Which was superior?


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Castle Cagliastro

Harvey Birdman did it better.

why the fuck is his shirt red

Red shirt Shaggy was badasss

>substitute teacher for qt monstergirls
>became a werewolf and participated in a wacky races style race against Dracula and others

Confirmed underage.

we all know who was best

I never gave enough of a shit about scooby doo to watch the movies

so why is his shirt red

>he didn't watch the movie
>missing out on good stuff like Zombie Island

did he have a red shirt in zombie island too

Green shirt Shaggy was good but it got a little dull at times. I liked red shirt Shaggy more overall.

Haven't seen pink shirt Shaggy yet but the new blue shirt Shaggy series they made last year was awesome.

What did everyone think about The Woman Named Daphne? I thought it was terrible but it looks like it has its fans.

GSS is cooler and funnier, RSS is more competent and bad-ass.

No one on Cred Forums is going to get this.

Pink shirt Shaggy. Never shows up in anything, it's always green or red.

OK< when did these two meet?

In that movie a few years back, Red shirt Shaggy vs Green shirt Shaggy.

It's from his olden days when they gave him a red shirt. Like in the old scooby doo movies like Reluctebt werewolf and ghoul school

Scooby Doo and the cyber chase


>Red Shirt Shaggy shows up in only a few select movies and 13 Ghosts
>in these universes magic, monsters and the like are real
>Cyber Chase has Red Shirt Shaggy as a virtual recreation of Shaggy
>all of those adventures had supernatural elements because they were never real


>Nobody remembers the live action white shirt Shaggy

Is there a canon reason as to why Shaggy changed shirt color?

Red shirt Shaggy had a qt loli monstergirl harem and became a werewolf, while green shirt Shaggy was in Zombie Island, A Pup Name Scooby Doo, and Mystery Incorporated.
I'd say they're both pretty great.

Daphne looked different too.

Red Shirt got way more pussy than Green Shirt.

I liked 13 ghosts, it sort of looks like as well like shaggy and Daph got along really really well if you know what I mean. *wink *wink *nudge *nudge

Mystery of Mamo!

I doubt anyone on Cred Forums would get it either.

Green because he never had a fucking red shirt

>hurf duf gonna find god with a rocket

Damn scooby doo has good lore

What's your favorite Scooby Doo movie?

Mine's pic related

The Red Green Show


I bet Daphne never considered it because she thought shaggy was gay

Always Zombie Island but Cyber Chase is up there.

So best Shaggy and the best movies were never real? What a shame.

Anyway though, 13 Ghosts is canon to Mystery Incorporated. Atleast Flim Flam is anyway.

Well Daphane will go for the most alpha man around. That whore


Assuming people wouldn't know best detective.

Lucky for you, I'm a dog lover.

> I thought it was terrible
Why? Do you hate amazing art?

Red shirt shaggy was in universe something that he used to wear before going back to green though. They said that they took the models from how they used to look years ago.

Scooby Doo and the Pirate Zombie Jungle Island

Modern Shaggy is the best.

Mystery Incorporated is a reboot with an amalgamation of elements from all of the previous Scooby Doo material (Hex Girls, Flim Flam, Scrappy, etc.).


what the fuck

Fear is the only limiter on Shaggy. Without fear his power is maximum.

"Doktor. Turn off my fear inhibitors."


Is this like a one episode thing or is shaggy at 100% shagimus power the entire show/season.

It's from one of the DTV movies Legend of the Phantosaur.

Shaggy got spooked so hard he had a mental breakdown. So they took him to a place he could relax only ghost dinosaurs showed up. They hypnotized him to be without fear. That resulted in Shaggy beating up a biker gang and getting into death races.

Weirdly makes sense, Shaggy has the body of a fucking world-class athlete. Without the limits of his mind, he'd be a demigod.

What a premise. Happy to know this exists. Thanks for the info!

Who is this and what have he done with Shaggy?

oh, I already read, thank you.

>dat smug as fuck face while saving the other guy
you know he can swooce right in anytime he wants to

Lupin isn't exactly obscure you know. Especially when we just had a kickass Lupin series.

But Shaggy had a green shirt in Zombie Island and Witch's Ghost.


Remember when he went to the London Olympics?



