Are there any cartoons that are objectively worse than the nutshack

are there any cartoons that are objectively worse than the nutshack

it has to have been on network TV at least once to count

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The fact Cred Forums just likes reciting the intro song and nothing else, can it be no one wants to actually watch beyond that?

ive watched unnecessary amounts of nutshack out of morbid curiosity and I am pretty convinced that it is the lowest of the low

Morbid curiousity did that to you? Fucking hell, man. My condolences.

Not him, but its actually quite nostalgic since it captures the mid 00's "DUDE, WEED AND INTERNET LMAO" attitude

This never made it out of Europe...

There's a reason for that, believe me.

I've seen it but funnily enough I can't remember a single thing about it.
How bad was it?


Fucking unbearable.

Better animated than Nutshack but the writing was arguably even dumber.

Even when I was a kid I couldn't stand it.

the only way I can see a show being arguably worse than the nutshack is if it includes:

poor animation
terrible voice acting
disturbingly raunchy humor
non-existent plot
and freakish characters
extra points for edginess

uncle grandpa

Allen Gregory.


>Uncle Grandpa

Da Boom Crew?

>What is Teen Titans Go?
No offense to the VAs. Their material just sucks.

Comedy Central has this new cartoon show that looks like The Nutshack of the new generation.

Don't remember what it was called though.

No, as terrible as that is, it's at least coherent and competently animated.

Oh, do I have a non-subtitled treat for you.

It's got everything you listed plus copious amounts of disturbing militarism and religious nuttery, plus EVIL TRANSGENDER HARRY POTTER and I mean literally I fucking shit you not

I just hope we stop getting more mashups. I fucking hate Mashups.