Star vs. the Forces of Evil Talkback Thread

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Where do you think Star measures up in the pantheon of Disney Princesses?

Even though there's the highest of likelihoods that she'll hook up with Marco, do you think their relationship is developing well and interestingly enough that its resolution will feel satisfying and well-earned?

Also feel free to talk about other stuff.

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I wasn't aware there were comics.

>comic and cartoon
svtfoe is now more Cred Forums than most other shoes

Well, yeah, those would be /fa/ or something.

i mean shows

Was Janna after the spellbook for any particular purpose? Does she want to create a necRomantic poet?

Tfw the fanbase isn't interested in the action or comedy in an action/comedy cartoon but rather pairing a bunch of kids together so they can masturbate to drawings of it.

actually we do like action and comedy, we complain heavily when there is no action

Both is good.

Especially in comics!

Was Rasticore just a one-off joke about enemies too serious to fit the tone of the show, or do you think he has a larger purpose? Will he regenerate, possibly to foreshadow the return of the other lizard man, or was he only ever a B-plot?

>every episodes literally hinting towards Starco endgame

I think he was just a one-off. He was introduced as an dramatically serious threat, got turned into a joke, and then was summarily removed.

We're never going to see him again.

I think it will be rewarding when they finally hook up. I don't think it will happen for a while though.
It seems that Star will probably have to deal with jealousy soon, and there is lots of lessons about being honest about one's feelings etc that will need to be covered, as implied by the new episode. I think both characters, especially Star, will have to grow and then they will finally be allowed to hook up. I think Star's wings are a hint as well as the half-black wand. She will have to make a choice, and when she does, her wings will grow. It will be about responsibility most likely, some kind of sacrifice will be involved.

Anyway, I think there are already many great personal reasons why they should be together and why they would complete eachother. They just have to work for it some more and grow up, which is just how a romantic arc should be in a story. It's cute and perfect.


>I think Star's wings are a hint as well as the half-black wand. She will have to make a choice, and when she does, her wings will grow.
That's a new theory.

>Was Rasticore just a one-off joke about enemies too serious to fit the tone of the show, or do you think he has a larger purpose?
Hard to say. If Ms Heinous has a larger part in this season, then it wouldn't be entirely implausible that Rasticore might come back somehow.

Probably not, though.

Did anyone else think it was going to be pony head lying about her crush on Marco?

Don't lie, you meant shoes. Still true, too.

>Did anyone else think it was going to be pony head lying about her crush on Marco?
Not really. There's been nothing to suggest that Pony Head has any interest in Marco.

Those boots are pretty damn awesome.

No, the truth was Star has a crush on TomJannaStar fan 13JackiePoneyheadNot Marco

>Star Booterfly

Why the fuck havent those fucking beaners at kiss gotten it uploaded yet?


Jarco endures!




link to last thread please

Link to last thread

Janna and Oscar are Vampires
Jackie is a Mermaid
Werewolf Guy is a Werewolf
Star is a Butterfly Person
Marco is a Tentacle Monster

You answered your own question.

That arm is gonna come back by the way.


You should have done the hair, though.

oh I just found it on tumblr

>when she does, her wings will grow
considering her mom seems to be able to transform at will, and doesn't need to wear backless dresses, I don't think they permanently grow much bigger in their human guise

evil dead come to my mind every time

Starco confirmed

>Starco confirmed
Only half of it.

These episodes were amazing! "Sleepover" is easily one of the best episodes of the series altogether!

I want to ruin the Butterfly Family Tree.

>it's a "dork tries to be cool but is incredibly, incredibly autistic and not the least bit self-aware"-episode
why are you hurting me this way
Inb4 name 6 million billion shows that have done this


Things about to get groovy?

And that scene can't honestly be construed as anything other than a tease of a Starco romance. Now, people might say that it wasn't a serious tease, for one reason or another, but the notion that it's a misinterpretation of some other message, like "the Blood Moon soul-bind is really just about their friendship!" doesn't seem to be on the table.

Or is there some other purpose for the scene that doesn't seem completely like grasping at straws?

and the girl dont even realise yet their crush.

I know. That is more interesting clues/hints.

I can understand your pain user, but at least the worst is behind us now with Marco actually revealing his crush and confronting his weird ways of handling it. He also seemed to score plus points with the speech so I'm confident he'll tone down the over the top attempts to try and impress Jackie here on out.

>Now, people might say that it wasn't a serious tease

Then they are wrong. BMB can be seen in a friendshippy platonic way, if one disregards the "lovers" term.
This scene was incredibly clearly not platonic.
Confused feelings, still small feelings, one sided feelings as far as we know, but romantic ones.

Nothing gets more platonic than romantically dancing under the moon of lovers. Maybe even walking her home gently

Where's Lizardman?
I want lizardman, he's the only good thing in this show.

Where is he?

>these people are grown ass adults.

whispering sweet nothings to Ludo from beyond the grave

and thank fuck for that man.
thank fuck for that.
And the followup story was nice.



>Star loves S&M

I just want Marco to have his everybody mambo moment

The hard part is out of the way and now his biggest wingman is time itself

You don't?
You're not a faggot are you user?

I do enjoy butt pluggs a bit much. But i'm at least 75% sure I am straight.

Well, I posted a thread once, which made me an OP, and that was that.

S&M is so widespread that non-S&M porn is outside of the mainstream. it's gotten boring as hell.

DAMN i so happy that they break this, for a momment i really was thinking that we going to see this ''stuck at spaguetti'' for the series finale, or worse they would go ''she is a air-head'' and never realise marco moves.
and plus
>another episode in school about star
>sub plot is marco in a tipical shit day like girls day out
>at the end , marco at locker and see jackie getting close, he try to say something
>jackie interrupts him to speak, she him out for a date.
you know what, i can serious see this happening now

>Butt pluggs
Pretty meh to be honest.
>75% staright
The remaing 25% better be an attack helicopter.

