Reminder that Snyder did nothing wrong...

Reminder that Snyder did nothing wrong. He simply wanted to explore every option he could for the network to give it more variation.

His watch may have not had the best things on it and may have caused CN to fall out of its Golden Age, but he made sure to keep the channel varied and brought it out of its darkest hour, (a darkest hour that was kind of his fault to begin with but still)

It may not have been the best, but it was better than now

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Im starting to see a pattern here

Snyder is the best thing thing to happen to CN since Cartoons Cartoons

How many fucking Snyders are there in this industry?

>Every Snyder is Cred Forums related and absolutely terrible

The Snyders are all in different industries though. They just happen to all be Cred Forums related and terrible.

Snyder's watch
-Toonami fades in relevance and dies (once)
-McCracken left the network
-CN Real
-That influx of Canadian cartoons
-Cartoonstitute didn't get to become a thing
-Hall of Game
-The anti-bullying shit started
-TTG started under his watch. He may not have been the reason it turned CN into the TTG channel, but he greenlighted it


>it was better than now.

I'm pretty sure that you are wrong.

>but it was better than now
No it fucking wasn't.

>Toonami fades in relevance and dies (once)

It's not really doing any harm

Oh yeah. I remember when he ran nothing but 1 show 2/3 of the team and greenlighted a shitty reboot nobody wanted while running that for the other third and cancelling practically every decent cartoon too!

>Live action
>A hundred Canadian cartoons
>Greenlit TTG

Weakest b8 to d8 m8, can't even r8 8

Did you actually like it when CN was a shitty live action channel?


> Snyders of alternate Earths

The live action never really infected the schedule much outside of its own hour-or-two block because the ratings ended up killing the whole idea. People actually successfully protested live action on Cartoon Network by simply not watching it, which is one of the few times anything good has ever happened

>-The anti-bullying shit started
are you impugning the golden age of bitstrips user
are you

Don't talk shit about Dana Snyder.

>Crysis of infinite Snyders

>Final Snyder

>MFW their are Cred Forums users who grew up in the Snyder era and couldn't experience the golden age of CN

As many Seths

that's not Cred Forums related, so it's fine

>It may not have been the best, but it was better than now
Agreed, at least the schedule back then had more variety instead of airing Teen Titans Go 24/7.

>-TTG started under his watch. He may not have been the reason it turned CN into the TTG channel, but he greenlighted it

TTG was reran into the ground the moment the first episode aired.

The idea of someone growing up in a world of Squirrel Boy being the biggest thing on the network terrified me

Shut up, Snyder.

Crisis on Infinite Snyders. Fusion?

Yes, Snyder destroyed the rest of DC Nation by airing and promoting TTG to the point everything else in the block got cancelled and burnt off but even then, the show ran quite a bit less than RS and AT (The TTGs of the era) did back then. It wasn't untill Miller and Vishnu that the show was made "your favorite new show".

>this is food

It's not even like the shows were that bad, anyway. I liked the one that was like Survivorman for kids, where they had to survive after a school bus crash with limited supplies and stuff.

Don't make shit up. If he had it his wasy no DC show would have survived. He was fucking over the DC stuff to make himself look better. He messed with the schedules of GL, Beware the Batman, and YJ and that's what led them to be cancelled. Stop pulling stuff out of your ass and making TTG into a boogeyman just because you don't like it.

>, the show ran quite a bit less than RS and AT (The TTGs of the era)
Actually, the TTG of that era was Johnny Test

>Somewhere out there Seth Snyder exists
>some day he will create the worst thing in human history

Batman v. Sausage Party: Real


>Google Seth Snyder
>He does exist, some venture capitalist

Seth Snyder presents: Marvel Super Hero War on Wall Street

I don't recall Johnny Test being played much, except for that summer marathon.

>I don't recall Johnny Test being played much
You have to be joking

>Snyder 52

>Identity Snyder

In which one of the Snyder's is murdered and NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME

>Reminder that Snyder did nothing wrong
>put live action on CN
>got rid of Toonami
Yeah, no. You're a fucking sack, OP.

By that point in time from what I know, the airings of whipcrack the show were starting to get notably less frequent (the next year is when the show got silently screwed and cancelled.

Stop trying to pretend I can read your mind. Yes, I agree with you that TTG was only a minor reason why DC Nation failed but the point still stands that the airings of TTG was moderated decently (bar in the DC Nation block once Batman went under) until Vishnu got into scheduling power and the New Thursday's block was created with TTG being the big lead in for everything else.

> Toonami fades in relevance

there was no fade, clearly the block was doing well if they were allocated a bigger budget for new setting and characters.

>cartoon network has one fucking job, MAKE CARTOONS
>snyder even managed to fuck that up
kill yourself, the devils is gone and i hope he never returns

Even as a kid I knew 2005-2007 CN shows were bad (minus Megas) so I just didn't watch it, I was way into Nicktoons Network reruns of classics at that time

>clearly the block was doing well if they were allocated a bigger budget for new setting and characters.
And what good did that do it again? Not to mention the reduced hours on Saturdays

making 3dcg bumpers like they had is kinda pocket change, especially with the simple robotic designs they had, it takes maybe a couple weeks to crank out all of those

Say what you will about the programming, but he brought on the strongest branding CN's seen in years.

>inb4 muh CN City character soup

Yeah, it was good, but it relied entirely on the current lineup and didn't give the network much of its own image

That branding is shit and weak.

>didn't give the network much of its own image
nigga what
where else have you seen that shit
it made the cartoon characters themselves the image of the network, which is a smart idea because they're more memorable than that vector graphics shit ever will be
The bumpers were a lot more entertaining and funny too

gtfo underageb&

What said. They were even smart enough to put old cartoons in the bumpers alongside the new ones. That way no matter what new shows they added onto the Network, the old bumpers would still be reusable.

That was awful. What are you talking about?