ITT: Pilots you wish got picked up

ITT: Pilots you wish got picked up.

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also 3 dog band


This was fucking pure gold

a series would almost sully it

The Modifiers

I don't get their choice for Buddy's voice but I want more of this regardless.

blah blah Buttwitch Etc. etc.

It's been like 13 years user. Time to let go

Constant Payne

It was a shitty Adventure Time clone, but that fox was too cute.

>saying this in a thread specifically made to not let things go


But it was either them or KND, and I'm happy with what we got.

at least it wasnt that stupid pilot about the indians

Speaking of shows that were too cute to last

I wanted Utica or LongHair&Doubledome to win

i saw porn of kitty bobo a while back
it was an alright short

I remember that, it was really cute and silly

To bad it didn't last


>3 dog band

Top quality.

What show is this?

Dude it actually might be picked up.
Didn't you see the thread yesterday?

Yoyotoki Happy Ears

It was an amazon prime pilot.

Plastic Man. It had the same feel as PPG and Dexter's Lab, plus Tom Kenny.

God damn was that pilot good. Such a shame.

>tfw no more happy ears

that pilot was great

Surprised no one has posted this yet.

It's too late for this one.
They'd update the nerd stereotypes.
It'd be shit, let's be honest.

Eh, how about we just have more MillionDollarExtreme instead?

At least we got some shorts beyond the pilot.

I liked it

DC Nation shorts were fun and neat to introduce new people to characters

gunshow's anime club is pretty much the same thing


Deadtime Stories.

Might have ended up being picked apart by the Hot Topic demographic, but I liked the psychological aspects of it anyhow.

It still hurts.

At least the shorts are pretty.

I saw this thread and came here to post exactly this. Fuck that show could have been amazing.

Holy SHIT has it been 13 years since that pilot aired? oh my god I'm so old. Please help.


What show is it?

it can be 13 years user, i can't be 28, my career hasen't started yet, why are all my friends having kids and marrying?

King Star King

Let's be honest, this'll probably never get made.
Thanks Canada.

Time will solve everything.

I thought it already came out?

Just it's pilot.

I just remembered that Harpee Gee was a thing.

I need to get caught up on it, badly. I left off near the beginning of Part Three or something? Idk. It's a great webcomic from what I remember.

Shame we never got that Amethyst cartoon. It could've been something.

It's too bad. This could've been a nice counter show to the Big Bang Theory type of shows that are floating around now.

Huh, I vaguely remember this.

But King Star King actually got like 8 episodes or something.

Looked pretty mediocre.

Yeah no, if I want to watch kitty bobo then I'll just drive up to the city and hang out with my hipster friends

The pilot fucking sucked- why did it catch anyone's interest as what could have been. They spent 20% of the episode in a game where the only punchline is they are spouting "real nerd" trivia. And yet a bunch of faggots say, "THIS IS WHAT REPRESENTS US - NOT THAT BIG BANG BULLSHIT"

Who is that badass from?

It's not fair


The amazing screw-on-head.

Wait what!

Agreed, the pilot devoted too much time to the trivia aspect. There was no real substance besides the fact that everybody was a piece of shit and grating to know.

It'd be different if they were still pieces of shit but we got to see what makes them tick, but as it was the pilot thought that having characters scream for an extended period of time was the answer.

Just checked 6 episodes and the pilot.

>Incredibly rad hip-hop wars failed to garner enough interest

Fucking how?

no one gives a shit about hypothetical worlds where straight romance is taboo. that's the dumbest possible way you could adapt Romeo and Juliet.
think of every single boys vs girls episode of a cartoon ever. imagine that episode stretched out into a whole series. no one wants that.

I dunno, The Modifiers pilot was fun and had a nice style, but I do question how much longevity it would've actually had as a series - the set up would probably get old rather quickly.

But that was a piece of shit. I'd actually place it below Big Bang Theory, since at least that show can be funny when it stops pretending it's nerdy.

Gag poll [as] put up on their site.

In fact, literally the same dynamic between the autistic fat piece of shit entitled asshole and the autistic self-righteous egotistical moralfag.

Didn't the guy behind it find jesus and feminism or something and denounce everything AS and Korgoth related?

Well that and the voice acting for the pilot was so ear-rapingly bad that it killed a lot of the enthusiasm that was present for it.

>introduce new factions
>Agent Xero has an identity for each of them
>She accidentally instigates a gang war
>season finale is using all her different personas to pull a coup. each faction thinks they have a representative on the council of evil alliance but every representative is just one of her personas. She is in fact the sole member of the council of evil alliance. No one notices their faction doesn't do anything evil or illegal anymore because they're too focused on friendly sportsball tournaments between factions.

You've missed some developments and a villain's appearance, but it hasn't hit its full potential just yet.

Has mignola done any other animated cartoons in his style like OP's pick?

Why was this rejected again?

I wish man.
When will we get a fully realized Mongolia animated universe?

>>introduce new factions

Atlantis had aspects of his style, but was a bit more normalized.

way too edgy

well then I'm glad the one short animation that exists is so well done. The villain's voice acting is great.
>There's actually a little joke in here, Zod was funny!

I really want an animated B.P.R.D.

I loved the swords-and-sorcery vibe from the original with ernie colon's art. This version looked like it had a hell of a lot of potential if the distro company wouldn't try to make it parent-friendly.
> that neck

so did i, user
so did i

the usual. "Cartoons are for kids" but this cartoon has sex in it, and not just sex but super-AIDS. The cringeworthy voice acting didn't help things either.

Didn't some people get ass blasted by the original premise so they changed it?

... is this JJBA Part 10?

Seriously, what the heck is this?

It's dumb fun not edge

Man it hurts user

This is kind of fun. The scene with the dog getting into the hippo and elephant butts probably didn't sit well with execs

I don't know how it doesn't get picked up now. You fucking nerds love to be pandered to and every network exec knows it.

yeah but just anime, i could identify more with the eltingville guys because they talked about comics and horror movies

Realms Eternal was better, and still had plenty of cute girls for porn. And speaking of Amazon pilots, does anyone know which of the pilots they picked up this time?

It updated pretty well imo.

i always wanted to fuck the one with brown hair

I just watched screw on head for the first time. Holy shit that was great. Why arent there more shows like that in exsistance? Adult swim should invest in original content like that instead of more shitty family guy reruns.

This. Wouldve been huge but Big Jew shut down the golden age of adult animations.

Is screw on head in any of the hellboy comics?

This was one of the only cartoons to ever legitimately creep me out

No it's a separate property, same creator of course.

Goddamnit, and to think i was gonna go out of my way to read more about him.

Why not? He's good.

oh, like the name of the animation? Urbance