Isn't lizard man the evil wand now


>>Star loves S&M
She does.

If Jackie asks Marco out (or vis versa), it's gonna be at the start of the episode, not the end. There's no way they're going drop the chance to have an episode about Star dealing with that.

I imagine if we see anything between Jackie and Marco, it'll be low key in the background or beginning of scenes sort of thing. The main focus of the show will remain with wacky adventures with Star and Marco in whatever form that takes.

You mean confirmed yet again.

What I really want to see is Star being jealous without realizing or accepting that she is being jealous or understanding why.

Is this the part where I'm supposed to tell you to fuck off and call you a faggot?
[spoilers]I don't know anymore pls help[/spoilers]

no I'm just saying I didn't make it, and implying I'm too lazy to alter it. pretending tumblr never makes anything of merit for the rest of the fanbase just leads to eJingoism

No, you call them a faggot when they are being gay or when they spout memes from Tumblr.

Exactly what the rest of the season will be about. i believe it will be resolved in the finale.

Wouldn't be surprised if we see something like that, though we obviously don't know how that whole crush sub plot will develop later into this season or even the next. I think an episode where Marco is too busy is a given, in any show focused on two main characters who are friends there's a sort of mandate to have an episode like that.

well, i would see this in the episode ending as a kinda of reward for the boy after another humiliating day.

Nah, I wanna see start being happy for marco finally putting the (D)iaz in Jackie while at the same time being sort of jealous without realising it.
Sort of an inner turmoil since she is really happy for marco

last night Adam McArthur (Marco VA), He answered some questions on twitter, most are just starco teasing, but have some words about what happing now.

>Star is aware of

So playing Flag was basically how mama star learnt how to play hardball politics right?

What did you find?

Is the comic releasing tomorrow?

>mama star
Do I want to know?

So what's Toffee's endgame? The Great Monster Liberation?

How does Punished Ludo (A Man Deprived Of His Castle) fit into this? Was he always a part of the plan, or was he just at the right place and time?

Will we see Lizardman again?

On a scale of Zutara to Kataang how likely is Starco?

I'm surprised no-one said
>"You're flooding it, ease up on the choke."

Maybe have Janna give him an awkward, slightly-too-long run-down on two-stroke engine maintenance.

>On a scale of Zutara to Kataang how likely is Starco?

I'd give it a Tokka, in that there are currently hints and drops here and there, presently a one-sided interest, but nothing official.

Manna = Zutara, tho

>Punished Ludo (A Man Deprived Of His Castle)

can someone make an draw of this please?

do u guys think star is ntr?


Stealing a man from another woman is called netori.

ne to ri still shortens to ntr

I know I'm just saying.
It's still a bornign fetish.

please dont remind the cancer that was avatar shipping times.

oh I'm just being pedantic. I'm poly trash myself, I just want everyone to be happy

Happy and NTR do not go hand in had.
Either way somebody is gonna get emotionally screwed and nother person is getting raped.

no, I'm saying I'm not actually into ntr,
I prefer scenarios where everyone bangs everyone and thanks to the wonderful land of fiction they manage to avoid drama and jealousy

Ah, alright then.
Harem Time must be your shit then.

I'm not even 100% mad.

Hey, that was a pretty good episode.

I needed to draw Jackie in her pj's, so here's some sketches of Jackie, and other silly stuff.

That would have been awesome it were actually that and they got Bruce Campbell.


Stop sexualizing 14 year olds

>He also seemed to score plus points with the speech

Unlike the Gift Card spiel, which made no sense and was a transparent bluff, I really expected that to work.

Glad it didn't as it let Star give that explanation about the fickleness of the mind and heart.

I'm afraid of all the tickle torture art we'll get after watching Sleepover.

Your a god send

Anyone else been really impressed with this season so far? I mean it feels worlds above the first in terms of quality and character development

Is there any hope of Sabrina or Chantelle will get a line in season 2?

What fucking lab did they grow these girls in? Why are they so cute?


Sabrina already got a line.

Honestly it boggles my mind how people can sincerely stand the first season of almost any recent show I watched. I hated most of the first season of StarVs, SU, GF, absolutely loathed most of the first season of AT. Although I start thinking it's my fault and not the show's. Only recently watched Invader Zim for the first time and disliked the first 80% or so. It was kinda frustrating because the show ended at a point I really started getting into it.

Their not any years old, their cartoons user, they don't exist.

Outside of Dipper's crush on Wendy, the rest of GF first season was fine, remember that was before they started to ruin Mabel.

What did you hate about the first season of Star vs?

I feel it's mostly been close to the same quality as the first, for better or worse. But I liked season 1.

But one thing I definitely notice improvement in is that now it feels like they went into the season with an actual plan for how the show will progress (maybe even some idea of how season 3 will go). I really do like season 1, but the first half or so of it kinda felt like no one on the crew knew what the fuck. There were some episodes that felt like typical episodic cartoon stuff but turned out to be important later, some genuine episodic stuff, some like The Other Exchange Student that felt like they came from another cartoon but had the names changed to Star characters at the last minute.

I don't know if I'll necessarily like the payoff at the end of this season, but now I at least expect some sort of payoff.

So who are the most likely candidates to take part in the Diaz harem? Star, Jackie, and Janna are the only ones I'm aware of.

star, to me, had the same problem early steven had
I'm really impatient with characters that are portrayed as well-meaning but oblivious gits.
She got better in the second half of season one. I am not sure if that was still in season 1, my memory is terrible, but remember that time where the Ep ended with star being legitimately hurt because Marco didn't believe she would make it (getting something in the town by herself)
That triggered me especially, since IT WAS ONLY REASONABLE FOR HIM TO EXPECT THAT
I'd have to rewatch it to properly remember, but the whole thing with Wendy was annoying. Also could it be there was some elongated beating around the bush regarding some major plot point? Something that just kinda dragged on and overstayed it's welcome?