>I bet Daphne never considered it because she thought shaggy was a dog lover



Scooby lore is confusing as fuck

I think the 90s movies are in an AU than the original show , since they have modern tech like cell phones

And theres The New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show , and the New Mysteries series where magic is real but you have green shirt Shaggy there also

For some reason its always a Daphne / Shaggy pairing in the shows with real magic though

so maybe in the TV shows where magic is real Fred and Velma either dont exist or have died in those timelines ?

and who the fuck knows how the timelines work in the new movies with batman and adams family in the scooby universe





this one

>Blue shirt Shaggy is real

You're looking for lore where there is none. Every show is its own thing.


Be Cool Scooby Doo finally got a better designer?


>best movies
>ghoul school
hell no

holy shit i had the video game
It was fucking terrible kek

why did Hannah Barbera copied Skooks so much? There are so many fucking shows following a similar premise

Zombie Island is objectively the best Scooby Doo thing.


Witchs Ghost is superior by virtue of Tim Curry doing VA in it

also Hex Girls Waifus

except Witch's Ghost is better than Zombie Island

zombie island is better in every regard though

Someone please add Hans Zimmer music to this webm and post it in /gif/.

Is this the part where he kills Fred by pushing him onto a stalagmite?

Maybe the soundtrack is better
but thats about it

>comfy New England vs Shitty Swamps
>Velma vs plebian waifu Daphne
>That climax tho

Fred is not so easily defeated.


red was alpha as fuck but hypnotized green is way better at fighting, it also punvhed the joker in the face

....Cliff Hanger?

While were at it, anyone got a torrent or download for Mystery Inc in HD/BD rips?

I only got the tv rips

shaggy and daphne are strangely cute together


I was mostly referring to that Mystery Skulls video, but good fights. Scooby-Doo is a top-tier anime.


they are.

Because he has more than one fucking shirt

I've wanted to get into Lupin. Is it just a matter of picking a movie or series at random or are there jump on points?

Start from Series I then just go in chronological order.

Fuck off [as]sfag


Everyone knows dogs are a great chick magnet.


why does the shading look so good

Because they actually cared about it



Zombie Island > Hex Waifus > Pup > Mystery Inc > Where Are You > 13 Ghosts > What's New > Reluctant Werewolf > Be Cool > Spooky Monster School Waifus > First Live Action > Who Cares

Each series is different in its own way. Series 2 is the most well known/iconic but you can really start anywhere. Just keep in mind that if you start a series and end up not liking it, you may want to try a different series before fully dropping because you may like that one more.

You forgot
>hung out with three ghost bros and macked on a southern redneck hottie while her brother raged hard

Red Shaggy is actually the original shaggy from a timeline variant in the Prime universe where he, scooby, and scrappy left the gang

The Green shirt Shaggy in the image is from Cyber Chase , which is in the Rebuild of Scooby Doo universe

I am making these images for future reference on Cred Forums , I only have the Prime universe one finished

The Rebuild Universe Consists of
Pup Named Scooby-Doo > Whats New Scooby-Doo > Then goes on to most of the direct to video movies from the 90s and up until now is still running

Rebuild Shaggy has more feats I think thanks to the movies such as Zombie Island and Witchs Ghost

For those curious the other univeres include the Scooby-Doo Cinematic Universe which are all the live action films, and a handful of spinoff pocket universes

Scooby Doo Mystery Incrorporated tho

This is a new level of autism

What the fuck is wrong with you

You've done good work organizing Scoob canon. Excellent job.



Where does Mystery Inc fit into all of this

bitter, pussy?

What am I looking at?
>Entire gang has their eyes shut as they're falling as if they are ready to be embraced by death
>Scooby has his tongue flying out without a care in the world

Mystery Inc is an alternate universe where similar events transpired

the universe where Fred and Velma quit the gang because Flim Flam exists in SDMI

Although, Fred claims he was actually "away at trapping camp that summer" so TNSDS and 13 Ghosts just happen over a summer where Fred and Velma were away.

The gang helped save the world from a space demon.

Blue shirt Shaggy when


Because kids went fucking crazy over Scooby Doo, and making a cartoon like Jabberjaw or Speed Buggy was pretty cheap.

Gene Simmons will do literally anything for a paycheck. LITERALLY.

Finally someone else who appreciates based A Pup Named Scooby Doo

>TFW finally get the Red Herring joke once Im an adult


Just be sure to fucking pay him. And don't pull Saban's shit.

