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Post people and shit

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I would a loli Judy.


I'd still hit it

but why?

Because boobs, that's why.

so like, the Frizz really loves her bus like that?

Now that's a carpet I'd munch!

Not that different is almost like they drew a normal woman and gave her cat features.


You know, she's probably be shorter. And saggier. And crankier.

But she'd still have the bomb. She just needs a plate of walnut fig dough surprise.


>Not humanized Liz








The artist is the fucking man.



shouldn't they be black?


I always interpreted the bus as Male.



Aaaand that's the last one I have on hand juts this moment.

Might be able to scrounge up some humanized art of that girl squirrel from The Sword in the Stone if anyone wants.

pacific rim

Pacific Rim jaegers,

though I don't recognize the one with cannons, and I don't mean tits



I can't remember what the Australian one looked like, or what Idris Elba's looked like.
Maybe it's one of them?

Why not?

There is one of Liz, she's tiny and wears overalls.
You can find it if you find the artist.

Might be an unofficial or fanmade jaeger. Coyote Tango is the only one I can think of with over-the-shoulder cannons like that, but the barrels don't look like that, and on a quick check CT doesn't have those ear things.


I guess the far right one with blades on each hand is Striker Eureka, the Australian one

why does this offend me more than furry shit?

wtf is wrong with me...

So is Buttons owned by dogs in this universe?
Or is Buttons the owner and the Mother is his mother?

Mater doesn't look nearly redneck-y enough.

Could not say. Other than giving them a human skin tone and pants/shoes/shirt as needed, they're pretty much the same visually as they were as... whatever kind of animal they were originally.

never thought that through if I'm being honest

Here's a redraw of some rule 75 fanart of that train from the new Thomas the Tank Engine movie. You know which one.

My original version... it got a lot of back-handed compliments, y'know? Like... a LOT.

Why is Wall-E Ichigo?
Does he have a robot bankai?

That one episode of Doctor Who when the TARDIS got a human body.

Where is the infamous Catdog picture?


Your wish...


I gotta say, getting facial features out of the mess of scrap they call faces is an impressive feat.

I feel like I should be really disgusted, but I'd be really curious to see a creature like this in real life.

i don't get why people get so weirded out by this one
now this drives me up the fucking walls

Who is the third one supposed to be? Mr Krabs? Sandy?

It only really becomes disgusting when you consider that as part of their bodily functions one of them will have to barf up a big steaming shit from their mouth at some point during the day.

Judging by the color of the skirt, krabs.


Ever seen the Bakshi/John K Mighty Mouse episode that introduced Bat-Bat? He drove a Manmobile seen here.

I now believe that Humanized Catdog would exist in this universe and is probably the reason why Bat-Bat has a Manmobile that looks like that.

If it wasn't because of Patrick and Spongebob. I would have never guessed.

Hell, I would probably had fapped to Mr. Krab.

The hair has crab claws in it.

>too young
>Dot and Yakko with shirts
>Wakko with pants
>bus not a guy

I'm less bothered by the concept as a whole and more by the weird John Waters mustache Cat has.

It could just be a stylized look, but none of the others have head-stuff that wasn't in the actual design.

A vehicles are ladies, this is a known fact.


that still makes him Alien

that's cute my man

This fucking sucks if only because the characters look nothing like a human version would. They're just generic anime dudes with the characters' color themes on their clothes. It's not even cosplay tier, let alone a humanization.


tumblr really likes minorities dont they

you didn't have to post that shit

you really didn't

Meh, there are some whites in Africa.

They don't sound native anyway

I almost forgot about that movie

>Who the fuck are these supposed to be?
Jesus fuck

You remember the ripping friends? How about Man-Man and Boy-boy? Now those were weird characters.

Because you're shit. That's why.



Not Cred Forums

At least put some effort into your bait you faggot



By not making Mater a dumpy hick, they've really tipped their hand about their motivations. Or demonstrated a serious lack of range.

Not sure humanized Legos count for anything.


Eh, counts enough for me.


i feel almost sad that mater doesn't look like Lary the cable guy












I want to give courage a hug.

would slap it.

I'm disappointed in Mater

I like this exit so much more then the original

Sorry for the Cred Forums






I like how you think user

>TFW will they do it again the cartoon.
What is this?


Treehugger is underrated.



I actually like this Soundwave


id watch it with the original voices
>now bring it around town


>TFW going from Sponge Bob to Ren & Stimpy type humans
You know I can't really tell which is worst to be honest.

oh dog


>give me warm
>give me soft


>Optimus has a beard
This seems like such an obvious thing to do and I'm surprised it never occurred to me. I guess it's probably because I haven't kept up with transformers since transformers cybertron first aired.