He's the one who made Ludo's wand and lured him to star

Starfan13 would be a shoe-in; love from Marco would be indirect love from Star.

Heinous would be another one with her obsession with his alias. I'm sure that's right for es-es exploration.

School girl A, the other chick that wants the tentacle arm.

>Marco and Jackie start dating
>Star's wand starts random;y freaking out and she can't understand why
>Glossaryck flat out tells her what's causing it but Star misinterprets it as one of his stupid riddles

Bring back the lizard booty

and that people will be Starfan13 and Oscar

Depending on which way that would go, that could get ready depressing.

Yeah boi, S1 was cute but this season's got me really hype

Has anyone drawn Jackie as Boa Sandersonia yet?

can't compete with an ass like jackie's


is there any other girl in their school that can?



are you OK that StarVs is this underrated?

I can think of one girl.


>is there any other girl in their school that can?
Not a girl but a woman named Angie Diaz.

Brittney's drawn with a sort of curvy ass in Mr. Candle Cares when she falls off the chair, but I don't have an image,

I feel like it's been happening more with the female characters this season than in 1. Swear Star's actually had it a few times too.


Am I the only one who likes jackie and doesn't care much for the other girls
I hope I am, then she can be mine alone

cease and desist

season was really more like a test, like the creator was still trying to creat a world, but even in this more episodic fells theres a little plot in season 1.
>we have the olga school, with 2 episodes making mentioning star fears and and finishing in the olga school episode.
> we have this main plot with toffe realizing that thisn ae not so clear as star think with great storm the clastle finale.
season 2 to me its when Daron receive the true green light to do whatever she wants with no fear. this season is very good maybe a little slow in the first episodes, but very focused in a plot and chasing some status quo like now marco is no more a dork with jackie.
and thres still 3 episodes just for the middle of this season and a entire other half of 12 episodes to go.

yeah, looking forward to it. And I think you just described the usual issue I have with first seasons. It's a lot about testing the waters. And I don't really react favorably to that.

oh god speaking of shows that were initially hard to watch
this one almost takes the cake

>yeah, looking forward to it. And I think you just described the usual issue I have with first seasons. It's a lot about testing the waters. And I don't really react favorably to that.
in some ways, i see season 1 as a great pilot episode

Oh that was the banagic incident. Alot of people didn't like that shit

Marco has a promosing career in the porno biz.

So knowing now that Star has a down low crush on Marco, are there any moments in season 1 that can be viewed in a different light?

the pudding

not a fun of the episode, my problem is that this episode come to late in the series in a point where star should have a better idea of how tod eal with things on earth.
and the final joke just was not funny.
i think that was not a quick thing, this show is exploring marco/star friendship in a very complex way, i like to think that the crush is just something growing since the first day, the natural way of thing, not that one day she awake and ``PUFF`` crush,

oh right, that was it. Yeah I can see why
the end was supposed to be a joke? Jesus christ
yeah, that sounds about right.

>and the final joke just was not funny.


> dat Janna

I just want her to be happy bros

Every time Marco slaps down her advances she looks so hurt and it hurts me

Not really, it's likely a slow burn type of deal, given how much time they spend together. It's incredibly unlikely you wouldn't start to at least consider having romantic interest in the other, as long as there's not some huge thing making it a no-go.


feel like marco ad jackie gonna get together and this'll upset Star and make her wand go bonkers

Looks like Sabrina is winning the Marcobowl.


The ones I usually see are Sabrina, Hope, Chantelle, Starfan13, and Kelly as the latest addition. Sometimes there's talk of Brittney and Ponyhead once in awhile.

>oh god speaking of shows that were initially hard to watch
>this one almost takes the cake
I wish it wasn't a comedy too user

> Marco and Jackie start getting more serious
> Star's wand just starts working less and less
> She's panicking, needs Marco
> But also wants him to be happy
> Watches slowly getting more and more miserable as Jackie and Marco get more and more serious
> Marco is concerned for her but she tells him she's fine and to enjoy his new gf
> Years later, Jackie and Marco marry
> Star's wand just stops working at all
> Mewni family is overthrown because they can't keep the peasants down without the magic
> Marco feels bad, his parents offer to let the Butterfly's stay with them, while Marco and Jackie are moving into their apartment
> Star barely ever leaves her room, growing more and more empty and depressed
> Marco comes over less and less
> The last time he sees her, she just cries and says she wishes things could have been different
> One bright clear morning
> Star making a noose while looking at a picture of Marco
> Singing "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine" brokenly under her breath
> Hangs herself
> Marco is devastated
> For the rest of his life, at least once a day he'll take a picture of his best bestie out of his wallet and wonder where it all went wrong

This is what happened, right?


Yeah, it really does, and it has been improving a lot these last few episodes, and we're not even at half season.

ow the edge

Is Starfan13 still voiced by DAron?

This fucker. I'm starting to be convinced he's just playing 40-dimensionall chess with everyone.


Well, you know...

Glossaryck = secret big bad



>file name related

>a comedy
is it? Can anyone look at most of this shit and laugh? It's mostly "character does stupid thing, everyone's confused, it's a youkai, noone brings up strange thing ever again". After 20 Episodes I'd say it's only selling point is that a fair amount of it's youkai are fun and interesting. The show feels out of focus somehow. I don't get why we need all that other guff unless it's in order to sell the game I never played.

The girl with the second biggest rear at their school.

>spews nonsense
Yeah, great, I'm going back to brush my teeth.

Still, who?

wait, we weren't talking about yo-kai watch?

Such a simple edit works so well.


I hope Marco gets to punch his teeth in

oh wait I forgot you didn't only post the image.
I was referring to the image in

I hate the fanbase for this show
generals are cancer
but it's a fun show

Wow, totally missed this... Wonder why...

fandoms are cancer**

>No Hall of Anal Devastation

What's the point

The worst part of the banagic incident is that it is paired with what was to me maybe the best episode of season one: Mewnipendence Day.