Saban and his lawyers were making a deal with Simmons, and Saban turned to his lawyer and said (in Hebrew) "Here's where we castrate him."

He didn't realize that Gene Simmons is Jewish and knows Hebrew. Simmons cut the meeting short there, called Saban a motherfucker, and walked out.

Wait, wouldn't that make him more afraid? Y'know, if it's his INHIBITORS being turned off

Unless it's inhibiting him via fear?

Saban really is a subhuman, isn't he?

There's a story that he got lost in his own mansion once, turned to the guests with him, and said "Five retards in spandex."

Dude's no Prince Charming.


Why does Scooby and Tom get the better animation budget?

I thought RSS was the videogame alter ego of Shaggy
Being him on a VN(Ghoul School) and a Race Game(Reluctant Werewolf)

Witch Hex Girls, Vampire Hex Girls or Mystery Inc hex girls?


These waifus have existed for 16 years and theres so little r34 of them


Because they were lewd enough in the source material.

Witch > Mystery > Vampire


Got any hexgirls gifs/webms?

No but I do have this.

Decent taste.

From where is that

better dead than red!

Camp Scare

Camp Scare.

>The episode where Red herring was actually the villian and Fred just lose his shit

anyone who prefers velma over daphne is brain damaged

>All this Shaggy/Daphne talk
>Still no Fred/Velma bait in the shows
Fucking hell.

Velma's got the illusion of being less high maintenance and more desperate, but really? Unless you're a legit fucking genius, you'd end up boring her eventually because she can't speak with you as an intellectual equal. She needs someone she doesn't have to speak down to. Otherwise... Have you seen how cunty she can be when the others don't understand what she does? Imagine having a discussion and she just starts rolling her eyes, sighing heavily, and going "I SAID..."

And it's not even about monster traps. She's doing this to you over breakfast because you went "Huh?" after she went all technobabble about some shit she read in the papers.

She's also hella selfish.

Daphne, on the other hand, appears to be your stereotypical brainless hot rich bitch. But she'll give her friends the shirt off her back, probably funds the gang's adventures (because none of them have fucking jobs, that's for sure. Any road money they get is going into the weed stash and car repairs for that ancient van.), and rarely seems to have a seriously harsh word for anyone.

What do you think Fred and Velma were doing when Scooby and Shaggy were palling around with Daphne and Flim Flam?

Probably fucking.

>probably funds the gang's adventures (because none of them have fucking jobs

Shaggy's family is filthy rich almost all Rogers live in mansions


Shaggy is fucking badass


>Traps! Traps everywhere!


I like to think Shaggy is well aware of the supernatural, he keeps it a secret from the gang because they wouldn't believe him probably thinking he was just high on drugs.

And is still a scaredy cat because although he knows the monster they find are guys in costumes, he is also is well aware that the real monster is Man

Wrong blonde guy.

>implying Fred doesn't make more sense with Velma than he does with Daphne
Guy intends to be an inventor, that's exactly the kind of thing that gets Velma wet.





I'd say why but I dont want to summon "him"

Do you think there was an End of Scoobion event, some kind of Third Snack that resulted in the Rebuild universe? Does it exist concurrently with the prime timelines?

honestly though the moment where she gets on top of Fred about to fuck him, and then the camera cuts outside and we see Fred working on the Mystery Machine is legitimately scary and unsettling.

Scrappy-Doo only exists in the original timeline I think, besides as a joke, and the timelines get fucked up when he shows up

I guess he caused the Scrap Impact or something

>Scooby-Doo is a top-tier anime.

Gene may be a capitalist whore but he's my kinda capitalist whore

get em wet shaggy









>Shaggy's last name is Rogers

Why does the Scooby Doo and the cyber chase movie, made in 2001, look so much more "old-fashioned" than the What's New Scooby Doo tv show, made in 2002? They're just one year apart.

Was it because of the switch from cel animation to digital?

almost perfect but you forgot the boo brothers

zombie island gave me a furry fetish.

it would've been better if i never got into the movies.

Nice stick. Did it hurt when they shoved it up your ass or was it always there?



That's amazing. GJ Gene.

>zombie island gave me a furry fetish.
It sparked something for me too.

>that transformation scene

Yeah they've made Velma really insufferable over the years.

>Was it because of the switch from cel animation to digital?


