey we have Emma FROST who is the WHITE Queen who used to wear all white
>Make her dress exactly like the fucking gremlin goat child from Hell
>Okay that makes sense

I hope she will.

Agreed, the New Uncanny costumes were shit and their newer ones are still pretty subpar.
It's really sad coming off the Phoenix costumes which were Elder God Tier.

Magik has bangs in the front that give her a unique look and Emma is taller.

It actually doesn't make sense that she still wears white, consider the White Queen part of her represents the days she was a villain in the Hellfire club, she should have dropped that name and costume after joining the X-Men

The sexiest X-Team ever.

She looks good in white and she's pretty fucking shameless or atleast likes to give the idea she is. So it doesn't NOT make sense that she'd keep it.

Did she ever adopt any other moniker/codename? Since White Queen is more like a position title in HC.

She just goes by Emma Frost, no one calls her White Queen anymore.

Bendis claimed the black was sort of the coal/diamond motif.

With Emma broke emotionally and physically, she wears black as a statement of that fact.

Yea she did. It was Bitch

how long would it take to do 700 sit ups with breaks for an average /fit/izen?


well I know atleast magics ain't but it's not exactly less skimpy

are those fishnets glued to her thighs?

Why is Benes so based?

Why did they change her hair so her bangs aren't in front anymore? That was the cutest thing about her.

A. A ha. A ha ha ha. A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Muh soggy knees

That outfit isn't even skimpy

From World's Worst Comics Awards Comics from Kitchen Sink.


What are you,a Inhumans fan?


Some costumes still remain skimpy (Zatanna, Black Cat, Magik)

others change because of controversy, Stutfire changed into new starfire.

with Disney owning Marvel some of the more major Female characters had to be presented more conservatively (Psylocke, Spider Woman, Captain Marvel, X-23, Gamora, Scarlet Witch, Kitty Pryde,)

Ive mentioned this many times but it's not the outfits that are the issue. You can have skimpy costumes. A lot of women like to dress like that.

It's just dumb when you have stupid retarded poses that make no anatomical sense to show off the tits and ass.

Nah idiots have issues with the outfits too. The whole TnA poses issues is/was pretty overblown

Hi Greg.

well I get that too. Im just trying to go for a more logical approach.

No, I think he's right. Their specific language generally suggests that they think the design is the problem but they use terminology meaning that it's actually the art.

Spider-Woman costume pretty much proves this. She was covered from head to toe in the type of costume that gets praised when put on other characters but it was suddenly too sexy when there was a controversial cover.

they got rid of the shirt

eh, the spiderwoman cover wasn't really anything different than you'd see spidey himself doing. Yeah she had the badonkadonk but that whole thing was pure idiocy and more bitching about Milo's other work

I guess but the generalization is kinda dumb. I mean you're right there are people who are just on about the poses but in the end it's just a bunch of douchebags on the internet there's hardly a unifying philosophy on how to portray capechicks.
There's hardly specific language though, in sometimes it's based around clothing, sometimes around posing. Like Batgirl for instance when she got her redesign a lot of praise came with a side of denigrating the older costume/costumes despite usually being on par with the other Batcostumes in terms of sexualization. Plus tons of fan redesigns with the express goal of "fixing" the costumes problematic issues.
But again there's no real fixed idealogy because they're tons of different people or in some cases the same people who lack concrete commitment to ideas because frankly it's an insignificant issue.

the manga-verse was particularly bad about this

well it always comes down to presentation. Think about the Superman argument. yeah he's certainly what chicks would want but he's still a very heroic striking figure.

I could you can argue that's what chics are into vs what guys look for in woman and post romance novels, but that's a separate argument that Im not touching.

But putting that to the side the super heroines are still heroines so they should likewise be drawn in similarly striking and heroic poses, and there are plenty of examples Im sure we're they are but we still get a lot of instances like in that Psylocke example I posted above.

One has her looking fierce and ready to fight and kick ass. The other has her contorted in weird way to show off her but. It's basically the same costume in both instances but one is more, well I guess the word to use is respectable.

Outside of stuff you see in Ryan Kinnaird books or other weird 90s extreme outfits most heroines just wear gym leotards which really shouldn't stand out unless you make them stand out.