Do you have a tumblr or da or something?

okey but is anyone talking about the starfan 13 crush on star?

I know that feel user.

She's best girl, and will never win the Marcobowl




Head-bandless, hair-down Star was so cute the entire episode

I wish there was more porn of Marco Domming Star

We knew that already. Let's talk about Jackie more.

this crush is pure and perfect
mark my words this will become a big part of the story.

stop posting
she can't compete witch starfan13

Uh huh, sure

Star Butterfly has a crush on Star fan 13!


Marco has nice taste

Sorry but she may have a cute design but her character is bland and boring.

This will always be my favorite image about this show

Here's a prediction
> someone shoots Marco with a cupids arrow or gives him a love potion
>he falls in love with star
>she goes on a comically arduous quest to get him fixed
> they get the cure
>go home
> after they leave, who ever got Marco infected drops the "oh hey, this wasn't love potion. It was truth serum" bomb

this would put the show from good tier to top tier

>"oh hey, this wasn't love potion. It was truth serum" bomb
this is so boring nothing new
any way this idea could get a real mind blown moment in the end?

Star paid him to give him the love potion



You Starco shippers and your fucking delusions
I hate to say it but after Slumber party I'm starting to think it will happen, but I don't think it will be remotely that simple. There will be pain, and suffering and trials and cockblocks and cucks aplenty and you will cry.

lame, we dont need love potions here.
if you want something funny, make him fall in love forponyhead, fnny implications about how the hell marco will try to fuck a horse with no body.

Now I fear that this could actually happen.

I mean it's no less tropey and lame as Truth or Dare gone wrong.
That's kinda the point.

I really want to know more about Ponyhead's home dimension. How the fuck do they even work?
I realized something this morning, she's probably going to get as big as King Ponyhead, right?
That's kinda scary.

what if Star hooked Ferg up with Jackie

theres the new official comic issue 1 tomorrow, story will envolve ponyhead people.

Isn't Ponyhead from Mewni?


>Stars jealousy causes her to change form and abduct Marco from the evil clutches of Jackie.

Star vs the forces of Jackie

I can see this happening

Hey /sveg/, is anybody planning on sharing the comic for free when it comes out? I'm autistically obsessed with the show but I won't actually support it financially. I'll complain when it gets canceled though. Damn those corporate fat cats not spending money on my masturbation fantasies!

So now that Marco confessed his feelings for Jackie in front of a little group of people

How good are his chances to start dating Jackie?

that episode fucking got me because i recently did something oddly similar, i got a similar response and i also happen to be mexican

if I get my scanner working i'll scan it when it comes in the mail

Let me know if I missed one.

>I'm autistically obsessed with the show but I won't actually support it financially.

You're my hero!

Anyone can come up with smth as geat to watch as this show? Except obvious GF, SU and AT?

im kinda new to all of this "its a show for kids(not really)" stuff and in search for something similar.

I want them to make 100 babies

No she's from Uni.

>Chances of him dating her.
Like 40% because she just found out about his crush and he managed to impress her by being himself without all the awkwardness.
But the other 60% because past impressions don't fade. Sure he has redeeming qualities but there is no saying that the rest of him is attractive enough to her.

Tl;dr she has to thing about it and the odds are not in his favor.

Star vs is now an anime what changes


>What Starfan13 is reading

24 episodes of nothing but Marco getting into embarrassing situations with the girls while they yell baka and slap him in the face.

It also ends in a disappointing way and none of the jokes are funny.

Boobs, boobs and ass everywhere.

Lots of fanservice and star's grumpy granny voice becomes and annoying highpitched chihuahua voice

I think that was just a thing some tvtroper made up that became well-known when one of those 666 FACTS YOU NEVER KNEW videos was made for Star.

I only ever remember Star saying Mewni to describe where Pony Head came from, even in the most recent episode (the "Pony Head Color is a very popular color on Mewni" bit).

Apparently there's a Pony Head kingdom within Mewni or outside Star's family's kingdom, or something.

its a very show for kids, but here the thing is HOW CUTIE, the main people are, YOU WANT to see each marco and star huging scene 20x.

You're a sad man. That's all imma say

Janna is a bad influence on Star

Janna is gonna help Star get Marco by being more lewd with him. SCREENCAP THIS

>Let me know if I missed one.
You missed some of the biggest and oldest ships of the Star threads.
>Mope - MarcoXHope
>Brittco - MarcoXBrittney
>Sabco - MarcoXSabrina
>Meah - MarcoXLeah
>Chantarco - MarcoXChantelle


>Jeats - JannaxJohnKeats

Okay how's this? Any femslash ships with Star I'm missing?

>between friends

It's either called Johanna or Joanna from what I've seen.

Thanks user. I'll make sure to post it on the discord so they can cast a vote.
>Any femslash ships with Star I'm missing?
Star vs. threads don't have any of those. We stayed away from stuff that too tumblr like.

>no star x marco
For what reason?

Read the question, brother.

Still I feel a bit guilty that most of the options involve Marco and wanted to give Star some attention as well.

Because i specifically asked non Starco ships.

they live in japan, they wear school uniforms

How to find the discord?

someone can post a link, but the link will expire due to mods hating fun

join the reddit discord and tell me your discord name i'll send you a link

So this is what Marcos anus would see once Jackie decides to have sex with him.

>Still I feel a bit guilty that most of the options involve Marco
Don't be, people only made MarcoXGirl ships cause that's all the majority wanted to ship.
You've done a fine job.
>How to find the discord?
The link will get deleted.
Follow this user

Personally, I'm kind of obsessed with the Wakfu franchise at the moment.
Both seasons have a weak start in my opinion, but they get great going further.
Probably you should be able to get up to speed with the series (and the oavs) before the third season comes out.
I don't know how the english dubbing was, but since as I'm recently seeing my country's was kind of disappointing, I suggest you to watch it in its original language (french) with subs.

