Licensed Comics

Anyone got a full list of Marvel's? I know of

>Star Wars
>GI Joe
>Starriors and Zoids
>Red Sonja
>John Carter

I'm also interested in the instances in which they connect to the mainline universe. For instance, the Hyborean age was canon for awhile in Marvel, and War of the Worlds was a possible future that spawned the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Non-Marvel stuff is fine too. I know Bionicle had a cameo in a Green Lantern book.

>Forgetting Godzilla.

Bill and Ted made a few cameos when Marvel did their comics. Also the micronaughts.

Kylke Baker's run on the Shadow and the Justice Inc books he did are the best licensed comics ever. DC did a pretty good job with the Shadow. The Alex Toth Hot Wheels comics are pretty cool too.

Anyway, other licensed Marvel stuff:

>The Shadow Epic GN by O'Neill, Kaluta, and Russ Heath
>Biker Mice From Mars
>Beavis and Butthead (they used to do commentary on bad 90s Marvel comics)
>Ren and Stimpy (Dan Slott's best work)
>Rocko's Modern LIfe
>Doc Savage at one point when DC didn't have it
>Planet of the Apes (these are really good. They were B&W magazines)
>Dr. Who for Marvel UK
>Lots of movie adaptations ranging from awful to alright. The Bill Sienkiewicz Dune is pretty neat at least.

Those Godzilla books have some neat Herb Trimpe art. Sutton did some too, right? They're really fun but it's a shame they didn't feature any other Toho monsters.

Doug Moench wrote those and it was clear he really cared. He also wrote those awesome Planet of the Apes comics.

I believe they had Tiny Toon Adventures at one point.

>Non-Marvel stuff is fine too. I know Bionicle had a cameo in a Green Lantern book.
Whoa what seriously? I know DC did Bionicle comics, but where was the cameo?

Transformers vs. G.I.Joe by Scioli and Barber
2001: A Space Odyssey by Kirby
Duck comics by Barks
Duck comics by Rosa
Mickey Mouse by Gottfredson

this one?

Holy shit

Conan is still canon, they just can't reference it since they don't have the license. Same with Micronauts, ROM, and Godzilla. It's only Transformers that is non-canon now but even then, characters like Death's Head are still canon.

Oh haha thanks that's super neat

Isn't pretty much all their licensed stuff still canon?

Of course they can never reference any of them again but still...

What's the story behind this?

Speaking of the Helfer/Baker Shadow and Justice Inc, I think there was a reference to Qurac, which was a DCU thing. I can't remember which comic it was, though.

Conan, Rom, and Micronauts probably are still canon, Transformers isn't.

Why can't Tranformers be canon, Death's Head is still running around?

>I'm also interested in the instances in which they connect to the mainline universe.

>Red Sonja

In Marvel Team-Up, Spider-Man and Red Sonja teamed up against Kulan Gath, who fought Conan. Kulan Gath would also later show up in an X-Men story (IIRC Claremont and Romita Jr did that one) and an Avengers story (somewhere around the Busiek/Perez run)

Also, Conan met Solomon Kane when Kane got transported back into Conan's time, and Solomon Kane faced the Marvel versions of Frankenstein and Dracula, IIRC.

Godzilla fought the Champions and the Avengers, while other Marvel characters such as Spider-Man and JJJ made cameos. Dum Dum Dugan was also his recurring foe. Godzilla was also shrunk by Pym Particles at one point. There was also a villain named Dr. Demonicus (who also showed up in Shogun Warriors and later other Marvel comics), and after Marvel lost the license to Godzilla, they had a story in Iron Man where Dr. Demonicus has a giant green monster that's hinted to be Godzilla mutated. Matt Fraction would also later bring back a character from the Godzilla comics in his X-Men run.

>Shogun Warriors
See Godzilla; Dr. Demonicus also showed up in this series. The Fantastic Four also showed up. After the book was canceled and Marvel lost the license, Doug Moench wrapped it up in an issue of Fantastic Four, where the (mostly unseen) robots were destroyed.

>Ren and Stimpy
Dan Slott wrote a story where Spider-Man fought a mind-controlled Powdered Toast Man.

I haven't gotten to read past the first twelve issues, but didn't they have a guest-appearance by Ant-Man? And I know that when Peter David wrote Captain Marvel, Rann, Marionette, and Bug showed up. I think I remember hearing that they later showed up in other stuff, too.

Tarzan fought Abdul Alhazred who was probably based on the Lovecraft character. Later on, Alhazred fought Wolverine.

Death's Head was only canonical to the UK Transformers comics' future. The US Transformers series never had him. With the subsequent Doctor Who and that Kieron Gillen comic, it's implied that Death's Head was native to 616, then traveled to the UK Transformers Universe's future, then got transported back at the end of Legacy of Unicron, or something like that (after Legacy of Unicron he encounters the Doctor)

When does Spider-Man fight a skrull in Secret Wars? I really don't remember that part

>Beavis & Butthead
>Ren & Stimply

All and all had Marvel characters appearing at one point!

Transformers #3 has Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, Spider-Man (in his alien costume, and taking place before he goes to the FF to get it removed) and even a small cameo by U.S.1's truck. Fury also makes a reference to Godzilla which probably means the Marvel Godzilla stuff happened in the Transformers universe, and Spider-Man thinks about how Reed Richards would be amazed by the Transformers' Ark.