Im not really sure if Im explaining myself well but I guess Im saying just don't be stupid about it and no one should complain outside the crazy extremists you shouldn't listen to anyways because they're never happy what you do.

You can bang out a hundred situps in two minutes easy. Assuming you spread them out, you'd probably be able to squeeze more than that in a day.

That said, seven hundred situps at once? I dunno. That shit would be murder. Probably twenty minutes if you didn't take any breaks beyond thirty seconds now and then to brace yourself?

But what I'm saying is that sometimes they remove presentation completely and just attack the costume.

That wasn't even the mangaverse. That was just... Eugh.

You're not wrong but those people usually fall under the category of "people you shouldn't listen to anyways because they're never happy etc"

If you don't get them ammo eventually they'll stop taking shots.

Why can't people just admit that being hot makes women feel powerful and being big makes men feel powerful? Superhero body shapes and costumes generally represent that character's desires, it's just part of the calculus of making their design click in your head. Men who get things done have huge frames and massive muscles, women who are powerful don't wear pantsuits because they don't care what you think.

I really wish entire generations of women weren't told repeatedly that being sexy makes you a "sex object", thankfully most of them have the good sense to reject obvious jealousy - a fine skill for any attractive individual to have.

This too will change.

Underrated post. [s]nice trips[/s]

well again that goes back to the stupid poses idea.

A lot of she hulk covers has her posing like a body builder or generally looking smug and that's all cool.

I think we need to have the sexiness come from the ladies in question actually acting and being sexy.

I'd buy that if female gymnasts and other female athletes didn't wear more revealing &/or less clothing than 99.9% of female comic book superheroes

that's okay. The feminist don't really buy it either


Did any lewds ever come out of this?

People can say whatever they like

Swimsuit Huntress is the iconic version of the character.

This is from BoP? In what issue this happens?

It was even featured in the JLU cartoon, Dini/Timm must have loves swimsuit Huntress.

Based Ed Benes

There were people who thought that Ms Marvel's costume was offensive 10 years ago. The thing is it wasn't the prevailing idea among a segment of the internet.

It's her most iconic look. Silver age and early post_Crisis Huntress also had a swimsuit look, she only got the boring bodysuit when they tried to make her "serious". Despite the fact she was always a serious character who just liked to dress sexy.

Titties and thighs

> That Namor
> That Colossus

Too good for this world.

Huntress looks like she's peeing a little bit

Is supergirl supposed to be ugly as a strawman or is it just Cho being unable to draw facial expressions?

Singularity is best girl
>white queen
emma should be skimpy but this is silly. Not saying she can't do a stint as the black queen, but she is elegant slutty, not..I don't know what that is

Hank is havin' none of it.

"Why are they doing this? My feet hurt. Why can't we just punch him?"

Not skimpy enough. I'm reading jla vol 2 recently and compare it to the current jl rebirth run.

We truly live in dark times.

With a little modification they could've all worked as their actual costumes.
Except maybe Cyclops.

Imo, the problem is that people took the problem of "how do we make women more comfortable with comics?" and instead of the more obvious answer of "make more intentionally sexualized men", they took the easy road of covering up women - which makes no one that actually reads comics happy, and creates a us vs them mentality.

Marvel has sexy male characters that are sexy in everywhere but their own books (Thor, anyone?), which leaves even a worse taste in people's mouths because it means they WANT to pander but know shit about doing it.

DC has a better execution (recognizing that people want to fuck Nightwing, Midnighter and so on) but their schedule means that everything is ruined when it gets to the printing press because of their choices in artists.

I mean white queen was sorta all out slutty but something like works.
If Emma looks like a prostitute she should look like an expensive high class one.

Nah, men are already sexualised in comics. And the women who'd want to read comics because of that are already reading them. No, they're going for a different crowd with
>we need to cover up women

The crowd of wenches that are jealous/threatened/etc by sexy 2d pics.

AKA, pathetic crowd.

Poor Penguin, although I can't blame him, I mean just look at them.
Thanks a lot user.

AFAIK, this is the skimpiest outfit a Marvel heroine is wearing right now. It's absurdly impractical, but I think they're getting away with it because it echos back to Misty's blacksploitation roots.