Another very famous and good western series was Avatar: the legend of Aang (stay away from the live action movie). It was very awesome in my opinion, they also made a sequel, "the legend of Korra", that I overall sadly don't consider worthy.
It had some very great moments, though.

I' not sure what else to suggest you in the "its a show for kids(not really)" zone, right now.

Marco would never forgive her.

Oh, I see. I was in the wrong, sorry.
Anyways, I'd like to see some star x starfan

user go to the ER your anus has prolapsed.

that wrong, i want to see it a lot more than that

>Star x Starfan

Ive watched Aang when it was still airing and tried to watch korra's story several times tho.
Heard that Gumball's pretty good, but never tried it. Should i, Cred Forums?

Wait a...
Isn't starfan the avatar of daron nefcy? Wouldn't that be incest by surrogate

Right, Gumball!
It the most fun cartoon airing now, in my opinion, but you will not find much "plot" in it.
It is really much episodic. However if that doesn't bother you, you definitely should.

But it's canon that Starfan wants to be inside her skin like a suit

Well, I guess I'll just see my way out.
I make no apologies.

anyone got the previous episodes? does /sveg/ have a pastebin?

I wonder if Star is nice enough to let Starfan watch her and Marco fuck like rabbits

you notice she never even thought about marco till he was forced to tell her he liked her and then she was all like damn marco i never thought about him that way till now.

Who made that up?

Would that be voyeur or cuckold?

anyone have any cutes of them in their BMB outfits?


>258 replies and 82 images omitted
>none of the images have the screenshot of Queen Butterfly and her delicute feet.

Just......just kill yourselves, Cred Forums.

Star visited beach city

Burn in mold feet hell you degenerate footfag

New Star thread! And its already so active!

/sveg/'s back!

You've done it again! I absolutely adore you style so I get so happy when you draw Star VS characters. Hahaha I bet is now canon that Janna DOES wear pink panties.

HAICH DRAWN SABCO! I can die happy now.

ssteven cry for no reason.

You can only recycle the same pic for so long.

>I wonder if Star is nice enough to let Starfan watch her and Marco fuck like rabbits
She is.

new posters when

at least for now with starco shipping no FULL.

now i only want more fics with more of this new canon.

so Janna is a SJW right?

With legs like those, Sabrina must get put at the bottom of the pyramid routine a lot.

>anyone have any cutes of them in their BMB outfits?
There's a few hiding around somewhere.

/sveg/? What's that? Never heard of em...
We're just a bunch of anons that happened to casually stumble stumble upon this thread of a cartoon we liked

Bleach also generated a Hall of Anal Devastation, and it was glorious.

Do you guys thing that if by some minuscule chance (that's never gonna happen) Marar doesn't happen it would unleash yet another HoAD? Probably not as the Star fandom is so much smaller than Naruto and Bleach.

Season 1 also took a few episodes for people to really start liking it, many argued that the same would be true for season 2 after a lukewarm reception for the early S2 episodes. and considering we are 3 threads deep in the past day I guess they were right!

She doesn't hate Macro and isn't constantly screaming about the stupid shit they do.
so no.

Yeah, the Alpha couple has been reborn

STAR VS last episode have the lowest ratings AGAIN
12.000 less than last week


>A cuck demon
I like It
Marco is 2 beta for human blondie

with this ratings we wont pass S3
i'm OK with that

Star and Marco are both super nice so I'm sure they will let her join in every other weekend and holidays.

Christ wtf, I thought this show had a somewhat decent following. Then again not everything is ratings...

wait why, no!
Those asshole kids, why aren't they watching cartoons instead of doing their hommework or play minecraft or post tits on instagram or whatever they do these days?
However we should be safe for at least s3, r-right?

Is everyone here doing there part and watching the episodes when they air on TV?

Ratings like that aren't bad given that Disney XD is a premium channel that also frequently release episodes online early.

Is there less of that annoying beaner in season 2?

We're too busy gushing over all the new shipping material these past two episodes have given us.

S3 is already confirmed, if Nefcy ends it off there with a decent conclusion I'm good with that.

It got blown up user. It is no more.

Season 2 episodes!LcFDUBSL!3stvdlbIEPhOM6F95BTy0A!qVtXyAKQ!ecEPyGM867oGMRDEBIa_VA!hwwFlITR!RXW7pzmU36eVgWK0W5gpBA!sxxFgSyC!XAtJ4-HoDz3EBQ6JQBJlxQ!EkJjmbSK!HFRXqoTP7nMX5RSG33BQyQ!Qtg20SpI!RC52OuWLZERPw5H3GI5XnQ!gsIWSZRI!MiYBXYWxftIX6mh4hI6sXg!Esx0yRbT!XCbPOZzXWnvDfOYjQ9O3RQ!0lZhnBrB!ptGFxvGn5JhhJGQqvknTvQ

Is she hiding behind Chantelle?



yeah, heres my current tumblr -

lol hey Amarillo, and thanks! you've always got nice things to say about my drawings.
sorry all I could do for sabco is a shitty sketch, that ship needs more to stay afloat

>Some emergency spell needs a kiss of purest love to activate it
>Star builds herself up to tell Marco what must be done
>Star opens her mouth
>Starfan13 tackles her and frenches her for 16 seconds
I want it

Exactly this. Disney XD is not a massively viewed channel in general. People seem to forget it's gets crushed by cartoon network and Nickelodeon all the fucking time. Also I'm sure they are tracking the statistics from the app and other sources, so it's not all doom and gloom.

Haha, I love what you did there with StarFan13 haich. Nice job.

The answer to "should I give something a try?" is always yes in here.

>Is everyone here doing there part and watching the episodes when they air on TV?
I wish I could, but I am not in the USA

I updated the fanfic section on the booru forum if anyone here cares.

Oh jeez, thank god season 3 is already in production, but these numbers are grim, it seems we likely wont see a 4th season tho...