Later on we'd learn that Shockwave and the Dinobots fought in prehistoric times in the Savage Land and were buried there till they got revived.

Also there was a character named Circuit Breaker who was crippled due to Shockwave's rampage, so she eventually got electrical powers and a full-on hatred of robots. Circuit Breaker had a cameo in Secret Wars II where she met the Beyonder. Marvel wiki tries to say that Beyonder went over to the Transformers' alternate universe, but I call bullshit on that one, if Marvel has the rights to the character they could just say she's the 616 counterpart and had a different origin (like getting crippled in a fight between Vision and Ultron or something)

The Transformers Collectors Club did a comic based on the Transformers Classics line at one point, and implied it took place in a universe where the Marvel Generation 2 series never happened. At one point there was a very, very tiny unnamed cameo (among crowds) by Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Invisible Woman, and Elektra who were out assisting the Transformers with their rescue efforts during the Shattered Glass invasion.

The Spider-man team-up issue of Ren & Stimpy is one of Slott's best Spidey comics.

Doc Savage also crossed over with Spider-Man and the Thing.

>GI Joe
GI Joe #95 has a cameo by J Jonah Jameson. GI Joe's US comic is connected to the Transformers US comic through the Joe/TF crossover miniseries and the Generation 2 stuff. So I'd say there's a pretty good argument that Spider-Man should still exist in that universe even if he isn't legally allowed to show up.

The UK comic, Action Force, at one point started reprinting Master of Kung-Fu, so they had a comic (written by Grant Morrison even) to prepare readers. It had GI Joe's Quick Kick talking about how Shang-Chi trained him. Quick Kick even namedrops Elektra, Batroc, and Iron Fist.

And of course that leads to...

>Master of Kung-Fu

Shang-Chi is the son of Fu Manchu, and references to the old stories are mentioned, IIRC. Also Clive Reston is hinted at being a relative of Sherlock Holmes and James Bond (though not stated outright).

Kirby introduced X-51 aka Machine Man into the series. X-51 got sentience via the Monoliths. I think there was also a Monolith reference in X-51's series during like 1999/2000.

>Doc Savage at one point when DC didn't have it

All of the Marvel Doc stories took place in the past. They never say what happened to him or his men after the 1940's. Marvel Team-Up had Spider-Man resolving a case started by Doc Savage in the 1930's.

And in Marvel Two-In-One, Doc and his men traveled to the 1970's and teamed-up with Thing and Human Torch against a threat affecting both time periods.

They fought Doctor Doom at one point. Also they first appeared in Howard the Duck as a manifestation by Winda Wester.

Oh yeah, I think Kulan Gath showed up in one of the sequels to Earth X, the one where there was a team of alt reality characters traveling to alternate Earths.

Some non-Marvel shit with Multiverse designations:

* The Transformers - Earth-91274
* The Transformers UK - Earth-120185
* Alien Legion - Earth-98140
* Inhumanoids - Earth-87119
* Planet of the Apes - Earth-7481
* The Evil Dead/Army of Darkness - Earth-818793

>* The Evil Dead/Army of Darkness - Earth-818793

Speaking of which, the AOD/Marvel Zombies crossover showed that on the Marvel Zombies Earth, they had a counterpart to Ash named Ashley G. Williams, and it implied that the events of the Evil Dead films never happened because of the existence of all the Marvel superheroes and supervillains, so this Ash remained a loser and has a dislike for superheroes (he was seen agreeing with something JJJ said).

I think they just reprinted another comic that didn't have anything to do with Secret Wars.

The Night Man TV show (Earth-83930) takes place in the same universe as Automan and Manimal.

The Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon (Earth-12041) also takes place in the same world as Jessie (leading to some Tommy Westphall shit with other Disney shows) or has its own version of the characters from it.

The fuck? Marvel did Zoids at some point?

Just the UK comic. And it was even written by Grant Morrison at some points.

featuring work by Grant Morrison no less



There was a Marvel Team-Up story where Spider-Man was being affected by a poison of some sort and Doctor Strange had to send Spider-Man's astral form back in time to retrive an ingredient for the cure that only existed in Kull's time.

>Dr. Who for Marvel UK

After Legacy of Unicron, Death's Head crashed into the Doctor's Tardis and they had a brief altercation. The Doctor used a Tissue Compression Eliminator on DH which only shrunk him down to human size.

Then there was another story where Death's Head goes after the Doctor and it ends with the Doctor dropping him off on top of the Baxter Building before leaving.

The Rock & Rule Superspecial, using art from the movie...

good stuff user, much obliged

But that never crossed over in any meaningful way.

Did the Marvel Akira stories reference 616 at all?

Akira wasn't an adaption, it was the original Japanese comic. Why would it reference Marvel comics?

The only new content were the back-ups in issue #38 by Duffy and Ellis, and they were totally in-universe (Akira's), of course.

I meant the back ups.

Neither did Star Wars, it's still licensed.

Not sure if anyone mentioned, but I think they published Sectaurs.

The cartoon itself, created by Coleco, is short-lived unlike most of the example TV shows in this thread; the comic is an 8-issue mini.

So, the comic might have lasted longer than the show. either Sectaurs or Inhumanoids lasted 5 episodes, I think.

>Did the Marvel Akira stories reference 616 at all?

No, they were just backups that took place in universe.