(Some how blacksploitation is still seen as acceptable with the SJW crowd, though I imagine that'll change if they keep going on their current trajectory.)

The second skimpiest is Scarlett Witch. She still shows cleavage, which is more understandable since she's not a physical combat character.

It's weird, I dislike impractical, skimpy costumes, like the one Misty's wearing. But ever since the SJWs have been getting offended by them and flooding into our hobby demanding they change for their feelings, I've become more accepting of them.

Mayb you should ask one. It's not like conventions, online forums, and Cred Forums isn't full of girls.

But, let's be real: if you saw a woman on the street, dressed like Wanda, in op's post, you would not think she was a noble hero, deserving of deference and respect. You would think she was a slut.

Women are not stupid. If they wear something skimpy, and get even a little shit for it, they won't wear it, again. So, if you present a woman with a comic like op's, she will assume that Wanda is either an idiot, or some unrealistic fap fantasy. And, why wouldn't she? That is her own experience with wearing underwear as clothes.

On a side note, if you want more girls wearing skimpy clothes in your comics and movies, quit giving shit to the girls who wear them in real life. That the "slut shaming" SJWs go on about. Women WANT to walk around in their underwear. Shut the fuck up, and let them

>Why can't a female reader enjoy a comic about a cute and sexy female character?

Because cute often equals stupid and or/annoying, see Squirrel Girl and Hellcat.
I can take that from teens, but grown women shouldn't act like retards.

I think this is a lot of (normal) people's issue with female representation in cape comics. Heroes should be heroic. If batman is going to beat the shit out of criminals, wearing body armor, why is Huntress wearing lingerie? And if she is going to wear it, can she at least look like she is beating some criminals, not posing for a magazine shoot?

It is all how you frame things.

>but grown women shouldn't act like retards.


>sneakily posting that if you like skimpy fanservice costumes you're not normal

>if you saw a woman on the street, dressed like Wanda, in op's post, you would not think she was a noble hero, deserving of deference and respect. You would think she was a slut.
Well yeah. Because the woman in your little scenario isn't saving lives. She's just existing to get attention with her bright red clothing.

Your reputation is about what you do, less about what you wear.


Ok, now I want to read some fics about Oswald building his harem beginning with the BoP, any suggestions anons of something like that please? There has to be something with that premise or similar right?

>not using the image search function

this "outfit" is one of the skimpiest ever

Ultron is such a slut

So it's a piss-take on Shadow Lass and...?

I never got why some comicbook fans are so defensive when it comes to getting rid of certain skimpy outfits. Like pouches and hilariously impractical guns, most skimpy outfits are just symptoms of the cancerous 90's.

that is just anatomy

Because they like them and want more of it.

Is it really that complex?

It also has something to do with what artists are good at drawing. The OP's Scarlet Witch costume was created by George PĂ©rez because that's the kind of thing he likes to draw - costumes with lots of detail that also show lots of skin. It worked with his style, it didn't work with any other artist's style so they gave her another costume as soon as he left - not because it was too skimpy but because it didn't look right when other people drew it.

The problem online right now is not that skimpy costumes get criticized, it's the use of these one-size-fits-all standards for what constitutes a bad costume. The "Male gaze" isn't necessarily a real thing and to the extent it's real, it's not always bad.

What this leads to is when these writers do like a skimpy costume, they search to find some reason why it's politically acceptable: it's OK because she has the power in this shot or whatever.

There's no point in making everything political, if you think a costume looks good, then that should justify it, just like a damsel in distress plot is OK if it works, just like fat jokes can be funny sometimes and not funny other times.

I don't mind someone pointing at this costume and saying "that costume looks ridiculous" or "Wanda wouldn't wear that." I think I mind it more when critics try to find political justifications for the "bad" stuff they actually like.

very few people can detail that much in the time limit, Perez was amazing with it. And I think most of the costume SW has had have been decent, even if she hasn't been drawn well.

Remember how all those old Marvel Swimsuit Special's made sure to include beefcake shots

people cosplay now

people have always cosplayed and outfits being skimpy have never been an issue

This, most women are not offended by it. It is generally just guys trying to look sensitive, or if it's a woman someone who is insecure and jelly. i.e. the same type of girl who called cheerleaders sluts in high school.