You know Fanny (Starfan13 will forever be "Fanny" to me, darn it!) would be that one user that pressures Area to release another page of Between Friends!

Sabco was never afloat! but some art of it from time to time at leasts keeps its head over the surface! And hey a sketch is more than enough, specially coming from you!

her hair isn't dyed, she doesn't wear dumb slogan shirts and she isn't constantly irrationally angry at everything, so no

Did you add Jelly Janna chapters 4, 5, and 6?

Don't give up hope yet. After all Fanny got her fair share of attention in the spotlight in this week's episode. I'm sure we'll see a Sabrina heavy episode somewhere down the road.

>I updated the fanfic section on the booru forum if anyone here cares.
Sweet! Thanks a lot user.

So what I took away from that first episode is Janna doesn't have a crush on Marco, her vagina does. She sees him as a purely sexual goal and is waiting for her chance to blackmail him into it.

In a perfect world, everyone would get to see their favorite characters take a more prominent role.

>Bleach also generated a Hall of Anal Devastation

That was more like a Hall of Sphincter Fractures Fractioned

>Want to give the show more views whenever it's on tv but my family is always using it when it happens and it's always been this way

I wish there was an easier way for me to support them. I plan on buying the comics if that means anything.

I don't have the links for them. Any I hope you've all got plenty of drawing ideas this week for when more drawfriends arrive.Even if they're nsfw


What popular cartoons don't have comics, though?

Did Gumball or Steven Universe get any?

Yeah. I think even Uncle Grandpa had some.

Gravity Falls doesn't have any, if we don't consider those ridiculous "cinestories" that are just frames from the episodes with text.

i would buy the comics if they sell on brazil.

>School uniforms

Gravity Falls has one

do you think marco stood outside the bathroom door and fapped to jackie showering during the slumber party

Which one?

>jackie showering during the slumber party

I don't remember that scene.

>he doesn't shower when he spends the night with friends

oh baby das nasty

>showering at the host's
I couldn't. That feels terribly rude. Unless I'm a guest for several days.

I... I shower before going to the friend's home.
In my own shower.

Only to find out Ponyhead was the one showering

Must have been a very misleading silhouette behind the shower curtain.

>Implying the safe kid would risk the progress he made for cheap thrills

Come on, he has enough sense to wait till she leaves.


I could've sworn it existed. I remember Cred Forums storytiming it once and that it started with Mabel and Dipper talking to an omniscient being that told them more about Bill. It even had Hirsch's name at the start and everything.

I'm going to go nuts over this all night.

top tier ship


Ponyhead doesn't really have anything to hide. Would she be angry or flattered if she thought Marco was there for her?

Hahaha, I love it! Good job.

Nah that was the choose your own adventure book my friend.

Who the fuck is ludo?

why is Marco such a slut

Delete this


marco is for comfy

why not both


All this faggotry. Almost makes me glad sveg is normally dead during the week.

Die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain indeed.

It's just one Tomcofag. General's same as always and everyone still hates Tomco.


Are you sure it's just one?

actually its two

Ten outta ten

He gets it from his dad.

yup it's all me

>YFW Pic relayed is pretty much canon now.

Maybe she wears a pink bow under her beanie at all times and thats why she never ever removes it.

Or as Haich shown us, she likely wears pink underwear.

Speaking of colors, what do you think the rest of the characters favorite colors are?

Brittny probably likes PonyHead color

it's me I am the one posting Tomco

>All this Tomco
I see the Tom Fag is trying muck things up when nobody was looking.
Haha, love this pic. Nice job user.

Then keep going

One more.... this.

i'll stop when the thread is more active

i hope you don't think its just me i only post my own art


Brittney: royal blue
Chantelle: peach
Hope: lavender
Leah: fuchsia
Sabrina: chartreuse

Ferguson: hot pink

What's with this artist making them lookalike chubby 5 year-olds?

They all look like a re-skinned Seven Universe.

bc i like drawing chub :^3

>i'll stop when the thread is more active
But then you'll waste the amount of images we can post. We have an image cap that should be used to post better pics then Tom.
>i hope you don't think its just me i only post my own art
I always assumed there was three Tom supporters. A Fangirl Yoai shipper, A NTR lover, and a sad sad sad person with delusional wishes.
Since you came along, that makes four but you said before that you justpost your own pics, so I didn't assume it was you.

HaremBro tell me

fine i'll stop

Is star lefthanded?

>fangirl yoai shipper


Wasnt bill cipher hidden in a howard the duck comic

if you hate it bc its gay you're a faggot

>fine i'll stop
Your a good user, dispite your taste in ships.
I know right? Thank god /sveg/ has better taste in ships than that.


i didn't mean i hate "yaoi" i meant yaoi fangirls are gross

This thread desperately needs some Gustar!

tell me which girls are dirty fujoshi

No, it needs Mope.

>HaremBro tell me
Oh sorry I missed your post. What is it?
>i didn't mean i hate "yaoi" i meant yaoi fangirls are gross
That's what I meant.
Dammit Ama, don't encourage the trash ships.
>tell me which girls are dirty fujoshi
StarFan13 of course.

i agree

>HaremBro tell me
>Oh sorry I missed your post. What is it?

that's back when everyone wanted to know what girl you drew

>StarFan13 of course

Impossible, she's a Starco shipper. And she wants Star for herself at the same time.
My god she's going to wear Marco's skin, not Star's!

You can't stop the Gustar train!

Seriously we have enough Marco ships already, we need a few Star ones

Or just more Hope

she complemented Star when she said she liked Oscar
StarFan13 ships Star x Oscar

Or more Mipe!

I used to think Jackie was really dull and boring, but she's actually pretty cute and chill!