>Boy am I sure glad that they're in there and that we're out here

Then later he grabs Daphne and they get on the motorcycle
>whose chopper is this
>it's Fred's
>Fred's dead baby, freds dead

Motorcycle huh.

Where do the live action films fit in the timeline?

alternate universe timeline, where scoob failed to stop the tar monster

>that one episode of What's New Scooby Doo where Shaggy and Scoob accidentally Lady and the Tramp kissed at the end.


Series II has more than 100 episodes. How much of the series should I watch to understand who the characters are in the Miyazaki film?

Actually, Zombie Island confirmed that the movies take place years after the series. That's why you see modern shit like cell phones.

The character dynamics don't change that much. Goemon is the only character who is "introduced", but his backstory isn't mentioned after his introductory episodes (except some stray comments in Mamo)

Shaggy was always the most relatable guy in the show: he didn't want to get involved with spooky shit, but he was also a reliable guy because even though he was afraid, he investigated and played the bait. Daphne was second, you could see her motivation at a glance: a bored girl looking for adventure. It's a pity that the Daphne+Shaggy+Scooby split-up was so uncommon, they played well off each other. The similarly rare Velma+Shaggy+Scooby split-up wasn't as fun because Velma was bossy and pretty much took over the lead and the destroyed the feel of a classic Shag and Scoob investigation.

>you'll never get beaten up by little girls in a loli biker bar and made to ride bitch with the biker loli leader

You could probably beat 5 year old Daphne in a fight user. Probably.

So did anyone ever read the shortlived comic that was put out in the early 2000s?
>Wax Museum
>The one where Fred tries to get Shaggy to shave

literally anything Hannah Barbera did was cheap. That was their whole mantra as a production company but Ted Turner, Westing House (Viacom), Disney and The FCC killed all that.

I never expected them to refrence dinomutt and the blue falcon


I'm slow, it took me a moment

Remember when Shaggy had that crossover movie with Quickdraw McGraw?


That is awesome in so many ways.

Thoughts on this Scooby?

so which series are all these neato fight scenes from?

I still don't know what swooce means.

Quest tech?! damn Scooby lore is best

the courage skit at the end spooked me hardcore

I wonder if Scooby is still WWE champion.

Pretty good in my opinion.
Would you? I would both.

Fuck yeah. And Mystery Incorporated took that a step further. Especially with that ending.

>mfw got started on the first series and got to that ep just a few days ago

The ending was fucking amazing

>that other ep where they escape with the cabin

>The Woman called Daphne Blake

It had a few really good episodes and was stylish as hell, but the conclusion was rage inducing.
Why even set up a mystery about Daphne's identity, if you're going to completely debunk it by the end?!

Still, I appreciated all the artistic nudity.

Ghoul School and that one where Shaggy banged an alien

>zombie island gave me a furry fetish.

You're lucky. It made me buy Third eye blind cds

I'd fucked Alien Amber in a heartbeat

thats anime as fuck

>Reluctebt werewolf

What the fuck.

Women love Shaggy.

They should have go the extra mile and put a girl in a sexy mightor costume or a guy dress like zorak strap with a cardboard piano.

The sadess thing about the cancellation of Mystery inc. Is that we will never get a HB shared universe.

But in the frankencreepy and Zombie Island movies they refference events from the original show.

Wouldn´t that put the movies in the main timeline?

>velma in twin tails

I don't even like that hair style but somehow she works it

Because that one was made in nipland.

Someone post the John Cena webm.


Are you not reading Future Quest?

that is the scoobs cinematic universe

We need more Daphne lewds.


>Original vs spicy

This pisses me off
Zombie island was perfect cannon (semi) ending

That's Velma's younger sister

What Scooby Doo is worth watching? I didn't pay attention to anything past zombie island and the witches movie

Are the other shows besides the original Where are you that bad?

I remember seeing lots of Where are you reruns and the new movies reruns a few times, but I dont think I have ever seen episodes of the Scooby Doo show or any of the series with Scrappy aired on CN

Apparently you cant even buy that shit on DVD

Twintails are the super long ones. That's just pigtails.

Rights issues, mainly.

I still sometimes catch myself humming the theme to A Pup Named Scooby Doo.

I remember Boomerang playing Where Are You, New Scooby Doo Movies, some Scrappy, and 13 Ghosts. The only think from the Scooby show was when they met Blue Falcon and Dyno Mutt.