>Eeyore smiling

It's like they don't even know anything about Winnie the Pooh.

>mfw I remember that thread

It's exactly 420 right now


Why is Blackout a chick now.

how long are Garnet's legs god DAMN?


Shit, didn't notice that her toes poke out behind Pearl, good eyes user.


Some of these are actually pretty cool

that person was obviously tracing over an existing picture


>male Miltank






Never even watched the show, but I like this humanization. Looks casual and not at all offensive to me in the slightest.

Dat Garnet tho

>not hawt animu bishes

I mean, the Gems all looks entirely human anyway. They just changed the palette and the clothes and added some accessories.

I guess they removed Garnet's third eye.

I actually really like this one.



I wish /mlp/ had nice humanization threads. It's all either someone posting tumblr inclusiveness art for (You)s or the godawful EG designs.




Mr. Piggy

Edgesol, Milotic and Carnivine are fucking god-tier.

Ratchet and clank gang anyone?

I recall him wanting do something fucked up, what was it again?

>implying this isn't her canon look

He wanted to eat Muriel.

That's cute.
Speaking of trains, here's Emily.

Thats pretty fucked up

>mordecai is JG

It is known. You go in and out of them, pump fluid into them, etc.

this is actually pretty cool. I don't get why everyone gets but hurt about it. because their brown and gay whogivesfug they cartoons bruh

pretty goood

god please not this again

I feel like this shouldn't count since they're basically just humans with weird colored skin appearance wise.

I'm fine with whatever the fuck skin color they're interpreted as, it's the special snowflake gender shit in the original pic that gets me

He literally was in the 2 in the AM PM pilot, plus he voices him.

Not fat enough

Righty ain't chocolate enough. Unf.

I am very ok with this


not degenerate enough, i should want to punch her in the face and think of her as a bad person



Even when she's making those little rabbit screams?

brown people aren't that fucking ugly, dude.

that's just racist.

Delicious 80s stylings here

The gender fluid stuff is weird, i'll give you that..

Especially when the game almost deliberately states that the monsters in that world a magic and not organic making genders fairly moot.

don't even know what you mean. I assume you're trying to turn it around on me? u need to git gud at clapback bruh

>That piglet
It's like a kid with a face of 40 years old

Fuck off and die!


Hair should be colored like his ears. Otherwise fine.

Pointy nose is enough, jaw is unnecessary and hair is kinda stupid.

These are fine. Shirley should have a different nose, though.


Rabbit looks WAY too sloppy.

I think one of the only bishie Bill Cipher designs I liked had a full facial veil with his eye design. It wasn't exactly like the ikimaru tumblr version, but managed to look suitably sinister rather than husbando.

This design, on the other hand, is also tops.


Gotta love that 2 in the AM PM reference.

It's so rare to find art of him without Queen Moon shipping.

Your taste


Roadhog and Junkrat

without the hat, i wouldn't know who the hell that is.

i have barely done anything with the game, i know some of the characters, but these look NOTHING like them as humans. i can't tell who is fucking who! its all the same shit!

I mean, once the hat tipped me off, it was easy to see how the other traits factored in. But she was essentially a generic spinster design in squirrel form to begin with, so it's not really recognizable as a whole without the hat.


I still don't know who it's supposed to be.

Wait is the carpet actually referred to as a girl or no?

If you mean the joseon au one that is indeed the best human bill.

I like that one as a picture but it doesn't fit his voice or character, maybe if he sounded like Danny Devito. If not the joseon one I prefer the human Bills that are just Alex Hirsch in a top hat. Those look right.

Actual Dark Souls harpies don't look like that, but the DO have DAT ASS.

Dem hips

Nice Monster Hunter armors.

I can't picture his voice matching up with this guy though. I picture someone sharp and narrow.

I'm a day late, but here you go

Every goddamn thread.

This isn't even Cred Forums!

That'th thuper thpethial, user.


The Three Caballeros?

I should be less surprised that a vehicle made from two giant hairy man-asses comes from a John K. cartoon. Guy was setting down the ideas for Wally Man a long time ago, apparently.

Who are these supposed to be?

God I never liked her



I don't see the logic in making a character who is literally 2D fat.

>no humanized Pavita to go with Goldie
>they would be the best of friends

You got one clue

Stop, my boner can't get any bigger.


his voice does not match that design at all. and no eyepatch at least?

bill's voice is alex imitating david lynch so why are there no humanizations resembling lynch?



Don't know why but this makes me kek

they don't look too much different as humans.


This is actually pretty impressive. All of them work really really well.

pearl is actually very sexy as a human.

she is still gay though so there's no chance of any guy being her boyfriend.

It's not really referred to as either.

I'd completely forgotten I'd saved this a long time ago.