Janna definitely
Leah has a secret album of her own drawings
That one big girl with the roller backpack, probably
Ponyhead has a magazine collection
Kelly borrows from that collection

>No, it needs Mope.
Indeed, Mopre needs more content nowadays.
>that's back when everyone wanted to know what girl you drew
Oh, well I didn't draw that pic of course, but now that you mentioned it I did draw something.
Well StarFan13 had to be a fujoshi before Star came to earth and started stalking her.
>we need a few Star ones
Fuck no we don't, we must keep Star pure for Nefcy's holy Starco endgame.

how can Star compete with this

>Well StarFan13 had to be a fujoshi before Star came to earth and started stalking her.
She still likes to see the occasional dripping wet Marco in only a towel.

i like the way you think

how many meatballs will he force her to eat

>how can Star compete with this
She can turn herself into Jackie and seduce Marco like that, I suppose.
>She still likes to see the occasional dripping wet Marco in only a towel.
This true.
Wait, then maybe StarFan13 wants to become Star so she can get at Marco's hot, delicious, bod.

So Marco get to cheat on Star with every girl around but Star must be kept "pure" for him?

Thats unfair! Let Star have fun!

Preach it!

well Marco doesn't have a crush on Star whileStar does have a crush on Marco

>So Marco get to cheat on Star
Is that how you view Sabco Ama? Tsk tsk, your a bad Sabrina shipper. Can't believe you would picture Sabrina as a home wrecker

I'm more concerned that any drawfriends will make an appearence. I remember Ironghast claiming to take a few requests tomorrow yesterday and there's been no sign of him.

>her tears making little break-lines through her cheek hearts

Well my bad

Guess I'm a dummy

star deserves more ships

we would need better boys though

>eye like black
What a slut

why just boys

It occurs to me that Star's not going to be able to keep her feelings hidden for very long if her cheek decals give her away.

cause Star is boy crazy


remember when she blushed at the booty shake

Moral of the episode
It's not lying if you change your mind

Ostar comming thru!

--Donald J. Butterump

>Star using magic to turn herself into Jackie
>She takes it too far and the spell starts altering her memories/personality
>neither Jackies nor Marco know which one was supposed to be Star anymore
>They just accept they're Jackie now
>They're both pining for Marco however

Booty is unisex. Anyone can be affected by a shapely rear, let alone several.

What the fuck? This is worse than tomco

Lemme take this idea to the discord story channel. Maybe we can get something out of it.
Thanks user.

preview for the next sleep over

are you saying you sometimes stare at a guys ass

>tfw no chubby tubby Chelsea to bake you a pie and huggle with THIQQ arms

>its my favorite color
>literally last episode he said red is his favorite

Sure thing, thanks!

looks like you weren't paying attention last ep

Did you forget the end of that episode?

Does anyone have any "FanStar" stuff, like, at all?

More yuri is never a bad thing.


>>tfw no chubby tubby Chelsea to bake you a pie and huggle with THIQQ arms
Damn man, we need more Chelsea art. So much ideas that I can't express in greens, don't want them to go to waste so art is my only hope.
>Sure thing, thanks!
No problem, just posted it there now.

>she notices that her memories are being altered
>Star thinks about reversing the spell until she sees Marco and Jackie together

There's always Ingrid too. Their lovin' comes in bulk.

>Marco confronts her about it while the last chance to revert back is slipping
>She has to either cast it now or give into him
>Drops the wand
>Kisses Marco instead


Chelsa is Star Vs's version of Grenda.

would Star try to force herself on Marco

>Messy Chelsea hug
My heart, thanks user. It's good to see one idea for a chelsea pic come to life. Good Job.
I wish I could post my Chelsea green though.

So cute!

Wow ama

those trips that donut play

>star are you stuffing your bra

Mind telling me how I can join the one on Reddit?

With how messy she gets making pies, I kind of suspect she's doing something wrong.

Unless she just likes smelling like fruit preservatives, which isn't really a bad thing.

Trips for lewdberry

>>star are you stuffing your bra
Crap, there was a green for this, I know it!

go to the Star Vs Reddit
look up Discord
a month ago there will be a post called "Unofficial Star vs. the Forces of Evil Discord" that has the link

Not at all. There's nothing involving milk with her

new idea
>Star tries to be like Jackie to get Marcos attention
>tries to learn how to skateboard but fails
>Jackie offers to teach Star which makes Jackie look even better in Marcos eyes

next weeks posters are out Tomco canon

Does Star go through mewberty?

I think Star crying and throwing herself at Marco would be sadder while Mewberty would be hotter
both are good

I would post some but it's too lewd for Cred Forums.


Welp we're screwed.

Nefcy Betrayed Us!!!

Ha ha, no way!


>I wish I could post my Chelsea green though.
Just put it to your pastebin
Apparently the crew ships it too

>Just put it to your pastebin
It is.
Speaking of which, I need a new Chelsea idea for a green.

I should be horrified but this means potential for more Princess Marco. I'd rather we just see him in the dress alone, but if Tomco is what it takes to get more Trap MexiLoli..well I'm torn.

>HaremBro slaughtering his Marco Harem

>mfw the lewdest poster is official tomco bait

>"Posters this week done by:"
>"Sabrina Cotugno “Friendenemies” "
No fucking way... Sabrina is the cause for this!!!


Where's the other one?

so Sabrina was the Fujoshi all along


Nefcy is playing the long-game at teasing and tormenting her fanbase I see.

Chelsea finds out that before Marco got into Karate, he used to be on the bigger side when he was younger. She decides he'd look better if he gained it all back.

Okay I joined the discord. Now can someone send me the link to this one?

r/ greentext of Chelsea backing for and force feeding Marco.


send a message to me i'm Laser Puppy

Oh wow, is that real?

Ahahaha! Nefcy is outright messing with /sveg/ at this point, I love it!

There's no real evidence to confirm this!!


>Force Feeding.
I don't know guys, I'm really iffy about crap like this. Sorry for being a hesitant fag.
Maybe something else that food related... like Chelsea rubbing cream on herself. That's a good one.
Naw not /sveg/, I doubt she knows about us. Mostly likely she's messing with the Tumblr fan-base.

I don't see you on the server list. Are there two Reddit servers?

>tfw you lose the Marcobowl
>tfw you will never get the Diaz

there might be
if HaremBro is in that one send him a message he will probably let you in


I like the idea of Tom meeting Princess Marco and having no earthly idea it's Marco. Later he asks Marco for tips on flirting with this princess he met.

Then when Tom meets Princess Marco again, Marco takes the dress off and Tom's like

Dropping this show tbqf

NAH no worry guys, is going to be one silly joke.



Could I also receive an invite?
I'm Starfann


I was thinking more along the lines of Chelsea sabotaging Marco's figure.

Running into him after karate class with a cake that needs sampling, catching him on a jog with a fresh pie in hand, convincing him that a few donuts won't ruin his diet, etc.

Marco notices the weight gain, but has a hard time breaking the habit of snacking when he's almost pampered with free dessert all the time.

>Starco and Jarco hint last episode
>Tomco baiting next episode
>yfw based Nefcy is trying to start a full blown shipping war

i'll ask a mod

>That monster on the background
Could it be?

>Posters this week done by:
>Sabrina Cotugno “Friendenemies”
>And Becky Dreistadt “Is Mystery”
What does she mean by ";)"?

Now where's her daydream of Marco dressed as John Keats?

It's fake.

if anyone wants to join the discord send a message to Cygnus Scarf

Sorry bro, it was posted in Daron's tumblr

I tried making a blank edit. Still rough but maybe you guys can still use it.

I'm new to Discord, how do I do that?
When I try to send a friend request it says I need their 4 digits.

forgot the number

here is the number

Like this?
Won't work.

Just for shits and grins.


>Here lies one who was writ in water

What did he mean by this?

why did Marco do this to StarFan13

>It's cute and perfect

well done user

but star doesn't have moon's weak chin and hollow cheeks

Thank you, Cred Forums.

My man. Fucking saved.

So, /sveg/, whose "Marco!" was more sincere?

Seems like Star is the one doing that. Just helping a fan deal with a craving.

Neither did Moon did when young, the trials of being a queen.



>why did Marco do this to StarFan13
He had to test out StarFan13's mouth and oral skills before sticking the Diaz in there.
>So, /sveg/, whose "Marco!" was more sincere?
Both of them, cause both are Diaz hungry.

Nope, it's an official poster. Tomco is a canon ship now.



Why are you guys so disturbed ,it is just an image of guys that don't even exist.

I do. will check it out when I get home from work.



Janna's voice was louder, but Jackie's yell was longer, so I suppose it's a tie.

What is writen in the tickets ?



When I saw the Sleepover for the first time I thought Marco was too mean to Janna.

Then in Gift of the Card they show that is because Janna deserves it!

Is scary how close /sveg/ got to Janna's actual character, all we need is now she hiding something under that beanie!

At least give the episode a chance lol

Now all we need is yandere Star and the prophecy will be complete.



who is groping janna in that gif?

Those are leaf patterns. Or she's being groped by Kelly's BF.

HOLY, that janna gif, i wish something like this is canon.

Yea really.
Now all we need is for Janna to turn out to be a gypsy.


Its Janna wearing a sweater with hand prints that was featured in a picture Nefcy once posted in her blog.

I did that gif inspired by this image by our drawfriend Calico some time ago inspired by the idea that Janna had long hair hidden under her beanie. The original image is more clear with the hands being part of the sweater.

Sluttier Edit.

removed the hoodie, added eye lashes for maximum trapco. also put his mole on the correct side.


thank you based haich

what fic?

Delete this!
And add longer hair to Marco.

If you're going to be adding stuff, can you add a subtle bite on Marco's neck?

what are the tickets for? movie night? clubbing? a show? hmmmmm


Haich! You were supposed to use your powers for good!

And you did, I love this, Mwahahahaah!

I really like this. That's just a really cute dance she's got going there.

and again Cred Forums has been triggered

Including myself

>Could it be?
literally who?

>there's a movie Marco wants to see
>Doesn't have the money
>Tom calls and invites Star to go watch the same movie with him
>Star gets the great idea to suggest he take her 'friend' on a date instead

You, of course. I always wanted to see you.

That was a blush of empathetic shame, she was embarrassed for Chantelle acting like such a hussy

To the Tomco haters.

Don't even worry, Tomco will just be one more of the ships demolished by the almighty Marar. No use in even getting upset over it getting some spot light, we all know the result will be Marar in the end no matter what.

And how not to? It's so predictable and dull.



The problem with your interpretation like your interpretation of cute and perfect is that the end result is not the focus

We know it will be trampled

The problem is the journey. We're going to have to endure a week of building up to Tomco (and apparently it's Tomco week over at Tumblr), and then likely have an aftermath where all the fujoshi rampage on the tags for Tomco stuff.

It'll be over fairly quick but I still dread that it isn't already.

Janna's. Watch close when Marco jumps. Jackie lets go of him, but Janna hangs on

After the tidalwave of Marar material this week's episodes will create I think you guys can handle a bit of Tomco!

I swear, you Marar fans don't know how nice you have it!

Jelly Janna


See I don't have a problem with other ships getting the spotlight even though I'm Starco

I just have a problem specifically because it's Tomco


huh. I always avoided that fic since it sounded like it would just be a depressing tale of Janna getting blueballed



Far from it! its a very endearing tale with quite a nice mix of comedy, drama and interesting developments!

J-Janna's gonna win, right Ama?

it is a great time for me

Slightly unrelated- I need a drawfag to do star dressed as Nep... for reasons.

For sure user, for sure.

I can only imagine how happy you are right now, doodleanon!

Thanks for bringing some variety to these stale Marar lands!

Toffee wants to get rid of magic.
Thats why his character revolved around technology and why he wanted to destroy the wand.

His goal is to get rid of magic so mewnians cant have an advantage over monsters.